Mennonite Low German Dictionary, Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
By Herman Rempel

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äa - f. poss. pron. her; {dit es äa Rock - this is her dress}.
äa , ahr - f. pers. pron. her; {kjanst dü äa - do you know her}.
Äajd - f. (pl: e) harrow.
Äajdakjsel - m. (pl: s) lizard, salamander, newt, eft.
äajde - to harrow.
äajdwinje - to swirl, like dust around a windy corner; to eddy, a dust devil.
äaje - same as {äa} or {äare}(?).
Äakjel - n. disgust, loathing, nausea.
äakjelhauft - loathesome, distasteful, nauseous, abomination.
äakjle - to loathe, to detest, to abhor, to feel disgusted.
äakjlijch - see äakjelhauft.
äara - m. hers, theirs.
äare - f. or plural, her, their; hers, theirs.
äat - n. hers, theirs.
äatshaulwe , äarenthaulwe - for her (their) sake.
äatsjlikje - her peers, their peers, of her or their kind, like her, the likes of (her) (them).
acht - f. (pl: e) eight.
acht Noote - an octave.
Acht - f. respect. esteem.
achtakjijch - octagonal.
achte - to mind, to respect, to have regard for.
achtel - n. eighth part.
Achtel Miel - a furlong.
achtian - eighteen.
achtungsweat - noteworthy.
Acka - m. (pl: sch) acre.
ackre - to till, to seed the land, to work the land.
adel - noble.
Adelmaun - m. nobleman.
Ädikj - m. vinegar.
A'drass - f. (pl: e) address.
A'drassbüak - n. address book, a directory.
adra'sseare - address a letter.
afen(t)s - almost, barely, nearly, marginally.
Agj - f. (pl: e) selvage, fringe or edge of cloth.
äjanoatijch - peculiar, strange; original.
äjen - own; odd nature, peculiar, singular.
Äjendeema - m. owner, proprietor.
Äjendeema Bewiess - m. title, deed, proof of ownership.
Äjendom - property, ownership, chattels.
Äjenheit - f. (pl: e) characteristic, peculiarity.
Äjenkopp - m. a stubborn, self willed individual.
Äjenrajcht - tenure, right of ownership.
Äjenschoft - f. (pl: e) quality, characteristic, idiocyncracy.
Äjensenn - obstinacy, self will.
Äjensennijch - obstinate, self willed, independent.
äjent - especially.
Ä'jent - m. (pl: e) agent.
äjne - to own.
Akj - f. (pl: e) corner, nook angle.
Akj too Akj - corner to corner.
Äkj - f. (pl: e) oak (tree).
akjawalsch - askew, out of plumb.
Äkje - f. rafters.
Äkjekota - m. squirrel.
akjijch - angular.
Akjs - f. (pl: e) axe.
Akjschaup - n. corner cupboard.
Akjshaulm - m. (pl: Akjshalm) axe handle.
Akjsteen - m. corner stone.
Alboage - m. (pl: s) elbow.
Älend - n. misery, affliction, wretchedness.
älendijch - skinny, seedy.
alf (alw) - f. eleven.
alftel - eleventh part.
am - him.
Ama - m. (pl: sch) pail, bucket.
an - them.
Angel - f. (pl: Angle) fishing rod and line.
angle - to fish, to angle.
Angst - fear, deep concern, anguish, trepidation.
Anka - m. (pl: sch) anchor, grapnel.
Ankaplauts , Ankastäd - a berth.
ankre - to anchor, to dock.
änle - to resemble.
änlijch - similar, alike, like.
Änlijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) similarity, resemblance, likeness.
A'postel - apostle.
A'prell - m. April.
Arent - f. (pl: e) a crop, a harvest.
Ar'foljch - m. success.
arnte - to harvest.
Ar'schaufa - m. Creator.
Asch - f. (pl: e) ash tree.
Äsel - m. (pl: s) donkey.
Äsel - n. ashes.
Äsel Jeschrejch - n. braying.
Äselbood , Äsel Kül - f. ashpit.
Äselfalm - n. hinny.
Äselmaunda - m. salamander, lizard.
astijch - gnarled, branchy.
ätboa - edible, esculent.
äte - to eat.
Äte - n. food, nourishment, nutrient.
atelje - some. several, a few.
Äteskauste - m. food hamper, picnic basket.
Äteskoma - f. larder, pantry, cupboard.
ätgangs - towards the end of.
Ätstow - f. dining room.
Ätwoa - f. gorceries.
Ätwoahendla - m. grocer.
