Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Päakjel - m. brine.
Päakjelfleesch - meat pickled in brine.
päakjle , ennpäakjle - to pickle in brine.
Pacht - f. (pl: e) rent, lease, leasehold.
pachte - to rent, to lease.
Pachtjelt - rental, rent money.
Pachtwoninj - f. tenement, rented quarters.
pack die! - scat, beat it, get out of here.
Pack - n. pack, package, parcel.
Packäsel - m. packmule.
packe - to pack.
Paddelboot - n. canoe.
paddle - to paddle.
Pajchta - m. (pl: sch) renter, crofter.
Pajchta 'rüt driewe - evict.
päkje - to speed.
Pa'kozh - f. baggage, luggage.
Panküak - f. pancake.
Panss - m. (pl: e) belly, paunch.
Päpa - m. pepper.
Päpadinjs - n. peppershaker.
Päpadoos - f. pepperbox.
Papa'jei - m. (pl: e) parrot.
Päpakrüt - n. thyme, summer savory.
Päpanät - f. sweet roll with pepper content; hard, candy like, pepper-flavored cookies (see Mennonite Cookbook).
Pape - papa, dad, father.
Pa'pia - n. (pl: Pa'piare) paper.
Pa'piabaunt - f. tape.
Pappel - m. poplar.
Pappelboom - m. poplar tree.
Para'diess - m. paradise.
Para'diessaupel - m. crab apple.
pa'reare - initiate, as a student into a fraternity.
Par'fün - m. perfume.
Park - m. (pl: s) park.
Parl - f. (pl: e) pearl.
Par'tei - f. (pl: e) party, faction.
par'teisch - partial, prejudiced.
Paskje - a sweet bread baked for Easter.
Pa'ssäkjel - m. (pl: s) sledge hammer.
Past - n. pests, insects, nuisance.
Pat'roon - f. (pl: e) bullet, round of ammunition.
Pats'jent - m. (pl: e) a patient.
Pauj - f. (pl: e) a paw, a large hand; a crude name for a hand.
pauje - to paw.
Paulaust - m. (pl: e) palace.
Paulaust oatijch - palatial.
Paulmeboom - m. palmtree.
Paun - f. (pl: e) pan.
Paupeldikja - m. (pl: sch) pendulum.
Paupküake - f. marshmallows cookies.
Paus - f. recess.
Pauslacka - m. (pl: sch) a handyman, a valet, lackey, batman, gopher.
pauslacke - to fix odds and ends for someone else, to do the work of a lackey.
Pauss - m. (pl: e) a pass, passport.
pausse - to fit, to suit.
paussendet Teema - a suitable, topical subject.
paussent - suitable, apropos, handy, acceptable, convenient.
pautsche - to patter noisily through water puddles.
peasche - to strut or show off.
Peat - n. (pl: Pead) horse.
Peat bandje - to train a horse.
Peat beschlone - to shoe a horse.
Peatsbarscht - f. horse brush, curry comb.
Peatsdauns - a prancing.
Peatsdrenkj - f. horsepond.
Peatsgank - see Ommgank.
Peatshendla - m. horse trader.
Peatsjescherr - n. harness.
Peatskjnajcht - m. stable groom.
Peatskrankheit - glanders.
Peatskrauft - horsepower.
Peatsschullre - horse's withers.
Peatsstaul - m. horse barn, stable.
Peatswad - horse race.
pe'däwlijch - ponderous, clumsy, cumbersome, awkward.
Peddla - m. (pl: sch) peddlar.
Pe'dumkje - f. common sense, logic, wits.
Peebel - n. rabble, mob, populace.
Peegj - f. (pl: e) wooden yoke placed on the shoulders used for carrying pails of water.
peesre - for the wind to scatter feathers or dust.
Peeta - Peter.
Peetakjes - sweet william flowers.
Peeta'sselj - f. parsley.
Pei - m. pie.
Peihan - f. peahen.
Peihon - m. peacock.
Pekj - pitch, tar.
pekjdiesta - pitch dark.
Pekjdrot - thread waxed with pitch.
Pekjel - n. (pl: s) pimple, acne, abscess.
pekjlijch - pimply.
pekjschwoat - pitch black.
Pell - f. (pl: e) pill, lozenge.
Pel'menja - food resembling chinese 'wanton' or Italian 'ravioli'.
Pels - m. (pl: Pelsa) fur coat.
Pelsbloom - f. crocus, anemone; official flower of Manitoba.
Pelskolla - n. fur collar.
Pelskota - m. pussy willow.
Pelsneia - m. furrier.
Pensel - m. (pl: s) paint brush; simpleton.
pensle - to paint with a brush.
