Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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ea - sooner, first, before.
ea beede - to do honour, to honour.
Ea - f. (pl: Eare) honour, dignity, tribute, credit.
eabeedent - honourable.
eabejiarijch - seeking esteem, ambitious.
eaboa - serious, stern, sober, austere.
Ead - earth; ground; world.
Ead äwre Mien - mine overburden.
Eadaul - the world.
Eadbäa - f. strawberry.
Eadbäben - n. earthquake.
Eadbaulkonnst - f. geography.
Eadgank - m. tunnel.
Eadhunt - m. groundhog.
Eadhüpe - m. mound.
Eadjeist - m. gnome, fairy.
Eadkjarscht - earth's crust.
Eadkjoasch - f. groundcherry.
Eadrutsch - f. landslide.
Eadschock - f. (pl: e) potato.
Eadschockespeena - f potato chips.
Eadschwien - n. badger.
Eaforjcht - f. respect, awe.
eajistre - the day before yesterday.
eana - m. earthen.
eanet - of earth.
Eanst - m. solemnity, gravity, earnestness, severity.
eansthauft - grave, earnest, solemn, severe.
eantlijch - really, literally, virtually.
eare - honour, dignify, venerate, revere.
earemol - often, freqently.
Earentäkjen - n. sign of honour.
eascht - first, primary.
easchta - m. the first one.
easchte - f. the first one. also refers to winner, champion, premier, soonest.
easchte Silb - f. prefix. first syllable.
eed - barren, desolate.
Eed - bareness, desert, desolation.
Eedzh - f. a deep trough or manger for feeding cattle located on the floor of the barn.
Eefelt - m. (pl: s) simpleton, half-wit, idiot.
eefeltijch - dull, idiotic, acting halfwittedly.
Eefeltspensel - m. nincompoop.
eegol - continually.
Eelefaunt - m. (pl: e) elephant.
Eelj - f. oil.
Eeljbilt - n. oil painting.
Eeljboom - m. olive tree.
eelje - to oil, lubricate.
eeljijch - oily.
Eemskje - f. ant, emmet.
Eemskjefräta - m. ant eater.
Eemskjeklompe - m. ant hill.
Eemskjesüastoff - formic acid.
een - n. indefinite article a, an, one; en is often substituted for een (en Maun).
een eensja - m. one single one.
een eensjet - n. one single thing.
een mol - once, one time.
eena - m. one, a, an.
eena no'm aundra - one after another.
eenatlei - of one kind, one thing.
eendoont - not caring, uncaring, carefree, spiritless, lackadaisical.
eendoontijch - complacent, not motivated.
eendrajchtijch - incessantly, steadily, relentlessly, continually, regularly.
eene - f. one, a, an.
eene eensje - f. one single one.
eenem de Gluaje fäaläse - to read someone the riot act.
ee(n)fach - simple, elementary.
Eenheit - f. (pl: e) unity, singularity.
eenijch - agreeable, get along well, compatible.
eenje - to agree. {dee eenje sikj - they get along well}.
eenje , eensje - some, several, a few.
eenjleisijch - one track minded.
eenkjanijch - making strange, shy, relating only to one person, usually the mother.
Eenklank - m. unison, monotone, consonance.
eenkollearijch - of one colour, of plain colours.
ee(n)letsijch - single, unmarried.
eenmol eromm - one lap, one round.
ee(n)mol - once.
eenmoleent - the multiplication table, (lit one times one).
eenoamijch - one armed, havinag only one arm.
eenräjijch - of one row (of plants).
ee(n)saum - lonely, lonesome, solitary.
Eensaumkjeit - f. loneliness, solitude.
Eenselheit - f. (pl: e) singularity, characteristic.
eenselja - m. the only one.
eenselje - f. the only one.
eenselje - (pl) the only ones.
eenseljet - n. the only thing.
eenseloatijch - singualr, unique.
eenselwiess - one by one, singly.
eenselwiess fekjeepe - to retail.
eensiedijch - one sided, unilateral.
Eensiedla - m. hermit, recluse.
eensiedlijch - solitary, lonely, isolated.
eensilbijch - monosyllabic.
eensje - see eenje.
eenst - once, once upon a time. {met eenst - all of a sudden}.
eenstemmijch - solo; unanimous, in unison.
eenstockijch - sone storeyed.
eent - one.
eent (een) - one.
eent fonn beid - either or, one of two.
eent no't aundre - one after another, consecutive, successive.
eentäajlijch - stubborn, single-minded.
eenteenijch - monotonous.
Eentracht - f. accord.
Eenüag - m. one eye.
Ees - f. (pl: e) ribbon, bow.