Aubeetsee - n. abc's, alphabet.
au'dee - goodbye, farewell.
auf - is widely used as a prefix but it can stand alone; it usually indicates 'off'.
auf - off, down, from, away, whether.
auf onn too - now and then, on and off.
aufaste - to debranch, prune.
aufbarschte - to brush off.
aufbeitse - to remove through caustic action.
aufbestalle - to cancel or countermand an order.
aufbiete - to bite off.
Aufbildung - f. illustration.
Aufbilt - n. image, copy, likeness, replica.
aufbinje - to apply a tourniquet, to tie off.
Aufbinjsel - n. a tourniquet.
aufbräakje - to demolish; break off.
aufbrenne - to be razed by fire, to burn down.
aufbrockle - to crumble away.
aufbrucke - to wear away, to use up.
aufbrutsche - to do a sloppy job.
aufdakje - to uncover, to remove a blanket.
Aufdank - f. a eulogy.
aufdanke - to officiate at a funeral.
aufdaume - to dam off.
aufdaumpe - to speed away, lit to steam away.
Aufdeel - m. a part, a portion, a department.
aufdeele - to apportion, to distribute an inheritance.
Aufdeelinj - f. section, part, department.
Aufdeelung - f. part of an inheritance.
aufdijchte - to insulate.
aufdinje (erauf dinje) - to bargain for a better price or deal.
aufdocktre - to induce an abortion.
Aufdräjchshaundüak - n. kithchen towel.
aufdräje - to wipe dry, to dry off.
aufdreie - to turn or switch on; woodturning on a lathe.
Aufdrekja - m. (pl: sch) trigger.
aufdrekje - to pull the trigger.
aufdrenje - to push or squeeze someone from his rightful place.
Aufdrief - m. an abortion.
aufdrinkje - to drink a little from a container that is too full.
aufdroage - to wear out clothing.
aufenjste - to scare away.
auffäaje - to sweep off.
auffaule - to fall off, like leaves from a tree.
Auffeameddel - n. (pl: s) purgative, laxative, aparient.
auffeare - to purge.
auffiele - to file off.
auffoadje - to snub, to put down, to be flippant; to do a sloppy, hurry up job.
auffoare - to drive off, to depart.
auffoddre - to ask of or demand.
auffoodre - to feed the stock for the last time in the evening.
auffreare - to freeze off.
auffüle - to rot off.
Aufgank - n. waste. rubbish, garbage, refuse, trash, rejects, excrement.
Aufgankfräta - m. (pl: sch) scavenger.
Aufganksrua - n. sewer pipe.
aufgnoage - to gnaw off.
aufgnupse - to slip off from a knob. Ex holding a wet, slippery candy between thumb and forefinger, then pressing hard so it shoots away; a filip.
Aufgonst - m. envy, jealousy, grudge.
Aufgott - m. (pl: Aufjetta) idol, image.
Aufgott moake - idolize, deify.
Aufgottsdeenst - m. idolatry.
aufgrose - to graze off.
Aufgrunt - m. chasm, abyss, gulf, deep canyon.
aufhacke - to hack off, to lop off.
aufhalpe - to pay a debt by helping, to redress.
aufhaultre - to unhalter.
aufhaupse - to put something in the mouth to taste, like taking a spoon into the mouth to taste its contents and then quickly withdrawing it, as if it were hot.
aufhäwle - to plane off with a carpenter's plane.
aufhenjijch - dependent upon.
aufhoakje - to rake off.
aufhoatle - to harden, to toughen.
aufhocke - to partition off, to sequester, segregate, confined to a designated area.
aufhole - to pick up someone from the station; to pick up an item someone has borrowed.
aufhoole - to hold off, to hold at bay; to hold a child while it performs its natural functions, as part of toilet training.
aufjäwe - to mail; to become involved with; to repay a debt.
aufjebräjcht - having a lot of nerve, insensitive, being very forward.
aufjebräjde Frü - a hussy.
aufjebruckt - shabby, threadbare. see aufbrucke.
aufjeete - to pour some liquid from a container that may be too full.
aufjekoakte Brie - a cooked mash, a concoction.
aufjeläft - decrepit, having the appearance of having lived a hard life.
aufjemäte - measured off, having been surveyed; see aufmäte.
