Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Na - well!, well?.
Na heat - exclamation of surprise.
Na nü - how come?, what's wrong?.
Na oba - exclamation of sympathy, oh dear!.
Nä - no, nay.
Nä saje - to say no, refusal.
Näaja - m. (pl: sch) negro, black man.
Näajelkje - n. carnation.
näajen - f. (pl: e) nine.
näajendel - n. ninth.
näajenfach - ninefold.
Näajenkluak - smart aleck, wise acre.
näajentian - nineteen.
näajentijch - ninety.
näajentijchstel - ninetieth part.
näakjst - next, next in line, following.
näakjst aune Räj - next in line.
näare - to nourish, foster, nurture.
näaschtijch - strongly attracted to food, delicious.
Näbenfluss - m. tributary.
Näbensach - f. triviality, of secondary importance.
nachlässijch - negligent, careless, remiss, slipshod.
Nacht - f. (pl: e) night.
Nachtdeenst - m. night duty, night shift.
Nachtdesch - m. night table.
Nachthamd - n. night shirt.
Nachtigaul - m. nightingale.
Nachtjeschwien - n. night prowling.
Nachtkjleet - n. night gown, pyjamas.
Nachtschaute - morel.
Nachttiet - f. night time.
Nachttopp - m. chamber pot.
nade - down, nether.
Näj - f. (pl: e) small amount, pittance.
Najo , Naja - oh well, exclamation of resignation.
näme - to take.
nämelje - the same, identical.
nane - to name, nominate, appoint, designate.
Narf - f. (pl: e) nerve.
Narfe Weedoag - neuralgia.
Narfekonnst - neurology.
Narfekrank - neurotic.
Narfenentsindung - f. neuritis.
nar'wees - nervous, flustered.
Näs - f. (pl: e) nose, probiscus.
Näsbleede - nose bleed.
Näsebän - nose bridge.
Näskorf - nosebasket; see Mülkorf.
Näslank - repeat every little while.
Näsloch - n. nostril.
Nast - n. (pl: a) nest.
Näswoama - m. short stemmed pipe.
nat - gentle, neat, diminutive.
Nat - n. mesh, netting.
Nät - f. nut.
nätbrün - nutbrown, hazel.
nate - to soak.
na'tiadlijch - naturally; prim and proper.
Nätklos - m. Santa Claus.
Nätknacka - m. (pl: sch) nutcracker.
Nätschall - f. (pl: e) nutshell.
Nats'joon - nation.
Na'tüa - f. (pl: re) nature.
Na'tüaforscha - m. naturalist.
Na'tüakjantniss - f. science, biology.
Na'tüamässijch - natural, instinctive.
nausche - to nibble continually.
Nauschwoakj - n. dainties, sweets, confectionaries, junk food.
naut - wet.
Nauts - n. precipitation.
Nautschät - m. a semi endearing term for a child, still wet behind the ears, greenhorn.
Näwel - m. fog, mist, pall, haze; {too näwel jespaunt - the horse hitched to the right side of a two horse team}.
Näwelräajen - heavy mist, drizzle, mizzle.
ne korte Reis - a short trip, a jaunt.
'ne - f. syn with eene a, an.
'ne Grupp Sol'dote - troop.
Neare , (M: Niare) - kidneys.
Need - f. (pl: e) rivet.
neede - to rivet.
needijch - necessary, needed, essential.
Needijchkjeit - f. necessity.
neeme - to name.
neewadrijch - out of sorts, cranky, ill humoured.
Neid - m. envy, grudge.
Neidoos - f. sewing basket.
neie - to sew.
Neihoot , Neirinkj , Neiroot - m. thimble.
Neijung - propensity, inclination.
Neimaschien - f. sewing machine.
Neimaschienescheppkje - n. sewing machine shuttle.
neiw - fussy, sensitive, neat; irritable.
nejchtlijch - nightly.
nekje - to nod.
Nekje - odd or peculiar habits.
nekjkoppe - to nod.
nekjsch - balky, petulant.
