Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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fäa - in front of, ahead of, before, in preference to.
fäabäje - prevent, guard against, forestall, obviate.
Fäabäjung - f. prevention.
fäabediede - portend, presage, forebode.
fäabedocht - prudent, imaginative, prepared, having forethought.
Fäabilt - n. model, example, idea, prototype.
fäabiltlijch - typical.
fäabrinje - propose, present.
Fäadeel - n. privilege, advantage, emolument, profit.
Fäadrach - m. presentation, report, lecture.
fäadrenjlijch - presumtuous.
Fäaellre - ancestors, forefathers, progenitors.
Fäafaul - m. occurrence, happening.
fäafaule - to occur, happen, transpire.
Fäafodasch - forefathers, ancestors, progenitors.
fäagone - to happen, to occur.
fäahabe - to purpose, to be involved in or with.
Fäahamd - n. a false shirt front.
Fäahank - m. curtain, drape.
fäahiele - to trouble one with weeping.
Fäahoff - m. front yard, front lawn.
fäahoole - accuse.
fäaje - to sweep.
Fäajenja - m. one who leads or goes before, guide, leader, predecessor, ancestor.
fäajespaunt - hitched in front of, past tense of fäaspaune.
fäajetrocke - preferred, superseded. past tense of fäatrakje.
fäajüle - to trouble one with howling.
fäakeiwe - prechew. see Keifkje.
fäakome - to appear before; occur, happen.
fäaläje - to lie to someone's face.
Fäaleew - f. front porch.
fäalowe - to praise, to recommend.
Fäaminda - m. advisor, executor, guardian, trustee.
Fäamindschoft - f. wardship, guardianship.
fäamole - depict, illustrate.
fäanäme - to take one to task.
Fäanäme - n. plan, intention, intent.
Fäanämungsjeist - m. ambition, gumption, resolve, aspiration.
fäaoabeide - to prepae ahead of time.
fäaplüdre - to trouble one with gossip.
fäaprädje - to trouble one with a sermon.
fäaräakjne - to prove an arithmetic or mathematical problem to someone.
Fäarajcht - n. (pl: e) n. privilege, prerogative, freedom, patent.
fäarätijch - resourceful, provident.
fäare - in front, in front of, ahead, at the head or front place.
Fäa(r)enj - n. the front end, the prow of a ship.
fäa(r)haunt - in the lead, leading, having the upper hand, of most importance.
fäa(r)haunt näme - to take precedence, to head, take the lead.
Fäa(r)haunt - to take the lead.
Fäa(r)haunt näme - to take precedence.
Fäarot - m. providence, provision, resource, stock, contingency, supply.
fäasaje - prompt, direct, order, to tell someone what to do.
fäasajrijch - of an imperious attitude.
fäasate - to set before, place an object before someone.
Fäasautsblaut - n. fly leaf.
Fäaschien - m. appearance.
Fäaschlach - m. suggestion, proposal, overture, proposition.
fäaschlone - to suggest, propose, recommend, nominate.
Fäaschmack - m. foretaste.
fäaschmiete - to accuse, reproach.
Fäaschoft - f. front quarter of a horse.
Fäaschoss - m. an advance of money or credit.
Fäaschreft - f. prescription.
fäaschriewe - to prescribe; to show someone how to write.
Fäaschta - m. the front one.
fäaschte Sied - the front part.
Fäaschte - f. the front one.
Fäaschte - pl of the above two.
fäaschüwe - to accuse, to hold an accusation up to someone.
fäaseene - to beware.
Fäasejcht - f. caution, care, precaution, foresight.
fäasejchtijch - careful, heedful, prudent, wary. cautious, discreet.
Fäasenja - m. cantor, chanter, congregational song leader.
Fäasilb - f. prefix.
fäasinje - to sing a song for someone.
Fäasorj - f. providence.
fäaspäle - to play music for someone.
fäaspaune - to hitch in front of.
fäastale - to imagine, visualize, make believe; to present, to introduce.
Fäastallinj - f. presentation, introduction.
fäastone - support, recommend, promote.
fäastonent - salient, important.
Fäastow - f. front parlor, ante room.
fäastrakje - to provide.
Fäatäkjen - n. an omen, sign, prognosis.
fäatrakje - prefer, to pull in front of.
Fäatüss - n. front room, porch, vestibule.
fäawettre - to trouble someone with lamenting.
Fäawoage - m. the front two wheels of a wagon.
Fäawoawa - m. (pl: sch) a representative, one who prepares the way.
Fäawol - f. nomination.
Fäawuat - n. foreword.
Fa'brikj - f. (pl: e) factory, plant.
Fa'brikj täkjen - n. trade mark.
Fachel - m. (pl: Fachle) torch.
Fack - f. (pl: e) a special kind of grain bin in the barn.
Fada - m. (pl: sch) male cousin.
Fada - (pl: Fadre) feather.
Fada - (pl: Fadre) metal or steel spring.
Fadadoos - f. pencil box.
Fadafee - feathered creatures; poultry, fowl.
Fadawoage - m. spring buggy, democrat, carriage.
fädme - to thread (a needle).
fadre - to bounce, to spring.
Fadre feleare - to moult.
Fadre kjriee - to fledge.
fadrijch - springy.
fäijch - capable, adept, able, proficient.
Fäijchkjeit - f. capability, ability, aptitude, faculty, proficiency.
Faks - n. (pl: e) trick.
Fakskje - n. (pl: s) little trick.
Fal - n. fur, hide, pelt.
fäl astijch - ramified, complicated, with many branches.
fäl weat - valuable, high worth, precious.
Fäla - m. (pl: sch) mistake, error, flaw, discrepancy.
fälahauft - defective.
fälboa - fallible.
fäle - to lack, to require, need.
fäl(e) - many, numerous, a lot, much, galore, legion.
fälfach - manifold, multi.
fallijch - furry; liable, due.
Falm - (pl: s) colt, foal.
fälsettent - sedentary.
fälsiedijch - many sided, multi-sided, versatile.
fälsilbijch - polysyllabic.
Fa'mielje - f. (pl: s) family.
Fa'mielje Blootschaund - f. incest.
fa'natisch - fanatic.
fange - to nab, to catch.
