Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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Bäa - f. (pl: re) berry; pear.
bäaje - to bathe a wound, apply compresses.
Bäajel - m. (pl: s) handle of a pail, bail; rim of wheel supported by spokes.
Bäareboom - m. pear tree.
Bäben , (M: Bäbinj) - n. quake, tremor.
Bach - m. (pl: Bäakja) creek, brook, stream.
Back - f. (pl: e) oven; cheek.
backe - to bake.
Backeboat - m. sideburns.
Backeschlach - m. slap on the cheek.
Backheat - f. bakeoven.
Backkomm - f. baking dish, bowl.
Backowe - m. outdoor bake oven.
backrijch - sticky, gooey.
backse - a slap.
Backsinj - f. wheel box bearing.
Backtän - f. molar tooth.
Backtroch - baking or kneading trough.
Bad - n. (pl: e) bed.
bäde - to pray, worship.
Bädel - m. scoundrel.
Badkranka - m. invalid confined to bed.
Badstäd - n. bedstead.
bäje - to bend.
Bakja - m. baker.
Bäkjabrat - n. bookshelf, millboard.
bale - to bark.
bän - upstairs.
Bän - m. (pl: s) ceiling, loft; oppem.
bandijch - manageable, like a horse.
bandje - to tame, curb, control, subdue.
Bang - homesickness, fear.
bange - to yearn, to be lonesome, to be homesick.
bangrijch - nostalgic, wistful, pining.
Banje - f. a steambath.
Bank - f. (pl: e) bank, savings bank.
Bank'ea - m. (pl: sh) banker.
bankrutt , (M: bankrott) - bankrupt.
Bankssadel - m. cheque.
Banktala - m. bank teller.
bankwirdijch - valuable, worthy.
Barjchtola - m. Bergthaler, member of a Bergthal colony or Bergthal church.
Barscht - f. (pl: e) brush.
barschte - to brush.
Bäsma - m. balancing beam scale.
Ba'soa - m. bazaar.
Bassem - m. (pl: s) broom.
Bassemkrüt - broomgrass; Kochia prostrata.
Bassemstäl - broom handle.
Bassemstock - m. broomstick.
basta , baste , bäta - see goot.
bät (en bät) - a bit, a little, some, somewhat.
bätje (beskje) - both words in the diminutive form for bät.
bätre - to improve; to gain weight.
baudre - to bother, to harass, to trouble.
Baul - m. ball, globe, sphere.
Baulj - f. bellows.
Bauljch - m. (pl: Balj) rascal, brat; originally this word appeared to refer to a woman who had an illigitimate child.
Baulkje - m. (pl: s) beam, support, wooden joist.
baulre - to rattle, to rumble like thunder.
baulstiarijch - stubborn, headstrong, obdurate.
Baun - m. (pl: e) ban, interdiction, excommunication from church.
Baunt - m. (Benja) string, band, cord.
Bauntiesa - n. strip metal used to hold together the staves of a barrel.
Bauntworm - m. tapeworm.
Bauss - m. (pl: e) boss.
Baust - n. bark of a tree.
be - insep prefix, a widely used prefix in Low German indicating covering something (pronounced bi). In most cases the words following this prefix will be able to stand alone while the prefix be attaches increased significance to the word. It is never the accented part of the word.
Bea - m. (pl: sch) beer.
be'achte - to observe. see also be'oobachte.
Be'aumta - m. an officer, one in authority, a functionary, an official.
be'aumte - to authorize.
be'auntwuade - answer, respond.
bebbre - to shake like jelly, to quake.
be'bräje - to blanch, to scald.
be'büe - to build around.
be'dajchtijch - to be contemplative.
be'dakje - to cover (with a blanket).
be'danke - to thank.
Be'deelinj - f. participation.
be'deelje - to participate.
be'deene - to serve.
Be'deeninj - f. service.
be'denkje - to consider, think over, speculate.
Be'denkje - thought, reflection, misgiving, consideration.
Be'derfniss - n. a need, a requirement.
be'diede - to signify, symbolize, denote, purport, bode.
be'diedent - significant, momentous, considerable.
Be'diedinj - portent, omen, meaning, significance.
be'diesle - to become dizzy.
be'dinje - to stipulate; bedinjt of a certainty; conditional.
Be'dinjung - f. condition, stipulation, term.
be'docht - resourceful, resolute, wellconsidered. see be'denkje.
Be'drach - m. an act of fraud.
be'drekje - to suppress, oppress, repress, conceal.
be'drenje - to oppress, depress, squeeze in.
be'drenjt - squeezed in, oppressed, depressed.
be'droage - to defraud, cheat, deceive, beguile.
be'drunke - drunk.
be'düare - to worry about, to pity.
be'duddle - sway, persuade, influence.
be'dusle - to befuddle, confuse.
be'dwinje - to persuade by force, coerce, compel.
be'eadje - to bury, inter.
beede - to bid.
be'endje - to end, terminate, conclude, finish.
be'enflusse - to influence, sway, patronize.
bees - evil wicked.
Beesa - m. the evil one.
beese , beesre - rankle, irritate, anger.
Beese - hollow reeds.
Beese Fient , Beese Wijcht - the evil one, Satan, the devil, fiend, miscreant.
Beesenhoot - hat made of reeds.