Per'hie - f. see Per'ieschkje.
Per'ieschkje - f. a pastry pocket of yeast dough containing fruit or meat in it; see Mennonite Cookbook.
Per'itj(e) - f. (pl: Per'itjes) (M) see Pruck.
Per'sebje - f. swamp, mire; also Pre'seepje.
per'seenlijch - personally.
Per'seenlijchkjeit - f. personality, temperament, individuality.
Per'soon - f. (pl: e) person.
Pe(t)klatje - n. (pl: s) washer for a bolt.
Pe'trett - n. (pl: s) portrait.
Pet'rüzhe , Pet'rüschkje - n. little Peter of children's nursery rhyme and fairy tale.
Pe'zhul - m. canned fruit preserve.
Pi'ano - f. piano.
Pi'anofinjaspläte - f. piano keyboard.
Picknick - m. (pl: s) picnic.
Piela - m. duckling.
pienijch - with alacrity, quickly.
Piep - f. (pl: e) pipe, fife.
Piepdinkj - n. lute, whistle.
piepe - to whistle.
piesacke - to throb with pain.
Pietsa - m. (pl: sch) penis.
Pietsch - f. (pl: e) brick oven in the house.
Pilja - m. (pl: sch) pilgrim.
Piljareis - f. pilgrimage.
piljre - to toil like a pilgrim.
Pilskje - f. mushroom, toadstool.
Pilss - m. fungus, morel, lichen, truffle.
Pinjel - m. (pl: s) small bundle, a small pack.
Pinjste - pentecost, Whitsundy.
pinkjlijch - punctual, accurate, fastidious, meticulous.
Pinkjlijchkjeit - promtness, punctuality, accuracy, exactness.
Pirkjs - m. (pl: e) a weakling.
Pisch - urine, piss.
Pischdakj - an underlay for an infant.
pische - to urinate.
Pis'tool - f. (pl: e) pistol.
Pitsch - f. (pl: e) whip, cat-o-nine-tails.
Pitschkjeklotts - a pummeling block used for pounding corn into meal.
Pitschstriepe - f. wales, weals or welts.
Plack - f. a spot, a stain.
plackijch - spotty, spotted, stained, speckled, mottled.
pläje - to plow.
Pla'meninkj - m. (pl: e) nephew.
Plame'nitse - f. niece.
Pla'neet - n. (pl: e) planet.
Plästa - m. (pl: sch) a strapping big fellow.
platslijch - suddenly, on the spot.
Plaudaräajen - a steady rain or drizzle.
plaudre - to rain sofly and steadily.
Plaunt - f. (pl: e) plant.
Plaunta - m. (pl: sch) planter.
plaunte proppe - to graft or propogate.
Plaupamauts - m (pl: e) blabbermouth.
Plaupamül - m. chatterbox.
plaupre - to chatter, babble, natter.
plaut - flat, even.
plaut boaft - flat barefoot.
plaut moake - to flatten.
Plautbäa - f. nanny berry.
Plautdietsch - Low German.
plautfootijch - flat footed.
Plautform - m. (pl: s) platform.
Plauts - m. (pl: Platsa) a place, space; a fruit pastry (see Mennonite Cookbook).
plautse - to burst, to explode, crack open.
Plawinj - n. (pl: e) swimming hole.
Plefkje - f. (pl: s) a weak coffee.
Pleistre - to treat and make well someone who is suffering.
plekje - to pick like fruit from a tree.
plempaje Prostmoltiet - a poor repast.
plemprijch - of poor quality.
plenjre - to dribble liquid.
plenschre - to splash around in water.
Ple'zhea - m. pleasure.
Ple'zhea Schep - n. yacht.
Ple'zheasocht - hedonism.
Pligj - f. (pl: e) small shoe tack.
plindre - to plunder, maraud, pillage, ransack.
plinkje - to wink.
plintse - to slap sharply; to cover the eyes in the game of hide-and-seek.
Plintskuk - m. (pl: e) blind man's bluff.
Plisch - m. velveteen, velvet plush.
plisre , feplisre - hair or feathers in disarray from the wind.
Ploa - m. an insipid drink.
Ploag - f. plague, torment, bother, pest, trouble, annoyance, nuisance.
ploage - to plague, to haunt, pester, bother.
plomp - uncouth, blunt.
Plon - m. (pl: s) plan, design, plot.
plone - to plan, to plot.
plonmässijch - according to plan, well organized.
Plosta - when paint forms bubbles on the wall; a poultice.
plostre - for paint to peel off.
Plot - f. a pan, a large plate.