Fangtän - fang, tusk.
Fari'sea - m. pharisee.
Farjoa - n. spring season.
Farnits - m. varnish, shellac.
farnitse - to varnish, to shellac.
Farnrua - n. telescope, field glasses.
Farsch - m. (pl: Farzh) limerick, verse, rhyme, stanza.
Faspa - n. (pl: sch) a traditional Mennonite light meal between lunch and supper.
fassle - to fetter, to hobble; (see spaune).
Fast - n. (pl: e) feast, festival, banquet, holiday.
faste - to fast.
Fastinj - f. fort, garrison, fortress, stronghold, redoubt.
Fastkjleet - n. party dress, evening dress.
fastlijch - festive, gala, happy.
fat - fat, obese.
Fat - n. grease, fat, drippings, gravy.
Fate Han - f. portulacca, purslane.
Fätel - n. (pl: s) fetlock, pastern.
fatijch - fatty, greasy.
Faul - f. (pl: e) trap.
Faul - m. (pl: Fall) a fall, a tumble; an occasion, circumstance, situation.
faule - to fall'.
faule lote - to drop something.
faulsch - false, wrong, incorrect, untrue.
faulsch berejchte - misinform.
faulsch bewiese - to disprove.
faulsch schweare - to perjure.
faulschdenkjent - suspicious without reason.
faulsche Ütlaj - misinterpretation.
Faulschet Jelt - counterfeit money.
Faulschheit - f. (pl: e) shame, guile, falsehood, dupliciity.
faust - tight, firm, secure, solid; almost, nearly.
faust kjlame - to jam, to squeeze in a clamp or vise.
faust näme - to nab, arrest.
faust sate - to foreclose.
fauste Füst - f. clenched fist.
fausttrakje - to pull tight, pull up the slack.
Faut - n. (pl: Fäd) firken, keg, 45.5 litres.
fe - for, of.
fe - prefix indicating in most cases a separation, a parting, a scattering, as can be seen in some of the following words.
fea - four.
fe'achte - to criticize, decry.
feadel - quarter part, one quarter.
Feadelsstund - f. quarter hour.
fe'ädle - to become corrupt.
feafach - fourfold.
feajespaun - n. team of four, four in hand.
Feakaunt - m. quadrangle.
feakauntijch - square shape.
feakauntje Studentemets - f. mortarboard.
feara(t)lei - of four kinds.
feare , (M: fiare) - to transport, to convey; to celebrate.
feasiedijch - four sided, quadrilateral.
fe'aste - to branch out, ramify.
feastemmijch - four part singing, quartet.
Fe'astinj - f. ramification.
fea'tian - fourteen.
Fea'tiandel - one forteenth, one forteenth part.
featijch - forty.
featijchstel - one fortieth, the fortieth part.
fe'aunstaulte - to incite, to motivate, to make attempts.
fe'backe - to use up in baking.
fe'bäje - to bend out of shape.
fe'bätre - to improve, correct, rectify, reform.
Fe'bätrungsaumstault - f. reformatory, penitentiary.
fe'baunda Febräakja - m. outlaw.
fe'baune - to ban, banish, ostracize.
fe'baunt - past tense of fe'baune.
fe'beede - forbid, ban, disallow, prohibit.
fe'beisle - to lose through carelessness.
Fe'bettaniss - f. rancor, bitterness.
fe'bettat - rancorous, embittered.
fe'bettre - to embitter.
fe'bie - past, gone, finished, over, beyond, by.
fe'bie foare - to pass another vehicle.
fe'bie lote - to allow someone to pass.
fe'biestre - to lose one's way, to go astray.
fe'biete - to snack, to have a bite.
fe'binje - to bind up, to federate, to covenant.
fe'bleft - bewildered, flabbergasted, stunned, aghast, dumbfounded, dazed.
fe'blende - to be blinded by bright lights.
Fe'blief - n. (pl: s) a place to stay, a refuge.
fe'bode - past tense of fe'beede.
fe'bodna Haundel - embargo.
fe'bommle - to lose or mislay.
fe'borje - obscure, hidden.
fe'borjnet selfst - incognito, disguise.
fe'bost - in a hurry, in a rush.
Fe'bräakja - m. intruder, burglar, thief, felon, crook, criminal, convict.
fe'bräakje - to break into pieces, to break the law.
fe'bräje - to over scald.
fe'breede - to spread, widen, dilate, advertise, promulgate.
fe'bringje - to waste, spend unwisely.
fe'brockle - to crumble apart.
fe'brucke - to consume, use up, wear out.
fe'bruckt - past tense of fe'brucke.
fe'büare - to lose, to go bankrupt farming.
fe'bunge - to be involved or associated with; fraught.
Fe'bunt - n. league, association.
fe'dajchtijch - suspicious, queer.
Fe'dajchtijchkjeit - f. suspicion.
fe'dakje - to thrash.
fe'darschte - to be parched, to die of thirst.
fe'daume - to damn or curse; condemn; to dam up.
fe'daumt - damned, cursed.
fe'deele - apportion, distribute, disburse.
Fe'deelinj - f. distribution, apportioning.
fe'deendet Jeschenkj - an award.
fe'deene - to earn, to deserve.
Fe'deenst - m. profit, earnings, merit, emolument.
fe'deenstlijch - profitable, meritorious, lucrative.
fe'deidle - see fe'jeidle.
fe'deiwe - thaw, digest, dissolve.
fe'denkje - suspect, to be suspicious of.
fe'denne - to thin out, rarify.
fe'destoweare - annihilate, destroy.
Fe'diepinj - f. measurement from ceiling to eaves.
fe'diestat - past tense of fe'diestre.
fe'diestre - to darken, become obscured.
fe'dijchte - to seal, to insulate; condense.
fe'dinje - to contract out.
fe'doaft - past tense of fe'doawe.
Fe'doawa - m. (pl: sch) vandal.
fe'doawe - to spoil, deteriorate; to pamper.
Fe'doawniss - n. corruption, perdition.
fe'dobble - to double, duplicate.