Beest - n. beast, brute.
Beestmalkj - f. first milk from a freshened cow.
Beet - f. (pl: e) beet.
be'fäaje - to sweep over.
Be'fäl - m. a command, an order.
be'fäle - to command, to order.
be'feele - to feel all over.
be'felkjre - to people, to populate.
be'ferjchte - to fear.
Be'ffel , (M: Biffel) - m. buffalo.
be'fleescht - well fleshed, plump, well fed.
be'flekje - to patch all over, to cover with patches.
Be'folenheit - f. a mandatory order.
be'fote - to feel, to touch, to finger; {sikj be'fote - to control oneself}.
be'frädje - to satisfy, to gratify, to mollify.
Be'frädjung - f. satisfaction, gratification, pacification.
be'freare - to freeze over, to become frosted.
be'frieda Toostaunt - wedlock, matrimony.
be'friee - to wed, to marry.
be'froage - interrogate, enquire, question.
be'froare - past tense of befreare.
be'frodme - to cause fogging, like breathing on a cold glass surface.
be'gauf sikj - it so happened, it came to pass.
be'glottse - to ogle, to eye closely.
be'glüpe - to observe slyly with sidelong glances.
be'gnoage - to chew or gnaw over, like gnawing the corn from a cob.
be'goft - gifted, endowed, talented.
be'gofte Henj - gifted hands, dexterous.
be'gone - to do, to commit.
Be'gonnje - f. peonies.
be'grauje - to paw over.
be'grose - to graze on or over.
be'growe - to bury, inter.
be'hakjse - to bewitch.
be'harsche - to control, to govern.
be'haundle - to negotiate a deal, to barter, discuss; treat.
be'haupte , (beheipte) - to assert, confirm, aver, declare, maintain, allege, contend.
be'heiwe - to trim, to cut away.
be'helplijch - helpful.
be'henje - to drape, to cover with cloth.
be'hiepe - to hill, like potatoes.
be'hindat - handicapped.
be'hoole - retain, remember.
be'hutsaum - gently, carefully, tenderly, tactfully, cautiously.
beid - both.
beidatlei - of both kinds, hermaphrodite.
be'iese - to ice up, become glazed.
Beila - m. (pl: sch) boiler.
Beitel - m. (pl: s) chisel.
Beitelkopp - m. chislehead.
beitse - to corrode.
be'jäajne - to meet, encounter.
be'jaumre - to bewail, to bemoan, molly coddle.
be'jäwe - occur.
Be'jäwenheit - f. characteristic behaviour, idiocyncracy.
Bejcht - exaggerations.
Bejchte riete - to indulge in exaggerations.
be'jeete - to water, to pour over.
be'jeistade Freid - rapture, exaltation, ecstacy.
be'jeistat - inspired, enthused.
be'jeistre - to inspire, motivate, make enthusiastic.
be'jeiwat - slobbered over.
be'jenj - run in, limbered up, in good running order.
be'jenne - to progress, accomplish, achieve.
Be'jia - m. greed.
be'jiarijch - greedy, over ambitious, grasping, voracious.
be'jleite - to accompany, escort, attend.
be'jnäje - to be satisfied or content with what one has.
be'jniesre - to ridicule, to sneer at.
be'joat - up in years, aged, elderly.
Be'jrafniss - n. (pl: e) funeral.
be'jreesse - to greet, salute.
be'jrense - to confine, restrict, limit.
be'jriepe - to understand, catch on, grasp, comprehend.
be'jrieplijch - comprehensible, tangible.
Be'jriff - m. knack, talent for.
Be'kaunda - m (pl: Be'kaunde) an acquaintance.
bekaunt woare - become acquainted.
be'kaunt - familiar with, notorious, acquainted, public knowledge.
be'kaunt moake - to make known, announce, introduce, proclaim, introduce.
Be'kauntschoft - f. knowledge, publicity, a familiarity.
be'kjanne - to admit, to confess.
Be'kjantniss - n. confession; creed.
bekje - to bend over, stoop, curtsy.
be'kjeare - to convert, to accept a new way of life.
be'kjeepe - to bribe, to buy someone's favours.
be'kjemmat - concerned, solicitous, anxious, thoughtful.
be'kjemmere - to be concerned with.
Bekjhüss - n. outhouse, backhouse, outdoor toilet.
be'kjikje - to look over, survey, observe.
Be'kjleed - siding of a building.
be'kjleede - to apply siding to a building; to clothe.
be'kjleet - clothed, clad.
be'kjleewe - to besmear.
be'kjletsche - to smooth a log or rail with a hatchet.
Bekjreeme - m. backstrap; martingale.
be'kjritsle - to scribble all over.
Bekjse - f. pants, trousers; also refers to husks of grain.
Bekjseleida - m. a grainbagger; also Bekjseschlap.
Bekjselint - f. trouser waist.
be'kjwiele - to spit upon.
be'kjwiemt - bedraggled.
be'klautsche - to pat the body; to applaud.
be'kleiwe - to scratch dirt or sand over an object to cover it; to touch, to smudge. see befote.
be'kloage - to deplore, lament, bemoan, complain, bewail.
be'klomme - hee es beklomme; he is uneasy, afraid, oppressed.
be'kloppre - to pat.
be'klunje - to tread all over.
be'knaupe - to ration, to use sparingly.
be'koft - bribed.
be'kwoakjse - to belittle, be disdainful of.
be'lache - to laugh at the whole affair.
be'lajcht - covered with fur.
be'lammat - cluttered, taking up room.
be'läse - to pick over carefully; to read over.