Plüach - m. (pl: Pläj) a plow.
Plüachlaunt - a plowed field, arable land.
Plüachschoa - n. plowshare.
pluche - old rags.
Plüdadoos - f. chatter box, tattle-tale.
Plüdaenj - rumor monger.
Plüda'rie - f. (pl: e) gossip, chitchat.
Plüdasack - m. tattletale, blabbermouth, informant.
Plüdastund - f. coffee break, time for chitchat.
plüdre - to gossip, chatter, prattle.
Plüm - f. (pl: e) plum.
Plümeboom - m. plumtree.
Plümessoppsel - n. a plum jam of thin consistency.
plumpse - to drop with a thud, flop, bounce, dive.
Plüts - f. (pl: e) pancreas.
Plütsnaut - drenched 'wet as a pancreas'.
poa - n. a pair; some, several; yoke (of oxen).
poa Pead - a brace of horses.
Poadelheena - guinea hens.
Poajchem - n. flannelette.
Poaka - m. (pl: sch) poker.
Poakje - n. (pl: s) twins.
poakre - to poke.
poare - to twin, to pair off.
poasche - to pelt with rain, pour heavily.
Poat - part.
Poatna - m. (pl: sch) partner.
poawiess - by the pair.
Pocke - f. pox.
Pockenoawe - pockmarks.
Pogg - f. (pl: e) frog, toad.
Pojauss - (pl: e) belt for around the waist.
Pol - m. (pl: s) post, pole.
Po'liess - m. (pl: e) police.
po'lietisch - political. polluckijch.
po'lietsch - cunning, craftiness.
pollucksch - stealthily, craftily, cunningly, deceitful.
Pol'too - m. great coat, overcoat.
Pommelmooss , (M: Gräpfrucht) - f. grapefruit.
Pomp - f. (pl: e) pump.
Pompestäl - m. pump handle.
Poonkje - n. (pl: s) pony.
Poos - f. (pl: e) quill, feather.
Poo'saun - f. (pl: e) trombone.
Pooselaunt - dreamland, fantasyland, slumberland.
Poosleina - porcelain.
Poot - f. (pl: e) paw; see Linkjpootsch.
Pop - m. (pl: e) priest, pope.
Popp - f. (pl: e) doll.
Poppe Jesejcht - n. baby face.
Poppeross - f. (pl: e) cigarette.
Poppespell - n. puppet show.
Poppkjemutta - f. midwife.
porre - to goad or urge on to greater effort, to hurry on.
Portselkje - f. yeast fritters with raisins deepfried; a New Year's delight. see Niejoasch Küake.
Posents - a thick, heavy mire.
Poss - m. (pl: e) a kiss.
Post - f. post, mail.
Post - m. (pl: Past) post, pole.
Postanack - f. parsnips.
Postaumt - n. post office.
Postjelt - n. money order.
Postkoat - f. postcard.
Postmeista - m. postmaster.
Postmoakj - n. postage stamp.
Postmoakjsaumla - m. philatelist.
Poststaumpel - n. postmark.
Post'üa - posture.
Postwoage - m. mail wagon.
Präakjel - m. (pl: s) cudgel, big stick.
präakjle - to prickle, a sharp itch.
Pracha - m. (pl: sch) beggar, mendicant.
Pracha'rie - f. tumbledown operation, disorganized.
prachre - to beg, to appeal, entreat, implore, plead, wheedle.
Pracht - f. (pl: e) glory, splendor, beauty, grandeur.
prachtfoll - gorgeous, magnificent, splendid.
Prädj , (M: Prädijcht) - sermon, homily.
Prädja - m. (pl: sch) minister, preacher, pastor, parson.
Prädja ea - n. reverence.
Prädjaschlaunt - n. that portion of land assigned to a clergyman as part of his benefice.
Prädjawoninj - f. vicarage, manse.
prädje - to preach.
praktisch - practical.
pralle - to speed, drive too fast.
Prallssadel - f. speeding ticket. see also Schwunkssadel.
Pranikj - m. cookie.
Prass - f. (pl: e) a press.
prasse - to iron, to press.
Prassiesa - n. a flat iron.
praunsle (praunsleare) - to beg and wheedle like a child that wants something.
prautsijch - vain, proud, haughty, conceited.
Prazhnikj hoole - to have a party.
preeme - to chew tobacco.
Preemkje - n. (pl: e) a 'chaw' or cud of chewing tobacco.
Preemtobbak - m. chewing tobacco.
Preeskje - f. moccasin.
Prekauzhikj - m. (pl: s) VIP, an important personality.
