Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Oa - f. (pl: re) an ear of wheat or barley.
oabeide - to work.
Oabeit - f. work, employment, job, labor.
Oabeitsaumt - n. employment office.
Oabeitsferein - m. union, trade union.
Oabeitsjeschoft - n. an industry.
Oabeitsloon - wage, salary.
Oabeitsloose - unemployed workers.
Oabeitsloose Unjastettung - unemployment benefits.
Oabeitsloosijchkjeit - unemployment.
Oafdeel , Oafgoot - n. patrimony, inheritance.
Oafjenosse - m. beneficiary.
Oaft - f. (pl: e) a pea, (veg).
Oafteflint - f. peashooter.
oaja - comp of oajch, worse.
oaja woare - get worse, worsen, exacerbate.
Oaja - m. anger, vexation, ire, wrath, rage.
oajalijch - angry, vexatious.
Oajaniss - f. gall, irritation, anger.
oajch , oaja , oajchste - serious, more serious, most serious.
oajre - to be angry, to be irked.
oajrijch - indignant.
oakre - to fidget, restless movement of the body.
oam - see oarm.
Oama - m. the poor one.
oame - plural, the poor ones.
Oame - f. the poor one.
oa(r)m - poor destitute, indigent.
Oa(r)m - m. (pl: s) arm.
Oa(r)mbaunt - m. armband.
Oa(r)mlän - arm of a chair.
Oarmoot - f. poverty, indigence, pauperism.
Oa(r)mrinkj - m. arm bangle.
oarmschockle - to cuddle.
Oasch - n. (pl: e) (vulg) rear end, bum, ass.
Oaschjebräakje - f. minor ailments.
Oaschloch - n. anus; see also Noasch, Moazh.
Oat - f. (pl: e) art, manner, way, method, mode, sort.
Oat kjriee - have credibility.
Oat onn Wies - a common expression in LG. (Opp waut fe ne Oat onn Wies? In what art and manner?).
oatijch - (suffix) like; {Fluoatijch - flu-like}.
Oatst - m. (pl: e) medical doctor, phsician.
Oaw - f. (pl: e) heir.
oawe - to inherit.
Oawstekj - n. heirloom.
oba - but, although, though.
Obraum - Abram.
och waut - tut, tut, an exclamation of impatience or mild denial.
Ocko'lei - (pl: e) columbine.
Ock'otskje - carragana; acacia tree.
Oda - f. (pl: Odre) artery, vein.
Oda entsindung - f. phlebitis.
Odafekaulkjing - f. hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis.
Odel - m. (pl: Odle) aristocracy.
Odelmaun - m. nobleman.
Odem - (pl: e) breath, respiration.
Odem hole - to breathe in, inhale.
Odla - m. (pl: sch) eagle.
odme - to breath.
odrijch - veined, veiny, vericose.
Offit'sea - m. (pl: re) officer.
Off'kot - m. (pl: e) attorney, lawyer, advocate, proctor, notary, barrister.
Oft - f fruit.
Oftfleesch - n. flesh of the fruit, fruit pulp.
Ok'tooba - October.
Olbassem - currants.
omendre - to alter, reform, change around, revise, transmute.
omm - at, about, around, over, because of, down; a prefix.
ommackre - to plow down, to work down a field.
ommbäje - to bend around.
omm'bendijch - very much, to a high degree.
ommbinje - to tie around, to bandage.
Ommbinjsel - a tourniquet, ligature.
ommblädre - to turn a page.
ommbrinje - to put to death, to murder, execute, to kill.
ommbüe - to renovate, to rebuild.
ommdreie - to turn around, to turn over.
ommen Uat kome , ommen Uat brinje - for something to become spoiled through deliberate neglect.
Ommeraunje - f. gernaiums.
ommfange - to surround.
Ommfank - m. girth; scope.
ommfaule - to fall over.
ommfeare - to transfer by vehicle.
ommfelle - to decant.
ommfote - to embrace, clasp, hug; include.
Ommgank - to have involvement, communication, intercourse; a horse or ox drawn power take off used until the s for operating machines like grain crushers, threshing machines, etc.
ommgone - to go around, to associate with, have to do with.
ommgrowe - to dig up.
omm'häa - to hang around, to be about.
ommhaulse - to embrace, hug.
