Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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däa - f. (poss pron) her.
Däa - f. (pl: re) door, portal.
däaj - very, considerable, significant, downright.
Däarefensta - n. transom.
Däarejäwel - m. pediment.
Däarejehenkj - n. door hinge.
Däarejerejcht - n. door jam.
Däarekjlinkj - f. door latch.
Däareknoop - m. door knob.
Däareschlätel - door key.
Däareschwal - f. threshold.
Däarewajchta - usher, doorkeeper.
dach - bright.
Dach - m. (pl: Doag) day.
dachdäajlijch - daily, day after day, routinely.
dache - to light the way, to light up, to dawn.
dachet Lijcht - bright light, glare.
Dachoabeit - f. day work, piece work.
Dacht - f. (pl: e) wick.
Dack - n. (pl: Däakja) roof.
Dackfensta - n. dormer.
Dackran - f. eavestrough.
Dackstow - f. garret.
Daga(t) - m. thick oil; thick mud; heavy, crude oil.
Däjch - m. (pl: Däj) dough.
Däjchtroch - m. kneading trough.
däjijch - doughy.
Dakj - f. (pl: e) blanket, cover.
Dakjsel - n. lid, cover.
Dakjskje - n. (pl: e) doily.
Däl - f. (pl: e) strawstack; see Stroodäl; Däl originally referred to a threshing floor.
däm - poss pron. him.
dämänlijch - similar.
dan - then, at that time, after that, next, thereupon, furthermore, besides.
dän - poss pron. them.
Dank - m. (pl: e) thanks.
dankboa - thankful, grateful.
Dankboakjeit - f. thankfulness.
danke - to thank.
Dankfast - n. thanksgiving.
dan'no - afterwards, thereafter.
dannoch - nevertheless, though, yet, however.
danse - push hard, exert pressure, force.
Darp - n. (pl: a) village.
Darps äkje - f. village oaks, slang for tall, wild pigweed.
Darps ennwona - m. villagers.
Darscht - m. thirst.
Darscht stelle - to quench or slake a thirst.
darschte - to thirst.
darschtijch - thirsty.
dartijch - thirty.
dartijchstel - n. one thirtieth part.
dauge , (M: duage) - to amount to something, to be good for, to be of use.
Daugnikjs - m. a good fornothing.
Daum - m. (pl: Dam) a dam, grade embankment, bank, dike.
Daumbrat - n. checkerboard, game of checkers.
Daumel - m. (pl: s) a craze.
Daumelskopp - m. an idiot, a fool.
daumlijch - m crazy.
Daump - m. steam.
Daump hett - steam heat.
Daump ma'schien - steam threshing outfit.
Daumpa - m. steamer.
Daumpgrope - steam boiler, pressure cooker.
Daumpkjätel - m. steam engine.
Daumpmäl - steam driven flour mill.
Daumpsdruck - steam pressure.
Dauneboom - m. evergreen tree.
Dauns - m. (pl: Dans) dance, jig, reel.
daut - that, it ('et is often used in place of daut).
daut'selwje - the same thing; see dee'selwje, dee'selwja.
däwre - to make a loud, banging noise.
de Kjiep jäwe - lit to give one the basket. This term refers to a woman giving a guy the walking ticket.
de Räj no - numerically, in series, consecutively, in sequence.
De Jriese Diesta - an ogre of the darkness, a story book character.
de'dwäa - at right angles, crosswise; grumpy, at odds.
dee - f or m. he, she, they, them, those, who, which, that.
Deef - m (pl: Deew) thief.
deejanja - m. that.
deejanje - f. or pl. that, those.
deejansje - those, those that.
Deel - n. portion, propotion, part, deal.
deele - to deal, distribute, divide, separat, apportion.
Deelhaba - m. (pl: sch) partner.
Deelnäma - partaker, participant.
deelnäme - partake, participate.
deelwiess - partly.
Deemüt - f. humility, contrition.
deemütijch - humble, contrite.
deene - to serve, attend, minister.
Deenst - m. (pl: e) service, office, ministration.
deep - deep, profound.
deep enn Jedanke - meditative, reflective, deep in thought.
deepa - deeper.
deepa Growe - trench, deep ditch.
Deepa - baptist.
deepe - to baptize.
deepet Jefeel - pathos, passion emotion.
deesel(w)ja - m. the same one.
deesel(w)je - f. the same one.
deesel(w)je - the same ones.
Deetsamba - m. December.
Deffat - m. (pl: s) male pigeon.
Defteriet - diphtheria.