Prell - n. junk, odds and ends lying around.
prellijch - junky, cluttered.
premlijch - grumpy.
pre'seepje - see Presebje.
prettle - to sputter, like frying bacon, sizzle, crepitate.
Prewaulje - f. valley; debris left after an earthquake.
Priejel - m. flogging, licking, thrashing.
priejle - to flog, to thrash, to administer a whipping.
Priel - beauty.
Pries - f. (pl: e) small amount, a ration, a dose.
Priesajreen - Paris green.
Priess - m. (pl: Priese) price, cost, expense, fee, value.
Priess Aungow - price quotation, rate.
Priess schniede - to cut prices.
Priesta - m. (pl: sch) priest.
Priesta Mets - f. mitre.
Printsiep - m. (pl: e) principle.
Prips - coffee substitute made from cereal grain; a halfwit.
Priselüak - f. chives.
prisle - see prettle.
Pritsch - f. (pl: e) baby crib, cot.
pri'waut - private.
Pri'waut leara - m. tutor.
Pri'waut School - f. private school.
Pro'bleem - n. (pl: e) problem.
Pro'dukte - produce.
Pro'feet - m. (pl: e) prophet.
profent'seie - to prophesy.
Profes'sua - m. (pl: re) professor.
Prola'rie - f. swaggery, pomposity.
prole - boast, flaunt, swagger.
Prom - m. (pl: s) ferry.
prommle - to stuff into.
Proow - f. (pl: e) trial, experiment, sample, probation, test, specimen.
Proowbilt - proof(photography).
proowe - to try, to attempt.
Proowglauss - n. test tube.
Proowlinkj - m. probationer.
Proowstekj - model.
Proowtiet - trial period.
proppe - to plug a hole; to graft a plant.
Proppe - m. (pl: s) plug, stopper.
proppendijch foll - full to bursting.
Proppsel - n. (pl: s) plug, stopper.
Prosch - see Pritsch.
prosle - (hard s) see prettle, prisle.
prost - offensive, bad, in poor taste.
Pro'teese - prosthesis.
Prot'sent - f. (pl: e) percent.
Pro'winss - f. (pl: e) province.
Pruck - f. (pl: e) peruke, wig, periwig.
prüne - to baste (sew) preen.
Prünsch - a scowl.
Pruntel - m. (pl: s) cudgel, a big stick.
prüste - to sneeze.
püakse - to poke, to thrust.
Puat - n. (pl: s) gate, door port.
puche - to brag, boast.
Puchhauls - m. braggart, boaster.
puchsch - boastful.
Puckel - m. (pl: s) a hump on the back, hunchbacked, dowager's hump.
pucklijch - hunchbacked, humpy, lumpy.
puckre - to putter, to tinker.
Pud - a weight of about lb, a measure used in Russia.
Puddel - m. (pl: s) puddle, pond.
Püdel - m. (pl: s) poodle.
püe - to poke.
Pukja - (pl: sch) little pigs; implies uncleanliness and sometimes this word is used to refer to a little child that needs washing.
Pukjrijch - untidy, sloppy, slovenly, piggish.
püle - to pick at something with the fingers, like picking the nose.
pulkjre - to dig aimlessly in the dirt.
Puls - m. pulse.
pulsoatijch - pulsating.
Pulsschlach - m. pulse throb.
Pulsta - m. (pl: sch) material for upholstering furniture; a bolster on a sleigh or wagon.
pulstre , ütpulstre - to pad or upholster a furniture.
Pulta - n. (pl: sch) wedding gifts.
Pultafoot , Pultafuss - m. a stumblebum.
Pultaowent - m. bridal shower, traditionally the gift giving ceremony the night before the wedding.
Pulwa - n. powder.
pulwrijch - powdery.
Pungel - n. (pl: s) triplets; cluster or bunch (of grapes).
Punkt - m. (pl: e) period, dot, jot, point.
Punkt sate - punctuate.
Punt - n. (pl: Pund) pound.
Puntminist - m. (pl: e) a Mennonite shylock.
Puntwiess - by the pound.
purpur - purple.
püstbackijch - chubby cheeked.
püste - to blow; to breathe hard.
Püstspäldinkj - n. wind instrument.
putse - to shave; to clean grain; to preen.
Putseleeda - vigorous folk songs reflecting humour and or satire.
Putsendoona - a mischief maker.
Putsmäl - a fanning mill for cleaning grain.
Putsmassa - n. a straight razor.
Putspensel - m. shaving brush.
Putsreeme - m. razor strop.
Puttaknee'e - f. knock knees.
puttre - to rap, to knock on the door.
Puzhel - m. (pl: s) lock of hair, pom-pom, tuft.

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