Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Ua - n. (pl: re) ear.
Üa - f. (pl: re) watch. timepiece.
Uabäa - m. an animal with only one testicle.
uaboa - arable.
Uabommel - m. (pl: s) earlobe; bangle.
Uadeel - n. judgement, sentence, verdict.
Üag - n. (pl: e) eye.
Üagaupel - m. eyeball.
Üagbron - f. (pl: e) eyebrow.
Üagedockta - m. oculist, optometrist.
Üagelett - n. (pl: Üageläd) eyelid.
Üagemot - f. eye measurement.
Üagenat - n. retina.
Üagenblekj - m. twinkling of the eye, immediately, instantly.
Üageschien - m. appearance.
Üagessiepa - m. eyelash.
Üagklaupe - m. (pl: s) blinder, blinker; see also Schüklaupe.
Üak - f. (pl: e) eaves.
Uaklaups - m. a cuff on the ear.
Ualaupe - m. earflap.
Üarebommel - m. (pl: s) watch fob.
Üaremoake - m. watchmaker.
Uarerietinj - f. earache.
Uarkaun - m. (pl: s) hurricane.
Üasoak - f. reason, cause, motive.
Uat - m. place; an awl?.
Uatscheed - f. (pl: e) singletree, swingletree. n.
Uawauss - n. earwax.
uck - also, too, likewise, as well.
Ül - f. (pl: e) owl.
Ülespäjel - m. (pl: s) clown.
ulkjse - to joke, to jest.
Uniwersi'tät - f. (pl: e) university.
unja - under, beneath, below, prefix to indicate place, degree or condition.
unja Dack brinje - to house.
unja krüpe - to crawl under.
unja Wota - under water.
unjabeede - to underbid.
Unjabeen - n. shank, lower part of the leg.
Unjabekjse - f. underpants, underwear, knickers.
unjabliewe - to stay under.
unjabüare - lose money, operate at a loss.
Unjadack - n. ceiling, lower roof.
unjadäm - during, in the meantime.
Unjadarp - n. the lower village.
Unjadeel - n. the lower part.
unjadon - subject to, subjugated to, obedient to.
unja'drekje - to oppress, suppress.
Unja'drekjung - f. (pl: e) oppression, suppression.
unjaducke - to dunk, immerse, submerge, to duck.
unjafoare - to drive over someone.
Unjagank - m. setting (of the sun).
unjagone - to set, to sink, to go down.
unja'gone - to beguile, to cheat.
Unjahamd - n. undeshirt.
Unjahault - m. sustenance, livelihood.
unjahoole - to hold under.
unja'hoole - to discuss, converse; to maintain.
Unjahoolinj - discussion, interview, discourse; maintenance.
unjajoarijch - a minor, not yet of age.
Unjakaunt - f. lower edge.
Unjakjleet - n. underwear, underclothing.
Unjalaj - f. an underlay.
Unjalepp - f. lower lip; underlip.
Unjaloag - f. lower layer.
Unjamül - n. jaw.
unjanäat - undernourished.
unjanäme - to take down, to wrestle down.
unja'näme - to undertake.
Unja'näme - n. an undertaking.
Unjaräd hoole - to give strong advice, to warn, to discipline.
Unjarejcht - m. instruction, lecture.
unjarejchte - to instruct, to lecture, to teach.
Unjarock - m. petticoat, slip.
unja'säkje - investigate, examine, inspect, research.
Unjasäkjung - f. (pl: e) investigation, inspection, examination, research.
Unjasäkjungsstow - f. laboratory, examination room.
unjaschatse - to underestimate, undervalue.
unjascheede - to discern, to distinguish, discriminate, differentiate.
Unjascheet - m. (pl: Unjascheed) difference.
unjascheetlijch - varying, differently.
Unjaschlach - m. (pl: Unjaschläaj) a supporting beam.
Unjaschreft - f. signature.
unjaschriewe - to sign, to underwrite, subscribe.
Unjaspaun - m. (pl: s) a shift of work, a hitch.
unjaspretse - anesthetize.
unjastette - support, aid, encourage, promote, underpin, endorse, sustain, abet.
Unjastettinj - f. (pl: e) support, relief, encouragement, endorsement.
unjastone - to determine, confirm, check out.
unjastrikje - to underscore, underline, emphasize.
unjawausse - to grow over.
Unjawijcht - f. short on weight, under weight.
Unjawota Schoss - m. a torpedo.
unje - down below, beneath, down, nether, downstairs; see also nade.
unjre , unja dee - under the.
unjre Feet - under foot.
unjre Flua - under the floor.
unjre üake - under the eaves.