Ommjäajent - the vicinity, the area round about us, surroundings, locale, proximity.
ommjäwe - to surround.
ommjeete - to decant, pour from one container into another.
ommjekjeat - inverted, converse, other way round, vice versa; see ommkjeare.
ommkauntre - to move things about, like furniture in a home.
ommkjikje - to look around, to look behind you.
ommkjleede - to change clothing.
Ommkjreiss - m. circumference, circuit, extent, space, surroundings.
ommkjremple - to roll up, like a shirt sleeve; to fold over.
ommkome - to perish, to die of other than natural causes.
ommleare - to adjust one's views.
ommlenkje - to cause to change direction.
ommlode - to load from one vehicle to another.
ommnäme - to take a shawl blanket around oneself.
ommoabeide - to work down a field.
ommoarme - to embrace, to hug, cuddle.
ommpacke - to repack.
ommpläje - to plow down or under.
ommplaunte - to transplant.
ommreare - to stir the contents of a pot.
ommrieme - see ommkauntre.
ommsate - to transfer.
ommschedde - to pour a non liquid from one container into another, such as grain.
ommscheddre - to shake a non liquid that is in a container for the purpose of mixing it.
Ommschlach - n. (pl: Ommschläaj) a paper book cover; an envelope.
ommschlone - to fold over, to turn the page.
ommschmiete - to overturn, to change one's plans.
ommschneare - to buckle up or lace up tightly.
Ommschreft - f. (pl: e) transcript.
ommschriewe - to transcribe, to paraphrase.
ommseeme - to hem.
Ommsejcht - f. (pl: e) scenery, panorama.
ommssajcht - take turns, change about, to alternate.
ommstale - to transpose, to change, to adapt, to readjust.
Ommstaunt - m. (pl: Ommstend) circumstance.
Ommstauntswuat - n. an adverb.
ommsteete - to kick or knock over.
ommstelpe - to tip over.
ommstentlijch - in detail, implicitly, elaborately, laboriously, with difficulty.
ommstiee - to transfer from one vehicle to another.
Ommtoch - m. (pl: s) indirect route, detour, circuitous approach.
ommtrakje - to change clothing; to move from one dwelling to another.
ommtüsche - to exchange.
Ommwajch - m. the long way around, a detour.
ommwakjsle - to alternate, to change, interchange, exchange.
ommwane - readjust, relearn, to become reaccustomed to.
ommweele - to rummage around, to uproot.
ommweete - to be informed, to know one's way around.
Ommwelt - f. surroundings, environment.
ommwenje - to turn around.
one - prep. without, devoid of.
one - to have a premonition.
one Bewäajung - motionless, immobile.
one Bewust - unconcious of.
one Drot - wireless.
one Enj - without end, endless, interminable.
one Fäasejcht - without due caution, imprudent.
one Fejlikj - beyond comparison, matchless.
one Grunt - groundless, without foundation.
one Jedult - impatient, intolerant.
one Jefoa - without danger, safe.
one Jeschekj , one Jestault - formless, without shape.
one Jrense - without limits, knowing no bounds; boundless.
one Moot - lacking courage, spiritless, half hearted.
one Mot - insensitive to limits.
one Mülwoakjs - quitely, not saying much.
one Oaw - heirless.
one oppheare - unceasing, incessant.
one Oppseene - inauspiciously, unsupervised.
one Schmuck - unadorned.
one Schult - blameless, guiltless, debtless.
one Sswakj - purposeless, pointless, irrelevant.
one Strof - impunity.
one Testament - intestate.
one Weat - worthless.
Oninj - f. (pl: e) presentiment, foreboding, clue, inkling, misgiving, cue.
