Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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wa' - see wada.
wäa - who.
wäaemma - whoever.
wäaje - to weigh; because of, for the sake of.
Wäajmeista - m. weighmaster.
Wäakj - f. (pl: e) week.
Wäakjelank - for weeks on end.
Wäakjeloaga - n. confinement, lying in.
Wäakjenj - n. weekend.
Wäaloosja - m. (pl: Wäaloosje) pacifist, conscientious objector.
wäalooss - nonresistant, defenceless.
wäare - to resist; defend; to beware, avoid.
wäarent - during.
Wachholda Bäare - juniper berries.
Wacht - f. (pl: e) guard, guard duty.
wachte - to wait, to pause, to watch, to guard.
wacka - awake, alert.
wackle - M. see wagle.
Wad - f. wager, bet, match, race.
Wäd - f. withe; willow branch.
wada - again, repeat, once more.
wada beheipte - to reaffirm; reassert, reconfirm.
wada be'säkje - to revisit.
wada drekje - to reprint.
wada em Je'driew stale - to re-engage the gears.
wada enenn gone - re enter.
wada enennstäakje - to reinsert.
wada ennstale - to readjust, reset.
wada ennstiee - to re embark.
wada fesejchre - to re insure.
wada hanstale - to replace.
wada jewenne - to regain, to win again.
wada kjanne - to recognize.
wada kome - to come again.
wada opmoake - to reopen.
wada oppsette - to remount.
wada pa'sseare - to recur.
wada scho'teare - reassess, revalue.
wada seene - to see or meet again.
wada toopkome - to reeunite, to rejoin.
wadahole - to repeat, reiterate, say again.
wadaholent - repeatedly, repetitiously.
wadaholinj - f. repetition.
Wadahon - m. weathercock, weathervane.
wadahoolende Wol - by election, a re election.
wadakeiwe - to ruminate, chew the cud.
wadakeiwent - cud chewing.
wadalijch - objectionable, distasteful, odious, abhorrent.
wadalode - to reload.
Wadaross - n. (pl: e) withers.
Wadaschaul - m. (pl: e) an echo.
wadaschaule - to echo, to resound, resonate.
Wadaschien - m. the reflected warmth of the sun.
Wadaseene - n. reunion.
Wadaspäjel - m. the reflection in the water or in the mirror.
wadaspäjle - to reflect from the water or a mirror.
wadaspanstijch - obstreperous, obstinate, contrary minded.
Wadastaunt - m. (pl: Wadastend) resistance.
wadastone - to resist, to withstand.
wade - to bet, gamble, wager.
Wadritta - m. a jockey.
wagle , (M: wackle) - waggle wobble, waddle, totter.
waglijch - wobbly, rickety, unsteady.
Wäj - f. (pl: e) cradle.
wajch - away, gone, lost; prefix meaning away.
wajch brenne - to burn away.
wajch dreie - to turn away.
wajch droage - to carry away.
wajch faule - to drop something.
wajch feare - to haul away by vehicle.
wajch fläje - to fly away.
wajch foare - to drive away.
wajch fräte - to eat away, to corrode.
wajch gone - to go away, to walk away.
wajch heiwe - to hack away, to chop away.
wajch henje - to hang away.
wajch hole - to fetch away.
wajch hoole - to keep away.
wajch jäwe - to give away, donate.
wajch joage - to chase away.
wajch kleiwe - to scratch away.
wajch kome - for something to become lost.
wajch laje - to lay away.
wajch locke - to entice, to lure away, to tempt away.
wajch näme - to take away, dispossess, deprive, confiscate, expropriate.
wajch packe - to pack away.
wajch püste - to blow away.
wajch rane - to run away, flee, abscond, desert.
wajch riete - to tear away.
wajch roope - to call away.
wajch sate - to put away, to set aside.
wajch schäle - to wash away by flowing water.
wajch schaufe - to do away with, to remove.
wajch scheete - to shoot away.
wajch schekje - to send away.
wajch schiare - to wear away by friction.
wajch schlape - to drag away; to kidnap.
wajch schliepe - to grind away with a grindstone.
wajch schlikje - to sneak away.
wajch schmiete - to throw away.
wajch schniede - to cut away.
wajch schoawe - to push away particles (grain, sand etc) with the hands.
wajch schräde - to stride away.
wajch schüwe - to push away.
wajch sprinje - to jump away.
wajch stale - to put away; to keep an operation going.
wajch stiare - to direct away from; to divert.
wajch stoawe - to die away, to die off.
wajch trakje - to move away.
