Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Räajel - f. (pl: Räajle) rule, norm, regulation, precept; door bolt, bar, rail; menstruation.
Räajelbruch - a breach or infraction of regulations.
räajellmässijch - regularly, orderly.
Räajelmässijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) regularity, order.
Räajelrajcht - normal.
Räajen - m. (pl: s) rain.
Räajenboage - m. rainbow.
räajendijcht - rainproof.
Räajenmäta - m. (pl: sch) rain guage.
Räajenrock - m. raincoat, oilskin coat.
Räajenschorm - m. (pl: s) umbrella.
Räajenstorm - m. rainstorm.
Räajenworm - m. earthworm.
Räajenwota - n. rainwater.
räajle - to regulate.
räajne - to rain.
räajnijch - rainy.
Räakjenbrat - n. abacus; Räakjentofel.
Räakjenbüak - n. ledger.
Räakjenschoft - accounting.
Räakjentofel - f. arithmetic table.
Räakjna - m. (pl: sch) calculator.
räakjne - to calculate, compute, do arithmetic; to appreciate, to anticipate.
Räakjninj - f. arithmetic, account; data.
Räakjninj feare - to keep an account.
Rach - f. vengeance, revenge.
Rach eewe - to avenge, seek vengeance, retaliate.
Racheewent - vindictive, retaliatory, vengeful.
Rachenputsa - a stiff drink.
ra'chullijch - voracious, greedy.
Racka - heavy toil, heavy labor.
rackamässijch - relating to hard labor.
rackre - to be involved in hard labor.
Räd - f. oration, a speech, a talk; rumour.
Rada - rescuer, deliverer, Saviour.
Radan - of burlap, of jute.
rade - to rescue, to save.
räde - to speak, to talk.
rädeljawies - logically, reasonably, common sense.
Rädenskonnst - elocution, oratory, locution, philology.
Rädensoat - diction, phraseology, parlance.
Radespoa - delphiniums, larkspur.
Ra'dieskje - radishes.
radio - radio.
Rädlijchkjeit - probity, integrity, uprightness, honesty.
Radna Sack - m. burlap sack.
Rädna - m. speaker, orator.
Radüak - a berry?.
Radung - f. (pl: e) salvation.
ragendijch - teeming.
ragendijch foll - teeming with.
Räj - f. rows, queue, string.
rajchne - to avenge.
rajcht - right, correct, authentic, plausible, actual, real.
Rajcht - n. (pl: e) a right, a privilege.
Rajchtaunwault(a) - barrister, lawyer.
rajchtfoadje - to justify, vindicate.
Rajchtschnua - f. a line in the right direction, guideline, policy, guidance, level.
Rajchtschuldja - m. the culprit.
Rajchtschuldje - f. the culprit.
Rajchtschuldje - plural.
Rajchtwinkjel - m. right angle.
Räjhiesa - terraces, row houses.
rajsch - right handed, to the right.
räjwiess - by the row.
Räkjakoma - f. smoke house.
rakje - to stretch.
räkje - to hand to, to pass; to suffice.
rakjhaulse - to crane one's neck, rubber necking.
räkjre - to smoke, to cure with smoke, to give off smoke.
räkjrijch - smoky.
rakre - to overstrain as a result of hard labour, to over exert, struggle.
Räme - m. (pl: s) a frame.
Ramuch - m. a clod.
Ran - f. (pl: e) groove, gutter, a small channel.
rane - to run, scamper, scurry; to flow, like water.
Rank - f. (pl: e) creeper, ivy, tendril, climbing plant.
Ranpeat - n. race horse, pacer.
Rantiet - f. rutting season.
ra'säakjle - to crash forward like a moose through underbrush, to charge.
räse - to vibrate.
Ra'sien - f. (pl: e) raisin.
Rass - damaging use of.
Rät - f. (pl: e) a rut, a deep wagon track; a tear, a rupture.
rätre - the rattle of wagon wheels on a hard surface.
Raubel - f. (pl: Rauble) a gourd.
'rauf , erauf - down, off, downward.
Raunt - m. (pl: Rend) edge, rim, curb, margin.
Rauntsteen - m. curbstone.
