Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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mäa - mellow, overripe.
Mäa - n. (pl: re) sea, ocean.
mäaje - may; enjoy, be fond of, be partial to; like.
mäajelja Wies - could be, possibly.
mäajlijch - possible, feasible, likely.
Mäajlijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) possibiity, feasibility, likelihood, eventuality, potential.
Mäakje - n. (pl: e) lass, girl, damsel.
mäakjle - to be over delicate in taste for food, to be overly fussy, especially where food is concerned.
Mäa'radikj - m. horse radish.
Mäarda - m. murderer.
Mäarjche - f. fairy tale.
Mäaschwien - n. porpoise.
Macht - f. might, force, power.
mack - tame, tired.
macklijch - comfortable, cozy, snug.
Ma'dastijchkjeit - f. majesty.
Ma'drauts - f. (pl: e) mattress.
Mag'neet - n. (pl: e) magnet.
Magridzh - f. (pl: e) mortgage.
Mäj - f. (pl: e) effort.
ma'jeenijch - listless, apathetic, lethargic.
Ma'kjea - (pl: re) garden row marker.
Mäl - f. (pl: e) flour mill; flour.
Mala - m. (pl: sch) miller.
Mälbäa - f. (pl: re) rosehips.
malde - to report, to announce, to answer.
Mäldeiw - f. mildew.
mälijch - floury, mealy.
Malkbenkj - f. shelf, small cupboard, pantry.
Malkbrat - n. thin boards about inches long, or inches wide used to lay over dishes of milk so the dishes can be stacked in order to save space.
Malkj - f. milk.
Malkja'rie - f. dairy.
Malkjboat - m. the first fuzz on a youth's face.
malkje - to milk.
malkjijch - milky.
Malkjkaun - f. a milk can; pitcher.
Malkjmäakjskje - f. (pl: s) milkmaid.
Malkjwirtschoft - f. dairy.
malkjwoare - for a cow to freshen.
Mamalega - a Kuban famine dish of cornmeal.
Mame - f. (pl: s) mama.
Mando'lien - f. (pl: e) mandolin.
Man'ea - f. (pl: re) manner.
man'eewre - to bark and howl like dogs.
Mangel - f. (pl: Mangle) mangel, a linen press.
Mangel - m. great need, penury, dearth.
mangelhauft - deficient, improvident, privation.
mangle - to experience need; to mangle or press clothes with a Mangel.
Maninkj - m. (pl: s) a castrated tomcat.
mank - among.
mank drenje - to intrude.
mank menje - to interfere, meddle.
mank mische - to interfere, meddle.
mank räde - to interrupt a conversation.
mank späle - to intrude, interfere.
mank streie - to add something like small particles, sugar or the like to a batch of something.
Ma'riede (Hemariede) - f. hemorrhoids, piles.
Marja'rien - f. margarine.
Marmelsteen - m. marble.
ma'rood - rundown, suddenly hungry.
Marsch - m. (pl: e) a march, procession.
ma(r)sch'eare - to march.
Mar'tien hoole - to celebrate St Martin's Day, November 11th, the end of a hired man's annual seasonal contract on the farm where he hired out.
Mar'tier - m. (pl: e) martyr.
Ma'schien - n. (pl: e) machine.
Maschiena'rie - machinery.
Maschin'ist - m. (pl: e) machinist.
Ma'schosta - manchester, velveteen, cordoroy.
Mäsja - m. a loafer.
Mäsje - f. a loafer.
Mäsje - plural, loafers.
Massa - n. (pl: sch) knife.
Massakjlinkj - f. knife blade.
Massaschoapa - m. knife sharpener.
Massaspets - f. knife point.
mässijch - idly, moderately, slowly and steadily.
Mässijchkjeit - leisurely pace, moderate progress.
maste - to fatten.
Mastfee - n. fatlings.
Mastschwien - a porker being fattened for slaughter.
Mäta - m. (pl: sch) a measuring tool.
mätboa - measurable.