Be'laustinj - f. a burden.
be'laustje - to burden, pester, annoy, encumber.
be'läwe - to experience.
Be'läwniss - n. venture, experience.
Be'lea - f. education, training.
be'leare - to lecture, to train, to educate, to enlighten.
be'learungsweat - educational.
be'leeft - loved, popular.
be'leib - definitely.
be'leidje - offend, hurt someone's feelings.
Be'leidjung - f. offence.
be'lekje - to lick all over.
be'lemmre - to clutter.
be'ligje - to burden, to overstay a welcome; to hang on.
be'lijchte - to shed light on, illuminate.
belkje - to holler, yell, shout.
be'loagre - to load down with, to beleaguer.
be'lode - to load down with.
be'looft - leafy, thick with leaves.
be'loone - to pay, to honour, to recognize.
Be'looninj - f. gratuity, prize, wage, remuneration.
be'lüare - to spy on, to observe secretly.
be'mäakjle - to find fault with.
be'mäje - to exert extra effort.
be'meistre - to master.
be'moake - to coop up, to cage, to confine.
be'moakje - to notice, to perceive.
be'mole - to cover with drawings, to portray.
be'motte - to coerce, to force.
be'mummle - to bundle up against the cold.
be'muzhat - soiled.
be'näme - control or behave oneself.
Be'näme - n. attitude, behaviour, bearing.
be'näwelt - tipsy, drunk, in a fog.
be'näwle - to get tipsy through drinking or smoking.
Be'neemung - f. (pl: e) nomenclature, system of names.
be'neie - to sew for someone, to cover with stitches.
Benjel - m (pl: s) urchin, young lad, chap, imp, boy; a dowel.
Benkj , (M: Beinkj) - f. (pl: e) bench.
benna - pref, within, inside, inner.
benna Jrense - within limits.
bennabast - within the best.
Bennafoot - m. instep.
Bennahaunt - f. palm of the hand.
Bennakaunt - on the inside, within the margin.
Bennareif - innertube.
bennaschta - m. the one on the inside.
bennaschte - f. the one on the inside.
bennaschte - is also the plural form.
benutse - to make use of, to use.
be'oabeide - to work over an item or object to bring it to a desired shape or state.
be'oobachte - to observe. to regard, to see.
Be'oobachtinj - f. an observation.
be'packe - to pack well, to pack around.
be'pauje - to paw all over.
be'pilse - to become moldy.
be'pilst - moldy.
be'plaunte - to cover with plants.
be'pulkjre - to cover with dirt.
be'räakjene - to calculate, to solve an arithmatic problem.
Be'räakjninj - f. a calculation an accounting.
be'räde - to convince, enjoin, coax, cajole, urge, persuade, talk over, discuss.
be'rajchte - entitle, authorize.
be'rane - to run errands; to rut, to breed.
be'rant - bred.
be'rausche - to surprise.
be'reise - to tour.
Be'rejcht - m. (pl: e) a report, statement.
be'rejchte - to report, to relate, to inform.
be'riemt - renown, famous, en.
be'riemta Rikja - a magnate.
be'riepe - to become covered with hoarfrost.
be'rikje - to sniff at.
be'rode - advise; debate.
be'roome - to become covered with soot.
Be'roop - m. (pl: s) an occupation, a vocation.
be'roowe - to rob.
Be'rstaund - a garden of watermelons.
be'rüje - to reassure, to calm, to quieten.
be'säkje - to visit, to call on, to see someone.
be'sate - to infest, to become covered with; to bind the edge of cloth.
be'säte - possessed, obsessed, demoniac.
Be'sätenheit - f. obsession, preoccupation.
be'saubre - to slobber over, to suck, to lick.
be'schäare - to present something to someone.
Be'schäarinj - a contribution.
be'schädje - to damage, to harm, mar, to hurt.
be'schaftje - (refl) to occupy or busy oneself with, to engage in.
Be'schaufenheit - f. constitution; see Fefotinj.
Be'scheet - m. information, direction.
be'scheffle - to bury with a shovel.
be'scheide - modest, well behaved.
Be'scheidenheit - f. modesty.
be'schekje - to make progress.
be'schempe - to vilify, to defame, curse.
be'schenkje - to present, endow, bestow.
be'schiare - to rub bare.
be'schiat - threadbare, worn through.
be'schiene - to shine upon, irradiate.
Be'schlach - n. a coating, a varnish.
be'schläpe - shrewd, smart, intelligent, educated.
Be'schlikj - m. (pl: e) a woolen cap or scarf.
be'schlone - to shoe a horse; to become tarnished or coated.
Be'schluss - m. conclusion, decree, resolution.
Be'schlussfäijch - a sufficient number of members present to make possible a decision, a quorum.
Be'schlüte - to put under lock and key; to resolve, to decree, to determine, to conclude.
be'schmäare - to besmear with grease (excuses) ; to cover up.
be'schmäkje - to over indulge in smoking.
be'schmatre - to bespatter.
be'schmurtse - to begrime.
be'schneffle - to sniff all over.
be'schniede - to trim, to clip, pare; to circumcise.
