Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Jäaja - m. (pl: sch) hunter.
Jäajahunt - m. hunting dog.
jäajen - against, opposed, anti; also used as a prefix.
jäajen Owent - towards evening.
jäajenaun - obstreperous, anti; actively opposing, rebellious; repugnant, disgusting, abhorrent.
jäajenäwa - versus, as opposed to, compared to.
jäajenäwa stale - pit one against another.
jäajendeel - contrary.
Jäajenstaunt - rebelious opposition; sedition, resistance.
Jäajenstooss - an obstacle, a resistance.
jäajenstriede - to argue against, to object.
Jäajent - f. (pl: Jäajende) area district, region.
Jäajent be'seene - sightsee.
jäajenwäatijch - present, ubiquitous; at the moment, for the time being, nowadays, in our time.
jäajenwind - against wind.
jäajenwirke - to work against, to counteract.
Jäajna - m (pl: sch) opponent, adversary, antagonist.
jäajre - to hunt.
Jäakj - f. en itch.
Jäap - m. contraction for Joakopp.
jäare - to ferment.
Jacht - f. (pl: e) a hunt; a quarrel, disagreement.
jachte - to quarrel, to fight.
Jachtfoagel - n. upland bird.
Jachtjeschrejch - n. hunting call, warwhoop.
Jachttia - n. game, quarry.
Jack - f. (pl: e) short jacket.
jäl - yellow.
jalblijch - yellowish.
jälbrün - tawny'.
jäle Socht - f. jaundice, hepatitis.
Jalmäa - f (pl: re) carrot.
jälroot - orange colour.
jalsta - crisp, like fresh vegetables.
jamse - to force, to jam into.
jan - m. that one over there.
jana - m. that one over there.
jane - f. that one over there.
jane - plural, those over there.
Janka - m. covetousness, yen, strong desire.
jankre - to covet, to have a strong desire for.
jankrijch - desirous, covetous.
Janshäad - f. a gaggle of geese.
jant - n. that over there.
Jantsied - the other side, a term used by the early Mennonites in southern Manitoba referring to the Mennonites living on the 'other side of the Red River, depending on which side they live.
Japs - f. (pl: e) cupped hands.
Jauma - m. misery, lamentation, mercy.
Jaumadol - vale of tears.
jaumafoll - deplorable, pitiful.
Jaumahoat - n. pity, mercy.
jaumalijch - wretched, lamentable, piteous, miserable.
jaumre - to pity, to be sorry for.
jaumreare - to lament.
Jaun'woa - m. January.
Jau'paun - Japan.
jaupe - to gasp for breath, to pant.
jäwe - to give, donate.
Jäwel - m. (pl: s) gable.
Jäwelbräda - n. a humorous term used for bread dough cut into flat strips and fried in deep fat. This would become a quick substitute for a meal for a large, hungry family.
je - truly, indeed, certainly, by all means, of course. It adds emphasis and veracity to a statement Daut es je aul too lot; It is indeed already too late.
je'acht - respected, paid attention; see achte.
je'äjent - designated for, intended for, suited; see äjne.
jeare - eagerly, willingly, readily.
Je'backniss - n. baked products.
Je'bäd - n. a prayer, a supplication, entreaty.
Je'bal - n. a barking; see balle.
Je'baubel - n. a continual spitting of sunflower seed shells.
Je'belkj - n. a shouting; see belkje.
Je'bett - n. bridle bit.
Je'bied - n. (pl: a) a building.
Je'biedeldet Mäl - a coarse flour.
Je'bintwoakj - n. half timbered framework of a structure.
Je'birj - n. mountains.
Je'biss - set of store teeth, dentures.
Je'bloa - n. a shouting, a blaring; see bloare.
je'boage - bent, curved; see bäje.
Je'boot - n. (pl: e) commandment.
Je'bott - occasion, party.
Je'bräakje , Je'brakje - physical weaknesses, ailments.
Je'brell - a roaring, loud lowing of cattle; see brelle.
Je'brisel - n. a continual chatter; see brisle.
je'broake - broken; see bräakje.
Je'bruck - n. usage; a need, utilization, custom.
Je'bruckssadel - m. prescription; see brucke.
Je'bruddel - a coarse, incessant chatter; slow bubbling, as thick boiling porridge.
