Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Täa - m. tar.
Täajel - m. (pl: s) rein, leash, leadrope.
täajen - even with, around.
täajenowent - around eventide.
täare - to tar.
Ta'brettje - n. (pl: s) a highchair without a backrest.
Tabün - f. (pl: e) a herd (of cattle etc).
tachentiijchstel - eightieth part.
tachentijch - eighty.
Tachentijchjoascha - m. octogenarian.
Tack - m. musical beat, time in music.
Tacks - m. (pl: e) tax.
tack'seare - to assess, appraise for taxation purposes'.
Tackstock - conductor's baton.
Täjel - f. (pl: Täjle) brick.
Täjelbrenna - m. (pl: sch) tyler, oven to burn bricks.
Täjeldack - n. tile or brick roof.
Täjelowe - m. brick oven.
Täjeltroch - m. a hod.
Täkjen - n. (pl: s) a sign, mark, signal, brand, earmark, symptom, token.
täkjne - to mark.
Täkjniss - n. (pl: e) proof, evidence.
Takjst - (pl: e) subject, text.
Tala - m. (pl: sch) platter, large plate; enumerator, counter, gauge, meter.
tale - to count.
Tän - (pl: e) tooth.
Täne spiele - to snarl, for a dog to bare his teeth.
Tänedockta - m. dentist.
Tänefleesch - n. the gums.
Tänepoaka , Tänestoaka - m. toothpick.
Tänerietinj - f. toothache.
Tang - f. (pl: e) tong, plier, pincer, forceps.
Tank - f. (pl: e) cog, gear teeth.
Tankestett - f. ratchet.
tankijch - serrated, teeth like a gear.
Tankjet Raut - n. a gear.
Tap bogge - buggy with a top.
Tapaleem - m. heavy, blue gumbo soil; (origin from the German 'Töpfer', potters' clay).
Tapioka - tapioca.
Tapkjess - n. squares, chips, small cubes.
taubre - to smoke heavily.
Taulj - f. (pl: Talje) waist.
Tauljch - m. wax, suet, tallow.
Tauljchdreese - sebacious glands.
Tauljchlijcht - n. candle, taper, candlelight.
Tauneboom - m fir tree, hemlock tree.
Taunte - f. (pl: s) aunt; lady.
Taupe - m. (pl: s) a hanging appendage; mortise joint.
Taupeloch - n. mortise.
Tausch - f. (pl: e) purse, bag, pouch, kit, knapsack.
Tauschjkekrüt - n. stinkweed, Frenchweed.
Tauss - n. (pl: e) cup, cup and saucer set.
Tautsach - f. (pl: e) fact.
Tee - f. (pl: e) toe.
Tee - m. tea.
Teebloom - f. carnation.
Teebrat - n. tea tray.
Tee'enoagel - m. toenail.
Teekaun - f. teakettle, teapot.
Teeläpel - m. teaspoon.
Teema - m. theme, topic.
Teetijch - n. chinaware.
Teewa - n. magic.
teische - to disappoint.
Teiw - n. (pl: s) evener, doubletree.
Tekjastang - f. pitman, connecting rod. See Kurbel.
tekje - to twitch, to jerk.
tekjre - to tremble, to jerk rapidly.
Tekjs - m. a sudden jerk.
temmre - to build, to construct, to bang away with a hammer.
Tempel - m. (pl: s) temple.
Tenn - m. soldering lead, solder.
Tennis - tennis.
Teppijch - n. linoleum, carpet, rug.
Terkauna - f. cockroach.
Testament - n. (pl: e) testament.
Tett - f. (pl: e) teat, tit, nipple, breast.
Tia - n. (pl: re) animal, beast.
Tiabood - f. zoo.
Tiakonnst - f. zoology.
tian - f. (pl: e) ten.
tian ssent - ten cents, a dime.
tianatlei - of ten different kinds.
tiandel - tenth part.
tianfach - tenfold.
Tiarejestank - n. musk.
tiedijch - early.
tiedijch riep - premature, precocious, forward.
Tiedinj - f. (pl: e) tidings, news, message.
Tiefus - n. typhus, typhoid fever.
tiefusoatijch - typhoid like.
Tieja - m. (pl: sch) tiger.
Tieninj - f. fencing, enclosure.
Tiepa - n. (pl: sch) chick, (children's language).
tiere - to exhibit grimaces of surprise, to 'oo' and 'ah'.
Tiet - f. (pl: Tiede) time.
Tiet auflüare - to bide the time, temporize.
Tiet dootschlone - kill time, wastetime.
Tiet too besenne - time to consider.