Be'schniedinj - f. circumcision.
be'schniee - to snow on, to cover with snow.
be'schniet - covered with snow.
be'schnütse - to snub, belittle, humiliate, spurn, rebuff.
be'schoawe - to cover lightly with dirt, sand etc.
be'schoone - to use sparingly, to protect.
be'schräde - to pace off, measure off, step out.
be'schrenkjde Jedanke - illiberality.
be'schrenkjde Kost - a diet.
be'schrenkjde Meeninj - illiberality, narrow mindedness.
be'schrenkje - to limit, to reduce, retrench, qualify.
beschrenkjt - limited.
Be'schrenkjtheit - f. narrowness of vision.
be'schriewe - to describe, portray, define.
be'schromt - cowed, intimidated.
be'schuldje - to blame, to accuse, impute, incriminate.
be'schumle , beschupse - to cheat, defraud, swindle, perpetrate.
be'schutse - to protect, shield, safeguard.
be'schwieme - to faint, swoon.
be'schwijchte - to quieten, to soothe.
be'schwindle - same as be'schumle, be'schupse.
be'seene - to look over closely, survey, scrutinize, scan, review, examine, view.
be'seie - to cover a field with seed.
be'senne - to reflect upon, consider, recollect, cogitate, deliberate, meditate, speculate.
Be'senning - f. (pl: e) senses, consciousness.
be'sennunglooss - unconscious, in a coma.
Be'sennungstiet - f. reprieve.
be'sette - to own, possess, occupy.
be'sied - beside, to one side, aside.
be'sied Wajch - by the wayside, beside the road.
be'siedle - to settle, to colonize.
Be'sits - m. (pl: e) possession.
beskje - a little bit. see bätje.
be'sonda (be'sondasch) - special, particular, peculiar, unusual.
be'sondre Fäijchkeite - special qualifications.
be'sope - drunk, inebriated.
be'sorje - to take care of, to do the chores; to acquire, to procure.
be'sorjt - concerned, anxious, worried.
be'spaune - to provide a team for.
be'speele - to rinse off.
be'spiee - to spit upon.
be'spretse - to splash, to spray, besprinkle, bespatter.
be'spüake - to spook, to haunt.
bessawiess - little by little small piece by small piece.
best - are, see senn.
be'städje , (M: be'stätje) - to confirm, ratify, affirm, verify, corroborate, sanction, ordain.
be'stale - to order, to request.
be'stäle - to rob.
Be'stalssadel - m. an order blank, an order form.
Be'stalung - f. an order, a request.
be'steewe - to get blown over with dust, to get covered with dust.
be'stemme - to determine, confirm.
be'stemmt - definite, certain, fixed, precise, specific.
be'stendijch - permanent, lasting, constant, stable, steady.
be'stone - consist of, exist.
be'sträwe - to endeavour, to strive.
be'streepe - to fleece.
be'streie - to scatter upon, strew upon.
be'streit - bestrewed.
be'striede - to accomplish.
be'strikje - to pat, to stroke.
be'strofe - to punish, chastise.
be'strole - irradiate.
be'strulle - to urinate upon.
bestrumpse - deleaf, to trim.
be'südle - to soil, to smudge.
be'süpe - to get drunk.
be'täkjne - provide direction, indicate, signify, denote, gesture, designate.
be'teewre - convince, cajole, persuade, enchant.
be'teibda Toostaunt - in a semi-conscious state.
be'teibe - to anaesthetize.
Be'teibungsmeddel - anaesthetic, drug, ether, opiate.
be'tiene - to fence in.
be'timmst - slang for 'drunk'.
Be'toch - a protective covering to keep out the elements, a top on a buggy.
Be'tochbogge - a buggy with a top.
be'tole - to pay, defray, compensate, recompense, remunerate.
be'toone - to stress, to emphasize.
Be'tracht - f. consideration.
be'trachte - to look at, observe, view, regard, consider.
be'traffs - pertaining to, concerning, with respect to.
be'trakje - to cover over, upholster.
be'triebt - afflicted, sorrowful.
be'trüare - to bewail, bemoan, to mourn over.
betta - bitter.
be'tuttre - to pacify, soothe, quieten.
be'twiewle - to have doubts over.
be'üage - to eye, to look over.
be'wäaj - to be present, mobile.
be'wäaje - to stir, move, to exercise.
be'wäajent - kinetic.
be'wäajlijch - moveable, mobile.
be'wäajlijch moake - mobilize.
Be'wäajlijchkjeit - f. mobility.
Be'wäajung - f. (pl: e) motion, movement.
be'wäle - to dry in the sun.
be'waundat - conversant, well-versed.
be'wausse - to become covered with growth.
be'wiese - to prove, demonstrate.
Be'wiess - m. proof, evidence, testimony, demonstration.
Be'wiess aufjäwe - to testify.
be'woare - to guard, to put in a safe place.
be'wonboa - habitable.
be'wone - to inhabit, live in, occupy.
be'wotre - to irrigate, to water.
Bewotrinj - f. irrigation.
be'wundre - to admire.
be'wust - conscious, knowing.
be'wustloos - unconscious.
Be'zhuj - m. (pl: e) one of a lower class, bourgeois.