Fe'docht - m. (pl: e) suspicion.
fe'dollmatsche - translate, interpret.
fe'dolt - (mild cussword used for emphasis) darn right.
fe'donnre - to beat up; to spend wildly.
fe'donste - to evaporate.
fe'dorwe - past tense of fe'doawe.
fe'dräjcht - dried up, withered.
fe'dräje - to dry up, to wither.
fe'dreie - to twist, distort, misrepresent.
fe'dreit - wry, perverse, flighty, distorted, confused.
fe'drekje - to press out of shape.
fe'drenje - displace, dislocate, supplant, to crowd out.
fe'driewe - dispel, drive away, dissipate.
fe'drinkje - to drown; to spend all on drink.
fe'drisslijch - petulant, fretful, peevish, sulky.
Fe'drisslijchkjeit (Fedruss) - petulance, peevishness, fretfulness, vexation, annoyance, chagrin.
fe'droage - tolerate, withstand, endure, bear.
fe'dunkelt - obscure.
fe'dunkle - darken, become obscure.
fe'dutst - stunned, astonished.
Fee - n. cattle, kine.
Feeba - n. fever, ague.
Feebadroom - to hallucinate, dilirium.
Feebastang - buggy shafts, thill; also a humorous reference to jam-rolls. The word is of Swedish origin.
Feebawoa - February.
feebrijch - feverish.
Feeda - n. (pl: sch) jag, load of hay or bundles.
feede - to take on the responsibility for; to support; look after someone's physical needs.
fe'eefache - to simplify.
fe'eenje - to come to terms.
Feehock - n. (pl: s) paddock, corral.
Feela - m. (pl: sch) feeler.
feelboa - palpable.
feele - to feel, to sense, to touch.
Feelinj - f. sense, touch, feeling.
feemässijch - cruel, brutal, bestial.
Fe'endaniss - f. (pl: e) reform, transformation, a change.
Fe'endrung - f. variation.
fe'enjelscht - anglicized.
fe'fange - to err sexually, seduce, become entangled in a web.
fe'faule - to fall apart.
fe'faulsche - to falsify, forge.
fe'feare - to shock, to startle, to start, recoil; to seduce.
fe'fläje - to fly apart, to be scattered by the wind.
fe'flerre - to shred, to tear into shreds.
fe'flijchte - to oblige, to pledge.
fe'flotne - an excuse for a cuss-word.
fe'flucht - cursed, accursed, damned.
fe'foare - to deal with, manage; to drive a vehicle into the ground.
fe'folje - persecute.
fe'foodre - to feed until the feed is consumed.
fe'frässelt - motheaten, ugly.
fe'fräte - erode, corrode, eat away.
fe'freare - to freeze, to get frost-bite.
fe'froare - past tense of fe'freare.
feftel - fifth part, one fifth.
feftian - fifteen.
feftiandel - one fifteenth part.
fe'füle - to rot, decompose.
fe'fült - past tense of fe'füle.
Fegangenheit - f. the past.
fe'gnuffe - to pummel.
fe'gnurple - to turn into cartilege.
fe'gnüwle - to disfigure by cutting.
fe'golde - to gild.
fe'gone - to disappear, fade away, go away like a mist.
fe'greiwe - to turn grey.
fe'growe - to hide by burying.
fe'häakjat - past tense of fe'häakjre.
fe'häakjre - to scramble, mix up, confuse, muddle up.
fe'hackstekje - accomplish.
fe'halpe - to direct aid to someone.
fe'harlijche - to glorify.
fe'hasse - to hate, be hateful, odious.
fe'haundle - to arrange and complete a sale.
fe'hausple - to make complicated.
Fe'hea - n. (pl: Fe'heare) trial.
Fe'heara - examiner, judge.
fe'heele - to heal.
fe'heiwe - to thrash, to beat up.
Fe'heltniss - n. (pl: e) disposition, circumstances.
Fe'henkjniss - n. dependence.
Fe'henkjnissdfoll - complicated.
fe'hiele - to cry ones eyes out.
fe'hielt - tear stained, showing signs of having wept. (past tense of fe'hiele).
fe'hoagelt - past tense of fe'hoagle.
fe'hoagle - to be destroyed by hail.
fe'hole - to get your second wind, to recuperate; to recompose oneself.
fe'hoole - to act, to behave in a certain way.
fe'hungre - to starve, to be famished.
feij - timid.
feijcht - clammy, moist, dank humid.
Feijchtijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) moisture, humidity, clamminess.
Feila - m. (pl: sch) dart, arrow.
fein - nice, good, fine.
Feinschriewe - n. artistic hand-writing, penmanship, calligraphy.
feistre - to chase with a broom.
Feitsdauns - m. St. Vitus dance.
fe'jäfs - for naught, in vain, vainly, unavailing.
fe'jäte - to forget.
Fe'jätenheit - f. the forgotten past, limbo, oblivion.
Fe'jätlijchkjeit - f. forgetfulness.
fe'jätsaum - forgetful.
fe'jäwe - forgive, pardon.
fe'jeete - spill.
fe'jefte - to poison.
fe'jenkjlijch - mortal, corrupt, perishable, transitory.
Fe'jiabacks - m. (pl: e) mitre box.
Fe'jlikj - m. (pl: e) comparison, parallel, tantamount.
Fe'jnäje - n. (pl: s) amusment, pleasure, delight, enjoyment, gaiety.
Fe'jnäjungsreis - f. pleasure tour.
Fe'jnäjungsreisenda - m. tourist.
fe'joage - to scatter, like a flock of birds, or the wind scattering straw.
fe'jreetre (fejratre) - magnify, enlarge.
Fe'jreetrungsglaus - n. microscope, magnifying glass, lens, magnifier.
fe'jriepe - see fefange.
fe'kaulkje - to caulk, to seal, to become coated or clogged with mineral deposits.
fe'kjarte - abbreviate, shorten.
fe'kjiele - to beat up, to batter.
fe'kjille - to catch cold.
Fe'kjindjung - f. proclamation.