Eesebaunt - m. ribbon, bow.
eesswit - snow white. immaculate.
Eewa - n. (pl: sch) shore, bank of a river, coast, beach.
eewan'jeelisch - evangelic.
Eewanje'list - m. evangelsit.
eewe - to practice, rehearse.
eewijch - eternally, perpetually.
eewijch läwe - to be immortal, to live eternally.
Eewijchkjeit - f. eternity.
Eewijchraut - perpetual wheel.
effentlijch - openly, publicly.
ei wan - what if.
Ei - n. (pl: a) egg.
Eiajälet - egg yolk.
Eiaküak - n. egg fritter.
Eiaschol - f. egg shell.
Eiastock - m. ovary.
Eiawittet - the white of an egg.
Eid - m. (pl: e) oath.
Eifst - m. (pl: e) harvet.
eifste - to harvest.
Eil - f. (pl: e) barley beard.
Eil - n. a hurry, a rush.
einheimisch - native to.
Eirunt - oval, elliptical, oblong.
ekj - I, ego.
ekj kaun - I can.
ekjijch - egotistical.
Elkj - f (pl: e) weasel, ferret.
elkje (eromm elkje) - to speed around without reason.
ella - older (oolt old, ella older, aum ellste oldest).
Ella - n. (pl: Ellre) age.
Ellamum - f. great aunt.
ellaschwack - senile, feeble.
Ellaschwackheit - f. senility, dotage.
ellerachtijch - elderly.
ellerachtje Frü - f. dowager.
Elleroom - m. great uncle.
Ellre - parents.
ellsta - m. oldest.
ellsta - m. the eldest.
ellste - f. oldest.
ellste - f. the eldest.
ellste - pl form of the above two.
Elltesta - m. (pl: Elltestasch) deacon, elder.
em Jäajendeel - on the contrary.
em korten - soon, in the near future.
emfange - to receive.
emfintlijch - sensitive to touch, squeamish, delicate, tender.
Emfintlijchkjeit - f. sensitivity, touchiness, tenderness.
emm Bad - in bed.
emm (enn däm) - in the, in, into, within.
emm Ferüt - ahead of time, in the future.
emm sonst - free, for nothing, gratis.
emm Wäaj - in the way.
emma - always.
emmahan - anyhow, however.
emmawäarent - continually, everlasting, without end.
e'mol - once, once upon a time.
en - a, an; see een.
e'naun - against.
e'naunda (üt'naunda) - apart.
Endaniss - f. (pl: e) change.
en'dol - down; see dol.
endre - to change, alter.
e'nenn - prep. into, in; Examples where it is used as a prefix.
e'nenn denkje - to reflect upon.
e'nenn finje - to find ones way in.
e'nennackre - to seed into.
e'nennbelkje - to yell into.
e'nennbloare - to yell into.
e'nennbräakje - to break into.
e'nennbrinje - to bring in.
e'nenndrekje - to press into.
e'nenndrinje - to force into.
e'nenndroage - to carry in.
e'nennducke - to dip into.
e'nennfaule - to fall into.
e'nennläwe - to become accustomed to.
enj - adj. confined; narrow; stuffy; stifling.
Enj - n. (pl: a) end.
enja moake - to take in, like pants, to tighten.
enjawiess - from time to time.
enje Loft - stifling air.
Enjel - m. angel.
Enjelsch , (M: Englisch) - english.
enjelsche Krankheit - f. rickets.
enjhoatijch - illiberal, narrow-minded.
Enjschoft - termination, an end.
enjste - to fear, to be afraid.
enjstlijch - fearful, timorous, cowardly.
Enjwa - m. ginger.
Enkjelda - m. simpleton.
Enkjelde - f. simpleton.
Enkjelde - simpletons.
enkjelt - singular, simple.
enn - in, at, into; used as a prefix as seen in the following words.
enn aundre Ommstend senne - to be pregnant; in different circumstances.
enn oabeide - to work in.
enn Winjle wekjle - to put on diapers, to wrap in swaddling clothes.
ennackre - to seed, to plant.
ennalijch - inwardly, internally.
Ennämsklaup - f. intake valve.
ennaste - to nestle in.
Ennbaunt - m. a package tied with string.
Ennbildung - f. (pl: e) imagination, fancy.
ennbille - to imagine, to spark the imagination; to be conceited.
Ennbillniss - f. (pl: e) conceit.
ennbinje - to tie in.
ennblotte - to get covered with mud.
ennbräakje - to train, to break in a machine or a horse; to break into a house.
ennbucke - to dent.
ennbuddle - to bottle.
enndäwre - to pound in like a pole.
enndeele - to divide among, apportion, graduate evenly.
enndietsche - to explain.
enndinje - to place in a boarding situation; to indenture.