Aufjemoldet Bilt - n. copy of a drawing, sketch.
aufjenstijch - envious, jealous; see Aufgonst.
aufjenutst - shabby, worn, threadbare; see aufnutse.
aufjleppe - to slip off, to lose grip suddenly.
aufjoage - to speed away.
aufkaue - see aufkeiwe.
aufkaunte - to smooth or trim off the edges.
aufkeiwe , (M: aufkaue) - to chew off.
aufkjarte - to shorten, to abbreviate.
aufkjeele - to cool off.
aufkjeepe - to purchase from someone.
aufkjniepe - to pinch off.
aufkjniewle - to hack or whittle off.
aufkloppre - to tap at something until it falls off.
aufklunje - to wear off shoes; to dance.
aufknaupe - to ration, to skimp.
aufkoake - to boil down, concoct.
aufkoppe - to behead.
aufkrautse - to scratch off; (vulg) to kick the bucket, to die.
aufkusse - to kiss a small child's hurt.
aufkwoakjse - to do a poor, sloppy, inadequate job.
aufladre - to skin.
Auflaja - m. (pl: sch) a plant cutting, a shoot, slip of a plant.
auflaje - to lay off; to discard; to begin a journey or a trip.
auflasche - to erase, obliterate.
auflaupse - to defraud another person, to elicit, to pry something from another person.
aufläwe - to wear away a life in dissipation.
Auflea - f. (pl: Aufleare) a lesson to be learned.
aufleare - to take direction, to learn a lesson.
aufleene - to dismiss, to discharge, lay off.
aufleene met Loon - superannuate.
aufleese - to spell off.
aufleewre - to deliver.
aufleide - to drain off; to shunt, to lead off.
auflekje - to lick off.
auflenkje - to divert, deflect.
aufliee - to lend or borrow from.
auflocke - to lure, to obtain by coaxing.
auflode - to unload.
auflote - to reduce or discount a price; to allow someone to get off a vehicle, allow a passenger to alight.
auflüare - to await patiently, to abide the time.
auflupre - see auflaupse.
aufmäte - to measure, to survey.
aufmoake - to remove an appendage; to designate someone in a will.
aufmole - to copy a drawing.
aufmuckre - to become thin and emaciated.
aufmurkjse - to do away with, to kill.
Aufnäma - m. (pl: sch) camera; photographer.
aufnäme - to snap a photo; diminish, decrease, decline; waste away, lose weight, to doff, to amputate, to relieve, to deliver a baby by other than natural means.
aufnutse - to utilize to the fullest, to wear out.
aufoabeide - to work off a debt, to repay a debt by working for it.
aufpausse - to await the opportune time.
aufplakje - for cloth material to fade; also ütplakje.
aufplekje - to pick off, like fruit from a tree.
aufprachre - to beg forgiveness, to apologize.
aufputse - to polish, to clean.
aufräajne - to rain off, like the dust from a plant.
aufrauspe - to rasp or file off.
aufreise - to leave on a trip, to depart.
aufriewe - to rub off.
aufrode - to dissuade, discourage, advise against.
aufrolle - to unroll.
aufroope - to hail someone.
aufrope - to push off the excess with the hands, like an overfull container of seeds.
aufrubble - to rub off; see aufriewe.
aufsaje - to refuse.
Aufsat - f. (pl: e) heel of a shoe.
Aufsata - m (pl: sch) a plant cutting.
Aufsauts - m. (pl: e) a landing.
aufschäare - to shear, like wool from a sheep.
aufschale - to peel, to pare.
aufschape - to skim off, to ladle off.
aufschatse - assess, evaluate.
aufschaufe - eliminate, kill, do away with, dispatch.
aufscheddre - to shake off, like apples from a tree.
Aufscheet - m. (pl: s) farewell, adieu, parting.
Aufscheet näme - to take leave, to say goodbye.
aufscheete - to shoot off, to fire.
Aufscheetsräd - valedictory address.
aufschekje - to mail, to dispatch, to send off.
aufscherre - to unharness.
aufschetsle - to partition, to segregate, sequester.
aufschitse - to close off a damper.
aufschjlüwe - to slip off, like a garment.
aufschläare - to saunter off, to shuffle off.
aufschlape - to drag away.
aufschliepe - to hone down, to grind off.
aufschliete - to remove the pointed ends from green beans of peas.
aufschmaunte - to skim off the cream, separate cream from milk.
aufschmelte - to melt off.
aufschneare - to tie or bind off, like a tourniquet.
Aufschnett - m. (pl: e) a paragraph, an excerpt, a selection, a reading, a segment, a piece that has been cut off.
aufschniede - to cut off, to shear off, to sever.
aufschnütse - to snub.
aufschobbe - to shrug off, to shirk.
aufschräde - to pace off.
