Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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ha' - see hab'.
häa - here, hither, in this direction, this way.
Häa - n. (pl: Häare) army, horde.
häabrinje - to bring hither.
Häad - f. herd, drove, horde.
häahole - to fetch, to get.
Häaj - f. joy, happiness.
häajäwe - to give it here, hand over.
Häakj - m. a pike fish.
Häakja'rie - f. shemozzle, muddle.
Häakjelhoake - m. crochet hook.
Häakjeltijch - n. crochet work.
häakjinftijch - traditionally, originally.
häakjle - to crochet.
häakjre - to negotiate, to haggle over price, to meddle, to sell.
häakome - to originate, to derive; to come hither.
Häakunft - f. origin, descent, emanation, source, genesis, genealogy, heritage.
häanäme - to derive, orginate.
haare jeen! haare gutt! haare gomms! - are expressions of surprise, consternation, disappointment etc.
habe , hab - to have, to possess, own.
Habgoot - n. (pl: Habgood) possessions.
Hachel - m. (pl: s) barb, thorn.
Hachelbäa - f. hawthorn berry.
Hacheldrot - n. barbed wire. (see Stacheldrot).
Hack - f. (pl: e) heel, hock, mattock; hoe.
hacke - to hack, to hoe, hew.
hackse - to peck, to deliver a short choppy kick.
Hacksel - n. chopped hay or fodder, ensilage.
Hacksellod - f. straw or hay chopper, ensilage cutter.
Hadrikj - m. wild mustard weeds.
hafte - to tack or nail on temporarily.
Haftijchkjeit - f. intensity.
Hajksemeista - m. wizard, magician.
Hakj - f. (pl: e) gate; hedge, hedgerow.
Hakjs - f. a witch, crone, sorceress.
Hakjse'rie - f. magic, witchcraft.
hal - bright light.
hal lijchten Dach - bright daylight.
Hal - f. (pl: e) hell.
hale wata , hale moss - mild expletives of surprise or concern.
haloatijch - infernal.
Ham - f. (pl: me) a brake.
Hamd - f. (pl: e) shirt.
Hamschoo - brake shoe for wagons.
Hamsmeiw - f. shirt sleeve.
Hamsmeiwknoop - m. cufflink, stud.
han - there, thither; another form of habe pl of 'have'.
han o' wada - now and then, intermittently.
han on häa - back and forth; now and then.
han on trigj - back and forth.
han on trigj schaule - echo, reverberate.
Han - f. (pl: Heena) hen.
handiede - tendency to resemble.
hanfaule - to fall down.
hanfoare - to drive thither.
Hanfoat - f. the trip over there.
hangone - to walk thither.
Hangow - f. devotion.
hanhoole - to submit, to suffer.
hanjäwe - to devote.
hanjenome - adopted. see hannäme.
hanjestrakjt - stretched out, prone; see hanstrakje.
hankefooje - to throw down forcibly.
hankjikje - to look thither.
hankome - to arrive there.
hankroage - to invite people over.
hannäme - to adopt.
hanräkje - to hand over.
hanrejchte - to execute, to pass the death sentence upon.
Hanrejchtung - f. execution.
hansate - to set down, to place.
hanschaufe - to provide with.
hanschekje - to refer, to send.
hanschmiete - to throw down.
hanssiele - to aim at.
hanstale - to deploy, to place, to position.
hanstrakje - to stretch out in a prone position.
hantrakje - to move thither.
Har - m. (pl: Haress) Lord; gentleman lord.
haregomms! - exclamation of surprise.
hare'jeen! - exclamation of surprise.
Hargomm! - m. (pl: s) gentleman!.
harlijch - glorious.
harmon'eare - to harmonize, agree.
Harmon'ie - f. harmony.
Harscha - m. (pl: sch) ruler, sovereign.
Harschoft - f (pl: e) lordship, lordliness, aristocracy, upper class.
harschoftlijch - lordly, aristocratic, hoity toity.
hartsoft - forcefully, with might.