Bia - f. (pl: Biare) slip covers for blanket or pillow, pillow case.
bie - by, near, beside, with. (pref. indicating nearness).
bie aun - in passing, in spare time.
Bieba - m. (pl: sch) beaver.
Biebel - f. (pl: Bieble) Bible.
Biebelspruch - m. Bible verse.
Biebliotikj - f. (pl: e) library.
bieblisch - biblical.
biebrinje - to convince, (sometimes forcibly).
Biedel - m. (pl: s) sac, pouch, small bag.
Biedel met Jelt - poke, money pouch.
Biedeltia - n. marsupial.
Biedrach - m. (pl: s) contribution.
biedroage - to contribute.
Bieeromp - m. beehive.
Biefaul - (pl: Biefal) whims, plans, ideas.
biefaule - to recollect, remember, to plan, to get ideas.
biegone - to get at something surreptitiously.
bieheare - to belong to.
biehoole - to persevere.
biehucke - to get into something mischievously, like an inquisitive child.
Biehutscha - m. assistant, helper, apprentice; a satellite.
biekrüpe - see biehucke, biehuksch.
biekrüpsch - displaying the tendency to get into everything.
Biel - (pl: s) hatchet, small axe. tomahawk.
bielaje - to enclose, to add, to supplement.
bielangs (gone) - to toddle as when a child learns to walk holding on to something.
Bielod - f. a compartment in a trunk; glove compartment.
bielote - to permit contact, to breed horses.
biepausse - to match, to fit together.
bieplaunte - to add more plants.
Biepritsch - the third horse of a troika (a Russian term for a threesome, a three horse team).
Bierock - m. a meat dish.
Bieschlach - m. threshold, annex.
Bieschmack - m. an after taste.
Bieschreft - f. postscript.
bieschriewe - to add a footnote.
Biesonne - f. sundogs.
Biespell - n. example, paradigm, precedent, sample.
biesprinje - to jump to the aid of.
biesta (Feebadroom) - delirious.
biesta räde - to rant, rave, hallucinate.
Biestaunt - m. (pl: Biestend) support, succor.
biestemme - to agree, concur.
Biet - n. (pl: a) a bite, a piece, a chunk.
bietawiess - bit by bit, little by little.
biete - to bite.
bietiede - betimes, in good time.
bietsch - having a tendency to bite.
biewone - to be present at, to experience, to witness.
bilde - to develop, educate.
bildung - f. education, development, formation.
bilje - tolerate, countenance, condone, brook; the cheap ones.
bille - (pref) having a choice among many, any.
billewäa - just anyone.
billewäm - to just anyone.
billewanea - just anytime.
billijch - cheap, inexpensive.
Bilt - n. (pl: Bilda) picture, effigy, painting, image, paragon, prototype, simile.
Bilt ütbeitse - to etch a picture.
Biltfedoawa - iconoclast.
biltlijch - allegorically figuratively.
biltlijch beschriewe - to describe graphically, to illustrate.
Biltschmieta - m. projector.
bimbre - to weep.
bindijch - earnestly.
Binj - f. (pl: e) scarf, sash, muffler.
binje - to tie, bind.
Binjwuat - n. conjunction.
Birja - m. citizen; sponsor; co-signer.
Birja woare - to become naturalized.
Birjarajcht - citizenship.
birje - to co sign, to sponsor, pledge.
Birjschien - m. voucher.
Birjschoft - f. collateral, bail, pawn.
bise - to buzz around.
Bisworm - m. a continually active, fidgety person.
bitscheen - please; certainly; you're welcome.
Bitsijch - m. (pl: s) small child, whippersnapper.
blädre - to turn the pages of a book.
Blajch - n. tin.
Blajchbaulj - f. (pl: e) a tin tub.
blajche - to coat with tin; (slang) to hit someone.
Blajchiesa - tin plates, tin metal, sheet iron.
Blajchkomm - f. tin basin.
blajchoatijch - tinny.
blajchoatjet Stoff - pewter.
Blajchschmett - m. whitesmith.
Bläjchsel - n. (pl: s) blossom, a bud about to blossom.
bläje - to bloom.
bläkje - to bleach, to whiten.
blam'eare - to embarrass.
blank - shiny, lustrous, glittering.
blankschiare - furbish, polish.
Blaubamauts - blabbermouth, chatterbox.
blauss - pale, sallow, wan, pallid, ghostly, whitish.
blauss woare - to pale, to blanch.
Blaussheit - paleness pallor.
Blaut - n. (pl: Bläada) a page, a leaf.
bleed - shy, coy, modest withdrawn, timid, reticent, reluctant.
bleede - to bleed, hemmorrhage.
Bleedheit - f. shyness, reticence, timidity, modesty, reluctance.
Bleifs , Bleifsel - m. bluing.
Bleifsplaunt - f. woad.
bleiw , (M: blau) - blue.
bleiw jreen - blue green, turquoise.
Bleiwa Hoost - m. whooping cough.
Bleiwbäare - blueberries.
bleiwe - to use bluing; to fib, lie.
bleiwe Malkj - skimmed mild.
Blekj - m. (pl: e) a look, glance, glimpse.
blenkjre - to glitter, sparkle, gleam, glint, twinkle.
Bless - m. the star on a horses' forehead.
Blie - n. lead, graphite.
blieijch - leaden.