Aufschreft - f. (pl: e) transcription.
aufschriewe - to copy by hand, to transcribe.
aufschrope - to scrape off, abrade.
aufschrüwe - to turn off, like a tap.
Aufschü - m. aversion, abhorrence, trepidation.
aufschüme - to skim off the foam.
aufschüwe - to push away, spurn, scorn.
aufschwiene - to do a sloppy job, to slough off.
Aufsejcht - f. (pl: e) purpose, objective, intention.
aufsejchtijch - deliberately, intentionally, purposely.
aufsenje - to singe off, to burn.
aufsette - to dismount.
aufsiee - to pour liquid through a sieve.
Aufsoag - f. (pl: e) refusal.
aufsondre - to separate, segragate, seclude, sequester, isolate, quarantine.
Aufsondrung - (pl: e) separation, seclusion, segregation, isolation, quarantine.
aufspeele - to rinse off.
aufspoare - see aufsondre.
aufstäakje - to cut off by using a sticking motion.
aufstankre - to kick off the blankets.
Aufstaum - m. (pl: e) ancestry, lineage.
aufstaume - to descend from, originate from, derive or be derived from.
aufsteewe - to dust off.
aufstemme - to decide by ballot.
aufstenjle - to remove the stems.
aufstiee ('raufstiee) - to step down, alight.
aufstoake - to unload a load of hay or sheaves by fork.
aufstoawe - to die out, die off.
aufstreepe - to denude, to strip off, to flay.
auftäkjne - to leave a visible impression or mark, like a footprint in the sand.
aufteeme - to unbridle.
auftiene - to fence off.
auftole - pay back, repay.
auftrakje - to subtract; to remove clothing; to grow pale.
auftrane - to separate from, to cut a seam.
Auftrett - f. (pl: e) outhouse, urinal, backhouse, toilet; see Bekjhüss, Hieskje.
aufwäare - to fend off, parry, defend.
aufwakjsle - to change off, to take turns, alternate, interchange, diversify.
aufwane - to overcome a habit, to wean.
aufwarje - throttle, strangle, choke.
aufwausche - to wash off.
aufwekjle - uncoil, unwind.
aufwesche - to wipe off.
aufwiese - to show off, to be ostentatious.
Au'gust - August.
aul - already, by now, by this time, as far as, yet.
aula - all, everyone, all done, all gone.
auladinjs - really, indeed, of course, to be sure.
aulatoop - altogether.
aula(t)wäajes - everywhere, all over.
auldoagsch - daily, work a day.
auldoagsche Kjleeda - every day working clothes.
aule - all, everyone.
Aulebausta - alabaster.
au'leen - alone, single, unmarried, without family or dependents.
aulemaun - everyone, every Tom, Dick and Harry.
aulemol - at any rate.
aulenthaulwe - in any even, anyway.
aulerhaunt , aulahaunt - all kinds, all sorts.
aules - see aula.
Aulfenbeen - ivory.
auljemeen - generally, commonly, together, public.
Auljemeenheit - generality, commonality.
auljewoa - see opp auljewoa.
aulkje - to speed, to run around wildly.
Aulmacht - f. omnipotance.
aulmajchtijch - almighty, omnipotent.
aulmälijch - gradually.
Aulmaunsfrint - a friend to everyone.
Aulmoose - f. alms, gifts for the poor.
Aulpenkjreita - a medicinal concoction purportedly concocted from herbs from the Alps. It contained alcohol.
Aulpenroos - f. rhododendrum.
aulsoo - so, as a result, therefore.
aultoomol - everyone, altogether, the whole lot.
aulwada - again! (emphatic).
aulweetent - omniscient.
aum - short for aun däm, on the, at the point of.
aum dollste(n) - hardest, most.
aum Enj - reached the end of patience, frustrated, at the terminal, at the point of indecision.
aum Läwe bliewe - survive.
aum pausse moake - to adjust, modulate.
aum See - at the seashore, at the seaside.
Aumboaj - m. promontory, a rise.
Aumbolt - m. (pl: s) anvil.
Aume - f. a wet nurse.
aumple - to gesture wildly, gesticulate, flail the arms and legs.
Aumplemaun - m. a puppet at the end of a stick or string that dances; a marionette.
Aumsel - f. a meadow lark, or blackbird.
Aumt - n. (pl: Amta) office; function, administration, ministry.
Aumt auflaje - resign.
aumtlijch - officially.
aumtlijch deene - serve officially.
aun - on, against; used as a prefix as shown in following examples.
aunäjne - to claim as one's own.