Nekjschheit - stubborness, petulance.
'nenn (e'nenn) - into.
nerkje - to tease, to irk, taunt, harass.
nerkjent - provocative.
nie - new, novel; never.
niedatrajchtijch - belligerent, contemptible, vile, despicable, irritating.
nieet ütfinje - to discover something new.
Niejoa - New Year.
Niejoasch Wunsch - m. a New Year's wish.
Niejoaschküake - special New Year's fritters; see Mennonite Cookbook and see also {Portselkje}.
Nielinkj - m. (pl: Nielinja) novice.
niemols (nienijch) - never.
Niemon - new moon.
niemootsch - latest or current style, modern, stylish.
nienijch - never, not ever.
Nieschea - m. curiosity.
Niescheadoos - f. curious person, (a Pandora's box).
niescheare - to pry, peer.
nieschearijch - curious.
Niess - news.
nietlijch - neatly, daintily, prettily, primly.
Nietnoagel - m. hangnail.
nijch - not, nor.
nijcht - naught. (too nijcht brinje, to bring to naught).
Nijcht - f. female cousin, also niece.
nijchta - sober.
nikjswirdijch - worthless, naughty.
nnschekje - to send in.
no - near; to.
no benne - inward, towards the inside.
no benne runt - concave.
no büte runt - convex.
no däm no - according to him; according to that.
no de Mood - following the styles.
no miena Meeninj - in my opinion, according to my recollection.
no ope - to imitate, ape, mimic. emulate.
No arnt - f. gleaning, second crop.
Noa - m. (pl: re) a fool, buffoon, jester, madman.
Noagel - m. (Näajel) a nail.
Noakschieta - m. a small child in the buff.
noaktijch - naked, nude, bare.
noaktijch rane - to streak, to run around naked.
noanijch - nowhere, no place.
noanijch faust - unattached.
Noar onn Täaj - a continual teasing, buffoonery, tom foolery.
noare - to make a fool of.
noarhauft - nourishing.
Noarinj - f. nourishment, comestibles, provender, food, nutriment.
Noasch - f. (pl: e) rear end, posterior, bum.
Noaw - f. (pl: e) scar, notch, cicatrix.
Noba - m. (pl: sch) neighbor.
nobalijch - neighborly.
Nobaschoft - neighborhood, community.
nobätre - to improve upon.
Nobejrafniss - a mini funeral following the main funeral.
Nobilt - n. a replica, a reproduction.
nobliewe - to keep up with, keep abreast.
nobre - to converse, to neighbor.
noch - still, yet; nor.
noch eena - m. another one.
noch eenatlei - one more thing.
noch eene - f. another one.
noch eent - n. another one.
noch emma - still.
noch emol - one more time, again.
noda - closer, nearer.
noda - is the comparative of dijcht bie.
noda drenje - to press closer, to push closer.
nodäm - after that, following that, after that.
Nodeel - n. disadvantage.
nodenkje - to reflect upon, meditate, to be in a wistful mood.
nodenkjent - reflective.
nodoone - to imitate.
nodre - to draw nearer, approach, gravitate toward.
nodrekje - to press down.
no'droat - thoroughly, according to custom.
Nodruck - m. emphasis, to stress.
nofädme - to trace, like a family tree.
Nofolj - results, consequences.
nofolje - to follow.
Nofroag - f. inquiry, request for information.
nofroage - to inquire into.
nohäa - afterwards.
Noheit - f. (pl: e) proximity, nearness, vicinity.
nohoakje - to rake for a second time.
no'hüss - homeward.
nojäwe - accede, yield, comply, relent, cede, submit, knuckle under; subside.
Nojeburt - f. (pl: e) afterbirth.
Nojedanke - reflections, meditations.
nojemoakt - to have copied, to have counterfeited; see nomoake.
nojeneemt - named after; see noneeme.