Deiw - m. dew; thaw.
deiwe , (M: daue) - to thaw; for dew to fall.
de'lengd - lengthwise, along the length of.
Dell - m. dill.
demmre - a noisy pounding; thundrous noise.
Demokrat - m. (pl: e) a four to six passenger buggy or light wagon. see Fadawoage.
demo'leare - to demolish.
Demo'learung - f. demolition, destruction, havoc.
demple - to dilute.
denkjboa - imaginable, thinkable.
denkje - to think.
denkje halpe - remind.
denkjestiet - a long time, interminable.
Denkjmol - n. a shrine, monument, memorial, memento.
Denkjschreft - f. memoirs.
Denkjssadel - m. (pl: s) written reminder, memorandum.
denkjweat - memorable.
denn - thin, skinny, guant, lean, slender slim, sparse.
denn backijch - weazened.
denne Hüt - thin skin, thin membrane, film.
denne Schijcht - thin layer.
Denninj - f. flank of an animal.
derftijch - needy, in need.
derjch - prep. through; prefix, see following words.
derjch oabeide - to repair, overhaul.
derjchblädre - to page through.
derjchboare - to bore through to gore, to penetrate.
derjchbrenne - to abscond, to run away, bolt.
derjchbrode - to fry over again.
derjchbüare - to mismanage (a farm).
derjchbüe - to rebuild, renovate.
derjchchnettlijch - on the average, usually.
derjchdrasche - to thresh through; to discuss thoroughly.
derjchdrekje - to press through, like through a sieve.
derjchdrenje - to push through. to squeeze through.
derjchdrinje - to penetrate, pervade, permeate.
derjchdrinjendet Jefeel - thrill.
derjche Bloom räde - to speak ironically or euphemistically.
derjchen'aunda - mixed, pell mell, medley, miscellaneous.
derjchentiet - usually.
Derjchfaul - m. dysentery, diarrhea.
derjchflajchte - intertwine.
Derjchfoat - f. a passage or journey through.
derjchfoodre - to feed through a specific period.
Derjchgank - m. gangway, pass, transit way.
derjchhalpe - to assist through a difficult time.
derjch'han - berserk, mentally unbalanced.
derjchhenje - to sag, to hang hollow. like an old roof.
derjchjehäakjat - intricate, involved, tangled.
derjchjenat - soaked through, sodden; see derjchnate.
derjchjepitscht - like a whipped cat.
derjchjepoakat - poked through, messed up.
derjchjetraubt - cunning, bedraggled, decrepit.
derjchjewosse - root bound, grown through and through.
derjchkleiwe - to paw through, to rummage through; to scratch through the skin.
derjchkrautse - to score through a surface, to scratch through.
derjchkrome - to rifle, to rummage through.
derjchläse - to read through; to sort, to cull.
Derjchmot - f. diameter.
derjchnate - to become soaked.
derjchpitsche , derjchpriejle - to whip soundly, to thrash, trounce.
derjchräajne - to rain through.
derjchräde - discuss, consult, talk over.
derjchreise - to travel through.
derjchsäkje - to search through.
derjchschetsle - to set up a partition.
derjchschiene - to shine through.
Derjchschjlach - m. sieve, colander.
derjchschlape - to muddle through, to eke out.
derjchschlikje - to sneak through.
Derjchschnett - average, mean, medium.
derjchschniede - dissect, intersect.
derjchschüwe - to penetrate, push through.
derjchsejchtijch - transparent, translucent, see through.
derjchspekje - to pierce, puncture.
derjchstäakje - to pierce, puncture.
derjchtrakje - draw or pull through, to pass through, to soak through; thread through a needle; saturate.
derjchüt - by all means, absolutely, by any means; throughout.
derjchwajch - usually.
derjchwaumse - to spank.
derjchweele - to ransack, rummage.
derjchwikjse - to spank.
derjchwintre - to winter through.
derjchwoame - to warm through.
Derkj - short for Diedrich, anglicized to Dick, Died.
derwe , (M: däawe) - to be permitted to, may, might.
Desch - m. (pl: e) table, deck lectern.
Descha - m. carpenter, joiner, cabinet maker.
Deschdakj - f. tablecloth.
Deschkjlinja - m. table bell.
Deschloake - n. tablecloth.
det leewste - perferably.
dia - expensive, dear.
Dia'koon - m. (pl: e) deacon.
Dia'lekjt - f. (pl: e) dialect.
Dia'maunt - m. (pl: e) diamond.
diare - to last, continue, endure, take time.