Je'brüzh - n. a buzzing, humming sound; see brüzhe.
je'buare - born.
Je'bulla - a thunderlike noise; see bullre.
je'bunge - bound, tied; see binje.
Je'burt - f. birth.
Je'burtsdach - m. birthday.
Je'burtsfäla - m. birth defect.
Je'dajchtniss - n. (pl: e) memory, remembrance, mind.
Je'dalj - n. heavy, luxurious growth.
Je'danke - thoughts, ideas.
Je'däwa - (pl: sch) thunderous noise. see däwre.
jeddrijch - semi liquid, semi-congealed (as in decomposing food).
je'deie - to prosper, thrive.
Je'diat - n. (pl: a) a beast, a colossus.
Je'dijcht - n. (pl: a) poem, composition in verse.
Je'donte - f. traditions, customs.
jedräjde Plüme - dried plums, prunes.
Je'drän - n. vibrating noise. see dräne.
je'dränt - touched in the head, retarded, crazy.
je'dreit - twisted, spiral, helical; see dreie.
Je'dreiw - n. menace, threat.
Je'drenkj - n. (pl: e) potion, drink.
Je'driew - n. gear mechanism, driving gear.
Je'driewfesata - m. (pl: sch) transmission.
Je'driewschwenjel - m. gear lever.
Je'drüzh - n. a loud, vibrating, irritating noise.
je'duldijch - patient, relaxed.
Je'dult - f. patience, forbearance.
je'eat - respected, honoured. venerated; see eare.
Jeeda - goods, possessions.
Jeedajemeeenschoft - f. having goods or property in common; commune.
Jeedarejista - n. inventory.
jeedenfauls - in any event, in any case, at any rate.
je'eeft - past tense, skilled, practiced, experienced; see eewe.
jeehäa - from long ago, from times past, from former times.
jeemols - ever, at any time.
Jeeta'rie - f. (pl: e) foundry.
jeete - to pour; irrigate, to water.
jeetent - torrential.
Jeetkaun - f. watering can.
je'fäadlijch - dangerous, treacherous, risky, hazardous, perilous.
je'fange - captured, caught; see fange.
Je'fangeschoft - f. captivity.
Je'fangna - m. (pl: Je'fangne).
Je'fangne - f. (pl: Je'fangne) captive, prisoner.
Je'fäss - n. (pl: a) container, vessel, receptacle.
je'faule - to like, appeal to, suit, please.
Je'faule - m. favour.
Je'feel - n. (pl: e) feeling, sensation, sentiment, emotion.
Je'fenkjniss - n. (pl: e) jail, prison.
Je'fenkjnisswajchta - m. prison guard, turn key.
jefft - gives, d pers. of 'jäwe'.
Je'fleida - feathered creatures.
Je'fleit - n. fluted sound coming from some birds.
jeflochtna Korf - wicker basket.
Je'foa - f. danger, risk, hazard, peril, treachery, jeopardy.
Je'forsch - n. a quest, a searching out by questioning. see forsche.
je'forwe - past tense of foawe.
je'froare - frozen, see freare.
Jeft - n. poison.
jeftijch - poisonous.
Jeftstüd - f. henbane.
Je'fuschel - n. a whispering. see fuschle.
je'grommt - educated, trained.
Je'grusel - a revulsion.
Je'häaj - joy.
Je'hault - n. (pl: e) wage, salary; sometimes used to mean occupation, profession, vocation.
Je'hea - n. court hearing; the hearing; attention.
je'heanat - horned.
je'heare - to belong to; to obey.
je'hearijch - adequate, considerable, significatn, plenty.
je'heem - n. secret, clandestine.
je'heeme Jesalschoft - f. a cult, a secret orgnaization.
Je'heemniss - n. a secret, mystery.
je'heemnissfoll - mysterious.
Je'heet - n. (pl: e) an order, a command.
Je'henkj - n. (pl: Je'henj) hinge, gudgeon.
je'hockt - plaid, checked.
je'horjche - to obey, to comply.
je'huarsom - obedient, compliant.
jeil - oversweet, bitterswet.
Jeist - m. (pl: a) spirit, ghost.
jeistlijch - spiritual, ghostly, divine.
Jeiwa - froth, ddripping spittle.
jeiwre - to slobber.