Onkel - m. (pl: s) uncle, sir, Mr.
onn - a negative prefix broadly related to the English prefix 'un'.
onn - conj. and.
onnaufhenkjlijch - independent.
onnau(n)jenäm - unpleasant, disagreeable, offensive.
onnau(n)stendijch - uncomely, immodest, improper.
onnbandijch - ungovernable, untrained.
onnbe ennflust - unaffected, uninfluenced.
onnbedinjt - without question, absolutely, unconditionally.
onnbedocht - thoughtless, heedless, unthinking, careless, inconsiderate, inadvertent.
onnbeholpe - helpless, awkward, cumbersome.
onnbejleit - unaccompanied, unattended.
onnbejrenst - knows no bounds, unlimited.
onnbekaunt - unfamiliar, strange, unacquainted, unknown.
onnbekjemmat - unconcerned, reckless, thoughtless, negligent.
onnbescheide - impolite, indescreet, immodest.
Onnbescheidenheit - immodesty, indescretion, impropriety.
onnbeschläpe - uncouth, unpolished, unrefined.
onnbeschrenjt - unlimited, boundless.
onnbesonne - rash, headlong, without due consideration.
onnbestädijcht - unconfirmed, unauthenticated.
onnbestendijch - unreliable, irregular, inconsistent.
onnbetolt - unpaid, outstanding debt.
onnbetoont - unmphasized, unaccented.
onnbewäajlijch - immobile, immovable.
Onnbewäajlijchkjeit - immobility.
onnbewust - unaware of, unconscious of.
Onndank - m. ingratitude.
onndankboa - thankless.
onndeenlijch - impractical.
onndietlijch - unclear meaning, not understood.
onndijcht - leaky, not watertight.
onneenijch - at odds, in disagreement.
Onneenijchkjeit - disunity, discord, rift, dissension.
onnempfintlijch - callous, insensitive.
onnentschlote - undecided, uncertain.
onnerfoare - inexperienced.
onnett - useless, of no use.
onnette Fe'tal - drivel, useless talk.
onnfeelent - insensitive, without feeling.
onnfe'endalijch - immutable.
o(nn)fe'ninftijch - unreasonable, illogical, irrational, senseless.
o(nn)fe'reat - untouched, intact.
o(nn)fer'hoffs - unexpectedly, suddenly.
o(nn)feschämt - unabashed, brazen, barefaced, impertinent, impudent.
onnfollkome - imperfect.
O(nn)fräd - discord, dissension, disunity.
onnfrintlijch - unfriendly.
onnfruchtboa - unfruitful, unproductive.
O(nn)gloowe - doubt, unbelief, lack of faith.
onnheeflijch - impolite, discourteous, impertinent, rude, impudent.
Onnheil - rebellion, uproar, mischief.
onnjeare - reluctant, unwilling.
o(nn)jeduldijch - impatient, intolerant.
O(nn)jedult - impatience, intolerance.
o(nn)je'fäa - about, approximately.
o(nn)je'heia - immensely, tremendously.
onnje'holpe - unaided, unassisted.
onnje'huarsomm - disobedient.
onnjekjamt - uncombed.
o(nn)jeleat - unlearned, uneducated.
onnjeltijch - not valid, void'.
o(nn)jelunge - futile, unsuccessful.
O(nn)jemack - n. (pl: e) discomfort.
o(nn)jemein - uncommonly, extraordinarily.
o(nn)jemietlijch - uncomfortable.
O(nn)jenäjch - n. pest, nuisance.
o(nn)jenstijch - unenviable.
o(nn)jerajcht - unjust, unrighteous.
onnje'schatst - unappreciated.
o(nn)jeschekjt - ungainly, clumsy, inept, awkward.
O(nn)jesseffa - insects, vermin.
O(nn)jesseffakonnst - entomology.
o(nn)jesunt - unhealthy, unwholesome; ailing.
o(nn)jewant - unnaccustomed, unfamiliar.
o(nn)jleeflijch - incredible, unbelievable.
O(nn)jlekj - misfortune, disaster, calamity, ill luck; accident.
o(nn)jlekjlijch - unlucky, hapless, ill fated, accidentally.
Onnkoste - f. expenses, costs, charges.
onnkrakjt - messy, untidy, unclean.
Onnkrüt - n. weeds.
onnlangs - recently.
o(nn)lostijch - listless, disinclined.
o(nn)mäajlijch - impossible.
O(nn)mäajlijchkjeit - f. an impossibility.