Häselmenschkje - n. (pl: s) an elf, a gremlin, a dwarf.
hasslijch - naughty, belligerent, nasty, vile, ugly.
hassre - to deliver short, swift kicks in quick succession, like a cow might deliver.
hauje - gentle caresses, pats or strokes.
Haul - f. (pl: e) a hall.
haulf - half.
haulf besennungslooss - torpid, subconscious.
haulf blint - half blind.
haulf em Diesel - in a daze.
haulf em Schlop - half asleep.
haulf goa - half cooked.
haulf op - half open.
haulf opp - half eaten.
haulf tiedijch - half time.
Haulfbrit - m. (pl: te) half breed.
Haulfinsel - f. peninsula.
haulfjekoakt - parboiled.
Haulfjeleada - m. superficial pretender to knowledge.
Haulfkulla - f. semi circle.
Haulfkullamot - f. radius.
haulfligjent - reclining, recumbent.
haulfschaute - penumbra, (eclipse).
Haulftoon - m. semi tone.
haulfwaussent - half grown, adolescent.
Haulm - n. (pl: Halma) stem or blade of grass.
Hauls - m. (pl: Halsa) throat, neck.
Hauls äwa kopp - head over heels, topsy turvy, upside down, harum scarum.
Haulsbaunt - m. necktie, cravat.
Haulsbommelkjäd - f. locket, necklace.
Haulsdrees - f. (pl: e) tonsil.
Haulsdüak - neckerchief.
Haulskjäd - f. pendant.
Haulskrankheit - f. diphtheria.
Haulskroage - m. tippet, gorget.
Haulsloftrua - n. trachea.
Haulsoda - f. jugular vein.
Haulsschlips - m. necktie.
Haulsschnua - n. necklace, pendant.
Haulstaupe - m. uvula.
Haulta - m. (pl: sch) halter, holder for a writing pen.
haulwäaj haulwäajes - tolerable, acceptable.
Haulwe - m. (pl: s) a tin cup, literally a half measure.
Haumel - m. (pl: s) castrated male sheep, vedder, wither.
haundel - to deal, transact business.
Haundel - m. (pl: s) business transaction, a deal, bargain, trade commerce.
Haundeldriewa - m. dealer, trader, merchant, saleman.
Haundelsjesalschoft - f. company, partnership, corporation.
Haundelsmaun - trader, merchant, salesman.
haundelsoatijch - mercantile.
Haundelsplauts - m. mart, market place.
Haundüak - n. towel.
Haunschkje - glove, mitten, gauntlet.
Haunsworscht - m. clown.
Haunt - f. (pl: Henj) hand.
Hauntbreet - f. a handbreadth.
Hauntbüak - n. a handbook, manual.
Hauntdrekje - a handclasp.
haun'teare - to handle, manipulate.
Haun'tearinj - f. the handling of.
Hauntiesa - n. manacle, handcuff.
Hauntjelenkj - n. wrist.
Hauntjelt - cash.
Hauntjemenj - confrontation.
Hauntjespaun - n. see Hauntiesa; s.
Hauntjreff - f. technique, flare, knack, grip.
Hauntlanga - m. gopher, helper, hodman.
Hauntmäl - f. a handmill.
Hauntoabeida - day labourer.
Hauntoabeit - handiwork, daywork.
haunt'reare - to shake hands.
Hauntsans - f. scythe; see Sans.
Hauntschreft - f. handwriting.
Hauntspäldinkj - n. accordion, concertina.
Haunttausch - f. handbag.
Hauntwoakj - n. handiwork; crafts.
Hauntwoasaje'rie - f. palmistry.
Haupt - n. (pl: Heipta) head, main.
Hauptgauss - f. main street.
Hauptlienje - f. trunk line, main line.
Hauptpersoon - f. the principal character.
Hauptpunkt - m. summary, gist.
Hauptsach - f. primary thing.
Hauptschlätel - m. masteer key.
hauptsejchlijch - primarily, chiefly, mainly.
Hauptstaut - f. city.
Hauptwartel - f. the tap root.
Hauptwuat - n. noun.
Hauselnät - f. hazelnut.
Hausp - f. staple, hasp.
