Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Säaj - f. (pl: e) sow, female hog.
Säajel - (pl: le) sail, canvas; seal (an impression device to confirm a signature;).
Säajel bestendijcht - confirmed with a seal.
Säajelkrüt - n. sourdock (see Loddikj).
Säajelstrank - m. reef rope, sail rope.
Säajen - m. blessing, benediction, invocation, Godsend.
Säajenkool - m. sowthistle.
säajle - to sail.
säajne - to bless, to sanctify.
Säakjel - m. (pl: Säakjle) sickle.
Säbel - m. (pl: s) sabre, cutlass.
Säbelschüwsel - scabbard.
Sach - f. (pl: e) thing, matter, affair.
sachelkjes - very slowly.
sacht - slow.
Sack - m. (pl: Sakj) sack, bag.
Sack onn Pack - lock, stock and barrel.
sacke - to settle, like a building on its foundation.
Säd - f. (pl: e) a portion of feed for an animal, usually grain.
sädje - satisfy hunger, satiate.
Saj - f. (pl: e) saying, slogan.
saje - to say, to tell.
saka'reare - to scold roundly.
säkje - to search, to seek.
Sakjt - f. (pl: e) sect.
Säl - n. (pl: e) harness.
säle - for horses to roll over on the ground; see also selle.
Säle Je'scherr - a set of harnesses.
Säle opplaje - to harness, to lay on the harnesses.
Sälestrank - m. harness trace, part of a harness that is attached to the singletree.
Samp - m. mustard.
Sampkuarn - n. mustard seed.
Sän - f. (pl: e) sinew, tendon.
Sän - m. (pl: s) son.
sänijch - sinewy.
Sans - f. (pl: e) scythe.
sass - six.
sass achtel Tiet - six eighth time, (music).
sassatlei - of six kinds.
sassmol - six times.
sasstel - sixth part.
sasstian - sixteen.
sate - to place, to plant, to set.
Sa'tien - satin.
Satschrew - f. set screw.
Sa'tüarock - f. frock coat; see also Scheeskjerock.
Saubat - m. sabbath.
saubre - to drool.
Sauft - f. (pl: e) juice, sap.
sauftijch - juicy, succulent.
sau(l)st - shall, shallt.
Saulw - f. salve, ointment, embrocation, medicament, lotion.
saulwe - to apply salve or ointment.
Saulwtopp - m. small, glazed, earthen pot used to hold ointments.
saumle - to gather, collect, glean.
Saumpfeeba - n. malaria, swamp fever.
saundijch , (M: saundrijch) - sandy, gritty.
Saundsteen - m. freestone.
saunft - gentle, soft, mellow.
saunftmütijch - of a gentle, mellow, mild and patient nature.
Saunt - m. sand.
Sauntboddem - m. sandy soil, sandy bottom.
Saunthüpe - m. golf tee; sandpile.
Sauntjäajent - f. sandy area.
Sauntloch - n. quicksand.
Sauntpa'pia - n. sandpaper.
saut - sated. satisfied, full, satiated; fed up, sick of, had enough.
Sauts - m. (pl: e) sentence; layer; jerk; occasion.
Sauts - times, batch, lot, assortment.
Säw - n. (pl: s) sieve, strainer, collander, screen; filter.
säwe - to sift, to strain, to screen.
säwe(n) - seven.
säwendel - seventh part.
säwenfach - sevenfold.
säwenjoarijch - septennial.
säwentian - seventeen.
säwentiandel - seventeenth part.
schäa die! - go away, beat it!.
schäare - to clip, to shear.
Scha'briem - m. (pl: s) forelock, bangs.
Scha'briemkje - small forelock.
Schach - n. chess.
Schacha - m. (pl: sch) trade, barter, horsetrading.
Schachbrat - chess board.
schachre - to trade, to barter.
Schachspell - n. chess game.
Schacht - f. spanking, whipping.
schachte - to spank, to whip, thrash.
schacken'eare - to be annoyed, irked, vexed.
Schacklits - chocolate.
Schädel - m. (pl: s) skull.
Schädelboa - n. trepan; surgical instrument used to cut out disks of bone, usually from the skull.
schädje - to harm, hurt, damage, mar.
Schaf'fot - n. (pl: e) steps leading to entrance, front steps, porch.
schaftijch - happy, jovial, genial, glad, cheerful, affable, elated, convivial, congenial, friendly.
schajchte - to hoof it, to walk or run fast.
Schajchte - f. spats, puttees, leggings.
Schakj - f. (pl: e) a brindled cow.
Schal - f. (pl: e) peel, rind, hull.
Schäl - m. slate.
Schaldüak - n. pinafore, apron.
schale - to peel.
schäle - for water to wash forward along the ground.
scha'luj - to be deceitful.
Schälwuat - n. a rebuke, a scolding.
schäme - to be ashamed or embarrassed.
Schämel - m. (pl: s) the bolster on a sled or wagon on which the box rests.
Schän - f. (pl: e) rail.
schan'deare - grumble, cuss, scold, gripe at length.
Schänebeen - shinbone, tibia.
Schänestool - a chiropracter's chair.
schape - to dip liquid from out of a container; to pick up a girl for a date.
schäpe - to ship.
Schapkje - n. (pl: s) dipper.
Schaps - m. (pl: e) simpleton.
schar'mettsle - to rummage aound.
schäse - to run fast.
Schata - m. thin mud or manure, mire.
Schatel - n. (pl: s) saucer.
Schatelbenkj - f. shelf, small cupboard.
schätlijch - harmful, hurtful, deleterious, prejudicial, abnoxious.
Schats - m. (pl: e) treasure, valuable item; sweetheart.
schatse - to treasure, to value, to assess.
Schatskoma - f. treasury, a safe.
Schatsmeista - m. treasurer.
Schatsung - valuation, assessment.
Schaub - f. (pl: e) cockroach.
Schaubel - f. (pl: Schauble) bean.
schaubijch - ailing, not well, feeling poorly.
schaudahauft - shocking, terrible.
schaufe - to work, to perform well, to toil.
Schaul - m. (pl: e) echo, sound, clang.
Schaulbrat - n. sounding board, switchboard.
Schauldoos - f. sound box.
schaule - to echo, to reverberate, to resonate.
Schaulplot - f. record or disc for a gramaphone, stereo or recorder.
Schaultjoa - n. Leap Year.
schaum'reare - to shimmer, glimmer, twinkle.
schaum'rearijch - iridescent.
Schaund - f. shame, blemish, disgrace, blot, dishonor, ignominy, infamy.
schauntboa - shameful, disgraceful.
schaunthauft - in disgrace, in shame.
Schaup - n. shop; cupboard, buffet, cabinet, sideboard.
Schaute - m. (pl: s) shade, shadow.
Schautedack - n. an overhang.
Schautesied - the shady side, the seamy side.
Schea - f. (pl: re) scissors.
Sche'baulkje - n. small stepping stool; small footstool.
Scheddinj - f. pillow or blanket covering material, ticking; bins in a granary.
scheddre - to shake (a tree).
scheede , (M: scheide) - to separate, to divorce, to part.
Scheedelschmolt - n. lard from the kidney of a porker, a second rate, flaky lard. see Floome.
Scheedinj , (M: Scheidinj) - f. (pl: e) partition, wall; separation, divorce.
scheedle - to shuffle cards; to clean and scour hog intestines in preparation for use as sausage casings.
scheef - atilt, aslant, askew, awry, crooked, ablique, slanting, sloping.
scheef gone - when something goes badly for a person.
Scheefpants - outspoken but odd individual.
scheel - squinty eyed; bridle shy.
scheele - to squint, cross eyed.
scheen - nice, lovely, beautiful, fine.
scheen jebilt - shapely, beautiful.
scheen kjlinjent - melodious, harmonious.
scheena Klank - euphony.
Scheenheit - f. beauty, loveliness, goodliness.
scheenrikjent - sweet smelling.
Scheens - goodies.
Scheenschmack - m. refined taste.
scheenschmakjent - scrumptious, tasty.
Scheepe - scales on a fish.
scheepijch - scaly, speckled, barred, variegated.
scheepkje Flajcht - psoriasis.
Scheeskje - f. the tails on a coat; see Ssüarock. spats.
Scheeskjerock - formal coat with tails.
scheete - to shoot.
Scheetijch - n. ammunition, shooting supplies.
Scheetjewäa - firearms.
Scheetpulwa - gunpowder.
Scheffel - f. (pl: Scheffle) shovel, scoop.
Scheffelraut - n. paddlewheel.
scheffle - when a child contorts its mouth in preparation for a cry; to shovel.
scheibijch - shaggy, mangy.
scheinheilijch - sanctimonious, hypocritical.
Scheinheilijchkjeit - sanctimony, hypocrisy.
scheiwelhassijch - awkward, stumbling, club footed; having an ulcerated condition of the lower leg among horses.
Schekjbenjel - m. errand boy, gopher, footman, flunky.
schekje - to send, to transmit, to adjust, to resign oneself to.
schekjelje Oabeit - good workmanship.
schekjlijch - smart, stylish, graceful, decent, proper.
Schekjlijchkjeit - f. fitness, propriety.
schelkjre - to shake a liquid; to slosh around a liquid in a container.
Schell - a scolding, reprimand.
schelle - to scold, chide, nag, reprove, remonstrate, reprimand, fulminate.
Schelp grauss - sedge.
Schelp lelje - f. iris.
schelpe - to rip a board with a ripsaw; to plane.
schelpre - to splash over.
