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Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Ga'loon - f. (pl: e) gallon.
Ga'losche - f. overshoes.
Gank - m. (pl: Jenj) hallway, lobby, alleyway; gait, pace course.
Gankwoakj - n. gait, style of walking.
Garan'tie - f. (pl: e) guarantee.
Gaufel - f. (pl: Gaufle) table fork.
gaufle - to wave the arms wildly, gesticulate.
Gaul - f. (pl: e) gall.
Gaulblada - f (pl: Gaulbladre) gallbladder.
gaule - to be annoyed.
Gaul(e)steen - gallstone.
Gaulje - gallows.
gaulme - to holler or yell.
gaulstrijch - rancid. (the s here is not pronounced as sh but remains a true s).
Gaulsüa - bile.
Gaulsucht - jaundice.
Gauns - f. (pl: Jans) goose.
Gaunsebloom - f. daisy.
Gaunsefada - f goose feather, quill.
Gaunsehüt - f. goose pimples.
Gaunsemarsch - m. goose step, marching single file Indian style.
gaunss - all, the whole, total, completely.
gaunss derjch - through and through, all done.
gaunss moake - to make whole again.
gaunss op - open all the way, wide open.
gaunss opp - all finished (eating).
gaunss sejcha - wholly and totally certain.
Gaunta - (pl: sch) gander.
gaupe - to gape, to gasp for air.
Gauss - m. (pl: e) gas; street, road, avenue, alley.
Gauss sie - f. gas filter.
Gausse strol - f. jet flame.
gaussebenjel - street urchin, hooligan.
Gaussebon - f. tram, streetcar track. trolley.
Gausseschlinjel - see Gaussebenjel.
Gaussflaum - f. gas jet.
Gaussläpel - m. accelerator.
Gaussrualaja - m. gasfitter.
Gaust - m. (pl: Jast) guest, visitor, caller.
Gaust enne Aunstault - inmate ward, patient.
Gaustjebott - n. social gathering, festival.
Gaustmol - n. banquet.
gaustreare - to mingle and convers with guests.
Gauststow - f. guestroom.
Gaustweat - m. host.
Geisa - m. (pl: sch) geyser.
Ger'dien - (pl: e) curtain, window blind, window drapes.
Ger'dienesseijch - n. dimity.
Ger'jienje - f. dahlias.
gern'niat - enamelled.
Gingjank - gingham.
Glauns - m. (pl: Jlense) shine, brilliance, brightness, radiance.
Glauss - n. (pl: Jläsa) glass, drinking glass, tumbler, jar.
Glausschaup - n. china cabinet.
glaut - smooth, slippery, glib.
Glautmül - m. smooth talker, double dealer, hypocrite.
Glauts - m. a bald pate.
Glodiess - n. glare ice, sleet.
Glomms - f. curds, cottage cheese.
Glommskopp - m. an addlebrain.
Gloot - n. glowing embers.
Gloowe - m. faith, belief, credence.
glottse - to stare, gawk.
Glottskopp - m. a peeping Tom.
Gluaje - f. bright glowing embers; see Gloot.
glüdre - to break wind silently.
glüpe - to observe furtively or slyly.
Glupp - a gallop.
gluppe - to gallop.
glüpsch - having the tendency to observe furtively.
gnaubre - to nibble, as when horses nibble each others manes.
Gnauts - f. the itch.
gnoage - to gnaw, to nibble.
Gnoagtia - n. a rodent.
Gnoakj - n. sweepings, useless seed, refuse.
gnoare - to scorn, spurn, disdain.
gnorre - to growl, snarl.
gnorrijch - gnarled; snarling.
gnorsche - to gnash, grind the teeth.
Gnurpel - n. (pl: s) cartilege, gristle.
gnurplijch - gristly.
Gnut - f. (pl: e) cudgel, policeman's club.
gnüwle - to whittle, to carve wood. see schneppre.
goa - cooked, done, baked, (when food is done).
goa - (insep prefix) entirely, absolutely, at all. see goanijch, soo'goa.
Goade - m. (pl: s) garden.
Goadekonnst - f. horticulture.
Goadeschnigj - f. garden slug, snail.
goare - to wheeze, to be windbroken.
Goaschthaumel - m. scamp, a naughty fellow.
goaschtrijch - naughty, misbehaving.
Goaw - f. (pl: e) a sheaf, bundle.
Golt - n. gold.
Goltamakje - n. goldfinch.
Goltkuarn - n. gold nugget.
Goltrinja - m. the ringfinger.
Goltschmett - m. goldsmith.
gone - to walk, go, move, proceed; for dough to rise; (daut woat gone it is possible, it can be done).
Gonst - m. (pl: e) favour, grace.
Gonstock - m. cane, walking stick, crook.
Gonstool - m. walking stool.
goo(de)ndach - hello, good day.
goodjedunke - a so so approach, not having too much concern about doing a proper job.
goodjenüach - lit good enough; (es die daut goodjenüach? Do you have the nerve; do you have the temerity) disregarding or ignoring propriety.
goot - good; comp goot, bäta, bast, good, better, best.
goot aunjeschräwe - having a good credit rating, a good standing.
goot senne - to love; {ekj sie die goot - I love you}.