Hauspel - f. (pl: Hausple) reel of a binder or swather; wing of a windmill; windlass.
Haust - haste.
haustijch - suddenly, hastily, quickly.
Häw - f. yeast; it is also the plural of Hoff.
Häwaum - f. (pl: Häwauma) midwife; see also Poppemutta.
häwe - to lift.
Häwel - m. (pl: s) carpenters' plane.
Häwelbenkj - f. carpenters' bench.
Häwelspoon - n. (pl: Häwelspeena) wood shavings.
häwijch - yeasty.
häwle - to plane.
hee - m. d pers pronoun he.
hee kaun - he can.
Heea! - term of endearment between spouses.
heede - to herd; to forbear, beware.
heeflijch - polite, courteous, urbane, respectful.
Heeflijchkjeit - f. courtesy, deference, politeness.
Heefstol - n. principal of a sum of money.
Heeft - (pl: a) head, head of cabbage.
heejänsch - hygienic.
heel - healed.
Heel - f. (pl: e) cave, cavern.
Heelaunstault - f. healing institution; sanatorium.
heele - to heal.
Heelkonnst - f. therapeutics.
Heelmeddel - n. medicine, remedy.
heemelja Passa'zhea - m. stowaway.
heemelja Wies - in a secret or clandestine manner.
heemelje Fewekjlinj - intrigue.
heemlijch - secretly, stealthily, furtively, clandestinely, sureptitiously.
heemlijch hinjalestijch - insidious.
heemlijch horjche - eavesdrop.
heemlijch methalpe - aid and abet.
heemlijch näme - to steal, snitch.
heemlijch schlikje - to sneak.
heemlijchkjikje - to peep.
Heems - f. hames (of harnesses).
Heena - see Han.
Heenabrode - m. fried chicken, chicken roast.
Heenafloak - f. chicken roost.
Heenaoaft - f. chick pea.
Heenastaul - m. henhouse, chicken barn.
Heenasupp - f. chicken soup.
Heenaüag - n. corn (on the foot).
heenisch - sneeringly.
heenisch lache - to sneer.
heesch - hoarse.
heet - hot, torrid, fervent.
heet - is called; (Hee heet Peeta; He is called Peter).
heet brode - to grill.
heeta Schnaups - m. a hot toddy.
heeta Weltkjreiss - tropics.
Hei - n. hay.
Heiarnt - f. hay crop.
Heibaks - m. (pl: e) hay rack.
Heibän - m. hayloft.
Heid - m. (pl: e) heathen.
Heidelbäa - f. blueberry.
Heidentüm - n. heathenism, paganism.
Heieifst , (M: Heiaust) - hay crop, hay harvest.
Heifesch - m. shark.
Heiforkj - f. hay fork, pitch fork.
Heihüpe - m. haystack.
Heijchel - m. hypocracy.
Heikoppits - f. hayrick, haycock.
Heil - n. health, welfare.
Heilaunt - m. Saviour, Redeemer.
heilijch - holy, sacrosanct.
Heilijchtüm - n. sanctity.
Heilja - m. saint.
heilje , heilijch moake - sanctify.
Heilje Schreft - f. Holy Writ, Holy Scriptures.
Heim - n. (pl: s) home.
Heimstäd - m. homestead.
Heipiep - f. steel punch.
Heireep - f. a steel cage from which horses can pluck hay.
Heischien - f. haybarn.
Heischlach - m. hay meadow.
Heischlap - f. a haysweep used to drag together hay into piles or stacks.
Heischlenj - f. hay sling, used to pull large jags of hay into the loft by means of a system of ropes and pulleys; (horse powered).
Heischrakj - f. (pl: e) grasshopper, locust.
Heispodem - m. the jaw of a slaughtered hog; a spade designed to cut hay from a haystack.
Heista - m. (pl: sch) blue jay, magpie.
heistakopp - head over heels.
Heiw - m. (pl: s) swipe, chop, hit.
heiwe - to chop, hew, cut, mow.
Heiwklotts - m. chopping block.
heiwtänijch - sassy, sarcastic.
hejchstens - at the most.
Hejcht - (pl: e) height.