Diedakjiel - f. (pl: e) bulrush.
diede - explain, interpret.
dien - poss. sing. pron. your.
Dien - f. snowbank, dune.
diena - m form of dien.
diene - f and pl form of dien.
dienje - another form of dien.
diensjlikje - your equals, your peers, of your own kind.
dient - another form of dien. Ex Dit es dien Massa. This is your knife Dit es dient. This is yours.
dieslijch - dizzy, giddy, vertigo.
diesta - dark.
diesta kjikje - glower, frown, scowl, lour.
Diestel - m. (pl: s) wagon pole, wagon tongue.
diestre Ütsejcht - grim outlook, dark prospects.
dietlijch - clear, articulate, implicit, graphic, concise, obvious.
Dietsch - German.
Diewel - m. (pl: s) devil, Satan.
diewlisch - develish, satanic, fiendish, diabolical.
dijcht , dijchta , aum dijchste(n) - dense, denser, densest, water tight, foul smelling (air) close.
dijcht toop - close together.
dijcht waussent - rampant growth.
Dijchta - m. (pl: sch) poet, author, bard.
dijchtbie - close by, near.
dijchte - to write, compose.
dijchtet Struck - thicket.
dijchtijch - considerably, downright, thoroughly.
Dijchtkonnst - f. art of writing.
dikj - thick, fat, plump.
dikj woare - to become thick, curdle, solidify.
dikja Kwiel - m. phlegm.
dikjbuckijch - paunchy.
dikje Malkj - clabbered milk.
dikjkoppijch - thick headed, pig-headed.
Dikjpans - one with the big stomach or paunch.
dinje - to haggle, barter.
Dinjsdach - m. Tuesday.
Dinkj - n. (pl: Dinja) thing, object.
di'rekjt - direct.
Diri'jent - m. (pl: e) director of a choir, conductor.
disa - m pron this one.
dise - f. also pl. this one, these.
diss , dissa - m. this.
disse - f. also pl. this one, these.
Distel - m. (pl: Distle) thistle.
Disteljedaun - m. thistledown.
dit - n. this.
dit - see disa.
ditmol - this time.
ditsied - this side.
doa - there.
doabie - thereby, at the same time.
doabliewe - stay there, remain there.
doaderjch - through that, as a result.
doafäa - for that.
doafäa sorje - to see to that. to look after that.
doafonn - from it or from them, of it or of them.
doafonn aufhenje - to impinge on, to depend on.
doage - to dawn.
Doagesberejcht - m. daily report, daily bulletin.
Doagesbüak - n. diary, day book.
Doagesleena - dayworkers.
Doagesoabeida - m. dayworker.
doahäa - from there, originating.
doahan - thence, thither.
doamank - among them, among those.
doamet - therewith, with that; lest.
doano - according to that.
doa(r)aun - on that, of that, thereon.
doa(r)äwa - during that time, over or across that, about that.
doa(r)enn - therein, in that.
doa(r)hinja kome - to understand, to catch on.
Doarm - f. intestines, guts, bowels, entrails.
Doarmseid - f. catgut, gut string.
doarommshaulwe - because of that, as a result of that.
doa(r)one - without that.
doaropp aufjeseene - intentionally arranged or orchestrated.
doa(r)opp - thereon, on that.
doa(r)unja - underneath that.
Doasenne - n. an existence.
doatoo - for that, because of that.
doawäaje - for that reason, because of that.
dobbelda Punkt - m. colon.
dobbeldiedent - ambiguous.
Dobbelfensta - n. (pl: Dobbelfenstre) storm window.
Dobbelschlach - m. half hitch.
dobbelt - double.
dobbelt räde - equivocate.
doch - still, yet, however, but, nevertheless, though, surely.
Dochta - f. (pl: Dajchta) daughter.
doch'woll - most likely, 'I suppose so'.
Dod - f. (pl: e) deed.
Dodel - m. rebuke, criticism, reproof, reprimand.
dodle - to criticize, inculpate.
doff - obscured, darkly, unclear.
Dokta - m. (pl: sch) doctor, physician, surgeon.
Dokta massa - scalpel.
dol - down, downwards; (also used as a prefix).
Dol - m. (pl: e) glen, dale, vale, valley.
Dola - m. dollar.
doldrekje - to press down; oppress.
dole - to subside, abate.
dolfaule - to fall down.
Doljch - m. (pl: e) cutlass, foil, sabre, rapier.
doljeschloage - crestfallen, sad.
doll - angry, furious, mad, rabid.
dolla - harder, more.
dolla - see sea. Comparison.
dollaje - to lie down.
