Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Iebel - n. evil.
Iebel draun - under adverse circumstances.
Ieda - n. (pl: sch) udder.
iedel - pure, utter, sheer, nothing but.
iedre - for an udder to grow.
Iel - m. (pl: e) leech; haste, hurry.
ielent - in a hurry, impatient.
Iesa - n. (pl: sch) iron.
Iesa fehoatle - to temper iron.
Iesabon - f. railway track.
Iesadrot - n. fence wire.
Iesahendla - m. ironmonger.
iesana - m. of iron.
Iesana Jeltschrank - m. iron safe.
iesane - f. of iron.
iesane - plural adjective.
Iesaspoon - iron filings.
Iesasprot - iron bar.
Iesastang - f. iron bar, iron rod.
Iesawoakj - hardware.
Iesbraunt - Isbrand, a male name.
iesijch - icy.
iesrijch - of iron, ferrous.
Iess - n. ice.
Iess Taupe - m. icicle.
Iessboajch - an iceberg, glacier, growler.
Iessbräakja - m. icebreaker.
Iessfoagel - n. king fisher.
Iessgreiw - hoar.
Iesshüss - n. ice house.
Iesspunkt - m. freezing point.
Iessschrank - m. (pl: e) ice box, refrigerator.
Iessshaup - n. ice box.
Iesstang - f. ice tong.
Iesstaupe - m. icicle.
Iewa - zeal, mettle.
iewrijch - excited, fidgety, fervid, eager.
Ikra - a spiced vegetable salad.
ilda - the most, very, utmost, chief, main; an adjective.
ilda easchta - the very first one.
ilda elsta - the very oldest.
impfe - vaccinate, inoculate.
Indi'auna - m. Indian.
Indi'auna Sselt - n. wigwam.
Indi'aunakorn - m. maize.
Insel - f. (pl: Insle) island.
Inseloatijch - insular.
intres'saunt - interesting, absorbing.
Int'resse - f. interest.
intres'seare - to have or hold interest for. to be interested.
irdisch - earthly, terrestrial.
irjenswua - anywhere.
irjent - any.
irjent eena - anyone.
irjentwäa - anyone.
irjentwa'nea - anytime.
irjentwaut - anything.
irjentwua - anywhere.

© Herman Rempel 1984,1995, and Mennonite Literary Society 1984,1995, and 1998-2006, and Eugene Reimer 2006. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.