Hekjsenschoss - m. pang, sudden pain, scatia, lumbago.
Helje Dree Kjeenijch - epiphany.
Heljedach - m. holiday.
Help - f. help, aid, assistance.
Helt - (pl: e) hero.
Heltabless - m. (pl: e) blockhead.
heltana - m adj. wooden.
heltane - f adj. wooden.
heltane - plural adj. wooden.
Heltschlor - n. (pl: Heltschlorre) wooden shoe, clog, pattens, home-made wooden shoes.
He'ma'riede - see Ma'riede.
hendijch - handy, convenient.
Henjbad - n. hammock.
Henjbrigj - suspension bridge.
henje - to hang.
henje lote - to suspend.
henjent - suspended.
Henjflijchtijch - bedraggled, like a wet hen.
Henjschlott - n. padlock.
Henjsel - n. (pl: s) hanger, hanging decoration.
Henjspaunsel - n. manacles, handcuffs; (Note; henj hang; it is also the plural of Haunt).
hepkjeshoa - by a hairbreadth.
Hersch - m. (pl: e) deer, hart, stag, reindeer.
Herschfleesch - n. venison.
Herschhuarn - n. deer horn, harts horn.
Herschjacht - see Reejacht.
Herschkoo - f. hind, doe, deer.
Herschlada - n. deerskin, buckskin.
hetsijch - fervid, heatedly, passionately, sharply.
Hett - f. heat.
hette - to heat.
Hettowe - m. furnace, heater.
Hettross - n. heat register.
hia - here, at this place.
hiahäa - this way, hither, to this place.
hiaje - those present.
hiamet - herewith, hereby.
hiele - to cry, sob, weep.
hiele on schnucke - to cry and hiccup.
hielrijch - weepy, maudlin.
Hiescha - n. horsy, a child's term for a horse.
Hieskje , Hüssje - n. an outdoor toilet, see Sse'kjreet.
Himbäa - f. (pl: re) raspberry.
Himmel - m. (pl: s) sky, heaven.
himmelbleiw - skyblue, azure.
Himmelfarnrua - n. observatory.
Himmelfoat - f. Ascension.
Himmelhüach - sky high.
Himmelrikj - Kingdom of Heaven.
himmlisch - heavenly.
Hindaniss - f. (pl: e) hindrance, barrier, obstacle, hurdle.
hindre - to hinder.
hinja - behind.
Hinjabeen - n. hindleg.
Hinjadäa - f. back door.
Hinjafeadel - n. hindquarter.
Hinjafoot - m. hindfoot.
Hinjagauss - f. back lane.
Hinjagrunt - m. background.
hinjahäa - afterwards.
Hinjahoff - m. back yard, back lawn.
Hinjahoft - f. hindquarter.
Hinjajescherr - n. breeches, (part of a harness).
hinjalestijch - cunning, deceitful, devious.
hinjalote - to leave behind, neglect, posthumous.
Hinjanome - m. surname.
hinja'raun - following after.
hinja'raun ssoagle , hinja'raun ssauble - to trail or follow after.
Hinjaraut - n. rear wheel.
Hinjarenj - n. (pl: a) posterior, rump, rear, backside.
hinjarikjs - behind one's back, by deceit, furtively.
Hinjaschepp - n. stern of a ship.
Hinjaschoft - f. hindquarter.
Hinjasejcht - f. hindsight, retrospect.
Hinjasett - f. back seat, rear seat, rumble seat, dicky.
hinjastallijch - in arrears, delinquent.
Hinjastow - f. back room.
hinjat Lijcht feare - to deceive, to beguile.
hinjawäajes - en route, on the way.
hinje - in the back, at the rear.
hinje bliewe - to remain behind, straggle, lag behind.
hinjre - thwart, impede.
hinj're - f adj, behind the.
hinj'rem - m adj, behind the.
hinkje - to limp.
hinten'dren - close behind.
Hitsat - one who provokes.
hitse - to provoke, to 'sic em'.
Hoa - f. hair.
Hoabaunt - m. hair ribbon, hair band, fillet, snood.