Schelprua - n. reeds.
Schelprua Meeble - wicker furniture.
Schelsel - n. (pl: s) brook.
Schelsta - n. (pl: sch) broken shells, shards.
Schelwa - n. (pl: sch) thin slices, shards.
schemma - dusk.
Schemme'daun - f. (pl: e) suitcase.
schemmel - mold; whitish grey color, dapple grey.
Schemmelfoss - m. roan.
schemmlijch - moldy.
schempe - scold, curse, cuss.
Schempwuat - a curse, cussword, invective.
Schend - f. (pl: e) shanty, small shack.
Schenkj - f. (pl: e) tavern, inn.
schenkje - to present, to donate, to give; {ennschenkje - to pour a drink}.
Schenn - n. dandruff.
schentlijch - disgraceful, nefarious, scandalous.
Schentlijchkjeit - disgrace, shame, turpitude.
Schepp - n. (pl: Schäp) ship.
Scheppbruch - m. shipwreck.
Scheppbümeista - m. shipwright.
Scheppdoagesbüak - n. ship's log.
Scheppdräaja - m. ship's keel.
Scheppfoat - f. voyage, cruise; navigation.
Scheppfuamaun - m. pilot, captain, navigator.
Scheppkje - n. (pl: s) sewing machine bobbin, little ship.
Scheppopprua - m. mutiny, riot.
Scheppreiba - m. pirate.
Scheppschrüw - ship's propellor, screw.
Scheppstia - n. helm, tiller, rudder.
Scheppwalle - f. ship's wake.
scher'metsle - see schar'metsle.
Schetsel - n. (pl: s) partition, wall, divider.
Schiablajch - n. washer for a bolt.
Schiapapia - sandpaper.
Schiapulwa - pumice.
schibble - to run or walk in a shuffling manner.
Schiela - m. pupil, student, learner.
Schielaloon - n. bursary, scholarship.
Schien - f. (pl: e) a barn annex for storage; sheen, lustre, shine; card, certificate, licence.
schienboa - presumably, ostensibly, plausible.
schiene - to shine; to seem; {daut schient soo - it seems that way}.
schienent - luminous, luminary; apparent.
Schiephon - m. a fairy tale reference to a rooster.
schiepre - the sound of chirping baby chicks.
schiere - to scour, to rub against, chafe, abrade; polish.
Schiet - excrement, shit.
Schietareia - m. loon, heron.
Schietstremp - f. a coward, milksop.
Schiew - f. (pl: e) plate, pulley, disc.
Schijcht - f. (pl: e) layer, ply, coating, tier.
schijchtwiess - layer by layer, tier by tier.
Schijchtwolkje - f. cloud strata.
Schikjsol - n. fate, destiny, doom, lot.
Schildna - m. debtor; the guilty one.
schilre - to portray, reflect, recall, describe, picture.
Schilt - n. (pl: e) shield, visor, sign.
Schiltkjrät - f. (pl: e) turtle; used as reference to another person in a highly disrespectful way.
Schinda - m. (pl: sch) a leather tanner; used in reference to another person in a highly disrespectful way.
Schindel - f. (pl: Schindle) shingle.
schindle - to shingle.
Schinkje - m. (pl: s) ham; thigh; haunch.
Schinkjeschwoaga - m. bigamist.
Schirkj - f. (pl: e) cricket, cicada.
Schis - f. fear, fright.
schissjat - mild cussword. (Waut de schissjat!).
Schitts - n. (pl: e) stovepipe damper; protection.
schittse - to adjust damper; to protect.
Schittstän , Schutstän - ledger-tooth, knife guard on mower or binder scythe.
Schklow - m or f. slave.
Schklowa'rie - slavery.
Schläaja - m. (pl: sch) sledge hammer.
Schläaja'rie - fight, fray, fisticuffs.
Schlach - a hit, percussion, stroke.
Schlachoda - f. artery.
Schlacht - f. (pl: e) battle.
Schlachta'rie - f. slaughterhouse.
schlachte - to slaughter, to kill.
Schlachtfelt - n. battlefield.
Schlachthüss - n. slaughter house, abattoir.
Schlachtmassa - n. butcher knife.
schlackre - to dangle.
Schlacks - m. tall, gangly fellow.
schlackse - to flip the hand, for example, when trying to remove an insect from the hand.
Schlädbon - f. sleigh tracks, sleigh road.
Schläde - m. (pl: s) sleigh, sled.
Schla'dons - m. an awkward, sloppy gangly fellow.
schla'donsijch - tawdry, awkward actions.
Schlafitje - f. the nape of the neck.
Schlagwota - a traditional Mennonite remedy for internal and external use. This concoction was prepared by the Gilead Manufacturing Company of Winnipeg. It was also concoted at home but the recipe appears to be lost.
schlajchsta - m. adj. worst.
schlajchste - f. adj. worst.
schlajchste - plural adj.
schlajcht , schlajchta , schlajchsta - adj. bad, worse, worst.
schlajcht behaundle - mistreat.
schlajcht woare - to spoil, like meat, to deteriorate.
schlajchta Rot - poor advice.
schlajchtet noräde - to slander.
Schlamm - thick, heavy mire.
Schlang - f. (pl: e) snake.
Schlangebloom - f. dandelion.
Schlangejeft - n. venom, snake poison.
Schlangoatijch - serpentine.
schlank - slim, slender, sleek.
Schlap - f. (pl: e) a dragging apparatus.
schlape - to drag, to haul, to tow.
Schlaphoakj - f. a drag rake.
Schlapkjleet - n. an evening gown, a dress with a train.
Schlapnat Boot - a trawler.
Schlapschleep - f. a dredge.
Schlapsel - a jag, a small load.
Schlätel - m. (pl: s) wrench, key.
Schlätelbloom - f. cowslip.
Schlätelloch - n. keyhole.
Schlätelschmett - m. locksmith.
Schlätje - n. (pl: s) small sled.
Schlaub - f. (pl: e) bib.
Schlaubbekjse - f. bib overalls.
schlaubre - slobber, drool.
Schlauch - m. (pl: Schläaj) hose, plastic tube or hose.
schlauje - to grumble or lament like a child.
Schlaum - m. thick, heavy mud or mire.
schlaup - limp, flaccid, flabby, slack, droopy.
Schle'boak - m. an ungainly dunce.
Schlee - m. kind of cherry, bullace, sloe.
Schleedüak - n. headshawl.
Schleef - m. (pl: Schleew) ladle.
Schleep - f. (pl: e) earth moving scoop.
schleepre - to be sleepy or drowsy.
schleeprijch - sleeppy.
Schleia - m. (pl: sch) veil.
Schlekj - n. scum.
schlekje - to choke or clog with scum.
schlemm - serious; sore; cantankerous.
schlemme - to beg, lament or wail as a child is likely to do.
Schlemms - n. a sore, skin abrasion, a hurt.
Schlenj - f. (pl: e) sling, noose, loop, slipknot, snare.
schlenje - to catch in a snare or noose.
Schlenkjafoot - m. stumblebum.
schlenkjre - to shake; to stumble along.
schlentre - to saunter, dawdle, walk aimlessly.
Schlerts - m. (pl: e) a slit caused by a knife.
schlertse - to slit open with a knife.
Schliem - m. mucous, slime.
schliepe - to sharpen, grind, polish, whet.
Schliepsteen - m. grindstone, whetstone.
Schliesa - m. (pl: sch) a sling to throw a stone with; centrifuge.
schliesre - to effect centrifugal force, to fling, to hurl.
schliesslijch - finally, eventually.
schliete - to slit off the ends of pea or bean pods to remove the stringy edges in preparation for adding to soup.
Schlietschoo - f. skates, ice skates.
Schlietschoo Bon - f. skating rink.
Schlietschoo rane - to skate.
Schlijcht - pudding base for Mooss; see also Menjsel; see Mennonite Cookbook. This was also used as a substitute for corn starch at times.
schlijchtfoll - tactful, diplomatic.
Schlijchtmäl - n. whole flour, graham flour.
schlikj - to sneak, to slink, to crawl.
Schlikjhaundel - m. contraband.
Schlikjwäaj - m. devious routes, sneaky ways.
Schlinjel - m. (pl: s) rascal, a person not totally credible.
Schlips - m. tie, bow tie, cravat.
schloagfoadijch - quick witted.
schloare - to shuffle along, to drag one's feet.
schloff - careless, lax.
Schloffheit - carelessness, laxity.
Schlondrian - tall, gangly, dim-witted fellow.
schlone - to hit, to punch, to slam, smite, beat.
schlonsch - having a tendency to hit or kick (said of a horse or cow).
Schlop - m. sleep, slumber.
Schlopbenkj - f. a traditional Mennonite pull out bed, used as a bench during the day, trundlebed.
schlope - to sleep, to slumber.
schloplooss - sleepless, restless.
Schlopmeddel - n. sedative.
Schlopmets - f. a careless person; lit sleepy head.
schlopmetsijch - sloppy, careless, forgetful.
Schlopsocht - lethargy.
schlopsochtijch - lethargic.
Schlopstow - f. bedroom.
Schlopwaundla - m. sleepwalker, somnambulist.
Schlorr - a slipper; an argumentative woman.
Schlosäwendoot - m. a lazy fellow.
Schlott - n. (pl: Schläd) lock; castle.
Schlubb - f. (pl: e) an old cap or hat.
Schlucht - f. (pl: e) gorge. valley, ravine, slough, canyon.