Dolldrunk - m. an antidote for rabies.
Dolmatscha , (M: Dolmetscha) - m. interpreter, translator.
dolriete - to tear down, demolish.
dolsate - to sit down.
dolschmiete - to throw down.
Dom - m. (pl: e) dawn.
dome - to dawn.
domm - crazy, foolish, cracked.
domma Büa - m. yokel.
Dommajon - m. (pl: Dommejons) idiot, dunce, stupid fellow.
dommbleed - obseqious.
Dommheit - f. (pl: e) folly, stupidity, craziness, balderdash.
Dommkopp - m. fool, dunce, blockhead.
dommsaje - to tell someone off; to give someone a piece of mind.
Dommtijch - n. stupidity, humbug.
donn - then, at that time.
Donna - m. thunder. see Rummel.
Donnadach - m. Thursday; a day of reckoning in the Old Colony church.
donnemol - once upon a time.
donnre - to thunder or rumble.
Donst - m. steam, vapour, fumes.
donste - to steam, to vapourize.
donstijch - steamy, vapourous.
doo , doone - do.
Doode - m. corpse, remains.
Doodemol - f. birthmark.
Doodesangst - f. deathly fear.
Doodesbesorja - m. undertaker.
Doodesfaul - f. fatality.
doodesjefäadlijch - lethal, deadly, dangerous.
Doodeskjarpa - m. corpse, remains.
doodeskrank - deathly ill.
Doodesloake - n. shroud.
Doodesrejista - n. obituary, necrology.
Doodesstäakj - death throes.
Doodesstrof - f. death penalty.
Doodesuadeel - n. death warrant.
Doodewoage - m. hearse.
Doodjewijcht - f. ballast.
Doom - m. (pl: s) dome.
Doop - (pl: Deew) baptism.
Doopfast - n. baptismal service.
Doopsteen - m. baptismal font.
Doos - f. (pl: e) tin can, paper box or carton.
doot - dead, lifeless.
doot jebuare - stillborn.
Doot - m. (pl: Doodes) death.
dootmeed - dead tired.
dootschlone - to kill, to slay.
Dorjch - m. (pl: s) dagger, dirk.
Dorn - m. (pl: s) steel punch.
dort - over there, yonder.
Dotel - f. (pl: Dotle) date (fruit).
Dotem - m. (pl: s) date, (calendar).
Dräaja - (pl: sch) supporting beam.
dräjch - dry, arid, sere.
dräjch moake - to diaper a child.
dräje Tiet - drought.
Drakj - m. dirt, grime.
drakjijch - squalid, dirty, grimy.
drall - sturdy, heavy set; twisted, tangled.
dräne - to jar, to vibrabe.
Drank - m. swill, slop, sewage; pressure.
Drank Ama - m. slop pail.
drasche - to thresh.
Drauf - m. (pl: Drow) a fast trot.
Drebbellada - n. the flank of a horse.
drebble - to trot.
Dreddel - n. a third.
dree - three.
dree doagschet Feeba - three day fever, tertian.
Dree eenijchkjeit - f. the Holy Trinity.
dreefach , dreefachijch - treble, threefold, triple fold.
Dreefoot - m. tripod.
Dreekaunt - triangle; buckwheat.
Dreelinja , (M: Drillinje) - triplets.
dreeme - to dream.
dreemnäse - to doze, daydream.
Dreemolaundasch - hydrangia.
Drees - f. (pl: e) gland.
Dreeschlach - m. three quarter time in music; the rhythmic sound of a gallop.
dreessle - to beg continually, to plead, like a child of its parents.
Drei orjel - f. barrel organ, hurdy gurdy.
Drei puat - n. turnstile.
Drei schämel - the swivelling bolster of the front part of a sleigh or wagon that permits it to turn.
Dreibenkj - f. lathe.
Dreidäa - f. revolving door.
dreie - to turn, revolve, rotate, spin.
dreimoazhe - to waddle, to waggle the posterior.
Dreipunkt - m. pivot, fulcrum.
Dreischiew - f. turntable, potter's wheel.
dreiwe - to threaten, to menace.
dreiwent - imminent, impending; sinister, threatening, minatory.
Drekja'rie - f. (pl: e) printery.
drekje - to squeeze, to hug; to press, to print.
Drekjprass - f. printing press.
drenje - to crowd, to push.
Drenkj - f. (pl: e) water pond, drinking pond.
drenkje - to water an animal.
Drepp - f. (pl: e) drop of fluid; anasthaetic; mastitis.
drepp'aun (doaropp aun) - dependent on.