Enndruck - m. impression, effect, influence, impact, imprint.
ennducke - to dunk.
ennducke - to dunk, to dip.
enndusle - to dose off.
enne (enn dee) - in the.
enneewe - to practice, rehearse.
enneie - to take in by sewing.
ennfädme - to thread (a needle).
ennfeare - to implement, initiate, to import; to enter into a book.
e(nn)festone (senne) - to agree to.
ennfinje - to turn up, to appear, to arrive.
ennflajchte - to weave into, to braid into.
ennflekjre - to ingratiate oneself.
Ennfluss - m. influence, patronage.
E(nn)fooda - n. (pl: sch) inside lining of clothing.
e(nn)foodre - to line clothing.
ennfreare - to freeze.
ennfuppre - to pocket surreptitiously.
ennhalpe - to rabbet, to notch in a wooden joint.
Ennhault - m. (pl: e) contents, capacity, substance.
ennhaundle - to agreee to purchase.
ennheimse - to garner.
ennhendje - to place into ones hands.
ennhitse - to provoke into action.
ennhole - inhale, breathe in; to overtake, catch up to.
ennhoole - to hold back.
ennhucke - to serve a jail term.
ennimpfe - to vaccinate.
ennjankre - to tempt, to tantalize.
ennjäwe - to administer a dose of medicine; to concede.
e(nn)jebilt - imaginary, conceited, priggish. see ennbille.
e(nn)jebuare - innate, inborn.
e(nn)jebuarna Fäla - congenital problem.
e(nn)jebuarne Natüa - instinct.
ennjedungna Sol'dot - mercenary.
e(nn)jeete - to pour into.
e(nn)jefroare - p. t. of e(nn)freare.
e(nn)jehitst - provoked into action. see ennhitse.
e(nn)jemoakt - preserved, canned. see ennmoake.
e(nn)jestiemt - snowbound. see e(nn)stieme.
e(nn)jewartelda Sinda - reprobate; sinner beyond redemption. see ennwartle.
e(nn)jewartelt - rooted, inveterate.
E(nn)jewaundada - m. immigrant.
E(nn)jewaundade - f. immigrant.
E(nn)jewaundade - pl, immigrants.
ennkjeepe - to purchase, buy.
ennkjlame - to wedge in, to secure in a vice.
ennkjleede - to clothe, to provide with attire.
ennkjlinkje - to engage, like gears; to engage the door latch.
ennkjoawe - to make a notch.
ennkoake - to preserve, to can.
Ennkom - m. income.
Ennkoop - m. (pl: e) purchase.
ennkwateare - to billet.
e(nn)lode - invite.
Ennlodinj - f. invitation.
e(nn)lote - to drop the plough share into the ground to plough.
ennmiare - to immure, to wall in.
e(nn)moake - see ennkoake.
ennnäme - to ingest, to take in, to take a dose of medicine.
ennoajre - to anger, to scandalize, to irritate, to madden, to ruffle, to pique, to provoke.
ennodme - to inhale, to breathe in.
Ennom - income, receipts.
enn'oolent - bored, sick and tired of.
ennpäakjle - to pickle, souse.
ennpacke - to package, to pack to bundle.
ennpaundje - to impound.
ennpische - to wet the bed.
ennpräaje - to inculcate, brainwash.
e(nn)pretse - to besprinkle.
ennräde - to persuade, convince; see beräde'.
ennräkje - to apply for; to hand in.
ennreare - to mix, stir in, mix together; concoct.
e(nn)rejchte - to arrange, organize.
E(nn)rejchtinj - f. (pl: e) arrangement, organization.
e(nn)rieme - to move things in.
e(nn)riete - to chap, to tear partly.
e(nn)riewe - to massage, to rub in.
e(nn)säajne - inaugurate, bless, dedicate, consecrate.
e(nn)sacke - to bag.
e(nn)sate - to insert, to set in.
Ennsatinj - f. (pl: e) insertion.
ennsaulwe - to apply salve.
ennsaumle - to gather in.
ennschape - to ladle in.
ennschedde - to store grain, to pour in (other than liquid).
ennschenkje - to pour a drink.
ennschlachte - to slaughter for home use. Lay in a supply of meat.
ennschlone - to pound in; for lightning to strike.
ennschlope - to fall asleep.
ennschlurpse - to slurp up.
e(nn)schlüte - to include, to enclose.
e(nn)schmäare - to grease; apply salve; medicate, anoint.
ennschmeijchle - to ingratiate oneself fawn, toady.
e(nn)schniede - to cut or nick oneself.
e(nn)schniee - to be snowed in, to become snowbound.
e(nn)schriewe - to register, matriculate.
ennschuchtre - to intimidate, browbeat, to make bridle shy.
ennschweare - to impanel.
e(nn)schwiene - soil, sully, defile, pollute.
e(nn)seene - to tolerate, understand.
e(nn)seepe - to soap up.