Aunanas - f. (pl: e) pineapple.
aunbacke - to paste on, to stick on, to affix glue.
Aunbäda - m. a worshipper.
aunbäde - to worship, pray, adore, deify, supplicate.
aunbale - to bark at.
aunbelange - pertain to, concern, relate to.
aunbelkje - to yell at.
aunbiete - to take the first bite, to nibble.
aunbinje - to tether, to tie, to moor, fasten by tying.
aunbloare - to blare or roar at.
Aunboajch - m. a small hill.
aunboasche - to accost.
aunbräakje - to break open, to start using from a new container.
aunbrelle - to roar at.
aunbrenne - for food to burn to the pan.
Aunbü - m (pl: s) a building addition.
aunbüare - to start or add to a new farm.
aunbüe - to add a new building.
aunda - usually part of a compound word: {derjchenaunda - mixed up}; {ütenaunda - separated}.
Aundacht - devotion, prayers, church service.
aundajchtijch - attentive(ly).
aundasch - different.
aundasch woare - to change.
aundatswäaje , aundawäajes - eslewhere, somewhere else.
aundawäajes - some place else.
Aundeel - n. a share, portion, part.
Aundeelsfejlikj - m. a ration.
aundeene - to give an order or direction, to command.
aundiedent - suggestive.
aundoone - to inflict.
aundra - m. another, a different one.
aundre - (pl) others.
aundreie - to turn on, to switch on, to compel someone to accept something.
aundret - n. something else, something other than.
aunerkjanne - to recognize, acknowledge.
aunfange - to begin, to start, commence, originate.
aunfangs - at the beginning, to begin with, initially, primarily.
Aunfank - m. (pl: s) a beginning, commencement, outset, inception, opening, origin, genesis.
Aunfaul - m. (pl: e) seizure, attack, fit, stroke.
aunfaule - to accost, to attack, to assail.
aunfeijchte - to moisten.
Aunfenja - m. (pl: sch) beginner, novice.
aunfenkjlijch - originally, to begin with, primarily.
Au(n)fetrü - f. confidence, trust.
aunfetrüe - to trust, to have confidence in.
aunfläje - to accost, to attack, to charge.
aunfoare - to drop in casually by vehicle; to attack.
aunfote - to touch; grab, grasp, to take hold of.
aunfräte - to overeat; to nibble at something for the first time.
Aunfroag - f. (pl: e) a request, inquiry; petition.
aunfroage - to request, to question, to enquire, to apply for a job.
aunfüle - to begin to rot.
aunglottse - to stare or glare at.
aungnoage - to gnaw or nibble at; see aunfräte.
aungone - to acquire, to do something silly to cause trouble; to effect, to bear upon.
Aungone - n. an occurrence, a happening; a tantrum.
aunhabe - to wear, to have on.
aunhafte - to affix, to nail or stitch on temporarily.
Aunhank - m. (pl: Aunhenja) appendage, addition, annex, follower, supporter, a following.
aunhäwe - to raise, to lift, to introduce a subject of topic.
aunheare - to hear, to listen to.
aunhenje - to hang on, to cleave to.
aunhenjendet O(nn)jesseffa - n. parasite, sponge.
Aunhenjsel - trinket, locket appendage, something that is hung; attachment.
aunhenklijch - continuance, abutting.
aunhoake - to hook on to.
aunhole - to tighten, like a belt; to pick up speed, accelerate.
aunhoole - to persist, persevere; to stop, to stop in at.
aunhoolent - persistent, adamant, determined.
aunjäwe - to register, to list.
Au(n)jebott - n. (pl: s) offer.
Au(n)jedenkj - n. (pl: a) memento, remembrance, keepsake, token, souvenir.
Au(n)jedneksknoop - m. medallion, medal.
au(n)jefriet - related by marriage.
au(n)jeheaje - those who belong, relatives.
au(n)jeholt - tightened; tense, taut.
au(n)jelange - to arrive, to reach a destination.
au(n)jenäm - pleasant, attractive, reputable, agreeable, desirable.
au(n)jenome - adopted, carried (at a meeting), assumed.
au(n)jenome daut - assumed that.
aunjenomna Nome - pseudonym, pen name, alias.
au(n)jenomna Nome - m. pseudonym.
au(n)jespetst - sharpened, brought to a point, like sharpening a pencil.
au(n)jestalt - placed in a position of responsibility; see aunstale.
au(n)jestekjt - lit; see aunstekje.
au(n)jewande Mood - a rite or a ritual.