Blies - f. (pl: e) squall, flurry, shower.
Bliesteft - f or m. pencil.
bliewe - to remain, stay, abide.
blinje Schreft - f. braille.
Blinje Koo - f. blind man's buff.
blinjet Jlekj - n. blind luck, fluke.
blinjlinjs - blindly.
blint - blind.
Blintdoarm - appendix.
Blintdoarm entsindung - appendicitis.
Blintdoarm Fejeftung - peritonitis.
blits blank - spic and span, polished and shiny.
Blits - flash, lightning.
Blits aufleida - m. lightning arrestor, conductor.
Blitskjniepa - m. firefly.
Blitsowe - m. microwave oven.
blitsre - see blenkjre.
Blitsschlach - m. lightning strike.
bloare - shout, yell, blare, bellow.
blombeare - to fill a tooth.
blond - blond.
bloodrijch - bloody, gory.
Bloom - f. (pl: e) flower; fib.
Bloom Beet - n. flower bed, hotbed.
Bloome Bläda - petals.
Bloome Glauss - flower vase.
Bloome Goade - m. flower garden.
Bloome Hendla - m. florist.
Bloome Knoppe - m. flower bud.
Bloome Kommst - m. cauliflower.
Bloome Krauns - m. garland.
Bloome Sauft - f. nectar.
Bloome Stoff - m. pollen.
Bloome Strauch - m. nosegay.
Bloomefensta - n. bay window.
Bloometün (fonn Spläte) - m. trellis.
Bloomoatijch - floral.
bloosjen Kopp - bare headed.
blooss - only, just, mere; naked, bare.
Bloot - n. blood.
Blootblos - f. a blood blister.
Blootfejeftinj - blood poisoning.
Blootkjräft - leukemia.
Blootlote - to induce bleeding, bloodletting.
Blootoam - anemic.
Blootoda - f. vein or artery.
Blootronstijch - finely veined, blood shut.
Blootschaund - incest.
Blootworscht - blood sausage, black pudding.
Blootwota - n. lymph, blood serum.
Blos - (pl: e) f. bubble, bladder, blister.
Blos dinkj - n. carhorn, foghorn.
Blosa - m. (pl: sch) blower; carhorn.
Blosbaulj - f. forge, bellows.
blose - to blow.
Bloshuarn - m. bugle, horn.
Blott - m. mud, mire, heavy muck.
blottijch - muddy, mucky.
Blottschropa - m. mud scraper.
Blüs - f. (pl: e) blouse.
boa (jelt) - cash.
Boa - m. (pl: re) bear.
Boa - n. (pl: sch) drill, auger.
boaft - barefoot.
boafta Koffe - m. coffee with nothing added.
Boage - m. (pl: s) bow (and arrow) ; a sheet of paper.
Boagehaulta - quiver.
Boageschoss - m. an arc, trajectory.
Boageseid - f. bowstring.
boaj'auf - downhill.
Boajch - m. (pl: Boaj) mountain, hill, knoll, mount.
boaje - to shelter, to billet.
boajijch - hilly, mountainous.
boaj'opp - uphill.
Boakj - f. birch, bark of a tree.
Boakjheena - a species of ptarmigan.
Boakjmeditsien - quinine.
boare - to drill.
Boarefang - f. a concoction of honey and alcohol formerly used to trap bears.
Boarekül - f. bear pit.
boasch - sour, rancid.
Boat - m. (pl: Bäata) beard.
Bobbat - m. a yeast bread with raisins, often eaten with roast chicken (see Mennonite Cookbook).
Bocht - f. (pl: e) a crude bed, a bed for animals.
Bock - m. (pl: Bakj) ram, a wooden sawhorse.
Bockbea - m. a dark beer, bock beer.
bocke - to buck.
Bockel'zhonn - f. (pl: e) tomato.
bocksch - having the tendency to buck; balky.
Bocksprinj - leapfrog; frolic.
Boddem - m. (pl: s) bottom, base.
bode - to bathe, lave.
Bodplauts - m. spa.
Bodwaun - bathtub.
Bodwaun - f. (pl: e) bathtub.
Bogge - m. (pl: s) buggy, chaise, gig, growler.
Boj - f. flannel.
Bol - f. (pl: e) plank.
Bolinj - f. (pl: e) arch of the foot.
Boll - m. (pl: s) bull.
bollboarijch - crude, uncouth.
Bollriess - f. (pl: e) a fish trap.
bommle - to dangle, to swing.
Bon - f. (pl: e) track, railway.
Bon Ssoagel - the small plot of land left when a track or highway cuts off a small piece of land and leaves a small corner of a field.
Bonbräakja - m. (pl: sch) pioneer.
bonbräakje - to open a new road.
Bonhoff - m. (pl: Bonhäw) railway station.
Bonnsel - n. (pl: s) sprig, cluster, bunch.
Bonschwal - railroad tie.
Bood - f. (pl: e) family room, den; shed (M).
bool(t) - soon, presently.
Boom - m. (pl: Beem) tree.
Boomeelj - f. olive oil.
Boommassa - n. pruning knife pruning hook.
Boomssiaropp - m. resin, sap.
Boomwoll - f. cotton.
Boomworscht - f. banana.
Boon - f. (pl: e) bean.