Raup - m. prey.
Raupheena - prairie chickens, partridges.
rauptia oatijch - predatory.
Rauptia - n. predator, scavenger.
rausch - quickly, fast, hurry up!.
Rauschheit - quickness, speed, swiftness.
Rausp - f. (pl: e) a rasp.
rausple - to grate, a grating sound.
raussle - to wrestle.
Raut - f. (pl: e) a rat.
Raut - n. (pl: Räda) a wheel.
Rautefaul - f. a rat trap.
Rautejeft - n. rat poison.
Rauts onn Kol - stripped bare, bare to the bone.
rautse - see raussle.
Rea - f. small hearth in a brick oven for a kettle.
reare - to stir, to move, to mix with a ladle or spoon; to budge, to hurry.
Rearei - n. scrambled eggs.
reastell - no movement, perfect quiet, calm.
re'bausle - to create a noise, a rattle or a tumult.
Re'baussel - a tumult, a noise.
Rebb - f. (pl: e) a rib.
Rebbenoabeit - hard, physical work.
rebbijch - ribbed, corrugated.
Rebspäa - n. spare ribs.
Ree - f. doe, roe, deer, gazelle.
Reebock - m. roebuck, stag.
Reebrode - venison.
reed - ready.
Reejacht - m. a deer hunt.
Reekaulf - n. a fawn.
Reema - Romans.
Reemabenkj - f. a cobbler's bench.
Reemapeat - m. a cobbler's bench.
Reeme - m. (pl: s) strap, a leather thong.
Reemschiew - f. a pulley.
Reep - f. (pl: e) a hay cage, a cage for feeding horses hay, usually located above the manger.
Reepesprot - f. a bar that is part of the hay cage.
reesch - crisp, brittle, like toasted bread.
reesche - to roast or toast to make crisp.
Reeschiesa - n. toaster.
Reeschkje - rusks, toasted bread.
Reesta , Reestaboom - m. an elm tree.
reffle - to hurry.
Reiba - m. (pl: sch) robber, marauder, prowler.
Reibabaund - a band of robbers.
Reif - f. (pl: e) rubber tire.
rein - clean, chaste, pure, genuine, immaculate.
Reinheit - f. cleanliness, purity.
reinje - cleanse, purify, expurgate, chastise.
Reinjewenst - m. clear profit.
reinmoake - same as reinje.
Reis - (pl: e) trip, journey.
reise - to travel.
Reiseberejcht - m. travel report, report on a trip.
Reisenda - m. traveller.
reisende - plural, wayfarers, itinerants, peripatetics.
Reisendoop - m. a stowaway.
Reisepauss - m. pass, passport.
Reiseprädja - itinerant preacher.
Reisplon - m. itinerary.
reitse - to excite, stimulate, entice.
reiw , (M: rau) - raw, uncooked.
reiwa Kaulkj - quicklime.
reiwet Iesa - n. pig iron.
rejcht'too - the direct route, as the crow flies.
Rejchtung - f. (pl: e) direction.
re'jiare - to rule, to govern, to control, to reign.
Re'jiarung - f. (pl: e) government.
Re'jiarung ommschmiete - to revolt, overthrow the government.
Re'jiarungsennkom - f. government revenue.
Re'jiarungsfeträda - m. ambassador.
Re'jiarungshüss - n. legislature.
Re'jiene - dahlias.
Re'jista - n. (pl: sch) register, list, file, folio, index.
rejist'reare - to register.
rekje - to move; {wieda rekje - move over}.
Rekjs - instances, occasions, times. (Hee es dise Rekjs noch jlekjlijch) (He is in luck this time).
Reli'joon - religion.
Relps - m. (pl: e) a belch, a burp.
relpse - to belch, to burp.
rennlijch - cleanly, neat, sanitary.
Rennlijchkjeit - f. cleanliness, sanitary.
Rennlijchkjeitlea - f. hygiene.
Re'sarf - n. (pl: Resarw) reserve, reservation.
Reseinde - f. traveller.
resel'weare - to decide, to resolve, become resolute.
Re'spakjt - m. respect, regard, consideration, deference, esteem.
Re'ssapt - n. (pl: a) recipe.