Au(n)jewanheit - habit, idiocyncrasy.
au(n)jewant - having become accustomed to, habitual.
Aunjreff - m. (pl: s) invasion, attack, onslaught.
aunjriepe - to seize, attack, affect; assail, invade.
aunjriepent - impressive.
aunkjäde - to chain on.
aunkjikje - to look at, to gaze at.
aunkjleede - to clothe, to dress.
aunkjleewe - to past on; see aunbacke.
aunkjneppe - to establish a relationship.
Aunkloag - f. an accusation.
aunkloage - to accuse.
Aunkloagsfeträda - m. prosecutor.
aunkloppre - to rap on a door.
aunkome - to arrive, to drop by.
au(n)laje - to add fuel to a stove; to hitch on to.
au(n)launde - to arrive, to land.
aunlieme - to glue on.
aunligje - to continually solicit, pester.
aunligjent - abutting, adjacent, contiguous.
Au(n)malda - m. fire alarm.
au(n)malde - to report, announce, notify, to set up an appointment.
aunmäte - to measure for a fitting.
aunmoake - to attach.
au(n)näme - accept, adopt; hire, assume; to suppose.
aunnate - to moisten.
aunneede - to rivet on.
aunneie - to sew on.
aunnoagle - to nail on.
aunoabeide - to overwork, to over exert.
aunordne - to give direction, to order.
aunpausse - to try on, to try and fit a garment; adapt, adjust, accommodate.
aunplaunte - to start new plants.
aunpole - to tether to a pole.
aunputre - to rap on a door; see aunkloppre.
aunräaje - to excite, stimulate.
aunräakjne - to charge to the account.
aunrackre - to overexert.
aunräde - to engage someone in a conversation; to address someone.
aunreare - to touch; to mix, like a dough; to incite.
au(n)reede - to incite mischief, to create excitement.
aunreitse - incite; stimulate, instigate.
Aunreitsmeddel - n. stimulant.
au(n)rejchte - to raise up; to incite.
aunroope - to call by phone, to call, to invoke.
Aunsaja - m. (pl: sch) announcer.
aunsaje - to announce.
aunsate - to start suddenly, to root a plant cutting; to settle; to accumulate.
Aunsauts - m. (pl: e) protrusion, flange.
aunschaufe - to acquire, obtain.
aunscheete - to wound by shooting.
aunschiare - to touch, come in contact with.
Aunschlag - m (pl: Aunschläj) attempts, demonstrations.
aunschlüte - to join, espouse, affiliate with.
aunschlüwe - to slip on like a garment.
aunschmäare - to fool, to deceive, delude, hoodwink.
aunschnale - to buckle on.
aunschniede - to make the first cut.
aunschriewe - to record, make a written note, record a sales transaction, to keep score.
aunschrüwe - to screw on.
aunschweesse - to weld on.
au(n)seene - to observe, view, consider, regard, to look on.
aunsiedle - to settle like an immigrant.
Aunsoag - f. announcement.
aunspalde , (M: aunspale) - to pin on, to affix with a pin.
aunspaune - to hitch up.
aunspetse - to sharpen to a point.
aunsporne - to urge on, motivate.
aunspunje - test a watermelon for ripeness by cutting a small triangle or rectangle through the rind.
aunstale - to place in a position of authority or responsibility; to turn or switch on; to make mischief.
Aunstault - f. (pl: e) an insititution.
Aunstaulte moake - to make preparations or arangements; to make attempts.
Aunstaultswajchta - m. janitor, caretaker, watchman, guard.
aunsteete - abutt, to touch; to offend, hurt someone's feelings.
aunsteetent - contiguous, abutting; offensive, discourteous.
aunstejeare - instigate, perpetrate.
Aunstekjende Krankheit - infectious disease, contagious disease, epidemic.
aunstemme - to intone, to start a song or a tune.
au(n)stendijch - proper, seemly, decent, respectable, becoming, well-behaved; handsome.
Au(n)stoot - epilepsy, catalepsy, convulsions.
aunstrenje - to exert, struggle, strain.
aunstrikje - to strike a match.
aunsttekje - to ignite, to light, kindle; infect.
auntäkjne - to mark, to score, to delineate.
Auntol - f. number, quantity.
auntole - to make a down payment.
Auntolinj - a down payment, a fee, a premium, retainer.
auntoofestone jäwe - to hint strongly.
auntrafe - to come upon, to discover a situation, to find; to meet.
auntrakje - to attract, to gravitate; to acquire an odor.
auntrakjent - attractive, inviting, interesting, winsome.
auntsied brinje - to do away with.
aunt'sied - (lit aside) to put or brush aside; an expression used to tell a dog to 'beat it! '.