Boonekoffe - coffee beans.
boosshauft - ill natured.
Boosshoake - m. fire hook, a long pole with a metal hook on the end used for fire fighting; (a requirement on every Mennonite farm yard for purposes of insurance against fire).
Boot - n. boat, skiff, yawl.
Bootschoft - f. (pl: e) message.
boowe - to steal.
Borjch - m. (pl: s) castrated boar.
borje - to borrow, to lend.
Borkj - n. accumulated grime or scab.
Borm - m. (pl: s) well.
Borsch (Borscht) - m. a vegetable soup (see Mennonite Cookbook).
Borschtle - bristles, pig bristles.
borschtlijch - bristly, hispid.
Bos - m. hurry, rush.
Bosch - n. (pl: Bescha) bush, shrub; quadruplets.
bose - to hurry.
bosijch - in a hurry, quick, fast.
Bossem - m. (pl: s) bosom, bust.
bossijch - angry, invidious.
bott - until, by.
bott senne - to be direct and somewhat disrespectful.
Bott - endplay in mechanical terms.
Botta - f. butter.
Bottabloom - buttercup, marigold.
Bottadinkj - n. butterdish.
Bottafaut - n. butterchurn.
Bottalekja - butter licker; from a nursery rhyme in which fingers are counted off in turn, beginning with the little finger: {kjleena Finja, Goltrinja, Lankhauls, Bottalekja, Lüskjekjnekja - little finger, goldringer, long neck, butterlicker, nitpicker}.
Bottamalkj - f. buttermilk.
Bottamoll - f. (pl: e) butter trough.
Bottre - to churn butter.
bowa - (pref) upper, above.
Bowabän - m. attic.
Bowadäa - f. upper door of Dutch doors.
Bowadakj - f. counterpane.
Bowadarp - n. upper village.
Bowakaunt - f. the upper edge.
Bowakopp - m. pate.
Bowalepp - f. upper lip.
Bowaschult - m. mayor.
Bowastow - f. upper room.
bowe - m. on top.
bowe schwame - to float.
bowen'äwa (bowen'enn) - in addition to, on top of, off hand.
Bräajen - m. (pl: s) brain.
Bräajenkauste - m. cranium.
bräakje - to break; to gag, vomit.
bräakjlijch (brakjlijch) - feeble, frail, fragile.
Bräakjmeddel - n. emetic.
Bräakjstang - f. crowbar, jimmy.
Bräakjtäkjen - n. hyphen.
Brädatün - m. boarding, board fence, lattice fence.
Bräj - f. boiling water prepared to scald hogs or chickens so the bristles or feathers are removed more easily.
bräje - to scald.
Bräjtroch - m. scalding trough.
Brams - f. a brake; a horse fly, gadfly; a tourniquet like instrument applied to the nose of unruly horses for better control.
bramse - to brake.
Brat - n. (pl: Bräda) board, shelf.
Bratschlätje - n. toboggan.
Braunt - m. (pl: Braund) fire; ergot; fever, gangrene, holocaust, combustion.
Brauntlada - f. fire ladder.
Brauntsata - m. (pl: sch) arsonist.
brauntsate - commit arson.
Brauntschult - m. (pl: e) collector and administrator for Mennonite Fire Insurance Association in earlier times.
Braunwien - m. brandy, usually denotes any alcoholic drink.
Bredulje - f. a complication, a muttering.
Breed - f. breadth, width, latitude.
breeda - broader, wider, (comp of breet).
breeda Baunt - ribbon or tape.
Breeda - pl for Brooda.
Breedaleew - brotherly love.
breedalijch - brotherly, fraternally.
Breef - m. (pl: Breew) letter, epistle.
Breefjelt - n. postage.
Breefkauste - m. letter box, post office box, pillar box.
Breefmoakj - n. postage stamps.
Breefpapia - n. note paper.
Breefpost - f. mail, letter post.
Breefschol - f. letter scale, letter balance.
Breeftausch - f. letter pouch, mail bag; pocket book.
Breefwakjsel - m. correspondence.
breese - to brase, weld with brass.
breet , breeda , aum breetste(n) - broad, broader, broadest.
breetbeensch - splayed legs, legs apart, sprawled.
Brejch - n. (pl: e) an unruly child.
Brell - f. (pl: e) glasses, spectacles.
brelle - to roar.
Brellefooda - n. spectacle case.
Brellehendla - m. optician.
Brennartel - f. (pl: Brennartle) nettles.
brennboa - flammable, combustible.
brenne - to burn, to sting, to sear.
brennende Sood - heartburn, dyspepsia; (see also Soodbrenne).
Brennholt - n. firewood.
Brenniesa - n. branding iron.
Brenninj - f. fuel.
Brennkrüt - n. pigweed.
Bre'zhakje - grimaces, scowls.
bre'zhauje - to be busy, to prepare large amounts of food for festive occasions.
Brie - f. pulpy vegetable brew. hash, mash.
Briegaum - f. (pl: s) bridegroom, fiance, groom.
Brigj - f. (pl: e) bridge.
Brigjebaulkje - m. girder.
Brigjentol - f. bridge toll.
Brigjewolm - m. bridge railing.
brinje - to bring.
brisle - to whisper, to chatter.
britsche - to chatter.
Broak - f. fallow.
broake - to fallow.