Tietel - m. (pl: s) title.
Tietfedrief - m. pastime, hobby, something to while away the time.
Tietfewiel - m. a diversion.
Tietjenosse - a contemporary.
Tietlank - a lonesome period of time.
Tietoppsejchta - m. time keeper.
Tietplon - a timetable, schedule.
Tietschreft - f. serial writing.
Tietstiede - ages, a long time.
Tietwuat - n. verb.
tigja - eager, alert, agile, ready to go.
Tilifoon , Telefoon - n. (pl: s) telephone.
Tiligraum , Telegraum - n. (pl: s) telegram.
tilje - to cancel, to root out.
Ti'mootje - f. timothy seed.
timse - to drink heavily.
Tinj - f. (pl: e) tine of a fork, prong.
tinjoatijch - furcated.
Tint - m. ink.
Tintfada - f. pen nib.
Tintfaut - n. ink stand.
Tippel - n. (pl: s) a raised dot.
Tips - n. a spot, dot.
toag - tough, tenacious.
Toakel - rabble, unruly gang, weeds.
Toarauss - m. muck, heavy mud.
Tobback - m. tobacco.
Tobbacksbiedel - m. tobacco pouch.
Tobbdüak - n. dishrag, dishcloth.
Toch - m. draught.
toche - to draw through, as air through a window.
Tochijch - draughty.
tochlote - to leave alone, to let up on self discipline, to follow the desires of one's heart without restraint.
Tochnoagel - m. the heavy draw bolt that passes through the front swivel bolster of a wagon.
Tofel - f. (pl: Tofle) plate, slate.
Tofelsteen - m. slate pencil.
tofle - to eat slowly and abstractedly, to munch.
Toldesch - m. a store counter.
tole - to pay.
Tolinj - f. payment.
Tolinjbewiess - m. receipt.
Toll - f. (pl: e) tassel.
tom - tame, domestic, languid.
Tonn - f. (pl: e) barrel, hogshead.
too - to, towards, at, by; shut, closed; prefix indicates adding too, to increase.
too Bad gone - to retire for the night.
too dee Tiet - then, at that time.
too doa - that way, in that direction.
too eascht - at first, firstly.
too fehomre - malleable.
too fejäwe - forgiveable.
too Fia brinje - to set on or in the oven to cook.
too gooda latst - as a final gesture, as a final act of good faith.
too Grunt brinje - to destroy, to bring to naught.
too Grunt gone - for something to come to a bad end.
too habe - available.
too help näme - to enlist the aid of.
too hia - this way, in this direction.
too Je'salschoft - for the sake of company.
too miare - to wall up with brick and mortar.
too moake - to close, to shut.
too Mood - in the mode.
too Mül räde - to humour.
too neie - to sew shut, to sew up.
too plinkje - to wink at.
too schaunde - brought to shame.
too schekj halpe - to come to the aid of, to coach.
too schwoa - too heavy, overweight, too difficult.
too 'Staund brinje - to achieve, to accomplish.
too Tiede - at times, sometimes.
too tiedijch - too early, premature.
too weinijch - too little, not enough, insufficient.
tooäjne - to claim, to appropriate.
toobacke - to paste shut.
toobe - to create a tumult, to rage, to storm, to be boisterous, to be disorderly, to create a disturbance or uproar.
Toobehea - n. accessories, appurtenances, ingredients, garniture.
toobiete - to eat something along with the coffee, etc.
toobliewe - to remain shut.
toobrinje - to spend some time with.
toobüe - to build shut, to wall up.
Toodakj - comforter, (blanket).
toodakje - to cover up.
toodeele - to apportion, to allot, allocate.
too'doak - attack, move against offensively.
toodräajlijch - cooperative.
toodreie - to turn off, like a tap.
toodrinkje - to drink with, to wash down with food.
toofallijch - coincidentally, incidentally, fortuitously, by chance.
Toofaul - m. fluke, luck, incident, chance.
Toofetrüe - n. trust, confidence.
Tooflucht - f. (pl: e) refuge, haven, recourse, retreat, resort.
Toofluss - m. tributary, influx, supply.
too'foot - on foot, afoot, shanks pony.
toofräd stalle - to satisfy, mollify.
too'fräd - satisfied, content.
Toofrädenheit - contentment, satisfaction.
too'fräte - corroded.
toofreare - to freeze over, to freeze up.