Hoabreet - n. hairbreadth.
Hoad - m. (pl: s) herdsman; shepherd.
Hoafst - m. (pl: e) fall harvest, autumn; see Eifst.
Hoafstkjikjel - n. autumn chick, a child born late in the parents' life.
Hoafstspandwäw - n. gossamer.
Hoagdrees - f. (pl: e) lymph gland.
Hoagel - m. hail.
hoagelnie - brand new.
Hoagelsteen - m. hailstone.
hoagle - to hail.
Hoakaum - m. hair comb.
Hoake - m. (pl: s) a hook.
Hoakj - f. (pl: e) rake.
hoakje - to rake.
Hoakjriesel - m. a cowlick.
Hoakjsel - n. (pl: s) a quantity raked.
Hoalemma Dreppe - harlem drops (medic).
Hoanat - n. a hairnet.
Hoap - f. (pl: e) harp; (mus) also a sloped arrangement of screens over which grain is poured for purposes of cleaning and screening.
Hoapespell - n. harp music.
hoare - to lose hair.
hoarijch - hairy.
hoasäle - an old remedy for a foundered horse; a cut or a slit is made in the skin of the horse's chest and a piece of felt with some horsehair wrapped around it is inserted in the wound; this foreign matter will cause the sore to fester and it was believed… (truncated).
Hoaschnett - m. a snip or lock of hair.
Hoaschnieda - m. hair clipper.
Hoaspald - f. a hairpin.
Hoastrijch - m. (pl: s) a hair parting.
hoat - hard.
hoat jemoakt - hardened, tempered.
Hoat - n. (pl: e) heart.
Hoatje - n (pl: s) a little heart.
Hoatkommkje - n. ventricle.
hoatlearijch - slow to learn.
hoatliewijch - constipated.
hoatlijch - hardy.
Hoatlooss - heartless.
Hoatnak - m. stubborn individual.
hoatnakijch - stubborn.
Hoatschlach - m. heart attack, heart failure, cardiac arrest.
Hock - f. (pl: e) a stook, (several sheaves set upright together, supporting each other so they will dry more readily;).
Hock - n. (pl: s) grain bin.
Hock - n. (pl: s) small cattle enclosure.
hockijch - plaid; a checkered pattern.
hockjet Sseijch - plaid, tartan.
Hocklinkj - n. (pl: Hocklinja) calf in a pen, young calf.
Hoff - (pl: Häw) yard, court yard.
Hofkje - f. (pl: s) hawk.
Hoft - f. (pl: e) hip.
Hoftjelenkj - n. hip joint.
hole - to fetch.
holkjse - to hollow out.
Hollenda - m. Hollander, Dutchman.
Hollinj - f. (pl: e) a hollow, valley cavity, socket.
hollrunt - concave.
holprijch - limited, ungainly (walk).
Holsjebock - m. (pl: Holsjebakj) woodtick.
Holt - n. (pl: Helta) wood.
Holtboa - n. wood drill, gimlet.
Holthacka - m. woodpecker.
Holthaundel - m. a lumber or timber business.
Holthendla - m. lumber or timber dealer.
Holtkjiel - f. chock wedge.
Holtkol - f. charcoal.
Holtoabeida - m. woodworker.
Holtschend - f. woodshed.
Holtschnieda - m. woodcutter, woodcarver.
Holtwajch - 'the wrong road'.
Ho'lunk - m. (pl: e) scoundrel, jackass, knave.
Homa - m. (pl: sch) hammer, mallet, maul.
Homaschlätel - m. monkey wrench.
Homastäl - m. hammer handle.
Hommel - m. (pl: s) bumblebee, bee.
homre - to hammer.
Hon - m. (pl: s) rooster, cock.
Honnijch - m. honey.
Honnijchkorf - m. honeycomb.
Honsboat - m. wattle.
Honskaum - m. coxcomb.
Hoof - n. (pl: Heefta) hoof.
Hoofiesa - n. (pl: sch) horseshoe.
Hoofiesaschmett - m. farrier.
hoojone - to yawn.
hoole - to hold, keep, retain.