Je'jacht - n. a quarrel, a spat. see jachte.
Je'jauma - n. a lamentation; see jaum'reare.
Je'joakel - a mockery. see joakle.
je'jorwe - past tense of joawe.
Je'jübel - n. jubilation, joyous shouting.
Je'kaubel (Je'kjibbel) - constant bickering.
Je'kjäakjs - n. vegetables.
Je'kjijcha - n. tittering, giggling.
Je'kjlat - n. drudgery, travail. see kjlate.
Je'kjrei - n. a crowing. see kjreie.
Je'kjrejch - n. a constant clearing of the throat. see kjrejche.
Je'kjriesch - n. a screaming. see kjriesche.
Je'kjritsel - n. a scribbling. see kjritsle.
Je'kjwelsta - n. a constant, noisy spitting of phlegm. see Kjwelsta.
Je'klaupa - n. clattering noise, a rattle. see klaupre.
je'läaje - lain.
Je'läaje lote - taking pains to do something right; a patient approach.
Je'läajenheit - f. (pl: e) opportunity, chance, occasion.
je'läajentlijch - occasionally, when opportunity arises.
Je'lach - n. a laughing, a guffaw. see lache.
Je'lakj - n. a leaking. see lakje.
je'lämt - paralyzed, numb, palsied; see läme.
je'launt - disposed, state of mind, humoured.
je'lausse - taking it easy, with great patience, at ease.
Je'läw - n. a tumult, a fracas.
Je'leaheit - f. education, learning.
je'leat - educated, learned, erudite; see leare.
je'leeft - beloved, loved, see leew.
Je'lenkj - n. (pl: a) link in a chain; a joint of the limb; a juncture.
je'lind - mild, lenient.
je'linje - to experience success, prosper, flourish, succeed.
jelle - to cost; (Waut saul dit jelle? what does this cost?).
je'loagat - bedded down; lodged, like grain. see loagre.
Je'loarm - n. a noise or commotion.
J'elot - n. appearance.
Jelt - n. (pl: Jelda) money, largess.
Jeltfäarot - m. a fund.
Jeltfa'brikj - f. a mint.
Jeltjeschenkj - n. a gift, a gratuity.
Jeltkauss - f. a safe, exchequer.
jeltlijch - monetary.
jeltoam - broke, poor.
jeltoatijch - pecuniary.
Jeltssadel - m. a cheque, greenback, scrip.
Jeltstekj - n. a coin.
Jeltstrof - f. a fine of money.
Jelttausch - f. a wallet, purse, handbag.
Jeltwakjsla - m. (pl: sch) money changer.
Je'lüa - n. a period of waiting.
Je'lüd - n. a noise, tumult, sound.
je'lunge - past tense of je'linje.
Je'mak - ease, comfort.
je'mäte - past tense of mäte.
je'meebelt - furnished, like a suite.
je'meen - common, lowly, plain, menial, trite.
je'meenet Peebel - riff raff.
je'meensaum - mutual, joint, together.
Je'meenschoft - association, communion.
je'meenschoftlijch - jointly, mutually.
Je'meent - f (pl: e) parish, denomination, congregation, church.
jemiadet Bilt - mural.
je'miat - of brick and mortar; see miare.
Je'mies - n. vegetables.
je'mietlijch - snugly, comfortably.
Je'mietlijchkjeit - comfort, relaxation.
Je'misch - a mixture, mishmash.
je'mole - ground; see mole.
je'molt - painted, drawn; see mole.
Je'murr - murmuring, complaining, grumbling.
je'näje - to suffice.
je'näjent - sufficient, enough.
je'neijcht - predisposed.
je'neiw , (M: je'nau) - fussy, precise, meticulous, sensitive, exact; {hoasch je'neiw - very precise, of a certainty, within a hairbreadth}.
Jenjel - f. rocker.
Jenjelpeat - n. rocking horse.
Jenjelstool - m. rocking chair.
Jenjla - m. rocker; a pacer horse.
jenne - not to envy, not to grudge, permit, allow, to wish someone success.
Je'notte - f. benefit, enjoyment, value.
jenslijch - totally, wholly, utterly.
jenstijch - favourable.
je'nüach - enough, sufficient, adequate.
Je'nuss - m. benefit, advantage, profit.
je'odat - veined.