Fe'kjitta - m. (pl: sch) glazier.
fe'kjitte - to putty.
fe'kjlakjre - to spill small amounts of liquid.
fe'kjlandre - to reduce in size; abbreviate.
fe'kjlandrungswuat - n. diminutive.
fe'kjleewe - to paste or plaster over.
fe'kloage - denounce, impeach, prosecute, report to the law.
fe'knoake - ossify.
fe'knuje - to beat up.
fe'knüse - tolerate, abide.
fe'knutsche - to crumple, crinkle, crease.
fe'koake - to cook away, to boil too long.
fe'kolleare - to blush, to colour, discolour.
fe'kome - to spoil or rot; abject or decrepit in appearance.
fe'krautse - to deface, disfigure.
fe'krüpe - to crawl away and hide.
fe'kwose - to waste.
fe'läaje - to be sad, dejected, depressed or melancholy.
Fe'lafniss - n. engagement, betrothal.
fe'läft - having the appearance of a wasted life.
fe'laje - to misplace, mislay.
fe'läje - disavow, deny, gainsay.
fe'langensweat - desirable.
fe'latsboa - vulnerable.
fe'latse - to injure, wound, harm, maim, mutilate, hurt.
fe'leare - to lose.
fe'leewe - fall in love.
fe'leide - misguide, lead astray, inveigle, tempt.
fe'lenjd - (felenjst) along, alongside.
fe'lenjd kome - to get along, be compatible.
fe'lenjre - to prolong, extend, protract, lengthen, elongate.
fe'lindre - mitigate.
fe'listre - entertain.
felle - to fill.
fellijch - portly, well rounded.
fe'loare - p. t. of fe'leare.
fe'loare gone - to be lost, gone astray.
fe'locke - to tempt, entice, distract. see fe'leide.
fe'lote - to leave, abandon, forsake; depend upon; desolate, forlorn.
Fe'lotenheit - f. desolation, abandonment.
Felt - n. (pl: Felda) field.
fe'lumpt - raggy, mangy.
Fe'lust - m. (pl: e) loss.
fe'mäaje - blissful, joyful.
fe'machle - ruin, use unwisely.
Fe'mäje - property, worth, fortune, estate, legacy.
fe'mäte - to err in measuring.
femeare - to increase.
fe'meare - to increase in numbers, procreate, multiply, augment.
fe'meddle - to intercede, intervene, mediate.
Fe'meddlung - f. (pl: e) intercession, mediation, intervention.
fe'meebelt - to dissipate; to thrash.
fe'meede - to tire; to hire out, to lease, to rent.
Fe'meedheit - f. weariness, tiredness.
fe'meet - past tense of fe'meede.
fe'mische - to mix, shuffle, scramble.
fe'moake - to bequeath.
Fe'moaksel - n. (pl: s) bequest.
fe'moarache - to waste, destroy diliberately.
fe'mone - to dun; admonish, exhort, expostulate.
Fe'moninj - f. (pl: e) admonition.
fe'muckre - to become emaciated, undernourished.
fe'müle - to speak out of turn.
fe'mutlijch - aparently, evidently.
fe'nachlässje - to neglect.
fe'näme - to perceive, understand, comprehend.
Fe'nasse - f. grimaces, antics.
Fenchel - a berry?.
fe'neede - to rivet; to beat up someone.
fe'neie - to sew until the thread or cloth is used up; to sew on.
fe'niele - to gorge oneself.
fe'nijchte - to destroy, to dissipate, abuse, annihilate.
fe'ninftijch - reasonable, sensible, rational, logical, sane.
fe'noagle - to nail down tight.
fe'nowent - this evening, tonight. (contraction of fonn'doag sse'owest).
Fensta - n. (pl: Fenstre) window, porthole, wicket.
Fenstakjast - f. house warming.
Fenstakjitt - n. window putty.
Fenstakopp - n. window sill.
Fenstalod - f. window blind, shutter.
Fenstarüt - f. window pane.
Fenstaschloss - n. shutter.
Fenstaspross - n. mullion.
Fensträme - n. window sash, frame.
fe'nulle - to negate, veto, annul, cancel.
Fe'nunft - f. sense, rationality, sanity. (see fe'ninftijch).
fe'oajre - to anger, to annoy.
Fe'ordnung - f. (pl: e) edict, order.
fe'pachte - to rent or lease, let.
fe'packe - to package, pack.
Fe'pajchta - m. lessor.
fe'pekjt - intent on, determined, stubborn.
fe'pitsche - to whip, to flog, to whip to pieces.
fe'plakje - to fade, to bleach.
fe'plaunte - to transplant.
fe'plenjre - to spill slowly.
fe'plisre - to become windblown, like hair in a storm.
fepüste - to rest, relax, to get one's breath.
fer - before.
fe'räajle - to bar the door, to secure, to seal.
fe'räajne - to rain out, to be spoiled by rain.
fe'rajchtswäajes - by rights.
Fer'aunda , (M: Weranda) - f. (pl: sch) veranda.
fe(r)'auntwuatlijch - liable, answerable, responsible.
Fe(r)'auntwuatlijchkjeit - f. responsibility, liability, accountability, obligation, onus.
ferdäm - before that.
fer'eascht - temporarily, at first.
Fer'ein - m. (pl: e) association, society, union, league, alliance, syndicate.
fe'reise - to travel, to go on a trip.
fe'rejchte - to complete chores, accomplish.
fe'rekjt - crazy, deranged, wicked.
fer'häa - prior to, before that.
fer'häa bestalle - pre order, pre-engage.
fer'häa uadeele - prejudge.
Ferhea - n. (pl: Ferheare) court proceeding, hearing.
Fe(r)heltniss - n. (pl: e) condition, situation, circumstance.
fe(r)heltnissmässijch - conditional.
Fer'hop - m. prospect.
ferinj'neare - destroy, demolish, ruin.
Ferjcht - f. (pl: e) fear.
ferjchtalijch - frightfully, terribly, fearfully, tremendously.
ferjchte - to fear.
fer'meddach - before noon, before midday, before dinner.
Fe'roda - m. (pl: sch) traitor.
fe'rode - betray.
fer'opp - ahead, in the lead, in front.
fe'rostre - to rust, corrode.
ferre - f. before.
ferrem - m. before.