Wajch - m. (pl: Wäaj) road, highway, way.
Wajch Oabeida - m. road worker.
Wajch Oppsejchta - m. road supervisor.
Wajch Ütmäta - road surveyor.
Wajch Wiesa - a road sign, a road guide, scout.
wajchbäje - to bend away.
Wajchkome - n. survival.
Wajchta - m. guard, sentinel, watchman, sentry.
wäje - to rock the cradle.
Wäjeleet - n. cradle song, lullaby.
wäkj - soft, tender.
wäkje - to soften by soaking.
wäkjhoatijch - soft-hearted.
Wakjklock - f. alarm clock.
wäkjlearijch - learning easily and readily.
wäkjlijch - a tender and soft physical constitution.
Wakjsel - m. small change.
wakjselhauft - changeable.
Wakjselpunkt - m. turning point.
wakjsle - to shift, to change, to make small change.
wäle - to vote.
wälijch - frisky, hyper.
walkj - wilted, droopy, withered.
walkje - several, some, a few, certain ones.
walkje - to wither, to droop, to wilt.
Wall - f. (pl: e) wave of water; a machine shaft.
Wallebräakja - m. breakwater.
wallijch - wavy, corrugated.
wäm - whom, to whom.
wäms - whose.
wan - when, if, in case, provided that; whenever, as long as, as soon as.
wan nijch - if not, unless.
wan uck - even if, despite that, nevertheless.
wan'ea - when.
Wan'eare Krankheit - f. venereal disease.
Wan'illa - vanilla.
Waninkj - m. (pl: s) coat, jacket.
wanke - to go, to move, to travel; to spread disease.
wankelmütijch - undecided, vacillating.
warje - to choke, strangle, gag.
Wartel - f. (pl: Wartle) a root.
wartle - to root.
Wäs - f. (pl: e) sod, pasture, moor, lea, meadow.
Wäsel - m. (pl: s) weasel.
Wast - f. (pl: e) vest.
Wast Re'sarf - f. West Reserve in Manitoba.
Waste - n. west.
wastlijch - westerly, western.
wastwint - m west wind.
Wätatonn - f. desalinating barrel (at pig killing time the offal, liver, heart, kidneys, were placed in a barrel of water to draw off the blood; sometimes whey was used instead of water).
Wätfrü - f. widow.
Wätmaun - m. widower.
Watsteen - m. whetstone, emerystone, knife sharpener.
Waudikj - m. whey, the initial desalinating agent used in the Wätatonn.
Waul - m. (pl: e) dam.
Waulnät - f. walnut.
Waulnätboom - m. hickory tree.
waulte - to surge, like waves.
Waults - f. (pl: e) a landpacking farm machine, a large roller.
Waultz - m. (pl: e) a waltz, a dance.
Waums - n. (pl: Wamsa) coat, jacket, tunic.
waumse - to spank.
waumskje - f. bedbug.
Waun - f. (pl: e) a tub.
Waundel - m. behaviour, philosophy of life.
waundle - to wander on life's course.
waundre - to wander, to travel.
Waundrung - (pl: e) a migration.
Waunt - f. (pl: Wenj) wall, partition, ramppart.
Wauntbekjleed - f. wall panelling, wainscoting.
Wauntla'torn - m. sconce.
Wauntpa'pia - n. wallpaper.
Waunttofel - f. blackboard.
Wausch - f. laundry, wash.
Wauschboa - m. racoon.
wausche - to wash, to scrub, to do laundry.
Wauschje'fäss - n. basin, sink.
Wauschkjlam - f. clothespin, clothes peg.