Mätdinkj - n. measuring tool.
mäte - to measure.
mate'matisch - mathematical.
Mat'roos - m. (pl: e) sailor, seaman.
Matsakje - n. (pl: Matsasch) a lamb.
mau - mere, merely, only.
maun - (pronoun) one, we, you, someone, somebody.
maun sajt - someone says, they say.
Maun - m. (pl: Manna) a man; husband.
Maun'dearinj - f. habit, clothing, costume.
maunjcha - m. many a.
maunjchatlei - many a thing, all sorts, many different.
maunjche - f. many a.
maunjche - plural, many.
maunjchmol - many a time, sometimes, frequently, often.
maunlijch - manly, virile, masculine.
Maunschoft - f. manhood, labour force.
maunschoftlijch - maleness, masculinity.
Maunschoftsjeschlajcht - n. male.
Maunschoftsneare - f. testicles.
Maunskjleeda - f. men's clothing.
Mauntel - m. (pl: s) mantle, cloak, pall, shroud.
Mausch - m (pl: e) mesh, a stitch in knitting.
Mauschdrot - wire mesh.
mausche - to mesh.
Mauskelnät - f. nutmeg.
Mausle - f. measles.
Mauss - (pl: e) a mass, volume, a great many.
Maussdoarm - the large intestines.
Mautsch - m. mud, mire.
mautschijch - muddy, slimy.
mea - comp of fäl, more.
mea aus - more than.
mearakjijch - multi cornered.
mearalei - several, quite a few.
meare - to increase (OC); many (M).
mearendeels - mainly, mostly.
mea(re)re - several.
Mearheit - f. the majority.
Mearschaum - m. meerschaum.
measchte - most; superlative of fäl.
measchtens - mostly, generally, usually.
Meassol - plural.
Me'chottje - a poor, crude grade of tobacco.
Medd - middle, centre, mid.
Meddach - lunchtime; midday; noon, noon day meal.
Meddach äte - to eat lunch.
Meddachbloome - California poppies.
Meddachschlop - m. after dinne snooze.
Meddachslienje - the meridian.
Meddanacht - midnight.
meddasatjes - a slow, leisurely pace.
Meddel - a cure, a medicine.
meddeljoarijch - middle aged.
Meddelmäa - n. Mediterranean Sea.
meddelmässijch - average, the mean, medium, tolerable, passable.
Meddelmässijchkjeit - f. mediocrity.
Meddelmaun - m. middleman.
Meddelpunkt - f. midpoint, centre, hub.
Meddelwajch - middle course.
Meddelwuat - n. participle.
meddemank - in the midst of, in the middle of, amid, among.
meddlijch - average, central.
Medfack - m. (pl: e) chaffbin.
Medit'sien - f. medicine.
medit'sienoatijch - medicinal.
Medwäakj - m. Wednesday.
Meebel - n. (pl: Meeble) furniture.
Meebelkor'tün - m. chintz.
Meebelpulsta'rie - f. upholstery.
Meebelwoage - m. furniture van.
meed - exhausted, tired, fagged.
meede - to hire.
meedet Peat - n. a jade.
meene - to mean, to opine.
Meeninj (Meenung) - (pl: e) opinion, estimation, thought, inference, sentiment.
Meeninj saje - to state your opinion.
mee(n)st? - do you think so?.
Meenungsoatijch - mental.
Meenungswajchsel - m. a debate. exchange of opinion.
Meeta - m. a meter (metric).
Meew - f. (pl: e) gull, pewit, mew.
Mei - m. May.
Mei Jeen! Mei Jit! - an exclamation of concern or surprise.
meide - to shun, avoid, eschew.
meist - almost, nearly, just, nigh.
Meista - m. (pl: sch) master.
meistalijch - masterly, masterfully.
Meistastekj - n. a masterpiece.
meistens - mostly, generally.
Meiw , (M: Mau) - f. (pl: e) sleeve.
Meiweknoop - m. stud, cufflink.
Me'jal - f. (pl: e(s)) girl, lass, young lady.