Dreppekend - f. (pl: e) peppermint candy.
drepple - to rain very lightly.
Drepsdrell - m. (pl: e) small, insignificant confused person.
dre'tian - thirteen.
dre'tiandel - thirteenth part.
Drief - m. (pl: s) motive, challenge.
driest - bold, forward, confident, brassy, audacious, presumptuous.
Drill - m. (pl: s) drill, seeder.
drinjent - urgent, earnest, insistent, fervent, imperative.
drinkjboa - potable, drinkable.
drinkje - to drink; to imbibe.
Droagbaunt - m. (pl: Droagbenja) suspenders.
droagboa - portable.
droage - to carry; to wear.
droagent - pregnant (animals).
Droak - m. (pl: e) kite; dragon.
Droat - (pl: e) custom.
drock - busy, occupied with work.
drocke Tiet - the busy season, a busy time.
Drockijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) preoccupation.
Drommel - f. (pl: Drommle) drum.
Drommel Düw - drumming pigeon.
Droom - m. (pl: Dreem) dream, reverie, wool gathering.
Droombilt - n. fantasy, phantasm.
Droschkje - f. Russian carriage.
Drosel - m. (pl: s) piece of string.
drosle - to tie together superficially.
Drot - m. (pl: Dräd) wire, thread.
Drot tang - f. pliers, tongs for handling wire.
Drotaunhola - m. wire stretcher; block and tackle.
Drotdäa - f. screen door.
Drotfensta - n. screen window.
Drotnorejcht - f. (pl: e) telegram, wireless message.
Drowa - m. (pl: sch) trotter.
Druck - m. pressure, stress; press.
Druckfäla - m. misprint.
druglijch - chubby, dumpy, portly, pleasingly plump.
Drunk - m. a drink, a punch.
drunkfallijch - prone to alcoholism.
Drunsel - n (pl: s) an old piece of string.
Drusch - a sudden slap or punch.
Drüw - f. a brace (and bit) (carpentry).
dü - sing, pers, pronoun, second person, direct form of address, you.
dü kau(n)st - you can.
dü O'schult! - you poor, innocent fellow! (said in sarcasm).
Düak - n. (pl: Däkja) shawl, kerchief.
düarhauft - durable, lasting enduring, permanent.
Ducht - f. energy, strength.
Duck - f. (pl: e) lever, pry.
Duckadeia - f. (pl: sch) see saw, teeter totter.
ducke - to pry with a lever; to bob up and down in water; {ennducke - to dunk}.
Duckpunkt - m. fulcrum.
duckre - to rock, to teeter, to waddle.
Duddelsack - m. bagpipe.
dudle - to dawdle, waste time.
Duj - f. (pl: e) a large block and tackle, windlass.
duje - to plod, to progress with difficulty.
dulde - to tolerate.
Duldinj - f. tolerance, sufferance.
Düme - m. (pl: s) thumb.
Dümes dreie - to twiddle the thumbs.
Dümeskrauft - f. the power of an automatic jack.
dün - drunk.
Dün - f. (pl: e) soft feather, down, fuzz, eiderdown.
dünijch - downy.
dunkel - obscure, dark, cloudy, bleak, dim, murky sombre.
dunkelbrün - dark brown, swarthy.
Dunkelheit - gloom, darkness, invisibitlity.
Dunkelsiedijch - pessimistic.
Dups - m. (pl: e) dunce.
düre - to worry.
dürhauft - of lasting quality.
Durrack - a card game popular among the Mennonites in Russia.
düs - over dressed.
Düs - f. (pl: e) diesel injectors.
Dusel - m. (pl: s) sleepy head, moron.
düsent - thousand.
Düsent Kjensla - inventor.
düsentstel - thousandth part.
duslijch - stupid, zany.
Duts - f. dozen.
Düw - f. (pl: e) dove, pigeon.
düzhe (M: dusche) - to bathe, to shower, to douche.
Duzhnak - m. (pl: e) simpleton.
Dwäagauss - f. village street running at right angles to the main street, crossroad.
Dwäaschien - f. (pl: e) building for storing grain and fodder or machinery annexed at right angles to the barn.
Dwank - m. coercion, compulsion, duress.
dwaule - to rush headlong into.
dwautsch - mentally unbalanced.
Dwautschhauns - m. a mentally unbalanced person.
dwinje - to be able to lift, to be able to accomplish.
Dwoaj - spiced, slightly aged cottage cheese balls.
dwoarauslijch - silly, stupid.

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