Wauschkodda - washcloth, sponging cloth.
Wauschkorf - m. clothes basket, clothes hamper.
Wauschlien - f. clothes line, wash line.
Wauschma'schien - f. washing machine.
Wauschstow - f. laundry room, washroom.
Wauschwota - n. water for laundering.
Wauss - m. wax.
wausse - to polish with wax; to grow.
waut - what, whatever, that which, something.
waut de deikja - what the heck!.
Waut - f. (pl: e) piece of cotton ball, cotton batting, matting, wad.
wäwe - to weave. present tense.
wea - was (verb to be); {ekj sie - I am}; {dü best - you are}; {hee es - he is}; {wie senn - we are}; {jie senn - you are}; {see senn - they are}; {ekj wea - I was}; {dü weascht - you were}; {hee wea - he was}; {wie weare - we were}; {jie weare - you were}; {see weare - they were}.
Weadbüak - n. dictionary, lexicon.
Weadschats - m. vocabulary.
Weadwakjsel - m. debate, discussion, argument.
Weat - m. worth, value, validity, merit, price, quality; boss, landlord, employer.
weatfoll - valuable.
Weatsche - f. hostess, landlady.
Weatshüss - n. inn, hostel, public house.
Weatslied - the owners, hosts, those in charge.
wee - painful, sore, hurting.
wee doone - to be painful.
Wee - woe, ache, pain, hurt.
weede - to hoe, to weed.
Weedoag - aches, pains, agony, pangs, (lit days of pain).
weegaulijch - woeful.
weele - to wallow, to root like a hog, to grub.
weens - at least.
weenstens - at the very least.
Weest - f. waist, bodicee, girdle.
Weid - f. (pl: e) pastur, meadow.
weide - to graze, browse, to pasture.
weie - to dedicate.
weifle - to wave, wag, gesticulate.
weifssoagle - to wag the tail.
weije - to dare.
weinijch , weinja , weinijchst - few, fewer, fewest.
weinijch weat - of little value.
Weinijchkjeit - pittance, paucity, scarcity.
weinja moake - to reduce in quantity.
Weis - f. (pl: e) orphan.
Weisenaumt - n. an early Mennonite financial institution designed to assist Mennonite orphans and widows.
Weisenheim - n. orphanage.
Weissheit - f. wisdom.
Weissheitskjwal - f. fount of wisdom.
Weissheitstän - f. wisdom teeth.
Weit - m. wheat.
Wekj - m. vetch.
Wekjel - n. a ball of twine, hair etc.
Wekjeldüak - n. turban.
wekjle - to wind, like a ball of twine.
Well - m. the will, intention, wish, determination.
welle - to want, desire, intend, mean to, have a mind to, at the point of doing.
wellens , wellijch - willing, willingly.
wellkom - welcome.
Welt - f. (pl: e) world.
Weltdeel - n. continent.
Weltklüak - worldly wise, politic.
weltlijch - worldly, temporal, mundane.
Weltmensch - m. man of the world.
Welts - m. (pl: e) catfish.
Weltwissenschoft - philosophy.
Wempa - n. a whimper.
wenje - to turn; to beckon, to coax.
Wenjschwenjel - m. the bolster on a wagon or sled that swivels.
Wensch - f. (pl: e) a wish; a short poem.
wensche - to wish, a recitation by a child at Christmastime.
Wentje - a little one.
weppe - to peddle, like driving a bicycle.
Weppel - the top tip of a tree.
Weppstang - f. slang for 'bcycle'.
werkjlijch - really, truly, forsooth.
Werkjlijchkjeit - reality, truth, certainty.
werr - confused.
Werscht - a Russian mile, approximately 3500 feet, close to a kilometer in length.
Wesch - n. (pl: a) a wisp, small bundle, a spray.
wesche - to wipe; to run fast.
Weschkje - diminutive of Wesch.
'wess , je'wess - certain, sure, exact.
wesse - certain ones, some, a few.
wettre - to lament, complain, grumble continually.
wiare - to neigh, whinny.
wie - we.
wie kjenne - we can.