Toogank - m. access, admittance.
toogone - for something to close up; to happen, take place, come to pass.
too'good - in good faith, to one's credit.
too'good hoole - to forgive.
too'hacke - to hack to pieces.
tooheare - to listen to.
tooheele - to heal up.
toohenje - to hang something over, to close it off.
toohoole - to keep shut.
too'jäajen - top be present.
toojäwe - to give up, to surrender, concede, yield, accede, submit, quit, capitulate.
toojedocht - to be generous to others, to be considerate.
toojedone - to be devoted to.
toojeete - to add liquid to, to dilute.
toojenkjlijch - accessible, approachable.
toojerejcht - ravaged.
toojlikj - at the same time, simultaneously.
tookjinjftijch - in the future.
tookjinjftje Jeläajenheit - future opportunity, pre emption.
tookjitte - to putty up.
too'kleiwe - to scratch up or mark up by scratching.
tookome lote - to share with someone.
too'krautse - see too'kleiwe.
Tookunft - f. future.
toolaje - to accelerate; to increase wages, to add to.
too'latst - finally, at the last.
too'leid - hitched on the left side of a team. see too näwel.
toolenkjlijch - sufficient.
too'lood - plumb, square, level.
toolote - to leave unopened; to permit, to allow; for a cow to release her milk.
toom äwajen - what is available, extra. (see äwalei).
too'm , too däm - to the, for the.
too'm äwajen - surplus.
too'm äwajen - surplus, to abound.
too'm bewundre - to be marvelled at.
too'm grooten Deel - for the most part.
too'm grooten Deel - for the most part, to a large extent.
too'm hiele - saddening, regrettable, deplorable.
too'm Pauss - convenient.
too'm Seeten foare - to visit friends who have a new baby.
Toom - m. (pl: Teem) bridle.
too'mood - inclined to.
Toon - m tone, tune.
toonäme - to increase, to grow larger, expand, swell, augment.
too'näwel - hitched on the right side of a team of horses. see too'leid.
too'nijcht - wrenched, out of joint.
too'nijcht brinje - to deliberately spoil or break something.
toonoagle - to nail shut.
toop - together, jointly, at the same time.
toop baussle - to construct temporarily from odds and ends.
toop drenje - to squeeze together.
toop foare - to drive together in one vehicle; to share one vehicle; to collide.
toop friee - to intermarry.
toop heele - to heal over.
toop hitse - to pit one against another, especiall dogs.
toop hole - to round up.
toop jamse - to force together, to compress.
toop kjniepe - to pinch together.
toop läwe - to cohabit.
toop oabeide - to accumulate through work; to work together, cooperate in work.
toop pausse - to match, to fit together, to connect, join.
toop rope - to glean; to push together small particles with the hands to pick them up, to scrape together.
toopbrinje - to bring together, to match.
toopdrekje - to compress, to press together.
toopfaule - to collapse.
toopflajchte - to interlace, braid, splice, interlock, intertwine, interweave.
toopfote - to exercise self control; to clasp together; to summarize.
Toophank - m. coherence, to hold together.
toopjebausselt - made from odds and ends, patched up. see toopbaussle.
toopjebrocht - brought together like adopted children.
toopjedrenjt - squeezed together, serried. see toopdrenje.
toopjekjnedat - crumpled up. see toopkjneddre.
toopjekoppelt - hitched together, coupled together. see toopkopple.
toopjemenjt - mixed up, jumbled up.
toopkome - to meet, converse, assemble visit, congregate, gather, rendezvous.
toopkopple - to hitch together, to couple up.
toopkroage - to call together for an assembly.
toopküakse - to collapse, to buckle.
tooplaje - to fold, to pleat.
too'plautse - to crack, like dry paint, to chap, to burst.
toopmenje - to mix up, to jumble.
toopnäme - to compose oneself; to fold like sheets or blankets.
toopnoagle - to nail together.
tooprane - to merge, to run together.
toopreare - to mix together.
Toopropsel - n. (pl: s) leftovers that are pushed together with the hands, like crumbs or grain, for picking up.
toopsacke - to sag, to settle together, to slump.
toopsate - to assemble, to put together.
toopsaumle - to collect, gather, accumulate.
toopschmelte - to fuse.
toopschorre - to sag, to slump, to collaps.
toopschrope - to scrape (grain) together with an edged instrument.
Toopschropsel - fine particles scraped together in a pile.
toopspaune - to hitch together.
toopspoare - to save up.
toopstale - to set together; similar to toopsate. to compose, to compile.
tooptale - to add together, tabulate, tally.
tooptrafe - rendezvous, to meet.
toopwekjle - to wind up, like a ball of twine.
toopwone - to live together, to cohabit.
tooräkje - to suffice.
too'räte - tattered, dilapidated (clothing).
too'rätne Wund - laceration.
tooreede - to prepare; to ravage.
too'riete - to lacerate, to tear apart, mangle, rend.
toorode - to encourage.