Schluckat - m. (pl: s) gullet, Adam's apple.
schlucke - to swallow.
Schlucks - m. a gulp, a swallow, a draft, a dram.
Schluckskje - n. a small sip.
schludrijch - see schlaup.
Schlunk , Schlunt - m. (pl: e) maw, gullet, throat.
schlüre - tarry, wait, delay, pause.
schlurpse - to slurp.
schlurre - to drag one's feet, slur.
Schluss - m. (pl: e) conclusion, end.
Schlussräd - f. concluding remarks, peroration.
schlüte - to conclude; to lock.
Schlüw - f. (pl: e) shell, hull, husk, (of seeds) term also applied to individual who lacks courage and acts as a stooge for someone else.
schlüwe - to slip on or over.
Schlüwesot - n. legume seeds.
Schlüwsäl - n. utility harness.
Schmäa - oil, grease, lubricant, lotion.
Schmäadoos - f. grease container.
Schmäajelt - n. bribe money.
schmäare - to grease, to oil, lubricate; to spank, thrash.
schmäarijch - greasy, oily.
schmachte - languish, to thirst.
Schmack - m. a taste.
schmackhauft - tasty, tasteful, elegant, sipid.
Schmacks - m. a smack of the lips.
schmackse - audible smacking of the lips; eat with open mouth.
Schmäd - f. (pl: e) blacksmith shop.
schmäde - to work in a blacksmith shop.
Schmädhoma - m. blacksmith hammer.
Schma'dons - m. (pl: e) goo, crude oil.
Schmagus - thick, floury, tasty gravy.
Schmakja - m. (pl: sch) taster, gourmet, taste sense(s).
Schmäkja - m. (pl: sch) smoker.
schmakje - to taste.
schmäkje - to smoke.
schma'rottse - to gourmandize.
schmatre - to splatter with thick mire.
schmaul - narrow.
Schmaunt - m. cream.
Schmaunt enjelkjes - cream horns.
Schmaunta - m. (pl: sch) cream separator.
Schmauntjoop - f. milking smock, any ill fitting, shapeless garment.
Schmauntsupp - f. cold, thickened milk with curds and cream base, onion greens, diced cucumbers, shredded lettuce, junket; see Mennonite Cookbook.
schmause - to nibble, to eat continually.
Schmauts - m. soft mire, slush.
schmautsijch - slushy, miry.
Schmeijchel - m. flattery, cajoling.
schmeissijch - smoothly, subtly.
schmelte - to melt, smelt, liquify.
Schmeltowe - m. smelter.
schmenje - to raid the fridge, sneak food on the sly.
Schmett - m. (pl: e) blacksmith.
schmette - not colorfast, to lose clothing color.
Schmied - f. a template.
schmiedijch - limber, pliable, flexible, pliant, supple.
Schmiej - f. (pl: e) adjustable square.
schmiete - to throw, pitch, toss, hurl.
Schmietreeme - reins; whip.
schmirjle - to abrade, to wear away by friction.
Schmoa - f. (pl: re) a gash, a healed over scar.
Schmoasel - n. (pl: s) a feast, a banquet.
Schmoate - f. emotional pain and hurt.
schmock - nice, pretty, beautiful, handsome, fair, adorable, good-looking, lovely; well behaved.
Schmockheit - glamour, beauty, loveliness.
Schmockschriewe - fancy handwriting, calligraphy.
schmoddrijch - foggy, humid weather.
Schmolt - n. lard.
Schmolt ütbrode - to render lard.
schmooje - to drive fast and furiously.
Schmuakommst - m. stewed or steamed cabbage.
schmuare - to stew, to steam.
Schmuck - m. adornment, ornaments, decorations, beauty.
schmuggle - to smuggle.
schmunje - to neck, to pet, heavy petting.
Schmunjkende - f. small, hard candies of various colors with fond phrases printed on them.
schmunsle - to chuckle, to smile.
Schmurts - grease or oil; see.
schmüstre - to smile to oneself.
schmutsijch - obscene, gross, sordid, dirty, begrimed.
Schnäakjat - m. (pl: s) young smart-aleck.
schnacke - to chatter, prattle, yammer, babble, jabber, gab.
Schnäd - f. (pl: e) a slice, a cut.
Schnäd Fleesch - f. slice of meat, a steak.
Schnall - f. (pl: e) a buckle.
schnalle - to buckle.
Schnaups - whiskey, liquor, booze, grogg, moonshine.
Schnaups Brenna'rie - f. distillery, a still.
Schnaupskje - n. a small drink, a nip.
Schnea - f. (pl: re) a loop, a snare.
schneare - to lace or tie tightly.
Schneaweest - f. a bodice, a corset.
Schnee - m. snow.
Schneedien - f. snow bank, snow drift.
Schneehon - m. ptarmigan.
schneeijch - snowy.
Schneeplüach - m. a snow plow.
Schneeschoo - f. snow shoes.
Schneewitt - snow white.
schneffle - sniff, to smell.
schneidijch - with alacrity, quickly.
Schneitsat - m. (pl: Schneitsasch) a small moustache.
schneiw - alert, observant, sharp.
Schneppeldüak - n. handkerchief.
schneppre - to whittle; to snoop.
schnerre - loud, ripping sound.
Schnerts - f. (pl: e) diarrhea.
Schnetje - f. biscuits. scones, crumpets (see Mennonite Cookbook).
Schnett - m. (pl: Schnäd) a cut, a slice.
Schnett habe - to be afraid, cowardly.
Schnette riete - to tell tall tales.
Schnettwoa - f. dry goods.
Schnettwoa Hendla - m. a mercer.
Schnied - f. (pl: e) the cutting edge, blade.
Schnieda - m. (pl: sch) a tailor; cutter.
schniede - to cut, slice, castrate.
Schniedmäl - f. sawmill.
Schniedraut - n. plow coulter, see also Ssajchraut.
schniee - to snow.
Schnigj - f. (pl: e) snail.
Schnigjelfrits - m. teasing reference to a young lad.
Schnigjoatijch - snail like.
schnoakje - to snore.
Schnodda - m. thick phlegm of the nose, snot.
Schnoddanäs - young, know it all, greenhorn; child with runny nose.
schnoddre - to have a running, dripping nose.
schnoopijch - strange, peculiar, odd.
Schnopp - f. stuffed nose, a cold.
schnorrijch - droll, strange.
Schnowel - m. (pl: s) bill, beak.
Schnua - n. a piece of string, twine.
Schnuajlikj - straight as a string.
schnucke - to hiccup.
Schnüfheana - species of horn shaped potatoes common in Russia.
Schnüfkje - n. snuff.
Schnüfkjedoos - f. a snuff box.
Schnurboat - m. a moustache.
schnurkjse - snort, to sniff with a full nose.
Schnüts - f. (pl: e) snout.
Schnütsboat - m. moustache.
schnüwe - to blow one's nose.
Schoa - n. (pl: re) plow share.
schoap - sharp, (sharp point, sharp taste).
schoap dodle - harsh criticism, revile, vituperate.
schoapa Spott - sarcasm, quip.
Schoape Weedoag - sharp ache, pang, twinge, smarting.
schoapet Jefeel - n. poignancy, intensity.
schoapet Sseijch - serge.
schoapsejchtijch - sharp sighted, quick sighted.
Schoapsenn - m. sagacity.
schoapsennijch - sagacious, ingenious, judicious, keen, smart, shrewd.
Schoarlock Feeba - n. scarlet fever.
schoawe - to move, by pushing along a surface, dense material such as grain, dust, sand, earth etc.
Schoawel - n. (pl: s) shard, small, broken pieces of china or earthenware.
schoawoakje - working on a road with implements.
schobbe - to scratch the body against something to remove an itch.
Schock - half a measure, close to half a bushel.
Schockel - f. (pl: Schockle) a swing.
Schockelpeat - n. hobby horse.


Schockelstool - m. rocking chair.
schockle - to rock, to swing.
schockmol - often, many times, frequently.
schod - too bad, unfortunate, regrettable.
Schod doone - to cause hurt or damage, to vandalize.
schode - to hurt, to ail, to matter; (Daut kaun nuscht schode; it cannot matter) (Waut schot die? What is the matter? Are you hurting?).
Schode - m. hurt, damage, harm, destruction.
Schol - f. a scale; gout, spavin.
scholkjre - to shake a liquid in a container, to slosh around a liquid.
Scholm - m. (pl: s) forelock, bangs, tuft. see Scha'briem.
schomhauft - shameful.
Schomp - f. shame.
schom'peare - for a dress or suit to look good and improve looks; attactive.
schon'ieslijch - unattractively attired, sloppy dress.
Schoo - f. shoe.
Schoo Leest - f. a shoe last.
Schoobaunt - m. shoe string, shoelace, latchet.
schoof - many, good supply, a large quantity.
Schoohoake - m. shoehook, button hook.
School - f. (pl: e) school.
Schoolbenkj - f. school bench.
Schoolfäaminda - m. headmaster.
Schoolhüss - n. school house.
Schoolleara - m. school teacher.
Schoolleara'rin - f. school teacher.
Schoolordninj - f discipline, regulations.
Schoolunjarejcht - school instruction.
schoone - to save or hold for future use; to protect; to treat with consideration.
schoons - really! already?.
Schoop - f. (pl: e) scoop, dust pan.
Schoose - f. pranks, tricks, naughtiness.
Schoot - f. (pl: e) lap; a plant shoot; a legume pod.