Wied - f. (pl: e) willow, withe; width, distamce.
wieda - (comp wiet, wieda, wietste) far, farther, farthest.
wieda addra'sseae - readdress, redirect.
wieda enndeele - to sub divide.
wiedahan(s) - in the future, from now on, hereafter.
wiedaschlape - to drag along farther, to drag oneself along.
wiedastale - to carry on, to relay.
Wief - (pl: Wiewa) wife, shrew, scolding woman.
wiels - because, while, since, as long as.
Wien - m. wine.
Wienachte - f. Christmas, Yuletide.
Wienachtsboom - m. Christmas tree.
Wienachtsjeschenkj - n. Christmas present.
Wienachtsleet - n. Christmas carol.
Wienachtsowent - m. Christmas Eve.
Wiendrüw - f. (pl: e) grape.
Wienhendla - m. vintner.
Wienjoa - n. vintage.
Wies - f. (pl: e) melody, tune; method, way.
Wiesa - m. (pl: sch) indicator, clock hand, gauge, pointer.
wiese - to show, to direct, demonstrate.
wiet , wieda , wietste - far, farther farthest.
wiet auf - far away.
wiet auf - far away, remote.
wiet bekaunt - renowned.
wiet häa - from far away.
wiet han - still a long time, a long time hence.
wiet onn breet - far and wide.
wiet üten'een - far apart.
wietleftijch - sparse, far apart, widely separated.
wietsejchtijch - farsighted.
Wiewaknoppe - m. granny knot.
Wiewa'rie - polygamy.
Wijcht - f. (pl: e) weight.
wijchtijch - weighty, important, significant.
Wijchtijchkjeit - importance, significance, weightiness, gravity.
Wijchtschol - f. scale, weighing machine.
Wikjs - f. polish, wax.
Wikjsa - m. polisher, a huge fellow.
Wikjsbarscht - f. polishing brush.
wikjse - to polish.
willa - m. the wild one.
willa Howa - m. wild oats.
willa Hunt - m. hyena.
wille - f. the wild one.
wille - pl. the wild ones.
wille Bie - f. wasp, wild bee.
wille Düw - f. mourning dove.
wille Ent - f. wild duck, teal; mallard.
wille Flucht - f. rout, stampede.
wille Plüm - f. wild plum, sloe.
wille Roos - f. wild rose, dogrose, brier.
wilt - wild, ferocious, fierce.
wilt Framda - m. total stranger.
Wiltness - f. widlerness, desert.
windijch - windy.
Windtstooss - m. sudden squall, sudden windstorm.
Winjel - f. (pl: Winjle) diaper, swaddling clothes.
winjsch - askew, out of kilter, lopsided.
winjsch senne - to be contrary, like children are at times.
Winkjel - m. (pl: s) corner, nook, angle.
Winkjel Je'driew - crown gear, pinion.
Winkjeliesa - n. carpenter's square, steel square.
Wint - m. (pl: Wind) wind.
Winta - m. (pl: sch) winter.
Wintaschlop - m. hibernation.
Wintawada - n. winter weather.
Wintbiedel - m. braggart, boaster.
Wintei - n. addled egg, soft shelled egg.
Winthuarn - n. oboe.
Winthunt - m. greyhound, whippet, hound.
Wintkjriesel - m. dust devil.
Wintmäl - f. windmill.
Wintmälfuchtel - f. wind sail.
Wintmäta - m. (pl: sch) anemometer.
Wintpocke - f. chickenpox.
wintrijch - wintry.
wintscheef - listing from the effects of the wind.
wintschode - wind damage.
wintstell - calm, lull in the wind.
Wipp - f. (pl: e) whip.
Wirbel - m. (pl: s) vortex.
Wirbelstorm - m. tornado, hurricane.
Wirbelstroom - m. whirlpool.
wirble - to whirl.
wirkje - to work, to be effective, to operate.
wirkjsaum - practical, efficient.
Wirtschoft - f. (pl: e) farm operation; disorder resulting from hectic activity.
wirtschofte - to farm, to manage.