Resse riete - to tell tall tales.
Restaraunt - n. (pl: e) restaurant.
Res'taunte - m. prisoners.
re'tauje - to work at hard labour, to toil, to do menial work; see rakre.
Rets - f. (pl: e) crack, fissure, aperture, chink, gap, cranny, rift, rut, slot.
Rie - f. (pl: e) small creek.
Rieble - crumb cake topping.
Riedkonnst - f. horsemanship.
Riedpeat - n. a mount.
riee - to baste, (sewing).
Riefa , (M: Riwa) - m. (pl: sch) river.
rieme - to rhyme; to praise; to arrange (furniture in a room).
Riemsel - n. (pl: s) poems, nursery rhymes.
riep - ripe, mature.
Riep - m. hoarfrost, rime.
riepe - to ripen.
Ries - m. (pl: e) giant, monster.
riesegroot - gigantic, monstrous.
Riesel - colored sugar on cookies.
riesenoatijch - like a giant.
Riess - m. rice.
riete - to pull, tug, rip, tear; ache (like a tooth ache).
rietent - impatient, eager, ferocious.
Rietinj - f. arthritis, rheumatism.
Rietüt näme - to take to one's heels, abscond.
riew - plentiful, abundant.
Riew - (pl: e) washboard.
Riewinj - f. friction.
Rigje - m. (pl: s) the back of the body, the backbone; a ridge.
Rigjesack - m. haversack.
Rigjstrank - the spinal column, spine, vertebrae, backbone.
rikj - rich, wealthy, prosperous, affluent, opulent.
Rikj - n. dominion, country.
Rikjdom - n. kingdom, riches, opulence, wealth.
rikje - to smell.
rikje onn schmakje - to savour.
rikjlijch - richly, copiously, amply, profusely, plentifully, abundantly.
rikjstallijch , rikjstendijch - in arrears, delinquent, overdue.
Rinkj - m. (pl: Rinj) ring.
Rintfee - n. cattle.
Rintfleesch - n. beef.
Rintsbrode - m. beefroast.
Rintsupp - f. beef soup.
Rissel - m. (pl: s) elephant's trunk; probiscus.
Ritsch - f. (pl: e) creek.
Ritta - m. (pl: sch) trooper, knight, rider.
Rittatiet - f. the era of knighthood, middle ages.
roakboa - risky, dangerous, hazardous, perilous, precarious, treacherous.
roare - to bawl, to cry loudly, to roar.
rochle - to wheeze, to have a throat rattle.
Rock - m. (pl: Rakj) skirt, smock, coat, dress. see Kjleet.
Roda - m. (pl: sch) wheeler, cycle.
roddlijch - reddish, florid, sorrel, rouge, ruddy, robicund.
rode - to guess; to advise, suggest.
Rogg - m. rye.
Roggebroot - n. rye bread.
Roggemäl - rye flour.
Roll - a roll, a coil, a role, a part in a play.
rolle - to roll.
Rollholt - n. rolling pin.
Rollspäla - performer, actor.
Rolltrap - f. escalator.
Ro'mauns Schreft - fiction, romantic story.
'romm - see eromm.
'rommdriewe - to bum around.
'rommpläje - to plow down.
'rommssauble - to wander around aimlessly.
'rommtoobe - to dance and stamp around wildly.
Romp - m. (pl: s) grain hopper.
ro'muare - a rumbling noise.
ronstijch - rancid.
Roobat - Robert.
Rooda - m. (pl: Roode) the red one, communist.
Roodel - f. (pl: Roodle) oar, paddle, helm.
Roodeljehenkj - n. thale.
roodle - to paddle.
Roof - n. scab, cicatrix.
rooje - to budge, to move, to stir, move slightly.
Room - m. soot.
roomijch - sooty.
Roop - m. a call.
roope - to call, to hail, to call out.
Roos - f. (pl: e) rose, primrose.
Roos - f. (pl: e) shingles, erysipelas.
Roosbäare - f. rosehips.
Roosebosch - n. rosebush, eglantine.
Rooseknoppe - m. a rosebud.