Schooteschiesel - m. (pl: s) scarecrow.
Schoothunt - m. a lap dog.
Schoowikjs - f. shoe polish.
Schoowikjsa - m. a bootblack.
Schop - f. sheep.
Schophock - n. sheep pen.
Schopsbrode - m. mutton, leg of lamb.
Schopschoawel - n. sheep sorrel, lambs' quarters.
Schopsfal - n. parchment, sheepskin.
Schopsfleesch - n. mutton.
Schopskopp - m. dunderhead.
Schopspels - m. sheepskin coat.
Schopsweid - f. sheep pasture.
Schopswoll - f. sheeps wool.
schorf - m. scab, scurf.
Schorm - m. (pl: s) lampshade, parasol, umbrella.
schorr morr - n. a clutter, a disorganized mix up, pot pourri.
schorre - to slide slowly, like sand down an embankment.
Schorsteen - m. chimney, smoke stack.
Schorsteenfäaja - m. chimney sweep.
Schortinj - wooden well cribbing.
schorwijch - scaly, rough outer skin.
Schosel - m. dunderhead, one who acts silly.
schoslijch - silly, stupid.
Schoss - m. a shot, a round, a projectile.
Schosskjal - f. (pl: e) the box behind the buggy seat; a buggy trunk.
schot'teare - to assess, estimate, appraise, evaluate, gauge.
Schowanack - m. (pl: e) mischief, tricks, pranks, lark.
schräde - to pace, to walk.
schräje - to singe, scorch, sear.
Schrakj - m. fear, dread, fright, panic, terror.

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schrakjlijch - dreadful, shocking, terrible, awful, frightful.
Schrank - m. (pl: e) cupboard.
Schraum - f. (pl: e) a scratch.
schraume - to scratch, to scar, score, scrape.
Schreft - f. (pl: e) script, writing, literature.
Schreft stäle - plagiarize.
schreftlijch - according to Scripture, written, in writing, scriptural.
schreftlijch beleidje - to incur libel.
schreftlijch fekloage - to indict.
Schreftstalla - m. (pl: sch) writer, author, editor.
Schrett - m. (pl: Schräd) stride, step, pace.
Schrettwiess - pace by pace, step by step.
schriee - to scream, cry out, screech, yell.
Schriew Woa - f. stationery.
Schriewa - m. (pl: sch) writer, secretary, clerk, author, novelist, recorder, scribe.
Schriewbüak - n. copy book, tablet, scribbler.
Schriewdesch - m. writing desk.
schriewe - to write.
Schriewkonnst - penmanship, prose, poetry.
Schriewmaschien - f. typewriter.
Schriewpa'pia - n. writing paper.
schrinje - vibrate, quiver, throb, pulse, smart.
schroff - rough, see ruch.
Schrooda - m. crusher, grinder.
schroode - to crush, to grind grain, to grind into smaller particles.
Schroot - n. chop, chopped grain, fine particles.
Schrop - f. (pl: e) curry comb.
Schropa - m. scraper.
schrope - to curry down a horse, to scrape.
schrots - aslant, oblique, transverse, slanting, sloping.
schrubbrijch - scrubby, like a short beard.
Schrugg - f. (pl: e) a nag, a bobtail.
Schrüw - f. a screw, auger.
Schrüwendreia - m. (pl: sch) screw driver.
Schrüwglauss - n. a jar with a screw on top.
Schrüwschlätel - m. an adjustable wrench, spanner.
Schrüwstock - m. a vise.
Schüa - sn, (pl: re) a shed.
schüaräajle - continual, grumpy, pestering or begging by children of their parents.
Schubback - m. (pl: s) a thrust.
schuchta - skittish, bridle shy, timid.
schüe - shun, avoid.
Schüflod - f. (pl: e) desk drawer.
Schuft - m. (pl: e) scoundrel, wretch, scamp.
Schüklaupe - m. (pl: s) blinkers, blinders as on a bridle.
schuldijch - guilty, owing, indebted.
Schülinj - f. (pl: e) on the shelter side, leeside.
Schulla - f. (pl: Schullre) shoulder.
Schullablaut - n. shoulder blade.
Schullastekj - n. shoulder ensignia on a uniform, epaulette.
schüloarijch - sly, cunning, foxy.
schüloarijch lüare - to lurk.
schüloarijch schlikje - to skulk.
Schulps - m. (pl: e) one wave or one spill; a sudden gush of liquid.
schulpse - to slush over liquid.
Schult - f. debt; fault, blame.
Schult - m. (pl: e) chief Mennonite village administator.
Schultebott - n. meeting of the Mennonite village counsellors.
schultfrie - debt free.
schultfrie spräakje - to exonerate.
Schultssadel - m. debenture, IOU note.
Schüm - m. foam, froth, lather, emulsion, scum, spume.
schümijch - frothy, foamy.
Schümläpel - skimming spoon.
Schümwien - m. sparkling wine.
Schunt - offal, trash, junk, rubbish.
Schups - a sudden push, a shove; hair worn in a bun.
schupse - to push or shove suddenly.
schuracke - to hurt, to damage, harm.
schurjle - the sound of gurgling liquid.
Schusel - m. see Schosel.
Schusta - m. (pl: sch) cobbler, shoemaker.
Schustapekj - sewing wax or tar.
schustre - to fix shoes; to fix things.
Schuts - m. protection, security.
Schutsdaum - embankment, protective dam, emplacement.
Schutskorf - m. gabion.
Schutstän - f. ledger tooth.
Schüwa - m. (pl: sch) pusher, a hoe that is pushed.
schüwe - to push, to shove.
Schüwsel - (pl: s) scabbard, sheath, case, vagina.
Schwäa - n. (pl: re) boil, canker, tumour, ulcer, abscess.
Schwäajasche - f. (pl: s) sister-in-law.
schwäakje - to swerve, sway, veer.
schwäare - to fester.
schwack , schwacka , schwacksta - weak, weaker, weakest.
Schwackheit - f. (pl: e) weakness, frailty, infirmity, feebleness.
schwacklijch - weakly.
Schwacklinkj - n. (pl: Schwacklinja) weakling.
Schwackpunkt - m. foible.
Schwacksennja - imbecile, one who is retarded.
schwacksta - m. weakest.
schwackste - f. weakest.
schwackste - plural of above.
Schwa'droon - f. (pl: e) squadron.
schwakje - to weaken, impair, debilitate.
Schwal - f. (pl: e) threshold, sill, doorstep.
schwäle - to glow, to smoulder; to whip.
schwalje - to guzzle, to drink in big, greedy gulps.
Schwam - f. sponge.
schwame - to swim.
Schwamfeet - f. webbed feet.
schwamgort - n. lifebelt.
Schwamiess - n. ice floe.
Schwamjelt - emergency funds.
Schwandsta - m. heaviest.
schwandste - plural of above.
Schwandste - f. heaviest.
schwanke - to sway, fluctuate.
Schwansta - m. heaviest.
schwanste - plural of above.
Schwanste - f. heaviest.
schwauble - to waddle.
Schwaulm - n. (pl: s) barn swallow.
Schwaulmkjes - diminutive of Schwaulm.
Schwaulmüachkjes - n. pansies.
Schwauns - m. tail.
Schwauns'obel - n. green foxtail, wild millet.
Schwaups - a snap, like a whiplash.
schwaupse - to snap like a whiplash.
Schwaut - n. (pl: Schwod) swath.
schwautse - o prate, prattle, chat, ramble on, babble.
schwäwe - to float, to soar, hover.
Schwäwel - m. a match.
Schwäwelblit - n. sulphur.
Schwäwelholt - n. matchstick, lucifer.
Schwäweljäl - sulphur yellow.
Schwäwelstoff - sulphate.
Schweat - n. sword, broadsword, blade, cutlass, foil.
Schweatjräp - sword hilt.
schweesse - to weld.
Schweet - m. sweat, persperation.
schweete - to sweat, perspire.
Schweetkjesse , Schweetkolla - n. sweatpad for horses, placed under the collar to absorb sweat and irritation as the horses lean into the harness.
schweife - walking in a rambling kind of way.
schweije - to be silent.
Schwenjel - m. (pl: s) lever.
Schwenjelkrauft - leverage.
Schwia - (prefix) in-law.
Schwiadochta - daughter-in-law.
Schwiaellre - parents-in-law.
Schwiafoda - father-in-law.
Schwiamutta - mother-in-law.
schwiare - to swerve, to veer.
schwiarijch - serious, difficult, trying.
Schwiarijchkjeit - (pl: e) seriousness, hardship, difficulty.
Schwiasän - son-in-law.
Schwiel - f. (pl: e) callus.
schwiemschloage - to totter while walking, a swaying gait.
Schwien - n. pig, hog; also directed at untidy, dirty person.
Schwiena'rie - f. a dirty mess.
Schwienborschtle - pig bristles.
Schwiendriest - brash, insolent.
Schwienfat - n. lard.
Schwienfleesch - n. pork.
Schwienhock - n. pigpen.
Schwienhunt - m. hedgehog; vulgar reference to another person implying immorality.
schwiensch - filthy, dirty, squalid, piggish.
Schwienskjast - f. (pl: e) pigs killing bee, (lit pigs wedding celebration).
Schwiensschwoat - f. (pl: e) pig rind.
Schwienstaul - m. pig barn.
Schwienstün - m. pigsty.
schwietre - to jabber continually.
schwind , schwinda , schwindsta - swift, swifter, swiftest; quick, quicker, quickest; fast, faster, fastest.