Nojeschmack - n. (pl: e) aftertaste, a tangy taste.
nojoage - to prod, to urge on.
nojrebble - ponder, to muse, to puzzle over.
Nokjast - f. (pl: e) wedding reception.
nokome - to catch up, to overtake.
Nokome - descendants.
Nokomeschoft - offspring, progeny, descendants.
noläse - to read up on, to check a reference, to glean.
nolote - to slacken off, to let up, assuage, relax; to subside; to lose crispness, like in pastry crust.
no'm Doot - after death, posthumously.
no'm Janka läwe - to live high off the hog.
no'm Kjrijch - after the war, post war.
no'm Nome - nominal.
no'm Tietel - titular.
no'm Weat - qualitative.
nomäte - to measure again, to remeasure.
Nome - m. (pl: s) name, monogram.
No'meddach - m. (pl: s) afternoon; in the afternoon.
Nomerejista - m. register of names, nomenclature.
nomoake - to copy, to counterfeit.
Nomoaksel - n. (pl: s) a copy, effigy, imitation.
nomole - to copy a drawng.
Noot - a need, want, distress, emergency, exigency, penury, pain; a note in music.
Noot liede - to suffer want or pain.
Noot lindrung - relief from pain or destress.
nootelja wies - just barely, by the skin of my teeth.
Nootfaul - m. emergency.
Nootjelt - emergency funds.
nootlijch - just barely; makeshift.
Nootloaga - a shakedown bed, a temporary bed.
Nootnoagel - m. a scapegoat.
Nootoam - desperately poor.
noplaupre - to repeat the chatter of another.
noporre - to prod, to goad on, to urge on, to be more active.
'nopp , enopp , enoppa - see enopp.
nopuckre - similar to noporre.
noräakjne - to check on an account.
noräde - to discredit, to talk behind one's back.
Norejcht - f. (pl: e) news, report, message, tidings, notice, word.
Norejcht ütjäwe - to divulge, publicize.
Norejchtbüakje - n. pamphlet, brochure.
nosaje - to repeat after.
nosäkje - to research.
noschlape - drag something after.
noschlone - to find a reference in a book; something that is hereditary.
Noschmack - an after taste, tang.
Noschnacke - to imitate someone's chatter.
noschneppre - to snoop.
noschnüwe - to rummage furtively.
noschriewe - to copy a writing.
noseene - to examine, review, inspect; look up something.
nosejcht - forbearance.
nosikj - selfish, acquisitive.
Nosomma - m. Indian summer; see also {Oole Wiewa Somma}.
nossoagle - to tag along, to trail, to follow.
Not - f. (pl: Näd) a seam.
notale - to recount, to count again.
Notel - f. (pl: Notle) needle.
Notelboom - m. an evergreen tree.
Notelkjesse - n. pincushion.
Noteloabeit - f. needlework, needle craft.
notole - to pay additionally.
no'trachte - to aspire to. to strive toward.
no'wäaje - to check on the weight, reweigh.
No'wamba - m. November.
nowausse - to grow again.
Nowel - m. (pl: s) navel.
Nowelbruch - m. navel rupture.
Nowol - f. (pl: e) by election.
nü - now.
nüach - enough, adequate, sufficient; see jenüach.
nuad , Nuade - north.
Nuadlijcht - n. northern lights, aurora borealis.
nuad'oost - northeast.
Nuadstearn - m. north star.
nuadwint - northwind.
nuadwoats - northward.
Nüdel - f. (pl: Nüdle) noodle.
null - f. zero, nil.
Numma - n. number.
numme'reare - to enumerate, to number.
'nunja - see enunja.
'nunja ducke - to duck underwater, to dunk.
'nunja gone - to walk under.
'nunja krüpe - to crawl under or underneath.
'nunjafaule - to fall under.
nuscht - nothing, naught, nil.
nuschtnijch - nothing at all; (a double negative, something that occurs in Low German from time to time).
nutsboa - useful, beneficial.
nutslooss - useless.
nuzhle - to snuggle, to nuzzle.

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