Unts - n. (pl: e) ounce.
Urkaun - m. (pl: s) tornado.
üt - out, of, away from, done with, finished; ued as a prefix.
ütaste - to lop off, debranch.
ütäte - to eat everything on one's plate.
ütbacke - to wall paper a room, to hang wall paper.
ütbätre - to improve upon, to correct.
ütbeede - to offer for sale, to ask for a bid.
ütbeene - to take off on foot, to leg it, to run away.
ütbeitle - to chisel out.
ütbenäment - extraordinarily.
ütbenome - exceptional, singular.
ütbilde - to train, to educate, improve the mind.
ütbläje - to finish blooming, to wither.
ütblaubre - to blabber out confidential information.
ütbleede - to bleed out, like a stuck pig.
ütbliewe - to leave out, to omit.
ütboare - to drill out.
Ütbolinj - f. the strong planks on a barn floor.
ütborje - to lend out.
ütbottre - to wear out from continuous use, like a bearing.
ütbrenne - to burn out, like a light bulb.
ütbrode - to render, like lard.
ütbroode - to hatch out.
Ütbruch - m. outbreak, eruption.
ütbübaunse - to cuss out, to call down.
ütbucke - to bulge out.
Ütbunt - m. eccentric, standout.
ütdäare - to turn a windmill out of the wind.
ütdäne - to expand.
ütdäwre - to scold roundly; to wear out, like a bearing.
ütdeele - apportion, to deal out, dole out, dispense, distribute.
ütdeene - to complete a term of service.
ütdenkje - contrive, devise, create.
ütdenne - to thin out.
ütdonnste - to evaporate.
ütdräje - to dry out; to dry the dishes.
ütdrasche - to complete threshing; to do a thorough job of threshing.
ütdrekje - to squeeze out, like a lemon; to express oneself.
ütdrekjlijch - expressly, explicitly, positively, emphatically.
ütdrinkje - to drink up, to drink the whole cup, drain.
Ütdruck - an expression, diction.
üteewe - to contrive pranks, to act out; practice, fulfill, carry out.
ütem Buck räde - ventriloquism.
ütem Wäaj rieme - remove, get it out of the way.
üten'aunda - asunder, apart, separate.
üten'een - similar to ütenaunda.
üten'een faule - to fall apart, disintegrate.
ütfäaje - to sweep out.
Ütfäajsel - n. sweepings.
Ütfaul - m. result, consequence.
ütfilse - to call down, to scold.
ütfinje - to find out, discover, detect.
ütfläje - to fly out, like a fledgling from its nest.
ütfläkje - to cuss out, inveigh, to swear at.
ütfloome - to extract the fat from poultry, especially geese.
Ütflucht - f. outing, picnic, exodus.
Ütfluss - m. effluent, that which flows out or forth.
ütfoadje - to complete, to accomplish.
Ütfoasteen - m. threshing stone used in the old days.
Ütfoat - see Ütflucht.
ütfoodre - to line a garment; to feed the whole portion.
ütforsche - to pump for information, to interrogate.
ütfräte - to devour the whole portion, like animals.
Ütfrätsel - (vulg) banquet or party where food is abundant.
ütfrense - to become frayed, like a flag that has been exposed to the wind for a long period.
Ütgank - m. exit, the way out.
ütgone - to die out like a flame; to wear out, like a bearing.
Ütgow - f. expense; edition, issue; item.
ütgrowe - to unearth, to dig out, excavate, exhume.
üthacke - to hack out, like underbrush.
üthalpe - to help out.
üthäwle - to escape, to take off from.
ütheele - to heal up, to recover.
ütheiwe - to hew out, to chop out; to win at a game; to administer a thrashing.
üthiele - to cry until exhausted.
üthoake - to unhook.
üthole - to lash out, to strike out at.
ütholkjre - to hollow out.
üthoole - to suffer, to endure, bear pain; to persevere, to hold out.
üthungre - to starve.
ütjäare - to cease fermenting.
Ütjacht - f. the path used by cows in their daily walk to the pasture.
ütjäwe - to give out, to reveal.
ütje ast - debranched; see ütaste.
ütjeare - to go beyond limits of accepted behaviour; (the majority of the following words that have the 'je' inserted will be in the past tense).
ütjebilt - educated, accomplished, urbane; see ütbilde.
ütjebuckt - bulged outward, dented outward; see ütbucke.
ütjeete - to pour out, effuse; (the past tense here would be ütjegote).