Onnmacht - f. (pl: e) impotency.
o(nn)macklijch - faint; uncomfortable.
o(nn)menschlijch - inhuman, cruel.
O(nn)mood - f. ill humour.
onnmo'ralisch - immoral.
onnnbestemmt - vague, indefinite, uncertain.
o(nn)needijch - unnecessary, useless, needless.
onnood - reluctant, loath.
Onnoosel - m. (pl: s) a good-for-nothing.
onnoppmoakjsom - inattentive.
onnopprejchtijch - dishonest, insincere.
Onnordninj - f. disarray, disorder, untidiness, a mess, disorganization.
onnparteiisch - impartial, neutral.
onnpaussent - unsuitable.
o(nn)räajelmässijch - irregular.
O(nn)räajelmässijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) irregularity; constipation.
o(nn)rajcht - wrong, unjust, erroneous, inaccurate.
o(nn)rein - unclean, dirty, smutty.
o(nn)rennlijch - unclean (said of a person).
O(nn)rennlijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) uncleanliness, impurity, pollution.
O(nn)rest - m. (pl: e) a restless, fitful, fidgety character.
o(nn)riemsch - in disarray, untidy.
O(nn)rot - poor advice; evil scandal.
O(nn)rü - m. turmoil, rebellion, disquiet.
o(nn)rüijch - restless, uneasy, turbulent.
o(nn)schekjlijch - awkward, in poor form.
O(nn)schekjlijchkjeit - f. awkwardness.
o(nn)schuldijch - innocent, naive.
O(nn)schult - m. innocence, naivity.
o(nn)sittlijch - immoral.
O(nn)sittlijchkjeit - immorality, improbity.
Onnstoawlijchkjeit - immortality.
Onntia - a monster, an ogre.
onntlijch - well behaved, obedient, docile.
onntoofräd - dissatisfied, discontented.
Onntoofrädenheit - dissatisfaction, discontent.
onntrü - disloyal, unfaithful, untrue, perfidious.
Onntrüheit - treachery, disloyalty, unfaithfulness.
O(nn)wada - bad and threatening weather.
O(nn)wäsent - n. disorder and disarray.
O(nn)wäsent driewe - naughty behaviour.
o(nn)weetiss - unintentionally, naive, unknowing.
o(nn)wellijch - unwillingly, loath.
o(nn)woarschienlijch - illusory, incredible.
onnwool - giddy, nauseated, vertiginous.
ons - us, our, pl of mie.
onstwäaje - for our part, because of us, for our sake.
Oobacht - f. attention.
Oobacht jäwe - to pay attention.
ooda - or.
Oola - m. (pl: sch) the old one.
Oole - f. (pl: e) the old one. refers to a person and often is a term of endearment between spouses; (see also heea).
Oole Wiewa Somma - Indian summer.
oolt , ella , ellsta , ellste - old, older, eldest.
Ool(t)kolnia - Old Colony church member; one who lived in or came from the Old Colony in Russia.
ooltmoodsch - old fashioned.
Ooltnäs - (lit old nose) a child that pretends to know more than he actually does.
ooltnäsijch - pretentious, impudent.
Oom - m. (pl: s) uncle, sir, Mr. Reverend.
Oomkje - m. (pl: s) dim of Oom but the term is actually applied to a married man Oomkje Hilbraunt, Mr Hildebrand.
Oost Resarf - the East Reserve; see Jantsied. see also Resarf.
Oosta ei - n. Easter egg.
Oostafast - n. Easte celebration.
ooste - east.
oostlijch - easterly, oriental.
Oostre - Easter.
Ootsjen - m. (pl: e) ocean, sea.
Op - f. (pl: e) monkey.
op(e) - open.
openboa - public, overt, manifest.
Openheit - f. openess.
Opfa - n. (pl: sch) sacrifice.
Opfadrunk - m. libation.
opkjneepe - to unbutton.
opleese - to untie.
opmoake - to open.