Toorot - provender; ingredients.
toosaje - to agree, to go along with.
too'saje - almost, as good as.
toosate - to add to, to create a difficulty for someone deliberately.
Toosauts - m. increment, supplement.
tooschedde - to add by pouring (other than liquid).
Tooschlach - n. a gate, port.
tooschlone - to close a bid at an auction sale.
tooschmäare - to smear over.
tooschneare - to lace up.
Tooschnett - m. a sewing pattern.
tooschniede - to cut according to a pattern.
too'schniede - to spoil by cutting wrongly.
tooschüwe - to foist something upon another.
tooseene - to view, to observe an action.
too'seene - visible.
toosikj - to regain consciousness.
too'splät kome - to come to harm, to suffer a bad fate or misfortune.
Toostaunt - m. condition, circumstance, plight.
toostiare - to direct something or someone to another person.
toostone - to confess, to admit.
toostoppe - to plug up, stop up.
too'toag - the act of doing, getting underway.
tootoakle - to get ready slowly and deliberately.
Tootrett - m. access, admittance.
tootrüe - to attribute to, to consider someone capable of a certain act.
too'wäaj - up and about, present.
too'wäaj brinje - to bring something into being.
too'wadre - obnoxious, objectionable, repugnant, repulsive, antipathetic.
too'winkjel - at right angles.
toowintre - for winter to take over.
Topp - m. (pl: Tap) pot, chamber pot, crock, urn.
Toppkje - n. (pl: s) pipkin, small pot.
Torf - m. peat, turf.
torjchle - to stumble, to stagger, to reel.
Torm - m. (pl: s) tower, spire, cupola, dome.
Tormschwaulmkje - n. (pl: s) swift, member of the swallow family.
torne - to slow down, to interrupt.
tose - (short 'o') to drag, to pull something along.
Tota - m. (pl: sch) cat o nine tails, heavy whip.
Tracht - f. (pl: e) fashion, custom.
trachte - to aspire, to endeavour, to strive.
track'teare - to treat.
trajcht - right, in good order, as it ought to be.
trajcht halpe - to help correct, to help put things in order.
trajcht kome - to get along with others.
trajcht sate , trajcht stale - to set something straight.
trajchtfinje - to find one's way around, to go straight.
trajchtlaje - to lay out, to put things in order.
Trajchtmoaka - m. (pl: sch) chiropractor, bonesetter.
trajchtmoake - to repair, to set things right, mend, recitfy, overhaul; to set broken bones.
trajchtneie - to mend by sewing.
trajchtwiese - to show someone the right way.
Trakjbrigj - f. draw bridge.
trakje - to pull, to tug; to move a household.
trakjent - attrctive, pulling effect.
Trakjharmmo'nie - f. (pl: e) concertina.
Trakjsoag - f. two man crosscut saw.
Tranboa - separable.
trane - to rip, to separate, to divide, sunder.
Tranung - f. (pl: e) separation, severance.
Trap - f. (pl: e) a stair, step.
traumpe - to tramp.
traumple - to trample, for a child to tramp its feet in a fit of temper.
treeste - to console, to comfort.
Trejchta - m. (pl: sch) a funnel.
Trejchtaküak - f. a thick cookie fried in fat. see Mennonite cookbook.
Trejchtamül - n. a bellmouth.
trejchtre - to pour through a funnel.
Trett - f. (pl: e) a tread, step, pace, stair, pedal, treadle, footboard; footing, traction.
trettboa - accessible.
Trettbrat - n. treadle, pedal.
Trettmäl - f. treadmill.
Triebsaul - n. sorrow, tribulation.
Trienkjemum - f. pet name for a meadowlark. Its song appears to sound this word. The word means literally Aunt Katherine.
trigj - back, reverse.
trigj'aun - sassy, defiant; return.
trigj'aun steete , trigj'aun schlone - to recoil, to backfire; backlash.
trigjbrinje - to return something, to take back.
trigjfaule - backslide, to fall back.
Trigjfoat - f. return trip.
trigjfoddre - to reclaim.
trigjhole - to retrieve.
trigjhoole - to detain, to constrain withhold, refrain.
trigjschekje - to send back, to return.
trigjschloage - to throw back genetically.
trigjsprinje - to rebound.
trigjssoppe - to backtrack, to have a change of heart.
trigjtekje - to jerk back, flinch, recoil.
trigjtole - to repay, payback, reimburse, refund; retaliate, take revenge, reprise.