ütjefrenst - frayed at the edges; see ütfrense.
ütjefunge - discovered, invented; see ütfinje.
ütjegone - worn out bearing; light that has gone out; see ütgone.
ütjehungat - starved, famished, gaunt, ravenous; see üthungre.
ütjejorwe - tanned (leather, hide) ; see ütjoawe.
ütjeleat - erudite, lettered; see ütleare.
ütjenijchtat - sobered up.
ütjenome - eviscerated; see ütnäme.
ütjenutst - worn out, used up, taken advantage of, made the best use of; see ütnutse.
ütjepeesat - windblown; see ütpeesre.
ütjepitscht - frayed through whiplike wind action; see ütpitsche.
ütjeputst - gaudily decorated; see ütputse.
ütjeschiat - worn out through friction; see ütschiare.
ütjeschloage - the sum total of it, as used in 'de gaunse ütjeschloagna Dach', meaning approximately 'the whole lifelong day'; stricken out, as in 'an eye stricken out'; eliminated from further conversation.
ütjesocht - selected, chosen; see also ütsäkje.
ütjestorwe - died out, extinct, defunct; see ütstoawe.
ütjestrakjt - prone, prostrate; see ütstrakje.
ütjetäkjent - first rate, excellent, outstanding.
Ütjewaundada - m. (pl: Ütjewaundade) emigrant.
ütjewaundat - emigrated; see ütwaundre.
ütjewirkjt - wrought; see ütwirkje.
ütjewosse - mature, full grown, grown up.
ütjleise - to derail, deviate.
ütjoawe - to tan (leather, hide).
ütjrebble - to devise, to figure out, design, puzzle.
ütjriese - to get out of hand, get out of control.
ütkjame - to comb out.
ütkjamle - to card out wool.
ütkjeepe - to buy out.
ütkjleede - to clothe, to dress up.
ütkjletsche - to chip out with a hatchet.
ütkjlinkje - to disengage, like gears, or a latch.
ütkjniepe - to run away, desert, escape.
ütkollendre - to figure out, to plan.
ütkome - resultling in, to work out.
ütkrautse - to scratch out.
ütkrome - to unpack untidily.
ütkrüde - to weed out, eliminate.
ütkundje - to reconnoitre, to determine.
Ütkunft - result, outcome, upshot, conclusion.
ütkureare - recuperate.
ütlache - to deride, to laugh at.
ütlaje - to explain, interpret, parse, lay out.
ütläple - to spoon out, to ladle out.
ütlasche - to erase, efface, expunge, extinguish, quench, blot out.
ütläse - to select, to choose, pick through.
Ütlaunt - n. a foreign country.
ütlaupse - to elicit in a naive fashion, to extort.
ütleare - to educate, to complete studies or training.
ütlefte - to air out, to ventilate, to vent.
Ütleftinj - f. ventilation.
Ütlenda - m. foreigner, alien.
ütlendsch - foreign.
ütlendsch fekjeepe - to export.
ütliee - to lend out.
ütloame - to castigate, to scold, to berate, to bawl out.
ütlosse - to raffle off.
ütlote - to omit, delete; to let out or widen clothing; for plants to bud.
ütmäte - to survey, to measure, to gauge.
ütmeede - to hire out.
ütmeste - to take out the manure.
ütmiare - to line with brick and mortar.
ütmoake - to extinguish, to shut off; to upbraid; to be able to distinguish.
ütnäme - to take out the eggs from a nest; to eviscerate, to gut.
ütneie - to embroider.
Ütneitijch - n. embroidery.
ütnijchtre - to sober up.
ütnoagle - to line the inside of a building with dry wall or other material.
Ütnom - f. an exception.
ütnutse - to take advantage of, to utilize fully.
ütoabeide - to figure out a mathematical problem; to work for someone.
ütodme - to exhale.
ütpacke - to unpack.
ütpeesre - to bcome beaten and frayed by the wind.
ütpitsche - see ütpeesre.
ütplüdre - to blab, to tell secrets.
ütpompe - to pump out.
ütproowe - to try out, to experiment, to test.
Ütpuff - m. exhaust.
Ütpuffsklaup - f. exhaust valve.
Ütpuffsrua - n. exhaust pipe, muffler.
ütpulstre - to upholster.
ütpüste - exhale; to blow out; to blow out.
Ütputsdinkj - n. ornament.
ütputse - to decorate, bedeck, spruce up.
üträajne - to rain out.
üträakjne - to figure out, to calculate.
Üträd - f. excuses, evasion, alibi.