Me'jales Joare - girlhood.
Me'jaleskjleet - n. a jumper.
Mejchel - m. (pl: s) name often given to the farm bull.
mekjre - to bleat.
Mell - n. sweepings.
Melo'die - f. (pl: e) melody.
Me'loon - f. (pl: e) melon.
Menj - f. (pl: e) crowd, host, quantity, number, amount.
menje - to mix.
Menjsel - m. (pl: s) mixture, batter, a base for Mooss (see Menn cookbook) medley.
Menjselreara - m. egg beater.
Mensch - m. (pl: e) person, human being.
Menschefeschlapa - m. kdnapper, abductor.
Menschefestaunt - human logic, common sense.
Menschefient - m. misanthrope.
Menschefräta - m. ogre, cannibal.
Menschefrint - humanitarian.
Menschehaundel - m. slavery, slave-trade.
Menschejeschlajcht - n. mankind, the human race.
Menschejestault - f. human form or shape.
Menschestaum - m. tribe, race.
Menschheit - f. humanity.
Messarnt - f. crop failure.
Messinkj - m. brass.
Messtrü - mistrust, suspicion.
messtrüsch - suspicious, distrustful.
Mest - m. manure, muck, dung. compost, excrement.
Mestacka - m. nuisance ground, dumping ground.
meste - to fertilize with manure.
Mestforkj - f. fork for handling manure.
Mestgauss - f. a lane in a small town; this name derived from the many small barns in town which housed a horse or a cow and the manure was piled in the back lane until spring when it was hauled away.
Mestgroow - f. manure gutter.
Mesthüpe - m. manure pile; dung heap.
Mestkjniepa - m. dung beetle.
Mestkoa - f. wheelbarrow.
mestnaut - soaking wet, drenched; (wet as munure).
met - along, with, by means of.
met äte - to share someone's food.
met aule Je'wault - with all force and might and power.
met Bloot derjchnate - imbrue.
met brinje - to bring along.
met de Tiet - in good time, in due time.
met deele - to share, impart.
met doa'bie - present at the time, included in.
met ee(n)mol - all at once, suddenly.
met eenst - see met ee(n)mol.
met ennschlüte - to include.
met Fejnäje - with pleasure, with gusto.
met Fliet - on purpose, intentionally, deliberately, knowlingly.
met Haust - in haste, hastily.
met Iesa beschloage - iron clad.
met Jewault äwanäme - to usurp.
met Jewault - by force, forcibly.
met Jewessenheit - with certainty, scrupulous.
met Schwunk - with momentum, free-wheeling.
met Welles - intentionally, deliberately, on purpose; see met Fliet.
met Wutt koake - to seethe.
Metfeelent - empathetic.
metfoare - to drive along as a passenger.
metgone - to accompany on foot.
methalpe - to help along, abet.
met'han - consequently.
metjäwe - to give along.
Metjefeel - n. empathy.
metjeorwe - to have inherited; see metoawe.
Metjliet - associate member.
Metliet - m. empathy, sympathy.
Metmensch - m. fellow human being.
metmoake - to participate.
metnäme - to take along.
metoabeide - to work alongside.
Metoaw - a co heir, joint heir.
Me'tol - n. metal.
Mets - f (pl: e) cap.
mett Wead spoare - laconic.
metunja - now and then, from time to time.
Mia - f. (pl: re) a brick wall.
Miagrope - m. a large cauldron set on a brick and mortar fireplace, used to render lard in large quantities during pigs killing time.
Miassement - m. mortar.
mie - pronoun, me, to me (reflex) to myself.
Miel - f. (pl: e) mile.
Mielentala - m. speedometer, odometer.
Mielessol - f. mileage.
mielewiet - miles away.
mien , mient - n. poss. adj. my, mine.
Mien - f. (pl: e) a mine.