Opninj - f. opening, aperture.
opp - prep or adv or prefix conveying the meaning of 'up' or 'upon'.
opp aulje'woa - by any means, at the risk of.
opp eanst - in earnest.
opp eenst - all of a sudden.
opp emma - forever.
opp lüdes - aloud.
opp packe - to pack up.
opp pausse - to be careful, beware.
opp pompe - to pump up.
opp püste - to inflate, to blow up, puff up.
Opparstoninj - f. resurrection.
oppbäare - to get up with difficulty.
oppbade - to impose.
oppbeede - to announce marriage bans.
Oppbeedung - f. (pl: e) marriage bans.
oppbelkje - to scream suddenly, to shout out, to exclaim loudly.
oppbewoare - to store, to preserve.
Oppbewoarinj - f. preservation.
oppbliewe - to stay up, remain awake.
oppblitse - a sudden flash of light.
oppblose - to inflate, to fill with air.
oppbräakje - to break up.
oppbrenne - to flare up.
oppbrinje - to bring up, to raise; to vomit.
oppbüe - to build up.
Oppdach - m. shelter, lodging, housing.
oppdanse - to expand, bloat, swell up.
oppdaume - to dam up.
oppdäwre - see oppdonnre.
oppdeiwe , (M: oppdaue) - to thaw.
oppdesche - to serve up a meal.
oppdome - to loom in the distance.
oppdonnre - to dress up in the very best clothes, to be dressed to the sevens.
Oppdrach - m. (pl: s) a commission.
oppdräje - to dry up.
oppdrekje - to press down.
oppdrekjlijch - emphatically.
oppdrenje - to press forward in a crowd.
oppe Hutt - to be careful, to be on guard.
oppe Kjlinkj - when the latch of the door is in place.
oppe Näj - in dire straits.
oppen'owent - in the evening.
oppe'reare - to operate, perform surgery.
oppfange - to catch, like a cold.
oppfaulent - impressive, striking, conspicuous.
oppfeare - behave, deport oneself.
oppfelle - to fill up.
oppfer'eascht - temporarily, for the time being, preliminary, tentative, provisional.
oppfesche - to pick up, like a communicable disease; to overhear.
oppfläje - to fly up.
oppflaume - to flame up.
oppfliee - to pile up in layers like firewood; to stack.
Oppfoat - f. (pl: e) driveway, lane, approach.
oppfoawe - to paint, to dye.
oppfoddre - to call up, to summon.
oppfoodre - to feed until the supply is consumed.
oppfote - to grasp, to understand, to perceive, to learn; to record.
oppfräte - to devour, to gorge.
oppfresche - to reintroduce, to invigorate, to freshen up.
oppgone - to rise up out of the ground, like a plant.
Oppgow - f. (pl: e) lesson, problem, task, mandate, assignment.
oppgrowe - disinter, dig up.
opphabe - to have on, to wear, like a cap.
opphalpe - to help up.
opphaulse - to burden with.
opphäwe - to pick up, to lift, to raise.
oppheare - to cease, desist, discontinue, to end.
oppheitre - to arouse, motivate, cheer up, exhilarate.
opphenje - to hang up, to hang.
opphiepe - to heap up, pile up, stack.
opphoake - to hook up.
opphole - to inhale.
opphoole - to detain, to hold up; to dwell upon, to find fault with.
opphorjche - to pick up by listening.
oppjäwe - to give up, to relinquish, surrender, yield.
oppjeblost - blown up, distended. see oppblose.
oppjedäwat , oppjedonnat - dressed to kill.
oppjeete - to pour water on, to prime a pump.
oppjelajcht - laid on; see opplaje.
oppjeoabeit - when the work is all completed.
oppjepropt foll - full to the limit, full to bursting.
oppjepüst - bloated, puffed up; see oppüste.
oppjeräajcht - excited, stimulated, moved; see oppräaje.
oppjeriemt - having put things in order; see opprieme.
oppjestopselt - having piled in layers, stacked; see oppstopsle.
oppjetritst - wound up, raised up by means of a block and tackle.
oppjewakjt - having been awakened, having a bright and clever nature.
oppjewäkjt - softened by soaking; see oppwäkje.
oppjewept - curled up, like an old shoe that is curled up at the toes.
oppjoa - next year.
oppjoage - to chase up for the hounds; to rout someone out of bed.
