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Writings in Plautdietsch

6. Kohmt met noh Expoh is a Plautdietsch novel written by Klohsis Teeoh (T.G. Klassen) and Peetasch Jiehit (G.A. Peters) and published in 1989 in Winnipeg. The authors have developed a spelling protocol that differs somewhat from that used in Jack Thiessen's Mennonite Low German Dictionary for this book. Heart felt thanks for the permission of the authors. This book is now available on this site in PDF: Kohmt met noh Expoh

7. The Low German short stories of Gerhard Ens have now been published under the title, Dee easchte Wienachten enn Kanada enn aundre Jeschijchten. These well written and enjoyable stories include stories of the first and last Christmas experienced in various countries of some of the Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonite migrations since 1875 such as:

Dee Easchte Wienachten enn Kanada: 1875

Dee Easchte Wienachten enn Kanada: 1926

Dee Easchte Wienachten enn Kananda: 1949

Dee Latste Wienachten enn Kanada: 1921

Dee Easchte Wienachten enn Mexiko: 1922

Information on where to purchase this book can be found at The Low German Short Stories of Gerhard Ens

8. Books by Eldo Neufeld

A search for Eldo Neufeld on this site Lincom Web Shop will result in purchasing information for 9 books by Mr. Neufeld including:
Plautdietsch Verb Conjugation. Vol. 1 and 2
Plautdietsch Humour (Humooa Opp Plautdietsch)
Dictionary of Plautdietsch Synonyms and Antonyms
Plautdietsch Grammar
Collected Plautdietsch Poems
Dictionary of Plautdietsch Synonyms and Antonyms
A Dictionary of Plautdietsch Rhyming Words

9. Plautdietsch Books

This German site includes a catalog of books for sale, all of which have something to do with Plautdietsch writers or their writings, and some of which are written in Plautdietsch. (Opp disse Sied jefft it uk Plautdietsche Betja.) Plautdietsch Books

10. Plautdietsch translation of " The Town Musicians of Bremen," generously contributed to this site by Jack Thiessen, please see Dee Staudtmusikaunte ut Bremen äwasat von Jack Thiessen

11. Finding Rare or Out of Print Books

Some of the most valuable books in plautdietsch or about plautdietsch are out of print, or in some cases, only available through very specialized academic sources at considerable expense. Fortunately, these books can sometimes be found at used bookstores or in secondhand stores. For example, most of Arnold Dyck's works are now out of print, but sometimes can now be found on eBay or in the used book stores. As regards the second (ISBN #0-88925-721-3) and third (ISBN 0-88925-821-X) volumes containing the Plautdietsch works of Mr. Dyck, of his Collected Works published by the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society between 1985 and 1985, only the third volume is now available in good numbers from the Mennonite Heritage Center at 500 Shaftesbury Blvd. Winnipeg, MB Canada R3P 2N2. It can be bought by telephoning 204-888-6781 and asking for Connie, or through their website by clicking on "resource center" and searching for Arnold Dyck. Currently, one whole set of Arnold Dyck's Collected Works also is being offered by a local Winnipeg MCC Thrift Store.

I have listed, below, the works that I believe to be rare and/or out of print under several authors below. I would encourage interested readers to seek these titles through used bookstores, Internet auctions or secondhand/thrift stores.

Works by Reuben Epp

• Biem Aunsiedle: When the settlers came; plautdietsche Jechichte een Resse ut'e Vergangenheit (Winnipeg, Canada 1972)

Plautdietsche Schreftsteckja: Jedichta, Jeschichte, Leeda, Spelkjes (Steinbach, Manitoba 1972)

Onse Lied Vetahle [Audio Archive]: Stories our people tell; plautdietsche Jeschichte enn Riemsels (Winnipeg, Manitoba 1973)

The Story of Low German and Plautdietsch: Tracing a Language Across the Globe (Hillsboro, USA 1993) ISBN 0-9638494-0-9

The Spelling of Low German & Plautdietsch: Towards An Official Plautdietsch Orthography (Hillsboro, USA 1996) ISBN 0-9638494-1-7

• Dit un jant opp Plautdietsch: This and that in Mennonite Low German (Hillsboro, USA 1997) ISBN 0-9638494-2-5

Dit un Jant opp Plautdietsch [CD, 17 pieces by Reuben Epp, live recording, lecture on October 7, 2000 in Lage/Lippe, Germany], published by Plautdietsch-Freunde e. V. (Detmold 2006)

Works by Jack Thiessen

Mennonite Low-German dictionary = Mennonitisches Wörterbuch / Jack Thiessen Imprint Marburg : Elwert, 1977. Edition 1. Aufl. ISBN: 3770805798

• Mennonitisch-plattdeutsches Wörterbuch = Mennonite Low German dictionary / by Jack Thiessen. Imprint: Steinbach, MB : Published under the auspices of the Hanover Steinbach Historical Society, [1999]

Plautdietsche Jeschichten: Gespräche, Interviews, Erzählungen / Victor Peters, Jack Thiessen. Imprint: Marburg, Germany : N. G. Elwert, 1990. Series: Schriftenreihe der Kommission für Ostdeutsche Volkskunde in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde e.V. ; Bd. 47 ISBN: 3770809270

• Title: A Sackful of Plautdietsch: a collection of Mennonite Low German stories and poems / edited by Al Reimer, Anne Reimer, Jack Thiessen.Imprint: Winnipeg: Hyperion Press, 1983. ISBN: 0920534252


o Author: Busch, Wilhelm. Title: Max enn Moritz = Max und Moritz : eene Jungesjeschijcht enn sewen Schowanacke = eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen / eene Äwasatung emm mennischen Plautdietsch von Thiessens Johaun ; [hrg. von Walter Sauer]. Neckarsteinach : Tintenfass ; c2003 ISBN 3980820564

o Author: Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de, 1900-1944. Title: Petit prince. Low German Dee Tjliena Prinz : Plautdietsch / Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ; mette Bilda vom Schriewa ; ut dem Fraunzeesischem opp Plautdietsch äwasat von Jack Thiessen. Imprint: Nidderau: Verlag M. Naumann, 2002.


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