Schwindel - m. swindel, bogus, fraud, embezzlement.
Schwindijchkjeit - f. speed, quickness.
Schwindla - m. swindler, scam artist.
Schwindla'rie - fraud, deception, swindle.
schwindle - to swindle, defraud.
Schwindsta - m. swiftest.
schwindste - plural of above.
Schwindste - f. swiftest.
Schwindsucht - f. tuberculosis, consumption.
Schwitt - f. (pl: e) group, herd, bevy.
schwoa , schwanda , schwandsta - heavy, heavier, heaviest.
schwoa , schwanda , schwansta - heavy, heavier, heaviest.
schwoafalllijch - ponderous, cumbersome, unwieldy; pregnant.
Schwoaga - m. (pl: sch) brother-in-law.
schwoahearijch - hard of hearing.
Schwoakj - n. an ominous, dark cloud.
schwoalearijch - see hoatlearijch.
schwoare Tung - slurring speech.
schwoaret Hoat - heavy hearted.
schwoaret Jewäa - heavy weapons, ordnance.
Schwoarheit - f. heaviness, difficulty.
Schwoarm - n. swarm, flock.
schwoat - black.
Schwoat - pigs rind.
schwoata Nome moake - to slander.
Schwoata Drotel - bronze grackle.
Schwoatasch - f. team of black horses.
Schwoatbroak - f. summer fallow.
schwoate Pocke - small pox.
Schwolst - m. (pl: e) swelling.
Schwon - m. swan.
schwool - muggy, sultry, hot and humid.
Schwunk - momentum, impetus, surge, speed.
Schwunkbrat - n. diving board.
Schwunkraut - n. fly wheel.
Schwunkssadel - m. speeding ticket.
Schwunktäajel - m. cruise control.
sea - very.
sea - very, intensely.
seakjesse - a more intense and emphatic term for sea.
se'bauje - to drizzle slowly and steadily.
Se'chuaje - chicory, endive.
see - pers. pron. sing. she.
see - third pers. pron. plur, they.
see kjenne - they can.
See - m. (pl: e) sea, ocean.
See - (M) second pers. pron. formal, you.
Seebra - m. zebra.
Seefesch - m. marine fish.
Seehofkje - f. sea hawk, osprey.
Seehunt - m. seal.
Seehuntfal - n. sealskin.
Seekoat - f. sea chart, marine map.
Seekrank - seasick.
Seel - f. (pl: e) soul, spirit.
seelefejnäjcht - blissfully happy.
Seelelea - f. psychology.
Seelenangst - m. spiritual anguish; fear of perdition.
Seelenducka - m. sulky, wheeled buggy.
seelijch - blessed.
Seelijchkjeit - f. salvation, blessedness.
Seemaun - seaman, sailor, marine.
Seemili'täa - f. marines.
seene - to see, to espy.
seene lote - to show, exhibit.
Seep - f. soap.
Seepblose - f. soap bubbles.
seepijch - soapy.
Seepschüm - soap suds.
Seepwota (Lüag) - soap water.
Seereiba - m. pirate.
Seereis - f. voyage, cruise.
Seespäjel - m. sea level, sea surface.
seet - sweet.
seet moake - to sweeten.
seeta Rüak - incense.
seete malkjsche Mooss - a milk stew; see Mennonite Cookbook.
seete Stemm - sweet voice, mellifluous voice.
seete Tän - f. sweet tooth.
seetholt - n. licorice, bark of a cinnamon or nutmeg tree.
Seets - sweets.
sefte - to sigh, to utter a sigh.
Seid - f. (pl: e) string for a musical instrument; a machine pulley belt.
seie - to sow, to seed.
Seijch - m. urine.
seijche - to urinate.
seit däm - since then.
Sejcht - f. sight.
sejchtboa - visible.
Se'kund - f. (pl: e) second (time).
Se'kundewiesa - second hand (time).
selde - seldom.
sel(f)sja - m. the same one.
sel(f)sje - f. the same one.
sel(f)sje - plural for above.
selfst - himself, herself, themselves; see also {sikj selfst}.
selfst ennbille - to be presumtuous, convince oneself.
selfst leiste - to indulge oneself.
Selfst aufsoag - f. self denial, abnegation.
Selfstacht - f. self respect.
Selfstaufsaja - m. teetotaler.
selfstfestentlijch - obvious, sure, evident, certain, self evident.
selfstfetrü - f. self reliance, independence.
Selfstjesprejch - n. monologue, soliloquy.
Selfstleistung - self indulgence.
Selfststendijch - self reliant, independent.
Selfststendje Woarheit - f. truism.
selle - shall.
Selwa - n. silver.
selwana - m. of silver, silver.
selwane - f. of silver, silver.
selwane - plural for above.
Selwaschüm - n. tin or silver foil.
Senja - m. singer.
senkje - to sink.
Senn - m. (pl: e) the mind, sense; meaning, objective, aim.
Sennbilt - n. emblem, symbol.
senne - to be, exist, to be alive.
Senninj - mood, disposition, humour.
sennlooss - senseless, fatuous, without purpose.
Sennungsfroo - sensuous.
Septamba - September.
sest - else, otherwise, besides, or.
Sesta - f. (pl: Sestre) sister.
sestalijch - sisterly.
sestwäa - someone else.
sestwaut - something else.
sestwüa - somewhere else.
Sett - f. (pl: e) the seat, a seat to sit on; the posterior.
Settbod - f. (pl: e) a hip bath.
sette - to sit.
settent - seated.
Settfleesch - posterior, rump.
Settlada - wagon seat with springs.
Settstow - sitting room.
shedde - to pour, shed, spill (other than liquid).
shoapa Noschmack - sharp after taste.
shoapa Stock - sharp stake.
Sied - f. (pl: e) side.
Sied - m. silk.
Sied Spakj - f. side of bacon.
Siede - south.
siedooste - southeast.
Siedrüp - f. silkworm.
siedwaste - southwest.
siedwoats - sideways.
siee - to strain through a sieve, to leech.
sieme - to tarry, dilly dally, linger.
sien - poss. pron. his.
siena - reflex. m. his.
sienatiet - during his time, contemporary.
siene - reflex. f. his.
sienje - another form of sien.
sienshaulwe , sienthaulwe , sienswäaje , sientwäaje - as far as he is concerned, on his account, for his sake, because of him.
siensjlikje - his peers, his equals, of his kind, such as he.
sient - reflex. n. his.
Sietrejchta - m. funnel with a sieve, percolator.
sikj - himself, often used with sel(f)st (sikj sel(f)st).
sikj selfst - himself, herself, themselves.
Silb - f. (pl: e) syllable.
Siltkjees - f. headcheese.
Sim'bool - (pl: e) symbol.
Sind - f. (pl: e) sin.
Sindach - m. (pl: Sindoag) Sunday.
Sindebock - m. scapegoat.
Sindefejäwung - forgiveness, exoneration, release from sin.
sindje - to sin.
sindlooss - sinless.
sin'doag - never, not ever.
sindoagsch - as on a Sunday.
sinje - to sing.
Sinkj - m. zinc.
Sinowent - m. Saturday'.
sintlijch - sinful.
Sippschoft - f. kinship, relationship.
Sis'teem - n. system.
Sits - f. (pl: e) meeting, session, church or municipal meeting.
Sitte - f. habit, custom, manner, fad.
Sittelea - morality.
sittleje Frü - virtuous woman, chaste woman.
sittlijch - seemly, virtuous, ethical, moral, noble, proper.
Soag - f. (pl: e) saw.
soage - to saw.
Soagespoon - m. sawdust.
Soagmäl - f. sawmill.
soagtänijch - serrated.
Soakj - n. (pl: Säakja) coffin, casket.
soap - sourish, tart; see wreet.
Socht - f. (pl: e) draught, sough.
Sock - f. (pl: e) sock, foot.
socke - to walk, to plod.
Sockenhass - m. stumblebum.
Sol - f. (pl: e) sole of a shoe.
Sol'dot - m. (pl: e) soldier.
Sol'dote jetrakj - n. maneuvres.
Sol'dote toop roope - to muster.
Solltsteen - m. rock salt.
Solmon'joak - m. sal ammoniac.
Solt - n. salt.
Solt Püdel - f. bulk salt dispenser.
Solt Süastoff - n. muriatic acid.
Soltdinjs - n. salt shaker.
solte - to salt.
soltijch - salty.
Soltpeeta - saltpetre, nitre.
Soltsteen - rock salt, block salt.
Some - m. seed; sperm.
Somm - f. (pl: e) sum, total, amount, quantity.
Somma - m. (pl: sch) summer.
Sommaborsch - sorrel and vegetable soup; see Mennonite Cookbook.
Sommafoagel - n. butterfly.
Sommakjäakj - f. sumer house where summer cooking and eating took place.
Sommakrankheit - f. flu with diarrhea.
Sommamole - f. freckles.
somme - to buzz, to hum.
Somp - m. (pl: e) swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire.
sompijch - swampy, marshy.
sondaboa - strange, peculiar, odd, singular.
sondajlikjen - beyond comparison.
Sondakonnst - f. special gift or talent, expertise.
sondalijch - especially.
sondaschwia , sondasorj - no sweat, no problem, without concern or worry.
Sonn - f. (pl: e) sun.
Sonn oppgank - m. sunrise.
Sonn unjagank - m. sunset.
sonne - to sun.
Sonneschien - m. sunshine.