Ferscht - m. a prince.
fe'rubble - to rub into small particles.
fer'üt - ahead of time, beforehand.
fer'üt besenne - prejudge.
fer'üt jrebble - premeditate.
fer'üt saje - prognosticate.
fer'üt woarne - forewarn.
ferwoats - forword, hurry! onward, advance, forth.
ferwoats driewe - to propel.
ferwoats hupse - jump forward.
ferwoats kome - to progess.
fe'saje - to peter out, to die out, like a motor that slowly fades away and dies.
fe'sate - to transplant, to transfer a business.
Fe'satungs Jedriew Kauste - f. transmission housing.
Fe'satungs Jedriew - n. transmission.
fe'saumle - to gather into a group, assemble, congregate, rally.
Fe'saumlung - f. assembly, congregaton, audience, meeting.
Fesaun - m. (pl: e) pheasant.
Fesch - m. fish.
Fesch Lung - f. fish gill.
fe'schachre - to barter away.
fe'schämt - shameful.
fe'schaufe - to provide, procur.
fe'schaule - for sound to spread like an echo.
fe'schaunde - to bring shame upon, to deflower, degrade, dishonor, rape.
fesche - to fish.
fe'schedde - to spill, other than fluid.
Fe'scheel - m. information; an effect; a difference; knowledge. {haft kjeen Fe'scheel - has no effect}.
fe'scheete - to shoot up, to destroy by shooting.
Feschei - n. (pl: a) fish eggs, roe caviar.
fe'schemmelt - p. t. of fe'schemmle.
fe'schemmle - to become mouldy.
fe'schempt - cursed, outrageous.
Feschhendla - m. (pl: sch) fish monger.
Feschhoake - m. fish hook.
fe'schiede(n) - various, assorted, different.
Fe'schiedenheit - f. (pl: e) a variety, diversity, heterogeneity.
fe'schiedna(t)lei - diverse and sundry things.
Fe'schlach - m. effect.
fe'schlachsom - effective.
fe'schlape - to drag away and misplace; to abduct.
fe'schlekje - to clog.
fe'schlentre - to waste, to spend unwisely.
fe'schlinje - devour.
Feschlocka - m. (pl: sch) fish lure.
fe'schloffe - to neglect, to procrastinate.
fe'schlone - to be effective; to hit with intent to break.
fe'schlonnse - to neglect, forget.
fe'schlope - to sleep in, oversleep.
fe'schlote - p. t. of fe'schlüte.
fe'schlucke - to choke on food when it goes down the wrong way.
fe'schlüte - to place under lock and key.
fe'schmäare - to spread, like grease over a surface; to thrash.
fe'schmachte - to be parched.
fe'schmatre - to smatter, to smash, to spatter, to break into pieces.
fe'schmelte - to melt.
fe'schmiete - to warp; to disperse by throwing; reject.
fe'schmolte - p. t of fe'schmelte.
fe'schniede - to cut into pieces; to spoil by cutting wrongly, mutilate.
feschom'peare - to spoil the looks or the effects of.
fe'schoone - to spare, to exempt.
fe'schorre - to lose enthusiasm for.
fe'schräje - to scorch.
fe'schriewe - to order by mail, to subscribe.
fe'schrowe - out of sorts, grumpy, frustrated.
fe'schrumpelt - wizened, wrinkled.
fe'schwentre - spend foolishly.
fe'schwiess - let alone, much less, not to mention.
fe'schwinje - to disappear, dissipate.
fe'seene - provide.
fe'sefte - to gasp for air, to suddenly lose one's breath.
fe'sejchre - to secure, to insure.
Fe'sejchrinj - f. insurance, assurance, security.
fe'selfst - of or by itself. spontaneously, automatically.
fe'senje - to singe.
fe'senkje - to sink.
fe'siemde Schult - arrears.
fe'sieme - neglect, delay miss; to take up another's time.
fe'sindje - to sin.
fe'sole - to resole a shoe; to spank thoroughly.
fe'sorje - to provide, obtain provisions.
fe'späle - to lose at a game or a gamble.
fe'spoake - when the spokes of a wheel or the staves of a barrel dry out.
fe'spode - to be late, to miss the appointed time.
fe'spräakje - to promise, to vow.
fe'spräakjent - promissory.
fe'spreede - to spread, to broadcast.
fe'sprenje - to disperse or scatter suddenly; to blow up with explosives.
fe'ssaubelda Stijch - maze, labyrinth.
fe'ssauble - to become entangled.
fe'sseie - forgive.
Fe'sseiung - forgiveness, pardon, remission.
fe'ssoagt - discouraged, faint.
fe'ssoajcht - moody, hurt, despondent.
fe'ssockre - to crystallize, to granulate.
fe'ssoddat - tangled, matted, dishevelled.
fessultat - seedy, matted, dishevelled appearance.
fe'ssultre - to tangle, like hair.
fe'stäakje - hide, conceal.
fe'stalle - disguise, impersonate, feign, to pretend, take on a guise; to put out of adjustment like tinkering with a clock setting.
fe'staunt - Fe'stentniss.
Fe'staunt - m. (pl: e) sense, awareness, brains, comprehension, understanding, intelligence.
fe'steenre - petrify, fossilize; transfix.
fe'steete - disown, expel; dethrone, overthrow.
fe'steewe - to be dispersed by the wind, like dust.
fe'stekje - to suffocate.
fe'stentlijch - understandable, comprehensive.
Fe'stentniss - n. understanding, comprehension, intelligence; see Fe'staunt.
fe'stentnissmässijch - coherently.
fe'stimmle - to disturb.
fe'stoakne Gow - f. hidden talent.
fe'stocke - to mould, stagnate, become musty.
fe'stone - understand, fathom, comprehend; see.
fe'stoppe - to clog, constipate, choke.
fe'streide Jedanke - scattered thoughts.
fe'streie - scatter, spread, strew about.
fe'striede - deny, contradict, refute, repudiate.
fe'stüde - to sucker, like roots.
fe'südle - become soaked with grime, soild, daub.
fe'sunke - sunken.
fe'süpe - to drown; to spend all on drink.
fe'süsenjelt - bedraggled, shaggy, mangy, disreputable.
fetäare - consume.
Fe'täarinj - consumption, emaciation, phthisis.
Fe'tal - narration, tale, yarn.
fe'tale - narrate, relate, describe, talk, speak.