Wirwoa - m. mishmash, jumble, potpourri, chaos, maze, confusion.
Wissenschoft - f. knowledge, science.
wissenschoftlijch - scientific.
Wits - m. (pl: e) humour, wit, joke; the senses.
Witsijchkjeit - wit, wittiness, witticism, humour.
witt - white.
witt heet - white hot, incandescent.
witt jläjendijch - glowing white-hot.
Witte Ead - white wash a solution of quick lime and whiting used as paint.
Wittrung - climate, weather, weather conditions.
Wittrungsberejcht - m. weather report.
wizhrijch - fidgety, discomfited.
woa - true'.
Woa - m. merchandise, commodities, wares, goods.
Woada - m. (pl: sch) delta, swampy, low lying land.
woage - to dare, venture.
Woage - m. (pl: s) wagon.
Woage diestel - m. wagon pole, wagon tongue.
Woage raut - n. wagon wheel.
Woage Schmäa - n. wagon grease.
Woage Schmett - m. wheelwright.
woake - keep vigil, stay awake.
Woakj - n. work, deed.
Woakjeldach - m. workday, weekday.
woanäme - to take advantage of.
woare - to become, come to be; keep from spoiling, like meat.
woarhauftijch - truthfully, truly.
Woarheit - f. (pl: e) truth.
Woarheit fedreie - twist the truth, prevaricate.
woa(r)m - warm.
woarne - to warn.
woarschienlijch - apparently, probably.
Woasaja - m. (pl: sch) soothsayer, seer, fortune teller.
woasaje - to predict, prophesy, foretell, to tell fortunes.
Woat - m. (pl: s) drake.
woawe - to canvass, propogandize, solicit, electioneer.
Woawel - f. (pl: Woawle) a swivel, to keep a door closed.
Woawung - propoganda.
Wod - f. (pl: e) calf of the leg.
Wofel - f. (pl: Wofle) waffle.
Wofeliesa - n. waffle iron.
Wol - f. (pl: e) election.
Wolkj - f. (pl: e) cloud.
Wolkjenbruch - m cloudburst.
Wolkjenkrautsa - m. (pl: sch) skyscraper.
wolkjijch - cloudy.
woll - probably, likely.
Woll - f. wool.
wolle - to lose wool.
wollfeilijch - cheap, inexpensive.
wollijch - woolly, fleecy.
Wolljack - f. (pl: e) sweater, cardigan, jersey, woolen pullover.
Wollkjamel - f. wool carder.
wollna m , wollne f , wollnet n - woolen, of wool.
wollnet Teppijch - n. tapestry.
Wollsseijch - n. worsted cloth.
Wolm - m. (pl: s) handrail, stair-rail, bannister.
Wolrajcht - n. franchise.
Wolrajcht Aufsoag - disenfranchisement.
wonboa - habitable.
wone - to reside, to live, dwell, lodge.
wonhauft - resident at, domiciled at.
Wonhüss - n. residence, abode, mansion, home.
Woninj - f. (pl: e) abode, quarters, residence, habitation.
Wonje'bied - n. dwelling place.
Wonns - f. (pl: e) a strand of a new soft beard, a soft hair.
Wonsenn - m. lunacy, madness, mania, frenzy, stupidity.
wonsennijch - mad, stupid, delirious, demented, frantic.
Wonstow - f. living room.
woo - how? in what way? to what extent?; conj as, how, like, such as.
woofäl - how much? how many?.
Wool - well being, good health, weal.
woolhabent - opulent, having abundantly, well fixed.
Woolstaunt - m. prosperity.
Woolt - m. (pl: Weela) woods, forest, jungle.
Woolt Kota - m. grey squirrel.
Woolt Stijch - path in the forest, glade.
Woolt Wirtschoft - f. forestry.
woolwensche - to wish someone well, to show goodwill.
woomäajlijch - possibly; however.
Woon , woont - which.
woona - m. who, which one.
woone - f. who, which one.
woone - plural of who, which ones.
woonentwajch - which way.
Wopp - f. (pl: e) head of a developed oat plant.
worfle - to winnow.