Sonneschorm - m. parasol, umbrella.
Sonnestijch - m. sunstroke.
Sonnestrole - f. sunbeams, sun rays.
Sonnewiesa - m. sun dial.
sonnijch - sunny.
soo - so, thus, like this, like that.
soo ess daut - that is how it is.
Sood - sod, turf.
Sood brenne - heartburn.
Sooda - soda.
Soodeschnieda - m. sodcutter, disc.
Soofa - n. (pl: sch) sofa.
soo'goa - even, as well as, yet.
soojenant - so called, so named, would be.
Soom - m. (pl: Seem) seam, edging, fringe, hem.
soo'mea - almost, nearly.
soo'n , soo een - such, such as.
soona (soo eena) - m. such as.
soonatlei - n. such a thing as that.
soone (soo eene) - f. such as.
soont (soo eent) - such a thing.
soorajcht - really.
sootoosaje (sootoosajes) - almost, so as to say.
soowaut (soowauterhäa) - something like that.
Sorj - f. (pl: e) worry, care, uneasiness, grief, pain, troubles.
sorje - to grieve, to worry, to care.
sorjfeltijch - deliberately, carefully; melancholy, mournfully.
Sorjkjint - n. a delicate child.
sorjlooss - carefree, worry free, secure.
Sorjstool - m. easy chair, armchair.
Sort - f. (pl: e) sort, kind, ilk, variety.
Sot - n. seed.
Soton - m. Satan.
späare - to feel, to sense.
Späjel - m. (pl: s) mirror, glass.
Späjelblank - shiny as a mirror.
späjle - to mirror; to entice or tempt someone to want something by showing it off.
Spakj - bacon.
Spakj mäte - to measure bacon; a loose tradition at pigs killing bees that the host would provide wine or spirits to his guest for a drink in a glass measuring the thickness of the bacon.
Späkj - f. (pl: e) spoke of a wheel.
Späla'rie - child's play, an easy matter to solve.
Spald , (M: Spal) - f. a pin or badge.
Späldinkj - n. lit plaything, usually referring to a musical instrument.
späle - to play.
Spälhaul - f. gymnasium.
Spälkom'rod - m. playmate, comrade.
Spälplauts - m. playground.
Spälpopp - f. puppet.
spälrijch - playful.
Spälrüm - m. latitude, scope, range, elbowroom; playroom.
Spälstund - f. recess.
Spältijch - toys, playthings.
Spand , (M: Span) - f. (pl: e) spider.
Spandwäw - n. spider webb, cobwebb.
spanstijch - hyperactive.
Sparjel - m. asparagus.
spatre - to blaspheme, ridicule.
Spat'sea - f. (pl: re) visit.
Spat'seagank - a walk, a hike, a promenade.
spat'seare - to visit, to converse, to court, to date.
spaune - to hobble, to fetter, to hitch.
Spaunisch - Spanish.
Spaunnoagel - m. swivel pin, linch pin.
Spaunsel - n. (pl: s) fetters, handcuffs, shackles.
Spauts - n. (pl: e) sparrow, also Spoalink.
speele - to rinse; to wash, to ripple, to splash, to gurgle.
Speetskje - f. a liquid solution.
Spejcht - m. (pl: e) woodpecker.
Spekja - (pl: sch) sliver, splinter.
Spekjadrot - n. barbed wire.
spekjrijch - prickly, itchy.
Spell - n. game, play, sport, a piece of music.
Spella - m. (pl: sch) a splinater of wood.
Spellfemedla - m. (pl: sch) referee, umpire.
spellre - to splinter.
Spelts - m. coarse, inferior kind of wheat, also called 'German Wheat'.
spenkjre - to gad about.
spenne - to spin, to weave.
Spennraut - n. spinning wheel.
spets - sharp.
Spets - f. (pl: e) point, peak, tip, top, vertex.
Spetsakj - f. acute angle.
Spetsakjs - f. pick axe.
spetse - to sharpen.
Spetse - f. lace.
Spetsnäs - m. inquisitive person.
Spetsnäsje Müss - f. shrew.
spetsuare - to perk the ears for juicy gossip.
Spetta - m. (pl: sch) mocker, scoffer.
Spetta'rie - f. (pl: e) mockery.
spettre - to mock or scoff.
Spiatess - m. rubbing alcohol, spirits, alcohol.
Spie - m. spittle, spit.
spiee - to spit, expectorate.
Spie'joon - m. (pl: e) spy.
Spie'joon driewe - to spy.
Spiel - f. (pl: e) pin feather.
spiele - to bear the teeth, like a growling dog.
Spieltän - one with a toothy grin.
Spiess - n. (pl: e) spear, javelin, shaft.
Spiet - m. annoyance, anger, vengeance.
spietijch - derisive, mocking.
Spietopp - m. spitoon.
Spikja - m. (pl: sch) granary.
Spikj'toakel - n. uproar, scene, spree, spectacle.
spikju'leare - to speculate, gamble.
Spi'nat - f. spinach.
Spindowel - m. (pl: s) spendthrift.
Splät - f. (pl: e) lath, slat.
Splätetün - m. picket fence, lattice.
Splauj - n. a tiny straw, a mote.
spleesse - to splice.
Spletta - m. (pl: sch) splinter, sliver.
Splint - f. (pl: e) cotter pin, splint.
splinte noaktijch - stark naked.
sploare - to splay, spread.
Spoa - f. (pl: re) spoor, footprint.
Spoa - f. (pl: sch) rafter.
Spoaheat - n. a hearth for cooking.
Spoak - f. (pl: e) a rung.
spoakbeenijch - spindly legged.
Spoalinkj - n. (pl: Spoalinja) sparrow. Also Spauts.
spoare - save, economize, to husband.
spoasaum - frugal, thrifty, parsimonious.
Spodem - m. (pl: s) spade.
sponsch , spaunisch - Spanish.
Spoode - to hurry, make haste, hustle.
Spool - n. (pl: s) spool, reel.
spoole - to split, cleave asunder.
Spoolinj - f. cleavage, schism.
Spoolkje - n. a small spool.
Spoon - n. (pl: Speena) wood chips, shavings.
Spos - n. (pl: Sposkjes) fun, humour, banter, jest, joke, prank, trick, horseplay.
sposijch - funny, humourous, hilarious, jocular, whimsical, jocund.
Spott - m. derision, scorn, mockery, sarcasm.
spotte - to deride, scorn, mock, flout, scoff.
Spottschreft - satire, skit.
Spräakjrua - n. megaphone, bullhorn.
Spree - f. blackbirds.
Spreed - f. (pl: e) a spread; {jehäakjelde Spreed - doily}.
spreede - to spread.
Sprejchwuat - n. proverb, saying, adage, byword.
sprejchwuatlijch - proverbially.
sprenje - to blow up with explosives.
Sprenjpulwa , Sprenjstoff - explosives.
Sprets - f. (pl: e) syringe.
Spretsbrat - n. splashboard.
spretse - to splash.
Sprie - n. chaff.
sprinje - to jump, to bound, to leap, to skip.
Sproak - f. (pl: e) language, tongue, dialect.
Sproakeewa - m. linguist.
Sproakfäja - m. polyglot.
Sproakkonnst , sproakwissenschoft - philology.
Sproaklea - f. grammar.
Sprockheista - m. (pl: sch) kingbird.
Spross - n. (pl: e) rung of a chair, mullion, sprig.
Sprot - rung of a ladder, dowel, rung of a chair, a window bar.
Spruch - m. (pl: e) recitation, short poem or verse, a saying or motto.
Spruch oppsaje - to recite a verse.
Sprunk - m. a leap, a jump.
Spüa - f. (pl: re) trace, spoor, clue, vestige, spur.
Spüak - m. (pl: e) spook.
Spucht - m. (pl: e) clown.
Spuchtel driewe - to play a joke.
Spunjsel - n. (pl: s) a bung.
Spunt - n. (pl: e) bung.
Spuntsoag - f. keyhole saw. (The follow words that begin with 'ss' will have the hard sound as in the English word 'so').
Ssadel - m. (pl: s) a tag, a slip of paper, tab, ticket, bill, docket, placard, poster, note, leaflet, label.
Ssajchraut - n. the coulter of a plow.
Ssank - m. a quarrel, a fight, a strong disagreement.
ssanke - to quarrel, to bicker, to squabble, to wrangle.
ssastijch - sixty.
Ssa'tüarock - frock, coat, see Scheeskjerock.
ssauble - to wander aimlessly; {hinjaraun ssauble - to follow behind}.
Ssaunft - m. taffeta, velvet.
Ssäwentijch - seventy.
sseare - to match, to be becoming.
Sse'chuaje - m. chicory, endive.
Sseebra - m. zebra.
Sseeda - cedar.
sseedajewualt - with all force.
Sseij - f. a witness.
Sseijch - n. cloth material, teasel; fabric.
Sseijch Flekja - cloth remnants.
Sseijchwäw - f. a loom.
Sseitung - n. (pl: e) newspaper.
Sseitungschreft - journalism.
Sseitungschriewa - m. reporter, journalist.
Sse'jon - m. (pl: e) gypsy.
Sse'kjreet - n. (pl: e) outhouse, backhouse. see Bekjhüss, Hieskje.
Sselj - a loose woman, prositute.
Sselt - n. (pl: e) tent.
Sse'ment - m. cement.
Sse'morjest - in the morning.