Je'pack - n. luggage.
je'packt - packed, compact.
Je'piesack - n. a throbbing pain. see piesacke.
Je'plaupa - n. chattering, gibberish, blubbering; see plaupre.
Je'plenscha - n. a splashing of water. see plenschre.
je'ploagt - plagued, bothered, see ploage.
Je'plüda - n. small talk, chitchat, gossip. see plüdre.
je'proppt - corked up, stacked full; supported. see proppe.
Je'räd - n. talk, rumour. see räde.
je'rajcht - just, righteous, right.
Je'ran - n. an incessant running back and forth.
je'räte - torn, tore; see riete.
Je'raussel - n. a commotion, a sound, a noise. see raussle.
Je'rauts - n. a wrestling, tussle, shindy. see rautse.
Je'reft - n. (pl: e) skeleton, large structure, large stature.
Je'reinj - n. a cleansing, a purification.
Je'reisch - n. a rustling sound.
Je'rejcht - n. a court oflaw.
je'rejchtlijch - juridical.
Je'rejchtsfehea - court proceedings; a hearing.
Je'rejchtsferauntwuatlijchkjeit - legal responsibility.
Je'rejchtshüs - n. court house.
Je'rejchtsjeleada - m. lawyer.
je'rejchtsmässijch - according to law, legal, judicial.
Je'rejchtsstriet - m. lawsuit.
Je'rejchtsütspruch - m. court findings, verdict.
je'rinj - mean, lowly, base, poor, petty.
Jer'jienje - f. dahlia.
Je'roch - n. (pl: s) smell, odor, scent.
je'rode - to keep up the pace; to stumble into.
je'ronne - curdled, congealed, coagulated.
je'ronnet Bloot - gore.
Je'rooj - n. a stir, a movement'.
Je'rüzh - n. a fizzing, buzzing sound. see rüzhe.
Je'säkj - n. a quest, a search. see säkje.
Je'salschoft - f. (pl: e) companionship; company, coterie; society.
je'salschoftlijch - sociable, companionable.
je'salschoftsfelangent - gregarious.
Je'sank - n. (pl: Je'senj) tune, ditty, song, chant, sing song.
Je'säss - n. (pl: a) a seat, anything to sit on.
Je'sats - n. (pl: a) law, rule, regulation, act.
Je'satsbüak - n. manual, rule book.
je'satslijch - legal, according to law.
Je'satslijchkjeit - f. legality, legitimacy, formality.
je'satsmässijch - according to law, legal.
Je'satsmoake - to legislate.
Je'schaft - n. (pl: a) business, trade, company; vocation, occupation.
Je'schaft - n. (pl: a) rifle stock.
Je'schaftsaufdeel - n. department.
Je'schaftsäwahaunt - monopoly.
Je'schaftsbreef - m. business-letter.
Je'schaftsfensta - n. wicket.
Je'schaftsmaun - m. businessman.
Je'schaftsstow - f. business office.
jesche - to breathe.
Je'schedda - n. a trembling, a shaking. see scheddre.
Je'scheit - trim and proper, well-behaved.
Je'schekj - n. (pl: e) form, figure, shape. see schekje.
je'schekjt - past tense of schekje.
je'schekjt - skilled, adept, dexterous.
Je'schekjta - m. one who is sent, an emissary, an agent.
Je'schenkj - n. (pl: a) a gift, a present, donation, token.
Je'scherr - n. a set of harnesses; cutlery.
je'schijchlijch - historically.
Je'schijcht - f. (pl: e) story, history, tale, legend; mess, affair.
Je'schijchteforscha - m. historian.
Je'schijchteschriewa - m. writer, historian, author.
Je'schlacht - n. a slaughter.
Je'schlajcht - n. (pl: a) species, race, kind, lineage, gender, genus; sex.
Je'schlajchtfemeare - to reproduce.
Jeschlajchts Schlemms , Jeschlajchts Krankheit - venerial disease.
Je'schlajchtsfekjea - n. the sex act.
Je'schlajchtsjläda - n. genitals.
je'schloage - hurt, dejected.
Je'schloff - n. a slow, shuffling gait, a shuffle. see schloffe.
je'schlote - locked, see schlüte.
Jeschmack biebrinje - to flavour, to season.
Je'schmack - n. taste, flavour, savour.