Auntsuch - m. a suit, vestment, a habit of clothing.
auntwuade - to reply, to answer, respond, retort.
Auntwuat - a reply, a response, an answer.
aunwane - to acquire a habit, become accustomed to.
aunwäsent - to be present.
Aunwault - m. (pl: e) barrister, lawyer, solicitor.
aunwausse - to mature, grow toward adulthood.
aunwaussent - nearing adulthood.
au(n)wende - make proper use of, practice, employ, utilize.
aunwiese - to show by example, to start a trend; to tempt, to lead astray.
Aunwiesung - f. (pl: e) reference.
aunwitte - to whiten, to whitewash.
Aunwoawa - someone that goes to bat for a wooer, an agent who asks for a girls hand on behalf of another man. (ex Cerano de Bergerac).
Aupel - m. (pl: Appel) apple.
Aupelboom - m. appletree.
Aupelkoos - f. apricot.
Aupelkruts - (see Klockenhüss).
Aupelküake - apple fritters.
Aupelsauft - f. apple juice.
Aupelschal - f. apple peel.
Aupelschemmel - dapple grey.
Aupelsien - f. (pl: e) an orange.
Aupelstekja - pieces of dried apple.
Aupledwautsch - a crispy, sour attitude, like a crabapple?.
Auplemooss - apple sauce (see Mennonite Cookbook).
Ausch - ashes (see Äsel).
Auschkommkje - n. ash tray.
Auschkül - f. ashpit.
auss - as, than, but except, apart from, when.
Auss - m. (pl: e) axle, axis.
Aust - m. (pl: Asta) branch, limb.
Austma - m. asthma.
äwa - over, above, on top of, higher than, superior to, more than, exceeding; via. used as a prefix as follows.
äwa'äte - overeat.
äwa'aunstrenje - to over exert, over strain.
äwabäarent - priggish, overbearing.
äwabäje - to bend over, stoop; see (bekje).
äwabeede - to overbid.
Äwabliefsel - leftovers, leavings, remainder.
äwabliewe - to remain, to be left over.
äwabrode - to refry.
äwabüare - to make a profit.
äwabuat - overboard.
äwabuat schmiete - to throw overboard, jettison.
äwadach - during the daytime.
äwadäl - up and about; prominent, messy, untidy, unorganized.
äwadäl brinje - to expose, evince.
äwadäl kome - to emerge, appear.
äwadäm - during that time, then.
äwadoone - to overdo; to repeat.
äwadreessijch - monotonous, boring, dull, drab, sick of.
äwadriest - over confident.
äwadriewe - exaggerate, overact, overstate.
äwadriewent - extreme, outrageous, exaggerated.
äwadunkle - to cloud over, eclipse.
äwafaule - to fall over, tip over.
äwa'faule - to attack.
äwaflejchlijch - superficially, cursory, perfunctory.
äwaflissijch - superfluous, superabundant; spare; redundant.
Äwafluss - m. glut, surplus, profusion.
äwafoare - to drive over, to pass over; stroke, rub; to cross, pass over, traverse.
äwafoawe - to paint over.
äwafoddre - to demand too much; to overcharge.
Äwagloowe - m. (pl: s) superstition.
äwagloowsch - superstitious.
Äwagoa - overcooked, overdone.
äwagone - to traverse, to cross or pass over; to boil over; to switch over to, change to.
äwahäagone - to take on a project; to do it.
äwaharsche - to dominate.
äwahenje - to hang over, to jut out.
äwa'hette - to overheat.
äwahole - to lash out; to fetch over.
äwahoole - to have left over.
äwahuppse - to jump over.
äwajäwe - to hand over, to entrust.
Äwaje - the rest of, remainder, the balance.
äwajeete - to pour liquid over.
äwajens - merely, really, withal, for the rest, otherwise, after all, by the way, moreover, furthermore, besides, however.
Äwajewault - f. supremacy, upper hand.
äwajewosse - overgrown with, covered with growth. see äwawausse.
äwajoage - to overheat (a horse by driving it too fast).
äwakjleewe - to paste over.
äwakjriets - crosswise, across, diagonally.
äwaklautre - to clamber over.
äwakoake - to boil over.
äwa'koake - to overcook.
äwakome - to come over, drop in.
äwa'kome - to overcome, vanquish, surmount.
äwakopp - upside down, inverted, capsized, head over heels.