Fe'talsel - n. anecdote, incident.
fe'teidje - to defend against.
fe'tiefe - to preoccupy oneself with something.
fe'tieft - preoccupied.
fe'tilje - to destroy.
fe'träde - to represent; to get some exercise.
fe'traflijch - delicious, very good, excellent, meeting all expectations, delectable.
fe'trakje - to grimace; to delay, extend.
fe'traubt - seedy, unsavory, shabby, dissipated.
fe'trüat - grieved, dejected.
fe'trüe - to trust, entrust, confide, rely; to dare.
Fetts - (pl: e) shred, lint.
fe'tüsche - to exchange, trade, interchange.
fe'twiewle - to doubt, to be frustrated.
fe'uadeele - to judge, to sentence.
fe'üasoake - to occasion, to provoke.
fe'walkje - to wither, to fade.
fewanke - to leave for a visit or for any other reason.
fe'waulte - to administer, manage.
fe'waundle - transform.
Fe'waundlung - f. (pl: e) transformation, transfiguration.
fe'waunt - blood related.
Fe'wauntschoft - f. (pl: e) kin, kinship, relationship.
fe'wausche - to wash something too hard to cause it to fade.
fe'weate - to put to good use.
fe'wekjelde Schwierijchkjeit - intricate problem or difficulty.
fe'wekjelt - implicated, embroiled, entangled, involved; intricate, complex.
fe'wensche - to curse, imprecate.
fe'werre - to bewilder, confuse.
Fe'werrung - f. bewilderment, confusion.
fe'wescht - blurred.
fe'wiele - to while away time.
Fe'wielness - n. pastime, hobby.
fe'willat - bewildered.
fe'woaloost - neglected, unkempt, decadent, ravaged, shabby, scraggly, mangy.
fe'woare - to conceal, hide.
fe'wone - for a dwelling to become dilapidated through use.
fe'wont - p. t. of fe'wone.
fe'wrekje - to wrench, to dislocate, sprain.
fe'wrekjt - p. t. of fe'wrekje.
fe'wunde - to wound.
Fia - n. fire, blaze, ignition, conflagration.
Fia Hollt - n. flare.
Fia Kjniepa - m. firefly.
Fia Lada - f. fire ladder, fire escape.
Fia Näajelkjes - midnight scarlets.
Fia Ordninj - f. fire regulations.
Fiadinkj - n. lighter.
Fiafedeelinjsdakjsel - n. cap of a distributor in a motor.
Fiarua - n. fire hydrant.
Fiaspell - n. fire box in a stove; hearth.
fiaspieenda Boajch - volcano.
Fiasprets - f. fire wagon.
Fiastäd - f. the yard in a village that was insured against fire; a viable farm.
Fiasteen - m. flint.
Fiastock - m. faggot, torch.
Fiastoppsel - n. spark plug.
Fiatäjel - f. fire brick.
Fiawäa - f. fire brigade.
Fiawäa - f. (pl: re) fire brigade.
Fiebel - f. a German primer.
fief Ssent - n. a five cent piece.
Fief (fiew) - f. five.
Fiefakj - m. pentagon.
fiefmol - five times.
Fiej - f. fig.
Fiejeboom - m. fig tree.
Fiel - f. (pl: e) file; arrow, shaft.
Fielfros - m. continual snacker, person with an insatiable appetite.
fien - fine, like small particles, like sand.
fienbleiws - n. bluing.
fienet Sseijch - fine material.
Fienheit - f. diplomacy, tact.
fienheitsmässijch - diplomatically, tactfully.
fienkrollijch - frizzy.
fienschroode - to shred, to grind finely.
Fient - m. (pl: Fiend) enemy.
fientlijch - hostile, malignant.
Fientlijchkjeit - f. hostility.
Fientschoft - f. enmity.
fiere - to deliver a fierce blow.
fierijch - chafed, infected rash.
Fierowent - m. end of a work day.
Fiestkjniepa - m. fussy person, fuss-pot, fastidious individual.
fiestnäsijch - stuck up.
Fiewa - m. (pl: sch) five dollar bill, fiver.
fiewatlei - of five different kinds.
Fi'güa - f. (pl: re) figure, shape of body.
Fijcht - f. (pl: e) spruce tree.
Film - n. film.
Filt - n. felt material.
Filthoot - m. felt hat, bowler.
Filtschoo - f. felt shoe.
Filtstremp - f. see Bursteewle.
Finja - m. (pl: sch) finger.
Finjahoat - n. digitalis.
Finjahoot (Neirinkj) - m. thimble.
Finjanoagel - m. finger nail.
Finjarinkj - m. finger ring.
Finjasproak - f. sign language.
finje - to find.
fintenal - a process similar to Hoasäle.
Firse - f. peach.
Fläajdochta - foster daughter.
fläaje - to tend, care for, foster, attend.
Fläajel - f. (pl: Fläajle) flail.
Fläajelenj - n. swingle.
Fläajkjint - foster child.
Fläajsän - foster son.
flack - shallow.
Flackheit - f. (pl: e) shallowness.
flackre - to flicker.
Flag - f. (pl: e) flag, banner.
Fläj - f. (pl: e) fly.
Flajcht - f. (pl: e) braid; see also Ssopp.
flajchte - to braid, to plait, weave.
fläje - to fly.
Fläjedrakj , Fläjeschiet - n. fly specks.
Fläjeklaup - f. (pl: e) fly swatter.
fläkje - to curse, to swear.
Flakjfeeba - n. to have and indecisive nature, to be undecided.
Flank - f. (pl: e) flank, leg.
Flät - f. lumbago.
Flaum - f. (pl: e) flame.
flaume - to flame up; to render a sharp blow.
flausche - to have a talent for making progress.
flausne Kollea - flaxen.
Flauss - m. flax.
Flausstroo - n. flax straw.
Flautamüss - f. bat. (flying night creature).
flautre - to tremble, flutter; see also ssettre.
flautrijch - shaky, trembly.
Fleeda - m. (pl: re) lilac.
Fleedasauft - f. lavender.
Fleekjadakj - f. patch quilt.
Fleesch - n. meat, flesh.
Fleesch räkjre - to smoke meat.
Fleescha - m. (pl: sch) butcher.
fleeschfoawijch - pink.