Mien - f. (pl: e) character.
miena - m. mine.
miene - f. mine.
miene - plural, mine.
mienje - mine, belonging to me.
mienshaulwe , mienthaulwe , mienswäaje , mientwäaje - for my part, as far as I am concerned, for all I care, by all means.
miere - to lay bricks, to build with bricks and mortar.
miesaum - poor, scarce.
mie'selfst - myself.
miesrijch - painful, inadequate.
Miestjefia - n. the phosphorescent glow of decaying wood, foxfire.
Miet - f. (pl: e) mite.
Mieta - m. (pl: sch) nut for a bolt.
Miets , Mietskje - f. pet name for a cat, pussy, kitten.
Migj - f. (pl: e) midge, mosquito.
Migjefräta - m. dragon fly.
Migjenat - n. mosquito net, gauze, mesh.
mild - mild, soft, gentle, benign.
Mildheit - f. leniency.
mildjäwrijch - generous, charitable, magnanimous; extravagant.
Militäa - m. military.
Militäadeenst - m. military service.
Militäadwank - m. conscription.
Mil'joon - f. (pl: e) million.
Miljoon'äa - m. millionaire.
Milts - f. (pl: e) spleen, milt.
mindijch - of age.
Min'ischkje - n. (pl: s) false shirt front.
Minisi'paul - f. (pl: e) municipality.
mintlijch - verbally, by word of mouth.
Min'üt - f. (pl: e) minute.
Min'ütewiesa - m. minute hand.
Mirkje - m. approximately one bushel measure. (Russia).
Mirteboom - m. myrtle.
Mirtekroon - f. a crown of myrtle.
Mischmausch - f. hodge podge, mish mash, jumble, mixture, medley.
Misfestentniss - n. (pl: e) misunderstanding, misconception, misappehension.
Misjeburt - f. (pl: e) miscarriage.
Mis'joon - f. mission, evangelism.
Misjoon'oa - m. (pl: re) missionary.
misrijch - measly, insignificant.
mis'robel - miserable, abject.
Moag - f. (pl: e) stomach.
moaga - skinny, poor, lean, slender, meagre, thin.
Moajch - n. marrow.
moake - to make, manufacture, create.
moakhauftijch - attractive, practical, feasible'.
moakjboa - discernable, noticeable, perceptible.
moakje - to take note, to mark.
Moakjmol - n. (pl: e) a sign, mark criterion, feature.
Moakjsteen - m. landmark, surveyor's mark.
Moalinkj - n. strong store twine.
Moarach - f. a great quantity, a great deal.
moarache - to push ahead with very difficult work, to forge a head regardless of the obstacles.
Moarauss - m. morass, sludge.
moatre - to torture, martyr.
Moats - month of March.
Moazh - m. (pl: e) behind, buttocks, person's rear end, derrier.
Mod - f. (pl: e) maggot, grub, larva.
Modd - m. mud.
Moddel - n. (pl: s) pattern.
moddijch - muddy.
mo'dern - modern.
Modeschieta - m. (pl: sch) a big blue fly; blue bottle fly.
modijch - full of grubs or maggots.
Mojja - n. (pl: sch) a farmer's pet term for a calf or heifer.
mol - times (as in the multiplication table).
mol hankome - an expression used to invite visitors for a return visit 'come again, y'hear? '.
'mol - see e'mol.
'mol hankome - come and see us.
'mol wada - come again, once more.
Mol - time, occasion.
Mo'lassijch - m. molasses.
Mold - f. (pl: e) butter trough.
mole - to draw, to sketch, to paint; to grind.
Mole - f. freckles; see also Sommamole.
Mollt - f. (pl: e) a large butterfly.
molsch - very lazy.
Molstock - m. maulstick.
Moltiet - f. (pl: Moltiede) a meal, mealtime, repast.
Moltietskoat - f. menu.
Moltijch - items used in painting, artist's supplies.
Moltworm - m. mole, shrew.
Mon - f. (pl: e) moon; a poppy; also Mont.
Monbloome - f. poppies.
Monbreef - m. a dunning letter.
Mondach - m. Monday.
Mon'düa - a way of dressing, costume.
mone - to dun, to remind someone of a debt.