Goot - n. assets, property.
gootmeenent - well meaning, good natured, to be favourably disposed to.
Goots - n. good things. {hee deed fäl Goots - he did many good things}.
gootsaje - to endorse, to guarantee.
gootschekjs - 'easy for you to say' convenient.
gootsmoots - cheerful, of good cheer.
Gorjel - m. (pl: s) gullet, throat.
gorjle - to gargle.
Gort - m. (pl: s) belt, girth, strap, girdle.
gotelja - m. convenient one.
gotelje - f. convenient one.
gotelje - plural, convenient ones.
gotlijch - easily accessible, readily, conveniently.
Gott - m. (pl: Jetta) God.
Gottesänlijch - deified, God like.
Gottesjeleada - m. theologian.
Gottesläajna - m. atheist.
Gotteslestrung - f. blasphemy, impiety.
Gottloosijchkjeit - f. wickedness.
gottlooss - wicked.
Gow - f. (pl: e) gift, grant, donation; talent.
Gramafoon - n. (pl: s) gramaphone, phonograph.
Gra'neet - n. granite.
grauble - a searching action of the hands.
Grauf - n. (pl: Jräw) grave.
Graufgrowa - m. grave digger, sexton.
Graufschreft - f. epitaph, grave inscription.
Graufsteen - m. headstone, gravestone.
Grauj - f. (pl: e) claw; slang for hand.
Graunt - n. gravel.
Graupe - f. see Nekje; peculiarities.
grausom - cruel, fierce, gruesome, ferocious; pitiful.
Grauss - n. grass.
Grauss heiwe - mow the grass.
Grausshaulm - n. (pl: Grausshalma) blade of grass.
Grausshoppa - m. (pl: Grausshoppasch) grasshopper, locust; see Heischrakj.
graussjreen - grass green.
Graussmaschien - f. mower, lawn mower.
graute'leare - to congratulate, compliment.
greiw (M: grau) - grey.
Greiwkopp - grey headed, sage.
grenautsje - small, tiny (adjective restricted to plural nouns); {grenautsje Bieta - smithereens, tiny pieces}.
Grod - f. (pl: e) degree, grade.
Grodboage - m. protractor.
Grodglauss - thermometer.
groff - coarse, gross, obscene, serious.
Groffbroot - n. coarse brown bread.
Groffheit - coarseness, rudeness.
Groll - m. (pl: e) malice, resentment, ill will.
grolle - to be irked, to be exasperated.
Groossmame - grandma.
groossoatijch - exaggerated; marvelouss, wonderful, excellent, magnificent.
Groosspape - grandpa.
groot - big, large, great, immense, massive, ample, grand. (comp groot, jrata, jratsta).
Grootdochta - granddaughter.
Grootfoda - grandfather.
Grootkjint - grandchild.
Grootmül - big mouth.
grootmülijch - sassy.
Grootmutta - grandmother.
grootpraschrijch - swaggery, putting on the dog.
Grootsän - grandson.
Grootstaut - f. city.
Groow - f (pl: e) gutter, groove.
Grope - m. (pl: s) kettle, cauldron.
grose - to graze.
growa Kjlie - coarse bran, semolina.
growe - to dig.
growe Räd - ribald talk, ribaldry.
Growe - m. (pl: s) ditch.
growet Spos - scurrilous action.
Gruft - f. (pl: e) crypt, mine, vault.
grüle - to be frightened, scary.
grülijch - fearful, frightful.
grumlijch - murky, curdly.
grumsauje - to grumble, gripe.
grumsaujsch - grumpy, gripy.
grunse - to complain, gripe.
Grunt - m. (pl: Jrind) foundation, base, bottom, ground; motive.
Gruntjedanke - m. the main, basic theme.
Gruntloag - f. foundation that has been laid, basis.
gruntloos - with no bottom, bottomless; groundless.
Gruntloot - n. carpenters' level.
Grunträajel - constitution.
Gruntsauts - m. maxim, tenet.
Gruntschool - f. elementary school.
Gruntsopp - n. dregs, sediment, residue.
Gruntsteen - m. cornerstone, foundation stone.
Grunttoon - m. the keynote.
Grupp - f. (pl: e) group.
gruselja Droom - m. nightmare.
grusle - to make the flesh creep, shudder.
gruslijch - grisly.
Grusnikj - m. (pl: e) small, round peppermint.
Gruss - m. greeting, salutation, compliment.
Grüss - n. sweeepings.
Gumm - n. gum, rubber.
Gummbaunt - m. rubber band.
Gummijch - rubbery, gumm.
Gummreif - f. rubber tire.
Gummschoo - f. rubber boots.
gurjle - to gurgle.
Gurkj - f. (pl: e) cucumber.
Gurkjese'lot - cucumber salad.
Gussiesa - n. cast iron.

© Herman Rempel 1984,1995, and Mennonite Literary Society 1984,1995, and 1998-2006, and Eugene Reimer 2006. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.