Fleeschfrätent - carnivorous.
Fleeschmassa - n. butcher knife, cleaver.
Fleeschschnieda - m. meat cutter.
fleijcht - maybe, perhaps, perchance.
Fleiss - m. diligence.
Fleit , (M: Fleet) - f. (pl: e) flute.
fleiw - vapid, bland, unflavoured.
Flekj - n. (pl: a) a patch of land; a patch of cloth; a repaired hole in a garment.
flekje - to patch.
Flemma - n. (pl: sch) a flicker of light or fire.
flemmre - to flicker; see flackre.
Flenta - m. (pl: sch) a little girl's short dress.
flerre - the audible ripping of cloth.
fliee - to pile up.
Flies - f. (pl: e) a thin string of meat, a thin piece of diaphragm.
Fliet - f. diligence plus effort.
flietijch - busy, industrious, diligent.
Flijcht - f. (pl: e) duty, responsibility; wing pinion.
Flijchtlinkj - m. (pl: Flijchtlinja) refugee, fugitive, runaway.
Flint - f. (pl: e) gun, musket, rifle.
flissent - liquid, fluid, viscous.
Flitsboage - m. bow and arrow.
Flitsboagekonnst - f. archery.
Flitsepee - m. bicycle.
Floa - f. a visible error; a cut or a notch, an open cut.
Floak - f. (pl: e) roost, perch.
Flock - f. (pl: e) flake (of snow).
Flodda - m. (pl: sch) moth.
floddre - to flutter.
Floms - flemish.
Floom - f. (pl: e) fat or lard from around a pig's kidneys, considered to be of lower quality.
Flott - f. (pl: e) fleet.
Flotta - m. same as Flodda.
Flua - f. (pl: re) floor.
Fluadakj - f. floor covering.
Fluadräaja - (pl: sch) floor joist.
Fluakodda - n. floor rag, mop.
Fluch - m. (pl: e) a curse, an oath, malediction.
fluche - to curse.
Flucht - f. (pl: e) flight, escape.
Fluchwuat - n. an expletive.
fluckemol - frequently.
fluck(s) - quickly.
flunkre - to lie, to exaggerate.
Fluss - m. (pl: e) river; a flow.
Foa - f. (pl: re) furrow, groove, wrinkle.
foaboa - drivable, in driving condition.
foadijch - done, finished, completed, achieved.
foadijch brinje - to manage to do.
foadijch moake - to finish, to perfect, to complete.
Foagel - n. (pl: Fäajel) bird.
Foagel Flint - fowling piece.
Foagelfadre - f. bird feathers, plumage.
Foagelhüskje - n. birdhouse, aviary.
Foageljesank - n. trill, warble.
Foagelkonnst - f. ornithology.
foake(n) , foakna , aum foakenste(n) - often, oftener, most often.
Foakjel - n. shoats, piglets.
foakjle - to farrow.
foare - to drive.
Foarm - m. (pl: s) farm.
Foarma - m. farmer.
foarmarijch - rustic.
Foasch - f. (pl: e) roof ridge.
Foaschien - m. (pl: e) drivers' licence.
Foastool - m. lift, elevator.
Foat - f. trip, journey.
Foatijch - n. (pl: Foatia) vehicle, conveyance, rig.
Foatkoste - f. fare.
Foaw - (pl: e) paint, crayon, tincture, tint.
foawe - to paint.
Foawstoff - n. pigment.
Fobel - f. (pl: e) fable.
Fobeldijchta - m. fabulist, story writer.
Foda - m. (pl: sch) father.
Fodalaunt - n. fatherland.
fodalijch - fatherly.
Fodamort - m. patricide.
Fodaschoft - f. fatherhood, paternity.
foddle - to make good progress and to be capable of it. To make things go smoothly and efficiently.
foddre - to ask, demand.
Fodem - m. (pl: e) fathom.
Fold - f. (pl: e) fold, crease, wrinkle, pleat.
Folkj - n. (pl: Felkja) folk, people, populace, nation.
Folkjsjeschijcht - f. folklore, folk tale.
Folkjsleet - n. folk song.
Folkjsleida - m. a demagogue.
Folkjsrejiarung - democracy, republic.
foll - full.
foll Freid - joyous, happy, full of mirth.
Follboat - m. someone with a full beard.
follbrestijch - full breasted, voluptuous.
follbrinje - accomplish, succeed.
Follbrinjenheit - accomplishment, success.
follens - especially, wholly.
follfräte - satiate, gorge.
Follj - f. (pl: e) result, effect.
follje - to follow; fold, plait.
folljewosse - full grown, adult, mature.
folljoarijch - mature, of age.
follkome - whole, complete, perfect.
Follkomenheit - f. completeness, perfection, integrety, wholesomeness.
Follmacht - f. authority.
Follmacht jäwe - authorize.
Follmajchtja - m. (pl: sch) one invested with full powers; plenipotentiary, one who has power-of-attorney.
Follmon - m. full moon.
foll'opp - abundant.
follstemmijch - full toned.
follstendijch - complete, fully, thoroughly, entirely.
follwijcht - full weight.
fomm (fonn däm) - from.
fonn benne - from the inside.
fonn büte - from the outside.
fonn donn aun - from that time forward.
fonn hia - from here.
fonn Hoate - from the heart, heartfelt.
fonn Hoate jeare - eagerly, very willingly.
fonn Hoate leet - contrite, very sorry.
fonn Iesa - of iron, ferrous.
fonn nü aun - from now on; henceforth.
fonn o(nn)jefäa - approximately, about.
fonn Räd - garrulous, loquacious, verbose, voluble.
fonn Tüss - away from home, left home.
fonn Wiets - from far away, from afar.
fonndoag - m. today.
fonndoag den Dach - in today's terms.
fonndoag sse'owest - tonight, this evening.
foodre - to feed.
fooss - barren, having no seed.
Foot - m. (pl: Feet) foot.
Footgank - m. a characteristic gait, style of walking.
Footijch - n. footwear.
Footjenja - m. pedestrian.
Footsoldot - m. foot soldier, infantry soldier.
Footspoa - f. footprint.
Footstijch - m. foot path; sidewalk.