Je'schmeijchel - n. flattery, adulation; see schmeijchle.
Je'schmeiss - n. actions that have smoothness and subtlety.
je'schmolte - molten.
je'schmoltna Steen - m. lava; see schmelte.
Je'schnack - n. nattering, babble, chatter; see schnacke.
je'schnäde - cut, castrated; p. t. of schniede.
Je'schnauta - see Je'schnack.
Je'schnees - n. contraption, device.
Je'schnerr - loud, vibrating noise.
Je'schnoakj - n. a snoring; see schnoakje.
Je'schnodda - n. a running of the nose; see schnoddre.
Je'schnuck - n. a hicupping. see schnucke.
Je'schnurkjs - n. the sniffling of a wet nose. see schnurkjse.
je'schoare - shorn, clipped, trimmed, scraped; p. t. of schäare.
Je'schrejch - n. a scream, screech, a squeal.
Je'schrie - a loud, high pitched scream. see schriee.
Je'schulkja - the slushing around of a liquid in a container.
Je'schwäa - n. a festering boil, an abscess.
Je'schwauts - n. chit chat, idle talk. see schwautse.
Je'schwieta - n. a chattering like monkeys. see schwietre.
Je'schwindijchkjeit - f. speed, velocity.
Je'schwindijchkjeits Ssadel - m. speeding ticket.
Je'schwindijchkjeitswiesa - m. speedometer; see Mielentala.
Je'schwista - siblings, brothers and sisters.
je'schwolle - swollen, tumid.
je'schwollne Hoagdreese - mumps.
Je'schwollst - a swelling, tumor.
Je'sejcht - n. (pl: a) face, visage, countenance; a sight, a view.
Je'sejcht fetrakje - to grimace, wince'.
Je'senne - the senses.
Je'somm - n. a humming, buzzing sound.
je'sonne - so minded, inclined.
Je'spanst - n. (pl: a) apparition, phantom, ghost.
Je'spaun - n. a team of horses.
je'spaunt - hitched, manacled, shackled; stretched tight, taut, tense.
je'spaunt senne - to be in suspense, to be mesmerized; see spaune.
Je'speets - n. (pl: e) a liquid solution.
Je'spott - n. (pl: Je'spetta) mockery, ridicule, raillery.
Je'spräakj - n. debate.
Je'spräakj Deelnäma - m. debater, interlocutor.
Je'sprejch - n. a dialogue.
Je'ssank - brawl, quarrel; see sanke.
Je'ssetta - trembling, tremor; see ssettre.
Je'stal - n. trestle, scaffold.
Je'stän - n. a groaning. see stäne.
Je'stank - n. a stink, foul odor, stench. see stinkje.
Je'stault - n. (pl: e) apparition, form, figure, shape, frame.
jestekjde Dakj - f. quilt.
Je'stoma - n. a stuttering or stammering. see stomre.
Je'stried - an argument, a row. see striede.
je'stuckt - portly, stout, heavy-set.
je'sundet Festaunt - sanity.
je'sunt - healthy, well, salubrious.
je'sunt woare - convalesce, recuperate, get well.
Je'suntheit - f. health.
Je'suntheitsuat - n. health spa, health resort.
Jesus - Jesus.
je'täkjent - marked, see täkjne.
Je'tees - n. loud noise.
Je'tekj - n. a jerking motion. see tekje.
Je'toob - n. tumult, din, bedlam, loud clamour, pandemonium, fracas. see toobe.
Je'träajd - n. grain.
Je'träajd putse - to winnow or clean grain.
Je'träajdbraunt - smut, rust.
Je'träajdschrüw - f. grain augur.
je'troost - relaxed, confident.
jettlijch - godly, divine.
Je'wäa - n. (pl: re) weapon.
Je'wäafäarot - ammunition.
Je'wält - p. t. of wäle.
Je'wanheit - f. custom, usage, wont, practice.
Je'wank - n. traffic.
je'want - used to, accustomed to, inured.
je'wast , (M: je'wäse) - was; see senne.
Je'wault - f. force, might, coercion, violence.
je'waultijch - powerfully, mightily; great or marvelous (M).
Je'waultja - m dictator, the powerful one.
je'waultsom - by force, forcibly, violently.