Ssenkja - m. (pl: sch) quarreler, a quarrelsome person.
ssenkjisch - quarrelsome, cantankerous, meddlesome, fractious, shrewish.
Sse'rei - a small lean to.
sserkjle - to circle, to maneuvre, to move into position.
ssettre - to tremble, to vibrate.
ssettrent - tremulous.
Ssiaropp - m. syrup.
Ssiegoa - f. (pl: re) cigar, cigarette.
Ssie'goarespets - f. cigarette holder.
Ssiel - n. (pl: e) aim, objective, goal, end, destination, target.
Ssielpunkt - m. focus.
Ssieme - see sseare.
Ssiepaüagijch - squinty eyed; runtish, naively shy, obsequious, subservient, unassertive.
Ssiffa - f. (pl: Ssiffre) digit, numeral, cipher, note.
Ssiffablaut - n. watch or clock dial.
Ssifilus - syphilus.
Ssi'linda - m. (pl: sch) cylinder.
ssimlijch - quite, considerable, acceptable, tolerable, passable.
Ssinema - n. cinema.
Ssinemaspell - movie, show.
ssinjre - to tingle uncomfortable, to vibrate.
Ssinkjkaup - f. dynamite cap, percussion cap.
Ssinse - f. zinnias; interest on money.
Ssippel - f. (pl: Ssipple) onion, bulb.
Ssippellüak - f. onion greens, scallion.
Ssippeloatijch - eschallot, shallot.
ssipple - to weep.
Ssip'ssiel - meticulous, just so, fussy, fastidious; genteel.
ssisse - to hiss, like a snake.
Ssista - f. (pl: Ssistre) cistern.
Ssi'troon - f. (pl: e) lemon.
Ssoagel - m. (pl: Ssäajel) tail.
Ssoagel Düw - tail spreading pigeon.
Ssoagelreeme - m. crupper, tailpiece.
Ssocka - m. sugar.
Ssocka met Spon - sugar candy.
Ssockaboom - m. maple tree.
Ssockafa'brikj - sugar works, sugar refinerey.
Ssockakrankheit - f. diabetes.
Ssockarua - n. sugar cane.
Ssockaschoote - sweet pea pods.
Ssockastekj - n. (pl: a) sugar cube.
ssockrijch - sugary.
Ssodda - n. a tangled mess.
Ssol - f. (pl: e) number, figure, digit.
Ssoll - duty, customs.
Ssoll - n. inch.
Ssollaumt - customs office.
Ssoote - f. fads, habits, whims.
Ssopp - f. (pl: e) braid, pigtail.
ssoppe - to dunk, to dab up liquid.
Ssoppsel - a thin, wild plum or cherry jam.
sso'teare - to sort.
Ssüb - f. (pl: e) old rags or clothes.
Ssüch - m. (pl: Ssiej) train.
Ssuck - f. (pl: e) bitch.
Ssulta - n. (pl: sch) tangled mess.
ssultrijch - tangled, matted.
Sswakj - n. purpose, object.
sswakjlooss - irrelevant, purposeless.
sswoasch - certainly.
Stäakj - f. (pl: e) pang, sudden pain, stitch, twinge, spasm.
stäakje - to stick, to sting, to stab.
Stäakjmassa - a knife to stick pigs.
Stäakjnotel - f. stick pin, hat pin.
Stäakjschlätel - m. an open ended wrench.
Stäalkfläj - f. stinging black fly.
Stach'eete Tün - m. picket fence, paling, railing.
Stachel - m. (pl: s) thorn, gorse, prick, beestinger, barb, spit.
Stachelbäare - gooseberries.
Stacheldrot - n. barbed wire.
Stachelschwien - n. porcupine.
stachlijch - thorny, prickly.
Städ - f. (pl: e) place, location, a post, position, spot; quarter section of land.
Städwiess - in some places, in certain places.
Stäfkje - n. (pl: s) a small ante room in a church reserved for the church dignitaries.
Stajch - m. footbridge, stile.
Stäl - m. (pl: s) handle, helve.
stale - to adjust, regulate; to place.
stäle - to steal, filch, pilfer, swipe, purloin.
Stalfeträda - m. (pl: sch) representative.
Stalinj - f. shelter for animals.
Stalung - (pl: e) attitude, posture, position.
stamijch - resolute, strong, not easily swayed from one's purpose.
Stampel - m. (pl: s) stamp, die.
stäne - to groan.
Stang - f. (pl: e) rod, iron bar.
stankre - to kick, usually with both legs from a prone position; to have ambitions for.
Stap - f. (pl: pe) field, prairie.
Stapmüss - m. prairie gopher.
stäts , stätswäarent - continually, always.
Stats'joon - n. (pl: e) station.
Sta'tüa - f. (pl: re) stature, form.
Staul - m. (pl: Staling) barn, stable.
Staulebän - m. hayloft, barnloft.
Staulebekjse - f. barn overalls.
Staulesproak - ribald language.
Staum - m. (pl: Stam) stem, shaft, main branch of a plant; a clan.
Staumboom - m. the original tree.
Staumellre - ancestors.
staumijch - see stamijch.
staumpe - to stamp, to pound.
Staund - condition, being in a position; accomplishment.
staune - to marvel, to be astonished or astounded.
Staunskje - f. (pl: s) a portly lady.
Staunt - m. (pl: Stend) a stand, a position.
staunthauft - firm, steadfast, adamant, resolute, staunch, determined.
Staup - f. (pl: e) footprint, step.
staupe - to step.
Staut - f. (pl: Städa) town, city.
stautsch - urban.
Stautshüss - n. town hall, city hall.
Stautsrot - m. town counsellor.
Stautsschriewa - town clerk, town secretary.
Stäw - f. slats.
Steananiess - star aniseed.
steare - to disturb, to trouble, to annoy.
Stearn - m. forehead.
Stearn - n. a star; meteorite, meteorite.
Stearn Wissenschoft - f. astronomy.
Stearn Woasaja - m. astrologer.
Stearnkje - (pl: s) little star, asterisk.
Stearnkje Stijch - Milky Way.
Stearnkjekjikja - m. star gazer.
Stearnschlinjel - m. an astronaut.
Steefbrooda - stepbrother.
Steeffoda - stepfather.
Steefjeschwista - stepsiblings.
Steefkjint - stepchild.
Steefmutta - stepmother.
Steefsesta - stepsister.
Steen - m. (pl: a) stone, rock, gem, boulder.
Steen Bildakonnst - sculpture.
steenana - m. of stone.
Steenbock - m. ibex.
Steeneelj - petroleum.
Steengoade - rock garden.
Steengruft - stone quarry.
Steenhoat - hard as rock.
Steenkolt - stone cold.
Steenkruck - f. stone jug, earthen jug.
steenrijch - stony.
Steenschnieda - m. stone cutter; lapidarian.
Steenschriewa - m. lithographer.
Steentopp - m. earthen crock.
Steenwaunt - f. stone wall, jetty.
Steenwoa - earthen ware, stone ware.
steete - to bruise as a result of a bump; to butt, like a ram, to kick; to punch, to bump.
steetsch - displaying the tendency to butt, like a ram.
Steewa - m. (pl: sch) shower, duster; a verbal poke or dig.
Steewahunt - m. a retriever.
steewe - to be dusty, to blow with dust.
Steewel - f. (pl: Steewle) a high boot.
steeweldün - drunk as a lord.
Steewelkjnajcht - m. a boot jack.
steewle - to run fast.
steewrijch - dusty.
Steft - f. (pl: e) a peg, a pin, pencil, dowel.
steil - erect, upright; steep incline.
Stei'lozh - f. (pl: e) scaffold, a frame, gibbet, trestle, stage.
Stekj - n. (pl: a) a piece, morsel, a bi, chunk, hunk, component.
Stekj Oabeida - piece worker.
Stekj Oabeit - piece work.
stekje - to choke, to gag, asphyxiate, stifle, suffocate; to patch, embroider, quilt.
Stekjel - m. (pl: s) coupling pin, peg, linchpin, shaft.
stekjle - to couple together.
stekjsennijch - hardheaded, singleminded, opinionated, intransigent, independent, stubborn.
stekjwiess - piece by piece.
stell - quiet, peaceful, calm silent, inaudible, still.
stell hoole - to stop, halt, to hold still; to keep something quiet or secret.
stell ligje - to lie still.
stell räde - to speak in an undertone.
stell senne - to be quiet, to hush.
stell woare - to abate, like the wind, so subside.
stelle - to quieten.
stelle Tiet - period of silence.
Stelle Friedach - Good Friday.
Stelle Mäa - Pacific Ocean.
stellschwiejes - to go about something quietly, tachtfully and silently.
Stellstaunt - m. an impasse, respite, immobile, no movement.
stellstone - to stand still.
stelpe - to tip.
Stelpomm - f. miscarriage; inversion.
Stemm - f. (pl: e) voice, ballot, a vote.
stemme - to agree; to be true, to be correct, to vote.
Stemmetala - f. scrutineer.
Stemmgaufel - f. tuning fork.
Stemmoatijch - vocal.
Stemmrajcht - n. suffrage.
Stemmssadel - m. a ballot.
Stemmwakjsel - voice change in a young man.
Stenda - m. (pl: sch) support pillar, post, stud, two by four.
stendje - to give credit, to support with credit.
Stenjel - m. (pl: s) stem, stalk.
stenjlijch - stalky, full of stems.
stenkjrijch - rancid, rank, odious, foul smelling, fetid, stinky.
ster'nekjsle - to stumble, walk awkwardly and bump into everything.