Trigjtrakj - n. backgammon.
trigjtrakje - to pull back, retreat, hesitate, recede, desist, withdraw.
trigjtrakjent - reticent, coy, taciturn, aloof, reluctant.
Trigjwajch - the return road, the way back.
trigjwoats - backwards, reverse.
Trits - f. (pl: e) winch, block and tackle, derrick, hoist, windlass; wirestretcher.
tritse - to hoist, to raise.
Troch - m. (pl: Träaj) trough.
Trock - m. (pl: s) truck.
Trom'peet - n. (pl: e) trumpet.
Tron - f. a tear (eye).
Troon - f. (pl: s) throne.
Troost - m. solace, comfort, consolation.
Troostwuat - n. a word of comfort, solace or consolation.
Trots - spite, vindictiveness, defiance.
trotsdäm - in spit of, despite, nevertheless, all the same.
trotsijch - spiteful, defiant, vengeful.
trü - true, faithful, loyal, above board.
Trü - faithfulness, loyalty.
Trü - f. (pl: e) wedding.
Trü fespräakje - to plight one's troth.
Trüa - f. sorrow, grief, sadness.
Trüajedijcht - n. elegy.
Trüaleet - n. dirge.
Trüamol - n. a meal eaten in sorrow; a meal at a funeral.
Trüaräd - f. a funeral oration.
trüare - to sorrow, to mourn, to be sad.
trüarijch - sad, gloomy, pathetic, sorrowful, dismal, funereal, mournful, tragic, woeful.
Trüarijchkeit - sadness, sorrow, gloom, tragedy.
Trüaspell - n. tragedy, (play).
Trüawied - f. weeping willow.
Trubb - f. (pl: e) stovepipe, flue.
Trubbekjnee - f. stovepipe, elbow.
Trubbel - m. trouble.
Trubbeloch - n. a hole in the wall for a stovepipe.
trubble - to trouble.
trüe - to trust; to wed a couple.
trühoatijch - sincere, kind, honest, forthright, genuuine.
Trüräd - f. wedding ceremony, sermon given at a wedding.
tüaleide - to torture, torment.
Tucks - m. (pl: e) a small dot; a tap on the shoulder.
Tugganucks - m. toggle switch.
Tulp - f. (pl: e) tulip.
Tün - m. (pl: Tien) fence.
Tün Kjeninkj - m. kingbird.
Tung - f. (pl: e) tongue.
Tünpol - m. (pl: s) fence post.
Tüntrap - f. stile.
Turbauss - m. (pl: e) roughneck.
turbaussijch - rough actions.
turkje - to handle roughly, especially a horse.
Turkjscha Säbel - m. scimitar, sabre.
Turkjsche Weit - f. maize, corn.
Tusch - f. water colours, water paint.
tusche - to colour or paint with water colours.
Tüschhaundel - m. a barter, a trade.
tüsijch - homey.
tüsje Laundessproak - f. vernacular, local dialect, native tongue.
tüss - at home.
tüss senne - to be at home.
Tüt - f. (pl: e) paper bag; see Lusch.
twalf Duts - twelve dozen.
twalftel - a twelfth.
twalw (twalf) - f. twelve.
Twearm - m. sewing thread.
twee - f. two, twain.
twee bie fea - m. two by four.
twee ferr'opp - tandem team.
twee Wäakj - fortnight, two weeks.
tweeatlei - of two kinds.
Tweeback - m. double buns; see Mennonite Cookbook; also single buns.
tweedahaunt - second hand.
tweede Stemm - alto, contralto.
tweedens - secondly.
tweediesta - twilight, dusk, gloaming; also tweschen Tweediesta.
tweefach - twofold.
tweemaunsch - designed for two.
tweemol - twice.
Tweeroda - m. sulky, hansome, tilbury; see also Krota.
tweeschniedijch - two edged.
tweestemmijch - two part singing, duet.
twei - broken (in two) torn, smashed, shattered.
twei bräakje - to break.
tweiriete - to tear to pieces.
tweischlone - to smash.
t(w)esche(n) - between, among.
t(w)esche(n) gone - to intercede.
t(w)esche(n) Lenda - international.
t(w)esche(n) stale - to interpose.
t(w)eschen'enn - in between, from time to time, in amongst.
t(w)eschen'enn - in between times.
t(w)esche(n)rüm - m. room between, span, interstice, spread.
T(w)eschentiet - f. interim, interlude, intermission, interval.
Twiewel - m. doubt, disbelief, qualm.
twiewelhauft - doubtful, dubious, problematic.
twiewle - to doubt.
twintijch - f. twenty.
twintijchstel - twentieth part.

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