äwakopp stale - to invert, place upside down.
Äwalaj - f. ideas, plans, stratgy, conception, I. Q.
äwalaje - to plan, to consider, reflect, speculate.
äwaläne - to lean over, recline.
äwalange - to reach over.
äwalangs - now and then, from time to time.
äwaläse - to read over.
äwalei - surplus, extra; also (toom äwajen).
äwalode - to overload.
äwalote - to leave over.
äwa'lote - to entrust, to leave someone with a responsibility.
äwa'lüd - aloud, audibly.
Äwamacht - the upper hand, superiority.
äwa'meed - over tired.
äwamorje - day after tomorrow.
Äwamot - f. excessive measure.
äwanacht - overnight.
äwanachte - to stay overnight.
äwanäme - to undertake, to tackle.
Äwanäme - n. an undertaking.
äwanäment - ambitious, enterprising, dauntless.
Äwanämungsjeist - ambition.
äwa'naunda (äweren'aunda) - one upon another, superimposed.
äwa'oabeide - overwork.
äwapensle - to brush over superficially.
äwarane - to run over, like water.
Äwaransborm - m. artesian well.
äwa(r)aul - all over, over all.
äwar'aul - over all, all over.
äwarausche - to surprise, startle.
Äwarauschinj - f. a surprise.
äwa'reen - same, similar equal, alike, identical.
äwa'reen ennstale - to synchronize.
äwa'reen moake - to make amends, propitiate, expiate, make peace, apologize, compromise, conciliate, redress.
äwa'reen siedijch - equalateral.
äwa'reen stemme - to agree, conform.
äwa'reene Meeninj - of one mind; synonym.
äwa'reenformijch - uniform.
äwaresse - to lash out with a strap or whip.
äwarhaunt - see äwahaunt.
äwarhaupt (äwarheipt) - see äwahaupt.
äwa(r)'haupt , äwa(r)'heipt - mainly, generally.
äwariep - overripe.
äwa'rigj - over backwards.
äwa'roasch - backwards, reverse.
Äwarock - m. overcoat, greatcoat.
äwar'uat - aslant. askew, across.
äwar'üt - especially, particularly.
äwa'sate - to translate, interpret.
Äwa'satinj - f. translation, interpretation.
äwa'schatse - to overrate, overestimate.
äwaschedde - to spill over, (not liquid).
äwaschlone - to skip over, to miss, pass over, omit, leave out; to carry over like heredity.
äwaschmiete - to throw over.
äwa'schmiete - to overthrow.
äwa'schnaupt - garbled, missing a cog, fanatical.
Äwaschoo - f. overshoes.
äwaschorre - to slump over.
Äwaschoss - m. surplus.
äwaschräde - to pace off.
Äwaschreft - f. (pl: e) caption, heading.
äwaschrots - diagonally across.
äwaschrots gone - to take a shortcut.
äwaschwäle - to administer lashes.
äwaschwamme - to flood.
Äwaschwamminj - f. a flood, deluge, inundation.
äwa'seene - to oversee.
Äwasejcht - f. (pl: e) scene, overview.
äwasiedle - to emigrate.
äwaspreede - to cover, to spread over.
äwasprinje - to jump over.
äwastankre - to kick (over the traces).
äwasteete - to knock over accidentally.
äwa'steete - to overthrow.
äwastelpe - to tip over.
äwastiee - to step over.
äwastone - to overcome s habit or situation.
äwastreie - to strew over.
äwastrikje - to cover with strokes, to paint over.
äwatak'seare - to overtax.
äwatoojoa - the year before last, two years ago.
äwaträde - infringe, contravene, violate, overstep.
äwatseie - to convince, persuade.
Äwatseiung - conviction, persuasion.
äwatsied - out of the way, put aside, done with, completed.
äwa'uat - see äwar'uat.
äwa'üt - see äwar'üt.
äwa'warje - to apply force to the point of damage, like stripping the thread on a bolt.
äwawaultje - to rape, overpower.
äwawausse - to become overgrown, covered with growth.
äwawijcht - top heavy, overweight, at the point of overbalance.
äwawintre - to over winter, make it through the winter.
äwawoame - to reheat, to warm through.
äwent(s) - really, just, simply; see äwajens.
äweren'aunda - see äwa'naunda.
äwer'enj - vertical, on end, erect, upright.
Äwe(r)haunt - the upper hand.
Äwe(r)haunt näme - to go beyond the limits, to gain the upper hand, gain ground.
äwrijch - to be generous with, offer a helping hand.

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