Je'wauss - n. growth, tumor.
je'waust - waxed, polished; see wausse.
je'weenlijch - usually, customary, normal, conventional, usually, ordinarily, commonly, generally, as a rule.
Je'wenna - m. winner.
je'wenne - to win, conquer, earn, triumph.
Je'wennst - winnings, profit, gain, benefit.
Je'werts - n. root spices.
Je'wess - certain, sure, exact.
Je'wessa - m. (pl: e) a certain one.
Je'wesse - f. (pl: e) a certain one.
Je'wesse - n. the conscience, scruples.
Je'wia - n. a neighing.
Je'wijcht - n. (pl: a) weight; importance.
Je'winj - n. the thread of a bolt.
Je'wirbel - n. a swirling.
je'witst - sharp, witty, erudite.
Je'witta - n. thunder and lightning.
Je'wittastorm - m. thunderstorm.
je'wittre - to thunder.
je'woa - aware.
je'woagt - risky, daring; see woage.
je'worwe - p. t. of woawe, to canvass.
jibbre - to giggle.
jie - addressing a number of persons; (sing. dü) second pers pron.
jie - polite form of address for both sexes. second pers pronoun.
jie kjenne - you can.
jieda , jiedra - every, everyone, each.
jieda eena - everyone, each one.
jiedamaun - everyone, each one.
jiedamol , jiedesmol , jiedatsmol - everytime.
jiele - to covet, the strong desire to own something someeone else already owns.
jieprijch - frail, puny.
jiest - barren, not pregnant (animals).
Jiets - m. greed, stinginess, avarice.
jietse - to hoard, to be miserly.
Jietshauls , Jietskjniepa - m. miser.
jietsijch - miserly, stingy, greedy, avaricious.
Jietsklots - m. (pl: Jietskjlats) dice.
Jietsläpel - m. pot or plate scraper.
Jietspungel - m. tightwad.
Jijcht - gout.
Jimkje - rickrack, needle work.
jinja - comparative of {junk}, younger.
Jinja - m. disciple, follower.
Jips - oilcloth, gypsum.
jistre - yesterday.
jistreowent - last night, yesterday evening.
Ji'toa - f. (pl: re) guitar.
jläare - to glow.
Jlad - f. (pl: Jläd) glade.
Jlädwota - water on the joints.
jläje - to glow with heat, smolder.
jläjendijch - red hot, aglow.
jläsrijch - glassy, vitreous.
jlebbrijch - slimy, like a fish.
jleeflijch - believable, credible, plausible.
jleewe - to believe, to have faith.
jlei - smooth, sleek.
jleijche - to like.
Jleis - f. (pl: e) a track, a vehicle rut.
Jlekj - n. luck, good fortune, pluck, success.
jlekjeljawies - fortunately.
Jlekjfaul - n. windfall.
jlekjlijch - luckily, lucky.
Jlekjwenscha - m. a wellwisher.
jlensent - glittering, glistening.
jleppe - to slip.
Jle'sia - enamel, glaze.
Jlett - n. (pl: Jläd) limb, joint, (anatomy).
jlieme - to break wind silently.
Jliet - n. (pl: Jlieda) a member of a group.
jlikj - straight, like, identical, equal, even, horizontal, level, smooth; alike, equal, exactly, in the same way.
jlikjefäl - as many.
jlikjegroot - as big, as large.
Jlikjheit - f. parity, par, straightness.
jlikjjeltijch - indifferent, apathetic, listless.
Jlikjjeltijchkjeit - f. indifference, apathy, listlessness.
jlikjmoake - to straighten, to smooth, to level.
jlikj'too - straightforward, frank, straight from the shoulder.
Jlikjwijcht - an even balance, equalibrium.
jlipse (jleppe) - to slip on a slippery surface.
Jlitschbon - f. a slide, a track of ice of snow.
jlitsche - to slide on a slippery surface.
Jlitschknoop - m. zipper.
jlitschrijch - slippery.
jlitsre - to glisten, glitter, sparkle.
jnäajle - to sneer, show contempt, to be cynical.
jnädijch - merciful, gracious.
jneddre - a derisive laugh.
Jnekj - n. (pl: s) neck, nape, scruff.
Jnell - n. sweepings, a layer of dirt and dust.
jnerre - to scoff.
jnerrijch - deprecating.