oppjuche - to shout or scream loudly and suddenly.
oppkjeepe - to buy up.
oppkjikje - to look up, raise the eyes.
oppkjremple - to roll up like the sleeves of a shirt.
oppkjriesche - to scream suddenly, a sudden shriek.
oppkjwalle - to expand due to the absorption of moisture, like grain when soaked in water.
oppkloare - to clear up.
oppknaule - detonate, pop, burst.
oppkoake - to cook up a brew.
opplache - to burst out laughing.
opplaje - to commission, to lay on a responsibility, to lay on; {Säle opplaje - to harness a horse}.
oppläse - to pick up like picking up newly dug potatoes.
opplatst - possibly, likely; see opplengd.
oppläwe - to revive, become alive.
oppleese - to soften by soaking, to dissolve.
opplekje - to lick up.
opplengd - possibly, likely.
oppligje - to rest on a support; to be a burden.
Opploag - burden, responsibility; tax increase; edition.
opploagre - to prepare a bed for someone.
opplockre - to fluff up, to scarify.
opplode - to load up.
oppmiare - to build up brick wall.
oppmoake - to make up (a bed).
oppmoakjsom - alert, attentive, vigilant.
oppmuntre - to encourage, to cheer up someone.
oppnäme - to exercise hospitality; to gain weight; to record with a tape recorder.
oppnäment - hospitable.
Oppnom - f. reception, hospitality.
oppoabeide - to complete the job.
oppodme - to breathe in, to draw in a breath.
oppopfre - to sacrifice.
Opppenthault - m. (pl: e) abode, residence, haunt, dwelling, refuge.
oppplautse - to burst.
opp'poat - apart; peculiar; special; particular.
oppräaje - excite, arouse, move, agitate, stimulate.
opprajcht - upright, honest.
oppräje - to list, mention, enumerate.
opprautse , oppreitse - to excite, to titillate.
oppreitsent - provocative, lascivious.
opprejchte - to erect, to raise, rear up, straighten up.
opprejchtijch - honest, sincere.
Opprejchtijchkjeit - honesty, sincerity, righteousness.
opprejchtje Äjenschoft - virtue.
opprelpse - to burp loudly and forcefully.
opprieme - to put things in order, to clean up.
oppriete - to rupture, to burst.
Opprigj - m (pl: s) a strikeout, the ridge produced by the first furrow plowed by a farmer when he begins to plow a field. He heads for the marker at the other end of the field trying to strike a straight furrow.
opprolle - to roll up, to furl.
opproope - to call up, to summon.
opprope - to scoop up with the hands.
opprottse - to snort or hawk through the nose and throat.
Opprua - m. uproar, alarm, riot, revolt, commotion, rebellion, insurrection, upheaval.
oppsaje - to recite.
oppsäkje - to look up (a friend, a word in the dictionary).
oppsate - to set the table; to don your cap; to stook sheaves and set them in an upright position in bunches of six or eight so they can dry; set up bread so it can rise.
Oppsauts - m. (pl: e) wagon box for hauling grain.
Oppsautswoage - m. a wagon with a grain box.
oppschape - to dip up a liquid.
oppschedde - to pour on (not a liquid).
oppscheffle - to shovel up.
opp'scheislijch - ugly, hideous, horrible, abominable, atrocious, grisly, detestable, heinous.
oppscherre - to harness a horse.
oppschijchte - to pile up in layers, to stack.
Oppschlach - m. (pl: Oppschläaj) lapel, collar.
oppschlape - to hang so low it drags.
oppschlertse - to slit open.
oppschlone - to raise (prices, tent, collar) ; to find a reference in a book.
oppschlucke - to swallow.
oppschlurpse - to slurp up.
Oppschluss - m. advice, explanation.
oppschmäare - to spread on bread; to confront with.
Oppschnacka - m. a tape recorder.
oppschnacke - to record, to pick up words, as a child picks up words from an adult.
oppschnett - to have something in mind, to anticipate something.