Roosekrauns - m. wreath of roses, rosary.
roosijch - rosy.
root - red.
root bleiw - mauve.
rootbackijch - red cheeked.
Rootboat - m. RedBeard.
Rootbrost - Robin redbreast.
rootbrün - reddish brown, maroon, russet, fulvus, puce.
Rootflijcht - m. red winged blackbird.
rootjäl - orange, see fleeschfoawijch.
Rootkjälkje - robin.
Rootschemmel - m. (pl: s) roan.
rootwoare - to blush, redden, become red.
roowe - to rob.
rope - to scoop up with the hands, see also opprope.
rose - to rave.
rosendijch - ravingly.
rosendijch doll - raving mad.
rosent - raving, furious, delirious.
Rosmack - m. law and order.
Rosmack hoole - m. to lay down the law; to clean house of undesirables, to read the riot act.
Rost - m. rust.
Rostfrie - free of rust.
rostre - to rust.
rostrijch - rusty.
Rot - m. advice.
Rotjäwa - adviser, counsellor, mentor.
rotlijch - well provided with, expedient.
rotlooss - asea, helpless.
rotschlone - to deliberate, consult, debate.
Rotschluss - m. decree, resolution, conclusion.
Rotsel - n. (pl: s) riddle, mystery, puzzle, enigma.
rotselhauft - mysterious, obscure, undecipherable.
Rotsharrschoft - m. senator.
Rotshüss - n. courthouse.
Rotskommitee - n. board of directors.
Rotts - f. glanders, snot, mucous.
rottse - to snort vigourously with a full nose.
Rowe - m. (pl: s) raven, crow.
Rü - peace, rest, ease, leisure, plcid, tranquility, repose.
Rua - n. (pl: sch) pipe, tube.
Ruaborm - m. artesian well.
Rüak - m. smoke, fumes, pall.
Rüakfaut - n. smudge pot, censer.
Rüakfleesch - n. smoked meat.
Rüakworscht - f. smoked sausage.
Rualeidinj - f. pipeline.
Ruaoatijch - tubular.
Ruaschlütel - m. pipe wrench.
Rubbel - f. (pl: Rubble) see Riew.
rubble - to rub.
Rübenkj - f. (pl: e) couch, davenport, settee, ottoman.
Ru'boaba - m. rhubarb.
ruch - rough, harsh, gruff, uneven.
ruchlooss - wasteful usage, harsh, cruel.
Rucks - m. (pl: e) jolt, jerk, jar.
ruckse - to get a jolt, to effect.
rüijch - peaceful, leisurely, quiet, placid, tranquil.
Rüm - n. (pl: Riem) room, stall; honour.
rümijch - roomy.
Rummel - m. (pl: s) thunder.
Rummeldeiss - m. clamour, tumult.
rummle - to thunder.
Rund - circle, roundness, round.
runge molsch - especially lazy; half rotten.
Runsel - f. (pl: s) wrinkle.
runsle - to bear down on.
runslijch - wrinkled.
runt - round, spherical, circular.
runt ommen'domm - all around, surrounded; emphasizes runtomm.
runt schekje - to circulate.
Runthollt - n. timbers, logs.
Runtjesank - n. round song.
runtlijch - rotund.
runtlijch dikj - roly poly.
runtomm - all around.
Runtreis - f. round trip, circuitous tour.
Rüp - f. (pl: e) caterpillar.
Ruppat - m. (pl: s) sly fellow, scoundrel.
Rusch - Russian.
Ruscha Grootfoarma - m. kulak.
Ruscha Kjeisa - m. Russian Czar. Emporer.
Rusche Hunjskrankheit - f. rabies, distemper, hydrophobia.
ruschle - rustling sound, like the sound of walking through dry leaves.
Rüstaunt - retirement.
Rüstow - the lounge.
'rüt - see erüt.
'rüt wausse - to outgrow.
'rüt weele - to root out, like pigs.
Rüt - f. (pl: e) window pane.
Rutsch - f. (pl: e) a slide.
rutsche - to slide.
Rutschknoop - m. a zipper.
'rütsteete - to cast out, push out forcibly.
rüzhe - the sound of water falling, like a water fall.
Rüzhpulwa - n. an effervescent powder.

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