Worm - m. (pl: Warm) worm.
Wormfrosijch - worm infested, wormy, moth eaten.
wormoatijch - vermicular.
Worscht - f. sausage.
Woselijcht - n. marsh glow, swamp light, phosphorous glow, will-o-the-wisp.
Wota - n. water.
Wota Beila - m. water boiler, reservoir.
Wota oppjeete - to add water, to prime a pump.
Wota Späjel - water surface, horizon.
Wotablos - f. water bubble.
Wotaborm - m. well, spring.
Wotabrigj - f. viaduct.
Wotadijcht - watertight.
Wotafäarot - m. emergency supply of water, reservoir.
Wotafaul - f. waterfall.
Wotafoagel - n. water bird.
Wotagort - m. lifebelt.
Wotahan - f. water hen, coot, loon.
Wotahejcht - f. water level.
Wotakaun - f. watering can, ewer.
Wotakrauft - f. hydro power.
Wotakuffe - f. pontoons.
Wotalakj - f. a drop of water.
Wotaleidinj - f. aquaduct, drain, drainage.
Wotaloch - n. pond, dugout, waterhole.
Wotapappel - f. trembling aspen, small poplar.
Wotapiep - f. water spout.
Wotaschrüw - f. ship's propellor, ship's screw.
Wotasocht - dropsy.
Wotastoff - n. hydrogen.
Wotastrol - f. water jet.
Wotawalkjes - ripples.
Wotawalle - water waves.
Wotawoaw - f. carpenter's level.
wotrijch - watery.
wrable - to ravel; see oppwrable.
Wrack - n. waste, debris.
wracke - to waste.
Wrang - f. (pl: e) a crank used to turn over a motor.
wrauntre - to fidget.
Wraut - f. (pl: e) wart.
wreet - tart, stringent; see strüf.
wrekje - to wrench a joint.
Wreninkje - f. cottage cheese pockets; see Mennonite Cookbook.
Wrenj - n. jam.
Wribbelwrips - m. a small, fidgety child.
Wrigjla - m. a wriggler, a universal joint.
wrigjle - to wriggle.
Wrinja - m. (pl: sch) wringer.
wrinje - to wring.
wrisplijch - unruly, fidgety.
wrocke - to continually criticize and complain.
Wruck - f. (pl: e) turnip.
wrumple - to crumple, like a sheet of paper.
wrunsche - to fidget, to shift about.
wua - where.
wuaderjch - how, through what.
wuaemma - wherever.
wuahan - whereto.
wuajäajen - as opposed to.
wuaraun - on what.
wuarenthan - which way, in which direction.
Wuaromm - why.
Wuat - n. (pl: Wead) word.
Wuat fe Wuat - word for word.
Wuat hoole - to keep your worde, to keep a promise, maintain integrity.
Wuat schlape - to drawl.
Wuatforschinj - f. etymology.
wuatlijch - verbally.
wuatlijch nofetale - to quote word for word.
wuatoo - what for, for what reason.
Wuatspell - n. a play on words, a pun.
Wuatstiel - n. wording, meaning.
Wuatwakjsel - m. debate, discussion, exchange of wordss.
Wucha driewe , wuchre - to gamble, to wager. to practice usury.
wuckle - to tickle.
wuje - to plod or labour with difficulty.
Wulf - m. (pl: Wilw) wolf.
Wulfschoote - f. St John's bread.
Wund - f. (pl: e) wound, gash.
Wunda - n. miracle, wonder, marvel.
wundaboa - wonderful, marvelous, miraculous, strange.
wundalijch - perplexing, strange, peculiar, odd.
wundascheen - wonderful, marvelous, beautiful.
Wundekodda - n. swabb.
Wundetwearm - m. suture, thread for sewing up wounds.
wundre - to wonder, to marvel, to be perplexed.
Wunsch - m. (pl: e) a wish; a child's recitation; see Wensch.
wurache - to toil.
wutsche - to slip by or through the fingers in an instant.
Wutt - f. rage, ire, fury, temper.
wuttent - furious, irascable.
wuttentbleiw - livid.

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