Hoost - m. a cough.
hooste - to cough.
Hoot - m (pl: Heed) hat.
hope - to hope.
Hopninj - f. hope.
Hori'sont - m. horizon.
horjche - to listen.
Hos - m. (pl: e) rabbit, hare.
Hosehunt - m. harrier.
Hoseloch - n. rabbit burrow.
Hoseschoa - n. harelip, cleft palate.
Hospitol - n. (pl: Hospitäla) hospital.
Hot - m. hate, hatred, odium.
Hot'el - n. (pl: s) hotel.
Hotsbonkje - n. joyride, hayride, sleigh ride.
hotsdrot! hotsheat! hotsbuddel! hotsbädel! - expressions of surprise.
Howa - m. oats.
Howajrett - f. oatmeal, porridge.
Howapeatje (Hermauns Peatje) - n. a lady bug.
Howasack - m. oatsbag; haversack.
Howe - m. (pl: s) haven, port.
Howeoabeida - m. longshoreman.
Hua - f. (pl: re) whore, prostitute.
hüach - high.
hüach begoft - highly endowed, gifted, talented.
hüach bejoat - advanced in years.
hüach beriemt - famous, renowned.
hüach bowe - high up, on top of.
hüach druck - high pressure.
hüach jebilt - well educated.
hüach jeschatst - held in high esteem.
hüach läwe - to live high on the hog.
hüach stone - to stand out, to tower, to stand tall.
hüachachtijch - in high esteem.
Hüachlaunt - n. highland.
hüachnäsijch - offish, arrogant, haughty, snobbish.
Hüachrigje - m. a range of hills.
Hüachschool - f. highschool.
Hüachwajch - m. highway.
Hüagdietsch - High German.
huara'rie - prostitution, fornication.
Huarebauljch - n. bastard, illegitimate child.
Huarn - n. (pl: Heana) animal horn.
Huarn - n. (pl: Huarns) car horn.
Huarnjespanst - chimera.
hubbre - to shiver, shake with the chills.
hubbrijch - chilly; shivery.
Huck - f. (pl: e) the posterior, the seat.
hucke - to sit, to squat.
Humma - m. (pl: sch) lobster.
Humpel - m. (pl: s) mound, small hill.
hundat - one hundred.
hundatjoarijch - centennial.
hundatjoascha - m. centenarian.
hundatjoasche - f. centenarian.
hundatjoasche - pl. centenarians.
hundatstel - n. one hundredth.
Hunga - m. hunger.
Hunga liede - to starve.
Hunga wäa die - fight against starvation; a very skinny person.
Hungakoolkje - f. sudden attack of hunger.
Hungaschnoot - f. famine, starvation.
Hungatän - f. a fang.
hungrijch - hungry.
hunjsch - rough, cruel treatment.
Hunjsfalkrankheit - f. the mange.
Hunjsklotje - n. dog kennel.
Hunjsläwe - a dog's life.
Hunt - m. (pl: Hunj) dog.
Huntmeed - dog tired.
Hüpe - m. (pl: s) stack of hay or straw, pile, heap.
Hupje - n. a crude tobacco.
Hupjebrenna - m. cigarette lighter.
huppanack - piggy back.
huppasch - at a gallop.
huppse - to jump, to hop.
Huppsfläj - f. a flea.
Hu'seare - (M) to terrorize, plunder, rape, pillage.
hü'seare - to bide at or in.
Hüss - n. (pl: Hiesa) house.
Hüssaundacht - f. family worship.
Hüssbekjleed - f. siding of a house.
Hüssfrü - f. housewife, housekeeper.
Hüsshault - f. (pl: e) household.
Hüsskjleet - n. housedress.
Hüsskjnajcht - m. retainer, porter.
Hüssleara - m. tutor.
Hüssschwaulm - n. (pl: s) barn swallow, martin.
Hüsstia - n. pet.
Hüsswajch - m. the way home.
Hüt - f. skin, human skin.
Hutt - f. protection; care.
Hütütschlach - m. skin rash, acne.
Hüw - f (pl: e) black lace cap worn by Mennonite matrons in the olden days.

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