Stett - f. (pl: e) prop, a building support, a brace; see also Stiepa.
stette - to support, to prop up.
Stia - n. (pl: sch) a steering wheel, a rudder.
Stiel - aim, objective, direction, purpose, style.
Stiem - m. blizzard, snowstorm.
stieme - to storm with snow.
stiemrijch - snowy and windy.
Stiemwada - n. stormy, winter weather.
Stiepa - see Stett.
stiepre - to hold up, to support; to resist, protest, to brace oneself against.
stiere - to guide, to steer.
stiew - stiff, unbending, tense, rigid, transfixed.
stiewa Täajel - stiff reins, to cause restraint.
Stiewbeenja Marsch , Gaunse Marsch - goose step.
Stiewheit - f. stiffness, tension.
Stinkjdroschkje - f. an early reference to an automobile 'the stinking carriage'.
stinkje - to stinkj, foul smelling.
stinkjent - putrid, foul, odious, fetid.
Stinkjkaut - f. skunk.
Stinkjnäajelkjes - violets.
Stint - a woman of questionable character.
stoa - rigid, fixed.
Stoa - f. sty, cataract.
Stoak - f. (pl: e) stanchion, upright pole or post.
stoakbeenijch - bandy legged.
stoakj - strong, stout, powerful; fast, swift.
Stoakj - f. (pl: e) heifer.
stoakje - to make stronger, to fortify, to reinforce.
Stoakopp - m. obstinate person.
stoakoppijch - obstinate, stubborn, bullheaded, obdurate, stiff necked.
Stoawbad - n. death bed.
stoawe - to die, to succumb, to pass away.
stoawlijch - mortal.
Stock - m. (pl: Stakja) stick, cane, staff, wand; storey in a building.
stockdiesta - pitch dark.
stocke - to become moldy.
Stockroos - f. hollyhock.
Stoff - n. dust; acid; matter, material, substance.
Stoffbiedel - m. the anther of a flower.
Stoffbrell - f. dust goggles.
stoffijch - dusty.
Stoffsüa - m. vacuum cleaner. (see Sübassem).
Stol - m. steel.
Stolfada - f. pen holder, pen nib.
Stoloabeit - f. steel work.
Stolpe - f. stilts.
Stolplot - f. steel plate; ledger blade.
stolpre - stumble, falter, lurch, stagger.
Stolstrank - f. steel cable.
stolt - proud, vain, pretentious, haughty, lofty, prim.
Stoltehendrikj - m. lupin.
Stoltheit - pomp, pride, swagger.
stomm - dumb, mute, silent.
stomp - dull, blunt, obtuse.
stompnäsijch - pug nosed, stomp-nosed.
stomre - to stammer, stutter.
stone - to stand, to make immobile.
stonebliewe - to remain standing; to come to a halt.
Stool - m. (pl: Steela) stool, chair, seat.
Stoolespross - f. the rung of a chair.
Stoolgank - bowel movement, faeces, stool, excrement.
Stoop - f. (pl: e) stoop, step.
Stoopwiess - step by step; graduating by steps.
Stooss - a thrust, a push, a jab; impulse.
Stoot - n. a period of time, time.
Stootje , Stootsje - a little while, a short time.
Stootjes - pl of Stoot.
Stootwiess - at times, from time to time.
Stopel - n. (pl: s) stature.
stoppe - to darn; to stuff.
Stoppel - n. stubble.
Stoppel Diesla - m. a disker.
Stoppel klunje - a form of punishment, (lit treading stubble).
Stoppelstrikja - m. (pl: sch) a wire or thin rod attached above a plow share to fold the long stubble under the earth as the plow turns over the land.
Stoppsel - n. (pl: s) a cork, stopper, plug, bung.
Stoppseltrakja - m. (pl: sch) a corkscrew.
Stopsel - n. (pl: s) a huge pile piled up layer by layer.
Storm - m. (pl: s) storm.
stormijch - stormy.
Stot - f. pride, conceit.
stotlijch - portly; noble.
stottre - to stutter, stammer; see stomre.
Stow - f. (pl: e) room, chamber.
Sträakj - m. (pl: a) strip, stripe, stroke, blow; a distance; to accidentally leave a strip of unworked land while plowing, harrowing etc.
strack(s) - soon, straightaway, anon.
Strakj - f. (pl: Sträakja) stretch, distance.
strälijch - sinewy, stringy.
Strämel - n. (pl: s) thin strip; streamer, skinny person.
Strämel Spakj - a strip of bacon.
Strampel - m. (pl: s) thick stem, stalk.
Strank - m. (pl: Strenj) rope, cord, lanyard, hemp.
Strank onn Täa - oakum.
Stranklada - f. rope ladder.
Strauch - m. sprig, wisp, wreath.
straum - dressed in Sunday best; beautiful, comely, handsome, genteel, lovely, exquisite, resplendent.
straumet Jeschekj - lissome, lithe.
Straumheit - f. beauty.
Straums - n. glamour, frippery.
Strauss - m. ostrich.
sträwe - to strive, to struggle, vie, aspire, compete, endeavour.
sträwijch - sturdy, wiry, sinewy.
stre'botskje - strenuous, laborious effort.
streeme - to stream.
streepe - to strip.
Streepschoss - m. a black eye; ricocheting car accident resulting in a minor accident.
Strei - n. bedding, litter.
streie - to strew, to scatter, to prepare a straw bed for animals.
Strekj - n. a wench.
Stremp - f. sock, stocking, hosiery; a coward.
Strempbaunt - m. a garter.
Strempbekjse - f. pantyhose.
stremple - to fall headlong.
strenj - strict, stringent, severe, austere, harsh, stern, rigorous.
Strenjheit - f. rigour, austerity, strictness, severity.
strep'tsüare - to put forth great effort.
Stretsel - m. a raisin pastry; see Mennonite Cookbook.
stribble - to struggle, strive, fight, dispute, haggle, bicker, resist.
striede - to argue, dispute, disagree.
striedent - militant, argumentative.
Striedijchkjeit - f. contention, disagreement, argument, battle, strife, fight, difference of opinion.
Striep - f. (pl: e) a strip, streak.
striepijch - streaky, brindled.
Striesel , Riesel - the colored sugar spread on cookies.
Striet - see Striedijchkjeit.
Strijch - m. (pl: s) hair parting, a stroke of the hair brush; a zone.
Strikj - f. (pl: e) a whetting tool.
strikje - to cancel, to repeal, waive, rescind; to massage.
stritse - to squirt.
stroakle - to pat, to stroke.
Strof - f. punishment, chastisement, penalty.
strofe - to punish, to chastise, to penalize, spank, scourge.
stroffallijch - punishable, liable for punishment.
Strol - f. (pl: e) a ray, a beam, a stream of water from a hose.
strolent - radiant.
Stroleschekja - m. a transmitter.
Stroo - f. straw.
Stroobloom - f. everlasting flower; (helichrysum dwarf).
Stroobock - m. the individual in charge of removing the straw from the straw bagger during threshing time before the straw blowers came into use.
Stroodack - n. thatched roof, straw roof.
Stroodäl - f. strawstack.
Stroof - f. (pl: e) a sentence, verse.
strooijch - strawy.
Stroom - m. (pl: Streem) stream, current, torrent, rill, rivulet.
Stroopäl - n. (pl: s) straw pallet, straw mattress.
Stro'potskje - f. great effort, exertion.
Strot - f. (pl: e) street.
Struck - n. underbrush, shrubbery, shrubs, brambles.
strüf - tart, acrid, stringent, rough.
strulle - urinate.
Strunk - m. a corn cob.
Strunts - f. (pl: e) slovenly, seedy looking woman, bag, hag.
Strüss - n. bouquet.
Stua - n. (pl: sch) store.
Stuapa'pia - n. wrapping paper.
stuck'ats! - scat!, beat it!.
stucke - to provide the monotonous back and forth action of a manual washing machine when washing clothes.
stuckre - a bumpy ride, to jolt along.
Stüd - f. (pl: Stieda) plant.
Stu'dent - m. (pl: e) student.
Stu'dentegausthüss - n. hostel.
stüdijch - sturdy, portly, stocky.
stulpre - to stumble, falter.
stulprijch - an uncertain gait.
Stund - f. (pl: e) hour.
Stundelank - for hours on end.
Stundewiesa - m. the hour hand.
stur - stern.
Sturack - m. a drink of hard liquor.
stüse - to sprint, to dash.
stutse - to be startled.
süa - sour.
Süadäjch - m. sour dough.
Süakjoasche - f. morella cherries.
Süakommst - m. sauerkraut.
süare Malkj - sour milk.
Süaromp - m. sorrel, used in vegetable soup.
Süastoff - acid.
Sübassem - m. vacuum cleaner.
Sübuddel - f. child's feeding bottle.
süe - to suck, suckle.
Sükaulf - a calf that remains with its mother and suckles to be fattened.
su(l)st - shouldst, should.
Süpa - m. (pl: sch) drinker, alcoholic.
Süpa'rie - f. drinking orgy.
süpe - to drink heavily, to tipple, to booze; animals drinking water.
Süpknüst - m. (pl: e) alcoholic, drunkard, sot.
Supp - f. (pl: e) soup.
Suppkomm - f. tureen.
Supptrien - f. tureen.
Süschlauch - m. siphon.
Süsenjel - m. (pl: s) bum, tramp, shabbily dressed person, sloppy dresser, hobo.
Sütia - n. mammal.

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