Footwoama - m. footwarmer.
Forakje - f. little father. (term of endearment).
Forjcht - f. fear; see Ferjcht.
Forkj - f. (pl: e) pitch fork. {dree tinje Forkj - three tined fork}.
Form - m. (pl: s) form, mold.
Formlijchkjeit - stand on ceremony; formality.
forsch - stout, heavy set, sturdy, corpulent.
forsche - to enquire, research, study, explore.
Fos - f. lint, fuzz.
Foss - m. (pl: Fass) fox; sorrel-coloured horse.
Fossiesa - fox trap.
fossijch - sorrel coloured.
Fossjacht - f. (pl: e) fox hunt.
Fosskautje - n. fox kitten.
fote - to grasp, to take hold; fight wrestle, grapple.
Fracht - f. freight, lading.
Frachtschepp - n. freighter.
Fräd - f. peace, accord.
Frädensrejchta - m. magistrate, justice of the peace.
Frädhoff - m. cemetery.
Frädhoole - to keep the peace.
frädliijch - peacefully, halcyon, peacable, pacific.
frajch - saucy, pert, candid, forthright.
Fräjoa - in days of yore, in ancient or early days.
Fräjoasche Mood - tradition.
framd - strange, unfamiliar, strange.
frässelt - ugly.
Frät - maw, gab, mouth; (vulgar).
fräte - devour, gourmandize.
Fräte - food for animals.
Fraun'seesch - French.
Frauts - (pl: e) mask, ugly face, mug.
Frautse moake - make faces, facial contortions, grimace.
freare - to freeze.
freelijch - happy, jovial.
Freestikj - n. (pl: e) breakfast.
Freid - f. joy, happiness, bliss, mirth rapture ecstacy.
Freidsteara - m. kill joy.
freie - to anticipate joy.
freilijch - indeed, to be sure.
Frens - f. (pl: e) shred, lint. filament (see fos).
frensijch - linty, hanging by shreds.
fresch - fresh.
freschmalkj - freshened (cow that has calved).
Fria - m. (pl: sch) suitor.
frie - free.
frie fläje - soar, glide.
frie onn frajch - open and direct, candid.
frie spräakje - to acquit.
Friedach - m. friday.
friee - to woo, to court.
friee Konnste - liberal arts.
frie'effentlijch - openly and publicly, above board.
frieet Launt - a free country.
Frieheit - f. (pl: e) liberty, freedom; permission.
friejäwrijch - generous, liberal, lavish, munificent, open handed.
friemoake - to liberate.
friesennijch - liberal, emancipated.
Friesennijchkjeit - liberality.
friewellijch - voluntary.
Frint - m. (pl: Frind) friend, chum, pal.
frintlijch - friendly, amicable.
Frintlijchkjeit - f. friendliness, kindliness.
Frintschoft - n. relationship by blood or marriage, kin, kinship, kindred, kinfolk.
Froag - f. (pl: e) question, inquiry.
Froag stalle - to pose a question.
froage - to ask, to question, enquire.
froaglijch - questionable, impugnable.
Frodem - m. slowly exhaled breath, especially breath that can be seen on a cold day.
frodme - to exhale slowly.
from - pious, godly.
Fromheit - f. piety.
froo - glad, jovial, happy.
Fros - (hard s) junk food, luxury food.
Frost - m. frost.
frostijch - frosty, frigid.
Frü - f. (pl: es) woman, wife, lady, ladyship.
frucht brinje - to bear fruit.
Frucht - f. (pl: e) fruit.
fruchtboa - fruitful, productive, prolific, fertile.
Fruchtknoppe - m. ovary.
Fruchtküak - m. tart.
fruchtloos - fruitless, infertile.
Früess Sodel - m. side saddle.
Früess Späjelschaup - woman's vanitiy case.
Früess Stemmrajcht - n. woman's suffrage.
Früess Stow - f. woman's bedroom.
Früesshamd - smock, negligee, chemise.
Früessjeschlajcht - female gender, female sex.
Früesskaunt - on the female side or lineage.
Früessoatijch - womanly, effiminate.
Früessriedpeat - n. palfry.
Fua - f. (pl: re) a load.
Füag - f. (pl: e) tenon.
Fuamaun - m. driver, chauffeur, wagoner.
fuat - away, off, gone, forth; beat it!.
fuat schekje - to send away.
fuat trakje - to move away.
fuatbliewe - to stay away.
fuatjäwe - to give away.
fuatkome - to lose, to get away.
Fuatkome - an existence, a living.
fuatrane - to run away.
fuats oppe Städ - right now! on the spot.
fuat(s) - right away, promptly, forthwith, now, immediately.
fuawoakje - to haul goods, transport freight, convey goods.
Fuchsschwauns - m. keyhole saw.
Fuchtel - f. (pl: le) wing of a windmill.
fuchtijch - furious, upset, excited.
fuchtle - to gesticulate, to wave one's arms wildly; to flap.
Füd - f. (pl: e) a marker set up for ex. by a farmer when he strikes out his first furrow on the field. see Opprigj.
fuj! - phooey.
fül - lazy, shiftless, indolent, slothful; foul, putrid, rotten.
füle - to rot.
Fülens - m. a laggard, loiterer, drone, sluggard, lazy sleepy head.
fülense - to laze or lounge around doing nothing.
fület Ei - n. rotten egg.
Fülheit - f. laziness, lassitude.
fulstrijch - moldy, foul smelling.
Funk - f. (pl: e) spark.
Funkestoppsel - n. spark plug.
funkle - to sparkle, scintillate.
Fupp - f. (pl: e) pocket.
Fuppjebüak - n. pocket book.
Fuppjejelt - n. loose change, pocket change, allownce.
furjchtboa - frightful, tremendous, formidable.
Fuscha - m. a whisper.
Fuschkje - n. a trick, joke, an error.
fuschle - to whisper.
Füst - f. (pl: e) fist.
füstgroot - fist sized.
Füsthaunschkje - mittens.
Füstrinkj - m. knuckleduster.
Füststriet - m. fisticuffs, pugilism.

© Herman Rempel 1984,1995, and Mennonite Literary Society 1984,1995, and 1998-2006, and Eugene Reimer 2006. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.