Brock - f. (pl: e) a soaked piece of bread.
brockle - to crumble.
brocklijch - crumbly.
brode - to roast, to fry.
Brode - m. (pl: s) a roast.
Brodfat - n. drippings.
Brodfleesch - n. a joint, beefroast.
Brodkomm - f. roaster.
Brodpaun - f. frying pan.
Brommbäa - f. (pl: Brommbäare) loganberry, blackberry.
bromme - to buzz, to hum, purr, vibrate.
Brommkjriesel - m. a spinning top.
Brommtop - m. mummers, a group of mummers; an old Mennonite tradition; a group of young people superficially disguised went from house to houseon New Year's Eve, singing a New Years song. The song was accompanied by a special drum made of catskin with horsehair attached to its centre. When fingers were pulled along the moistened horsehair, an eerie, harshly discordant sound resulted. The hosts would respond with treats of {Niejoaschküake} {Portselkje} and frequently a {Sturack}.
Brommtopspäla - m. mummer.
Brooda - m. (pl: Breeda) brother.
Broodamort - m. fratricide.
Broodaschoft - f. brotherhood; church convention.
broode - to brood, to hatch to incubate.
Broodhan - f. a broodhen, setting hen; (see also Kluck).
Broodsel - n. a setting of eggs to be hatched.
Broodstäd - f. hotbed.
Broot - n. (pl: Brood) bread, loaf.
Brootkjarscht - f. a breadcrust.
Brootwartel - f. yam.
brosch - brittle.
Brost - f. (pl: e) breast, bosom, bust; chest.
Brosthaulta - m. brassiere.
Brostkauste - m. thorax.
Brostspald - f. brooch (Brosch in M).
brow - brave, audacious, daring; courageous, spunky, dauntless, intrepid, jaunty; good.
Bruch - m. rupture, hiatus, hernia.
Bruchbaunt - m. (pl: Bruchbenja) truss.
Bruchdeel - n. a fraction.
bruckboa - usable, wearable.
brucke - to use, to wear, employ, utilize, require, need.
bruddle - boil, sizzle.
brummle - to grumble, mutter.
brummsch - surly, grumpy, grouchy.
Brüt - f. bride, fiancee, intended.
brüzhe - effervesce, fizzle.
Brüzhpulwa - n. effervescent powder.
Bü - m. a structure, a building.
Büa - m. (pl: sch) builder, farmer, pioneer, peasant; pawn in chess.
Büak - n. (pl: Bäkja) book, tome.
Büakfeara - m. bookkeeper, accountant.
Büaklaufkje - n. (pl: s) bookstore.
Büakschaup - n. (pl: s) bookecase, library.
büakstäwlijch - literally, word for word, letter by letter.
Büakstow - f. letter of the alphabet.
büaksto'weare - to spell.
Büakworm - m. bookworm, pedant.
Büararie - f. a farm operation.
büare - to farm, to operate a farm.
Buat - f. (pl: e) border, edge, rim.
bübaunse - scold, berate, chide.
buchle - to jostle, nudge.
Bucht - f. cove, inlet, harbour.
Buck - m. (pl: s) stomach, belly, tummy, abdomen.
Buckgort - m. belly band of a harness.
buckijch - having a large tummy or a big' pot'.
buckpensle - to flatter.
Bucks - m. (pl: e) a nudge, jostle.
buckse - see buchle.
Buckweedoag - f. a stomachache, lit 'days of pain'. see also Liefschniedinj.
Buddel - f. (pl: Buddle) bottle, flagon, flask.
Buddelkje - n. little bottle, vial.
buddle - to bubble.
Büdelbekjse - f. balloon pants.
büdle - to balloon out.
büe - to build.
Bug - f. the prow of a boat.
Bugga - m. (pl: sch) small cultivator.
Büholt - lumber, timber.
Bül - f. (pl: e) dent, dint.
Bulkje - n. (pl: s) loaf of bread, usually white.
bullre - to make a thunderlike noise.
Bümeista - m. (pl: sch) architect, master builder.
Bumps - m. (pl: e) a thud, a noise, a bump.
bumpse - to thump, to bounce, dribble.
Bumpskjeadel - m. a tall, stout, stalwart fellow.
Bün - f. (pl: e) a stage.
bunt - colourful, motley, gaudy, variegated.
Bunt - m. (pl: Bunj) a small bundle.
Bunte Räj - f. a row of girls and boys seated alternately.
Bur'jaun - m. (pl: e) tumbleweed.
Burnuss - m. (pl: e) a thick heavy overcoat, burnous.
Burr - n. thick, heavy felt.
burre - to purr, like a motor or a cat.
Burrsteewel - f. (pl: Burrsteewle) thick, heavy, knee high felt boots made of matted felt over which rubber boots were worn in cold weather.
Buschel - n. a bushel.
Buschkje - f. a wee lassie, contraction of Barbara.
bütajeweenlijch - unusual, extraordinary.
Butje - contraction for Klubutje, (pl: s) a small hut used as a dwelling.
Butsa(t) - m. small child, small enough to be bounced on the knee.
butse - to bounce.
Büwoakj - n. (pl: e) a masterpiece in carpentry.
büwoakje - to build with skill.
Buzha - n. (pl: sch) a tousled head of hair.
buzhrijch - tousled.

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