Monkaulf - n. a moon calf.
monoatijch - lunar.
Monsauft - m. opium.
Monsot - poppy seed.
Monssadel - m. a dunning note; dunner.
Monwakjsel - changes in the phases of the moon.
Mood - f. fashion, style, vogue, mode.
Mooj - lazy.
Moonat - f. (pl: e) month.
Moonatfluss - f. menstruation.
moonatlijch - monthly.
Moonatwiess - by the month.
Mooss - f. cold, sweet fruit concoction, compote; see Mennonite Cookbook.
Moot - f. courage, spirit, mettle, spunk.
Moot fote - to take courage.
Moot toospräakje - to encourage, to sustain.
Mootlooss - discouraged, dejected, in despair and dispirited.
mootmose - to presume, surmise, conjecture, guess, suppose.
Mopps - m. (pl: e) a dunderhead, urchin.
morde - to murder.
Mor'fien - f. morphine.
Morje - m. (pl: s) morning; tomorrow.
Morje root - dawn.
Morje Säajen - morning devotions.
Morje Schoo - f. morning slippers.
Morje Sse'morjest - tomorrow morning.
Morje(n) Aundacht - f. morning service.
morsch - rotten, decayed.
morschijch - very, extremely, terribly.
Mort - m. murder, homicide.
Moschkje - f. gnat, midge, tiny black fly.
Mosel - mosel wine.
Mossta - n. (pl: sch) model, pattern, sample, prototype, standard, specimen.
mostre - to criticize.
mott - must, have to, be obliged, compelled or forced to.
Mott - f. (pl: e) moth.
Mo'tua - m. (pl: re) motor, engine.
Muarauss - manners.
muckrijch - thin and skinny, looking underfed.
Mucks - m. (pl: e) a sigh.
mucksch - obstinately quiet.
muckstell - quiet, not even a sigh.
Muff - f. (pl: e) a muff.
muffle - to munch, to eat slowly.
mufflijch - fusty, musty.
Mül - n. (pl: Miela) mouth.
Mülbäa - f. mulberry, sycamore.
Mülbän - m. palate, roof of the mouth.
Mülfoll - mouthful.
Mülfül - man of few words.
Mülkorf - m. noseguard, nose basket, (placed on horses' noses to keep nose flies away) muzzle.
Mullkuss - m. (pl: e) a large, ungainly fellow.
Mülshiara (Mülspäldinkj) - n. mouth organ.
Mülspoa - lockjaw.
Mültia - n. mule.
multipli'tseare - multiply.
Mülwoakjs - n. jawing, talking, making conversation.
Mumkje - f. (pl: s) a married woman, Mrs.
Mumm - f. (pl: e) aunt.
Munj op - f. an inquisitive person, curious individual.
munta - brisk, lively, awake, blithe, lusty.
murjchle - to gouge.
murkjse - to grunt like a pig.
Murmeltia - n. marmot.
Murrakje , Muttakje - f. (pl: s) little mother.
Muschel - f. (pl: Muschle) oyster.
Mu'schot Nät - mace.
Müse - to hunt mice.
Müsfaul - f. (pl: e) mousetrap.
müsijch - mousy.
Müsi'kaunt - m. (pl: e) musician.
Mü'sikj - music.
Mü'sium - n. museum.
Muskel - f. (pl: Muskle) muscle.
Muskelnät - f. nutmeg.
Muss - m. a must, a need, a necessity.
Müss - f. (pl: Mies) mouse.
Müssloch - n. mouse hole, gopher hole.
müsstell - quiet as a mouse.
Mutta - f. (pl: sch) mother.
Muttakuarn - n. embryo.
Muttaleew - f. a mother's love.
Muttalief - n. womb.
muttalijch - motherly.
Muttamol - f. birthmark.
Muttamort - m. matricide.
Muttaschoft - f. maternity, motherhood.
Muttaschoot - f. mother's knee, mother's lap.
muzhrijch - grimy, soiled.

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