ütrakje - to stretch out, distend.
üträkjre - to fumigate; to smoke out.
ütreede - to prepare for an occasion.
ütreiwe - to rest up.
ütrejchte - to accomplish, achieve.
Ütreste - to furnish a room.
ütretse - to escape, run away; see ütkjniepe.
ütrieme - to move items out of, to clean out.
ütriete - to pull out, like hair, weeds etc; to rout with a router; to run away.
ütriewe - to rub out like a spot.
ütrode - to eliminate, extirpate, root out, eradicate, exterminate.
Ütroop - m. (pl: s) auction sale.
Ütroopa - m. (pl: sch) auctioneer.
ütsäkje - to select, choose.
ütsate - to run away.
Ütsauts - m. leprosy.
ütschalle - to peel the inside.
ütschäme - humiliate, to shame, reprove.
ütschape - to bail out, to dip out.
ütschedde - to pour out (other than liquid) ; to unburden oneself.
ütscheddre - to shake out, like a rug.
ütschekje - to send out.
ütschelle - to scold roundly.
ütschempe - to cuss out, revile.
ütschiare - to wear out as a result of friction.
Ütschlach - m. skin disorder, acne, rash, eczema.
ütschlone - to kick, to strike out, to eliminate from consideration.
ütschlope - sleep until rested.
ütschlüte - exclude, ignore.
ütschlüwe - to remove a covering such as pea-pods; to outdo someone else.
ütschlüwe - to win over someone in a contest; to remove the seeds from a pod.
ütschmäare - to plaster a room, to smear the interior.
ütschmocke - to adorn, decorate.
ütschniede - to cut out, castrate, geld, emasculate.
ütschnüwe - to blow the nose.
ütschole - for flavour to evaporate; to lose flavour.
ütschwäare - to finish festering.
ütschweete - to sweat it out, perspire.
ütschwoate - to remove the fat from the pig's rind in preparation for rendering.
Ütsejcht - f. (pl: e) prospect; view.
ütsiedle - to emigrate.
ütspäle - to play out, to be tired.
ütspaune - to unhitch.
ütspeele - to rinse out.
ütspiee - to spit out, spew, expectorate.
ütspiejoone - to spy out.
ütspräakje - to pronounce, to bare oneself to someone, to express oneself, to give a testimony.
ütspreede - to spread out like a blanket.
Ütsproak - f. (pl: e) pronunciation, dialect, accent, vernacular, colloquialism; manner of speech.
ütstäakje - to run away, to take to ones heels, escape, desert; see ütkleiwe.
ütstale - to display, exhibit.
Ütstalinj - f. exhibition, gallery.
Ütstäwinj - wainscotting, panelling.
ütsteewe - to remove dust by shaking or beating.
Ütstia - f. a wedding dowry.
ütstoawe - to die out, to become extinct.
ütstone - to have an outstanding debt; to be outstanding.
ütstoppe - to stuff, taxidermy.
ütstrakje - to stretch out.
ütstraume - to decorate, to adorn, garnish, bedeck, embellish.
ütstreeme - to stream forth.
ütstreie - to strew about, to scatter.
ütstrikje - to cancel, to strike out, efface, eliminate, expunge, obliterate.
ütstrole - to emit, like a ray of light, to radiate.
ütstudeare - to complete a course of studies.
Üttäarinj - f. consumption, tuberculosis.
üttole - to disburse, to pay out.
üttoobe - abate, cease raging, for a storm to spend itself; to romp, to let off steam.
üttrakje - to disrobe, undress; to remove the ashes from the stove; to remove baked bread from the oven.
Ütwajch - m. a way out, an excuse.
ütwäle - to choose, to select.
ütwälent - selective, optional.
ütwätre - to drain blood from a freshly slaughtered animal; to place fresh meat in a liquid (water) to allow the blood to drain and the meat to lose some of its very fresh flavour.
ütwaundre - to emigrate.
Ütwaundrinj - f. exodus, emigration.
ütwausche - to launder clothes, to wash out.
ütwausse - to grow up.
ütwendijch - by memory.
ütwendijch leare - to learn by memory, learn by heart, memorize, learn by rote.
ütwesche - to wipe out, to wipe out a dish.
ütwiese - to prove authenticity or veracity.
Ütwiess - m. proof, identity, voucher, passport.
ütwirkje - for things to work out.
ütwoakje - to gouge out, to clean out horses' hooves.
Ütwol - f. a choice, option.
ütwrinje - to wring out.
uzhent - especially, particularly.

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