Oppschnieda - m. a braggart.
oppschniede - to brag; to cut into pieces.
oppschoape - to sharply get someones attention. to sharply remind.
oppschriee - to cry out.
oppschriewe - to make a note of, to write down, tabulate.
oppschüwe - to postpone, to procrastinate; to raise, like a window.
oppschwale - to swell up.
oppseene - to oversee.
Oppseene - n. a scene, stir, excitement.
Oppsejcht - f. supervision, inspection.
Oppsejchta - m. supervisor, superintendent, guardian, inspector.
oppsette - to sit up; to mount a vehicle or a horse.
oppspalde - to pin up.
oppspekje - to impale.
oppspikjre - to store, like grain.
oppspoare - to save up, to be thrifty.
oppspoole - to split, like a rail, to wind thread on a spool or bobbin.
oppsprenje - to blow up, to explode.
oppsprinje - to jump up.
oppssoppe - absorb, soak up, sop up.
oppstale - to erect, to set up, nominate, establish.
Oppstaunt - rebellion, insurrection.
oppsteete - to burp.
oppsternootsch - obstreperous, contrary minded, fractious, obstinate, rebellious.
oppstone - to get up, arise, stand up.
oppstopsle - pile up in layers, stack.
opptäajel - an adjustable strap from the bridle along the mane of the horse to the backstrap of the harness, to hold up the horse's head.
Opp'täkj - f. drugstore, pharmacy, apothecary.
opptäkjne - to note, to mark.
oppteeme - to bridle.
Opp'tiet - m. appetite.
opp'tietlijch - appetizing.
opp'too - toward, in the direction of.
oppträde - to step foprward, appear in public.
opptrakje - to wind up like a clock; to string beads; to raise, foster, educate and nurture children.
opptraumpe - to tramp the feet.
Opptrett - a public appearance.
oppwäare - to guard.
oppwakje - to awaken.
oppwäkje - to soften by soaking.
oppwausche - to wash the dishes.
Oppwauschkodda (Tobbdüak) - dishcloth, dishrag.
Oppwauschkomm - f. dishwashing basin.
oppwausse - to grow up.
oppweele - to root up.
oppwekjle - to wind or roll up, like a ball of twine.
oppwesche - to wipe or mop up.
oppwiese - to show as proof, to prove.
Oppwiess (Oppbewiess) - receipt, proof of purchase.
oppwoake - to awaken.
oppwoame - to warm up.
oppwoats - upward.
opriete - to tear open.
opschlüte - to unlock.
opschniede - to cut open, slit open, to incise.
opspekje - to pierce, to lance.
opwrable - to unravel.
Or'büs - f. (pl: e) watermelon. (variations Erbüs, Robüs).
ordne - to regulate, to control.
Ordninj - order, trimness, tidiness, discipline.
Ordninj ennfeare - to institute order and regulation.
Orfsel - left over animal feed; feed for goats.
Orjel - f. (pl: Orjle) organ (music).
Orjelfinjaspläte - organ keyboard.
Orjelspäla - m. organist.
Or'kjestra - f. orchestra.
or'noa - considerable, quite a bit.
Ort - n. waste.
Os - n. carrion, offal.
Osa - m. (pl: sch) large eddies in a river.
ose - to fidget.
osijch - having the stench of carrion.
Osodla , Oshacka - m. (pl: sch) vulture.
Oss - m. (pl: e) ox, bullock.
Ossemoag - f. tripe.
Otboa - m. (pl: re) stork.
Owe - m. (pl: s) stove.
Oweback - f. (pl: e) oven.
Owejräp - f. (pl: e) stove lid handle.
Owekjrekj - f. (pl: e) stove poker, oven cleaning rod.
Owekleiw - f. (pl: e) stove poker.
Owent - m. (pl: Owende) evening.
Owent Gottesdeenst - vespers.
Owentdunkel - dusk.
Owentkost - n. (pl: e) supper.
Owentkost äte - to sup.
Owentleet - n. evening song.
Owentlijcht - n. evening light.
Owentloft - evening air.
Owentmol - communion, the Lord's Supper.
Owentroot - n. gloaming, twilight, sunset.
Owentschaute - m. evening shadow.
Owepoaka - m. stove poker.
Owesied - f. woodshed.
Owesied - woodshed; lit the side of the stove.

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