E(nn)sejcht - prudence, descretion, insight.
e(nn)sejchtijch - discreet, prudent.
e(nn)sette - to entrain; to serve a jail term.
e(nn)sollte - to cure in salt, to pickle in salt.
ennspikjre - to garner, to store grain.
e(nn)spoare - to isolate, impound, cage in.
e(nn)sprinje - to shrink.
ennssockre - to add sugar, to sweeten.
e(nn)stale - to adjust; to decide against going ahead, to cancel.
e(nn)stemme - to tune and instrument; to agree.
e(nn)stieme - to become snowbound.
e(nn)stoppee - to imprison, throw into jail, incarcerate.
e(nn)südle - to get soaked with muck, taint, defile, stain.
e(nn)süe - to suck in.
enntanke - to put into gear; to set someone straight; to adjust; to put someone in his place.
enntiene - to fence in.
enntole - to pay in.
enntrakje - to conscript.
ennuzhle - to snuggle in.
e(nn)wachte - to baby sit, to caretake.
ennwäkje - to soak.
e(nn)wakjsle - to acquire change.
e(nn)wartle - to take root, to become rooted.
e(nn)waundre - immigrate.
E(nn)waundrung - immigration.
e(nn)weie - inaugurate, dedicate, ordain, induct.
e(nn)wekjle - to wrap up.
e(nn)wellje - to accede, agree, approve, consent.
E(nn)wendinj - f. excuse, rationaliztion.
e(nn)woare - to detect, to become aware of, notice.
enopp(a) - up, upwards; a prefix as used in the following examples.
enopp(a) gone - to walk up.
enopp(a) kjikje - to look upward.
enopp(a) krüpe - to crawl up, to climb up.
ent - a prefix of negation; reversal, removal.
Ent - f. (pl: e) duck.
entdakje - to discover, to find out.
Entebrode - m. roast duck.
Entejacht - f. duck hunt.
Entepuddel - m. duck pond.
enthoole - to keep from.
entjäajen kome - to meet halfway.
entlijch - finally, at last.
Entlijchkjeit - f. finality.
entlote - dismiss, adjourn.
Entrass - f. interest on money.
ent'satslijch - dreadfully, surprisingly.
entscheide (entschiede) - decidedly; decide, these words appear to be interchangeable.
entschlote - resolved, determined.
Entschlotenheit - resolve, resolution. see entschlüte.
Entschluss - decision, conclusion.
entschlüte - conclude, determine.
entschuldje - to excus, apologize, exculpate.
Entschuljniss - justification.
entstalt - dismayed, disappointed.
entwäda ooda - either or.
entwei - broken, torn; upset lit 'in two'.
entwekjle - develop.
en'tweschentiet - in the meantime, meanwhile.
enunja - under, same root as unja.
er - an insep prefix as used in the following.
er'äjne - to happen, to occur.
er'auf - down, downward.
er'auf runsle - discredit.
er'auf stiee - to abdicate.
er'boarme - to pity, have mercy.
er'boarmlijch - merciful.
er'foare - to experience, encounter; experienced, showing wisdom.
er'jatse - to relish, enjoy to the full.
erjchräakjne - to go through an account.
er'kjane - to recognize, perceive.
er'kjläare - explain, clarify, define, illuminate, illucidate, expound, enlighten.
er'lange - to reach, achieve.
er'laube - allow, permit.
Er'laubniss - f. permission, licence, leave.
Er'laubnisschien - m. licence.
er'laubt - permitted, permissible.
Ernaunstault - f. asylum, mental institute.
e'romm - around, as seen from the centre, round about; approximately.
e'romm ose - to fidget around.
E'rommstrikja - a prowler, a drifter.
erommstrikje - m. to prowl around aimlessly.
erre - to err, botch, blunder.
errgloowsch - superstitious, heterodoxical, wrong belief, misconceived.
Errsenn - m. madness, insanity, lunacy.
errsennijch - mad, insane, unbalanced, unhinged.
er'sats - substitute, something artificial.
er'staune - to marvel, to be amazed, to be surprised.
erüt räde - to be evasive, to beat around the bush.
er'üt - out, outside.
erwoarte , (M: er'warte) - to expect, to anticipate, await.
es - is; see senne, to be.
et - it, that; shortened form of daut.

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