Jness - n. scab, scabby dirt.
jniesre - to scoff, to jeer, to sneer, to be cynical.
jnietsch - working at a fast pace.
Jnod - f. grace, clemency, mercy; see jnädijch.
jo - yes, yea.
jo wuat - n. yes word, implies that a contract has been made and agreed upon.
Jo brooda - m. yes man.
Joa - n. (pl: re) year.
Joabüak - n. yearbook.
joage - to chase, to rush, race; to drift, like snow or sand.
Joa'hundat - n. (pl: Joa'hundade) century.
joakle - to gossip over, to make fun of, to mock.
Joalinkj - n. (pl: Joalinja) yearling, usually refers to horses.
Joaresberejcht - m. annual report.
Joaresfeia - f. anniversary.
Joarestiet - f. season.
joarijch - the anniversary of a birthday.
Joascht - f. barley.
Joaschtkuarn - n. a barleycorn; sty.
joaschtne Jrett - f. pearl barley, pot barley.
Joawa'rie - f. (pl: e) tannery.
joawe - to tan hides.
Joch - n. (pl: s) yoke.
Jood - iodine.
joonijch - absolutely not, be careful not to.
Joop - f. (pl: e) a short, waist length jacket worn by women.
joppe - to fall.
jrall - wide eyed, bright eyed.
jräme - to be worried, repine.
Jräp - f. (pl: e) stovelid handle, grip; quirk, odd ball, compulsive idea or concept.
Jräs - n. a meadow, pasture, a grassy place for cattle.
jräse - to fear, to dread, to feel horror.
Jräse - f. cold shudders, fear tremors.
jräsijch - terrible, dreadful.
jrata - comp. form of groot.
jratsta - m. biggest, largest.
jratste - f or n. biggest, largest.
jratste - plural adjective.
jräwa - comp of groff.
jrebble - to cogitate, think, scheme, speculate.
jreen - green.
jreen Donnadach - Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter.
jreene Kjast - the first wedding anniversary.
Jreenfooda - n. ensilage.
Jreens - greenery.
jreesse - to greet.
Jreetschoft - farm machinery, implements, tools.
Jreewe - cracklings, minced pork cutlets.
Jreeweschmolt - grey lard.
Jreff - m. (pl: e) grasp, grip; a talent for.
Jreffel - m. (pl: s) a slate pencil.
Jreiss - m. a grey haried, elderly person.
jremmlijch - shabby, unclean.
jrennlijch - greenish.
Jrenss - (pl: e) border, boundary, barrier, frontier, limit, demarcation.
jreslijch - grisly, awful, dire, atrocious, eerie, ghastly.
Jrett - f. porridge, gruel, grit; gumption.
Jrettemalkj - f. pearl barley boiled in milk.
jrettre - two children face each other toes touching and holding hands; as they lean backwards they spin around in one spot.
Jriepa - the game of'tag'.
jriepe - to catch.
jriess - dingy, dirty, grey; see jremmlijch.
Jrimse - having undesirable characteristics or habits.
Jrinda - m. the founder, one who establishes.
jrinde - to found, to establish, to organize.
Jrint - m. scab, dirt. see Jness.
jrintlijch - thoroughly, painstakingly, fundamentally.
Jrip - f. flu, a bad cold.
jripse - to grab suddenly.
jrod - just now.
jrodentoo - as if, just like, directly.
jrodsoo - just so.
jrots - see jrod.
jü - contraction of jünt.
Jübel - m. jubilation.
juche - to scream suddenly.
Jucks - m. swill, slop, dirty, stagnant water.
juckse - to drive wildly and aimlessly.
Jüd - m. (pl: e) Jew.
Jüdeboat - three flowered avon.
Jüdentüm - Judaism.
Jüdesäajen - to make kosher.
Jügent - f. youth, young people.
Jülbassem - m. vacuum cleaner; see Sübassem.
jüle - to howl.
Jüle , Jüli - m. July.
jün - (poss pronoun, second person singular or plural) your.
June , Juni - m. June.
Junebäare - saskatoon berries.
Jung - m. (pl: Junges) boy, lad.
junga Fesch - fingerling.
junge Düw - squab.
junge Pogg - f. tadpole.
Jungesjoare - boyhood days, teenage.
junk - young.
junkklüak - precocious, prodigy.
jünt - same as jün.


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